Toyotas  evolution and a comprehensive review of Toyota 1985 pickup truck

Toyotas  evolutionand a comprehensive review of Toyota 1985 pickup truck

Who do you think has produced the most reliable and indestructible pickup truck on the market until now? It is none other than Toyota.

From the 1968 first generation Toyota Hilux RN10 to the eighth generation AN120 or AN130, the popularity of Toyota pickup trucks has never dropped.

In 2017, Toyota produced 520,742 Hilux pickup trucks worldwide.

Although Toyota Hilux has a different name in North America, I am here to put importance on the evolution of Toyota trucks mainly.


Evolution of Toyota Hilux

From 1968 to 2015, we have seen eight different generations of the Toyota Hilux Pickup trucks.

The first production of Toyota Hilux came in 1968 with the name RN10.

The first generation of Hilux lasted until 1972. Within these four years, a few modifications were done to the truck.

The second generation Toyota Hilux came live in 1972 with the model name RN20. With an elongated bed design and a little improvement in the engine capacity, the second generation of Toyota Hilux lasted until 1978. 

The third, fourth, and fifth generations of Toyota Hilux came in 1978, 1983, and 1988. 

The modified 1985 Toyota Hilux Pickup is still considered one of the best pickup lineups worldwide.

The production of sixth and seventh-generation Toyota Hilux began in 1999 and 2004.

Toyota Hilux is passing its eighth generation from 2015 to the present time.

Toyota Hilux has a different name in North America

evolotion of toyota takoma

While the rest of the world knows Toyota pickup trucks by the name of Hilux, North Americans called these toys ‘Toyota pickups’ up until 1995.

In 1995, Toyota started the production of Toyota pickups under the name Toyota Tacoma across North America.

While Hilux is passing its eighth generation across the world, Toyota Tacoma is passing its third generation across North America.

A review of the 1985 Toyota Pickup

The Toyota SR5 4WD model came live in the year 1985 with an elongated bed design than the previous model.

The specs of the 1985 Toyota pickup are mentioned in the following table-


1985 Toyota Pickup


EFI 2.4L 22RE engine



Top speed

160 km/h


5-speed manual transmission

When it comes to off-roading, a 4WD vehicle is always the ideal preference.

But how do you think the 1985 Toyota pickup truck will fare in terms of off-roading in present days?

Let’s find out-

toyota pick up truck

The simplistic design is what makes all Toyota pickups a popular option

Not only in North America but also all over the world, Toyota pickups are always a good option.

I have personally known a few individuals who after owning one Toyota pickup said that they are no longer going to shift from Toyota.

Do you know why? Simplicity!

Instead of concentrating on a variety of factors, Toyota simply focuses on the performance and a nominal frame design.

And the trick worked out fine enough to make the owners happy.

The 1985 Toyota Pickup still runs.

A great problem with most vintage vehicles is that the engine stops functioning after a certain age. But the 1985 Toyota Pickup is a bit different.

With better maintenance and a little modification, the vehicle and the engine still runs at a fair speed.

The driving experience will be different.

If you drive the Toyota 1985 pickup in 2022, you surely are about to have a different kind of experience.

Only a simple key is what it takes to start the vehicle. No tachometer, no gauge meter, no electronics, nothing extra-ordinary you will find in the car.

But still, the car works. And it works better than many modern-day 2WD cars.

I am saying it is better than many modern-day cars because it brings a whole new kind of experience if you have never driven an 80s pickup.

Not the fastest pickup in the world

The Toyota 1985 is capable of delivering a top speed of 160km/h.

But when you are driving the vehicle in this era, things will be a bit different.

You can expect to get around 100 to 120km/h of top speed with the stock engine.

Rust is where lies the primary concern

Yes, you are hearing it all right. The frame is pretty much prone to attracting rust. C’mon, this is a vehicle from the ’80s.

When such a car is running for that long, it is quite reasonable for the car to attract a bit of rust.

But by replacing the stock frame, you can still run the pickup for 20 more years.

The steering wheel and the gear shifter are still relevant these days

For a new driver of this age, the steering wheel and the gear shifter might look a bit off. But I feel it is still relevant for the driver of this era as well.

It definitely takes a bit of practice and time to get used to the condition.

But once you are comfortable, you will start loving the beast.

Off-roading is what it does the best

This is a 4WD vehicle that transfers transmission power to each of the wheels.

Without any modification, the pickup is capable of handling tough off-road conditions. 

But when it comes to taking the pickup to the extreme condition, I recommend doing some simple modifications.

Installing new off-road wheels, lifting the pickup frame, and replacing the stock frame are some of the essential modifications you can do to make it better compatible with extreme road conditions.

Sorry! no seat adjustment is available

Seat adjustment was not a common norm during the 80s. If you are an average adult with an average height, the stock seat height should be okay to bring a comfortable driving experience.

But you won’t be able to adjust the seat height according to your preference.

The windshield is clear enough for a comfortable drive

A visible windshield is more than important when you are driving both on and off the road.

The Toyota 1985 pickup serves that purpose very well. It comes with a clear and visible windshield screen to ensure an apparent roadside view.

The side mirrors are comparatively smaller

The side mirrors do their work when it comes to checking the blind spots. But they surely are a bit tiny when compared to the modern-day side mirrors.

Tiny side mirrors were common during the 80s both on cars and pickups.

Even if they are tiny, driving a 1985  Toyota pickup indeed brings a vintage driving experience.

How much does a Toyota 1985 pickup cost?

They are pretty rare nowadays. If you want to buy a Toyota 1985 pickupthese days, the cost will be between $6,500 to $12,000.

Yes, they are cheap and better capable of bringing a whole new experience both on and off the road.

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