2 barrel carburetor vs. 4 barrel carburetor: Which one you should go for

To limit the airflow that rushes into the carburetor, barrels turn out as an integral part of the engine. However, 2 barrel carbs are for moderate cars with two primary barrels.

Meanwhile, 4 barrel ones have two primary barrels with two secondary ones, whereas the secondary ones remain close most of the time.

One big difference between these types of carbs is that the 4 barrel one provides a better fuel economy. Moreover, the extra air intake helps the Carb produce more power in the engine.

Stay tuned as we'll go through everything about these two carbs here and try answering your questions.

2 barrel carburetor vs. 4 barrel carburetor

2 barrel carburetor

2 barrel carburetor means it has two openings for the air and fuel flow through the intake manifold. It is basically the airflow passage that pulls the fuel and air through the intake manifold and produces power in the combustion engine.

It is fair enough to say that 2 barrel carbs have fewer barrels than 4 barrel ones, and because of that, it produces less power. Consequently, it’s a good choice for economical or moderate using vehicles.

Here are the things you should check out about 2 barrel carbs quickly.

  • Has two openings for air and fuel flow.
  • Two independent sources for air and fuel pulling.
  • Two holes above the intake manifold.
  • Suitable for economical cars.
  • Less air and fuel are consumed by the combustion chamber.
  • Produces comparatively less power.

Here’s one more thing you need to know about these carbs, which is related to air/ fuel pulling as well. The venturi cylinder which is one of the integral parts of a carb pulls air and fuel together.

And the barrel basically tells you about the number of the venturi cylinders you have in the Carb as well. Basically, economical cars that are less powerful come with two small barrels in the carburetor.

However, these two small barrels refer to the number of venturi cylinders as well. The amount of air and fuel it pulls through the combustion chamber isn’t enough for hard acceleration.

Therefore, most economical cars have these two small barrels in the carbs.

One interesting fact about the 2 barrel carbs is their use of them in racing cars. It seems quite astonishing for most of us, but it's true because the racing rules demand so.

4 barrel carburetor

The more power you need in the vehicle, the more amounts of proper fuel and air mixture are required in the combustion engine. A 4 barrel carb is one that comes with four venturi cylinders.

Similar to 2 barrel ones, this also has two small barrels that are called the primary ones. However, in addition to the primary ones, 4 barrel carb is equipped with two secondary barrels as well.

But you also need to know that the secondary ones remain closed most of the time. You need to know the crucial things about 4 barrel carbs, and here they are.

  • Has four openings for together air and fuel pulling.
  • Two primary barrels.
  • Two secondary barrels remain idle mostly.
  • Four independent sources for air and fuel flow.
  • Four holes on the top of the intake manifold.
  • More air and fuel are consumed in the combustion chamber.
  • Powerful performance in the vehicle.

As you can pull more air and fuel through this Carb, the engine consequently produces more power at any time. That is to say, for hard acceleration or top-class speed, four-barrel ones appear the perfect one.

One most important thing that is worth knowing about the barrels here is that it includes two different types of barrels including two primary and two secondary ones.

The primary barrels are as small as the ones used in the two-barrel carbs. On the other hand, the secondary barrels are the larger ones that most of the time remain idle.

However, these two secondary barrels can also open when the vehicle needs the engine to produce a hard acceleration. When the ride presses the pedal all the way, only then do these two barrels open.

By then, it pulls a high amount of fuel and the air mixture through the intake manifold resulting in hard acceleration. However, hard acceleration means more speed, and more speed means more power.

In the same manner, more power means extra power consumption in the combustion chamber. Therefore, the higher acceleration you get, the more power consumption you will get here.

4 barrel carburetor

How can you tell the difference between a 2 barrel and 4 barrel carburetor?

2 barrel Carb is for economical vehicles and 4 barrel Carb is for hard acceleration. The distinguishing or main difference between these two carb types is the number of barrels here.

Now, we've provided a chart that shows the difference between these two carbs, and you should look before moving further.

2 barrel carburetor

4 barrel carburetor

Two openings for air and fuel pulling

Four openings for air and fuel pulling

Two venturi cylinders

Four venturi cylinders

Two small barrels

Two primary small barrels

No secondary barrels

Two secondary large barrels

350 to 500 CFM efficiency

500 to 700 CFM efficiency

Two independent air and fuel flow sources

Four independent air and fuel flow sources

Two holes on top of the intake manifolds

Four holes on top of the intake manifolds

Suitable for economical cars

Suitable for high-performance cars

Can’t produce hard acceleration

Produces hard acceleration

Less powerful

Powerful engine performance

Less power consuming Carb

Power consuming carb

Found in smaller engines

Available in large and power-consuming engines

The above chart tells in a huge number of sectors, these two carbs differ.

Fuel and air pulling: The most notable difference between these two carbs is the air and fuel pulling method or ability. As the 2 barrel one has only two openings, it can comparatively pull less air through the intake manifold.

On the contrary, the 4 barrel one has two primary and two secondary barrels that can pull almost double than smaller ones. Meanwhile, the secondary ones remain idle until the rider presses the pedal hardly.

Hard acceleration: As two-barrel carbs are made for economical cars, it's hard to produce hard acceleration on a particular vehicle.

And in this category, the 4 barrel one wins the battle. Being a less power-consuming carburetor, it's impossible on the two-barrel Carb’s part to get going with the hard acceleration.

However, the larger one which is the 4 barrel one does it with grace when the pedal is pressed all the way. This opens up the two secondary barrels that result in the hard acceleration.

Efficiency: 2 barrel Carbs have an efficiency of 350 CFM typically. However, 4 barrel ones have an efficiency of 700 CFM. However, both these barrels have 500 CFM efficiency to work on with it.

The number of venturi cylinders: Venturi is the top part of the barrel, which is an integral part as well for pulling the air and fuel together inside the intake manifold.

The number of the venturi cylinders available on the e barrel actually defines which type of barrel it is. Take the 2 barrel carb as an example. It has two small venturi cylinders.

On the other hand, 4 barrel carb has four venturi cylinders that are proportional to the number of barrels in the carburetor.

Compatibility: Typically, 2 barrel ones are compatible with the small engines as they are less power-producing and consuming. It also makes the vehicle or engine cost-efficient and less fuel is burned.

On the other hand, 4 barrel Carbs are made to create some extra power in the combustion chamber that provides a superb acceleration to the vehicle. This makes it suitable for large engines and 2 carburetor size also difference.

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4 barrel carburetor adjust

Will a 4 barrel carburetor work on a 2 barrel intake?

Yes, a 4 barrel carburetor will work on a 2 barrel intake regarded that you have used 4 barrel intake instead of an adapter. Most people want to get the job done by replacing the intake with an adapter.

However, it isn't something that works in that way. To get the intended service after replacing the older Carb with a 4 barrel one, you must get a 4 barrel intake.

Can you replace a 2 barrel carburetor with a 4 barrel carburetor?

Yes, you can replace the two-barrel carburetor with a four-barrel carb. But you need to remember two things before doing so.

  • The engine isn’t much small that can’t allow 4 barrel Carb setup.
  • You need a specialized adapter to replace the Carb.

4 barrel Carb means there will be more air and fuel received by the intake manifold. And this will result in more power production. Consequently, the vehicle can produce much power and hard acceleration.

Advantages of 2 barrel carburetor

2 barrel carbs are less powerful than 4 barrel ones, but in some sectors, they are worthy to go for. And when you are confused between choosing among these two, check out the advantages first.

  • Less power-consuming Carb.
  • Best choice for economical cars.
  • Works on a small engine.
  • Both the barrels are small.

Cons of 2 barrel carburetor

The negative side of the Carb is the other end of the coin, where you get introduced to the cons.

  • Can’t produce hard acceleration.
  • Inappropriate for extra power because of the fewer barrels.
  • Less powerful on the engine.

Advantages of 4 barrel carburetor

More air and fuel pulling means more power production. And this is what happens when the engine has a 4 barrel carb. Here are the other advantages you can enjoy from this Carb.

  • Has more openings for air and fuel pulling.
  • Produces extra power in the engine.
  • Hard accelerations with the two extra barrels.
  • Two extra secondary barrels.

Cons of 4 barrel carburetor

Is everything okay with this Carb coming with 4 barrels? Nope, it too has some negative sides that are worth mentioning.

  • Consumes more power for acceleration.
  • It isn't a cost-efficient carb.
  • Not suitable for small engines.

Which one should you go for 2 barrel or 4 barrel carburetor?

Here comes the burning question in your mind whether to go for 2 barrel or 4 barrel carburetor. The answer depends largely on the type of the engine and the purpose of the usage of the vehicle. Now a days Holley and Edelbrock carburetor are market leader in automotive sector, you can also see this.

Typically, an economical vehicle doesn’t require producing much power and it’s cost-efficient as well. The less air and fuel injection in the intake manifold is the reason for getting less power in the engine.

In such situations, it is righteous decision to go for a 2 barrel carburetor in the engine. However, if the vehicle is high-power consuming and you need hard acceleration on it, better go for 4 barrel Carb.

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