How much does 3 wheel motorcycle price?

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Trikes are considered safe and easy to ride bikes than any two-wheelers. Three-wheeled motorbikes are convenient and purpose-built with a two-wheeler controller module. In the United States, among other brands, the popular Polaris Slingshot S starts from $19,999.

Affordable trike like a Yamaha Tricity 125 is found at $5,100 only. On average, the price for a reliable and consistently performing 3 wheel motorbike would go around $10,000 to $15,000.

A cheaper 3 wheeler would offer you less performance considering the price cut. It is wise to buy at least an average priced 3 wheel motorbike. Today, we will be classifying 3 wheel motorbikes and their prices.

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3 Wheel Motorbike Price

Average Price 3 wheel motorcycle

3 wheel motorcycle test ride

The average price can be found only by choosing the option that is loved and bought by the citizens most. There are 3 wheel motorbikes as expensive as $48,999 with a contrasting price tag of only $3,500 for a base model of a trike available in the market.

Again it is hard to define the exact average price due to the affordability and specs offered by a three-wheeler.

The most selling category though remains at $15,000 with a dependable and basic featuring 3 wheeler. This price will offer you a good-looking locomotive and efficiency for a budget trike. We include the price here considering the types we have discussed above.


Price range

Electric 3 Wheel Motorbikes


Manual 3 Wheel Motorbikes


Single sitter 3 Wheel Motorbikes


Double sitter 3 Wheel Motorbikes


3 Wheel Motorbikes for adults


3 Wheel Motorbikes for kids


Types of Trikes

There is a huge variety worth classifying three-wheelers. They are found in different shapes and conditions. They can be distinguished in

  • Engine types
  • Characteristics
  • Sitting options
  • Riding posture etc.

Firstly, the engine type; these motorbikes can be found both in electric and manual engine modules. The latest ones feature electric technologies in most scenarios.

Then, we can classify them regarding seating position. They are available both with single and double sitter options. Though, very few have single seating these days. Almost all of them offer an additional coach to sit on. 

Trikes can be varied for adults and kids individually. Lots of aspects are available to classify them with different conditions.

The outer appearance is another aspect that differs from them initially. And the riding posture also comes to have an effect while classifying three-wheeler motorbikes. 

3 Wheel Motorbikes for Adults cost

Of course, there is a difference between kids' and adults’ motorbikes. The eye-catchy variations are found here in this category. Several brands are offering so many trikes featuring some cool techniques and technologies. They are offering both aggressive looks and power terrain features at once.

Adults wheelers are found costing at $5,000 at the least. They can be found in less than that depending on the model and variant of the wheeler. The most expensive 3 wheel motorbike is also here in this category, which almost costs around $50,000 or so.

These motorbikes can be varied in so many categories. We will be discussing them later on.

3 Wheel Motorbikes for Kids cost

The kid's three-wheeler is found as both a toy and a functional one. Mostly they are so cheap considering the adult type. Trikes for kids are found for just $100 or below. But the functional one will cost you a little more than that. They can cost you around $500 or more.

But simple kid’s trikes are usually under $100 or $150 which brings them into an affordable category for the parents.

Single-sitter trikes

While talking about comfort and efficiency the seating option is a prior part of the consideration. It is always good to have additional space to take someone on the ride-along. Or to bear some goods that need some hauling.

But single sitters are also made with some other purpose, like speed. They offer able to run at a higher speed than the dual sitter ones’.

A single sitter 3 wheel motorbike typically costs you around $1,000 or more. There are a few of them in the industry since two sitters are more efficient in most cases.

Double-sitter trikes

Most 3 wheel motorbikes are double sitters and some of them offer pretty specious seating positions that you definitely would love to have. Since most of them are double sitters, there is a great amount of product in here. And the price category is spread all over from the least to the peak.

Usually, an average double sitter will cost you around $10,000 for more than just the basics of the model. But of course, there are cheaper options like a $5,000 trike. Expensive ones’ are also found here at nearly $50,000 for a Harley Davidson CVO Tri Glide 2020.

Electric Trikes

Electric 3 wheelers are new to the industry but they offer some praiseworthy services. They are not super costly yet feature some technological advancement.

The higher value for an electrical trike is around $5,300 for some respective models. They can also be found for less than $700.  

Manual Trikes

Manuals are considerably pricier than electric ones’. With a more powerful engine and manual control, they can provide a better riding experience without any doubt.

They are found from $1,500 to $8,000 on average.

Other than that they can be found for nearly $50,000 of cost.


These vehicles are advantageous in many ways. They offer more stability than any two-wheeler and better visibility to an instance. Advantages of a three-wheeler motorbike are,

  • Offers more stability than a two-wheeler
  • The larger shape and bold design help visible on the road
  • They can carry passengers and cargo with an easier effort
  • Do not need to keep the stand on feet for stability
  • Can slide sideways without sliding on the road


Along with all the benefits they do have some drawbacks too. These are most likely,

  1. The larger size can cause less maneuverability and less traction on the ground.
  2. More weight causes a longer time when stopping from a peak speed
  3. Considerably more fuel consumption is not cost-effective at all

Prices of some 3 Wheel Motorbikes

3 wheel motorcycle drive

We have already discussed the categories mentioning price tags. Here we are including some popular models with prices; thus, you can get the latest updates on your hotlist.



2022 Harley Davidson Freewheeler

$28,499 (Base model)

Ural Limited Edition 2020

$19,999  Starting price

PIAGGIO MP3 500 Euro Advanced

$9,999 for base model

Yamaha Tricity 300


Can AM Spyder F3

$17,999 (Starting price)

Polaris Slingshot S 2022


Other models from different brands like the Can-AM Ryker starting at $11,500, the Gilera Fuoco 500 at somewhere $3,500 or around, the Qooder QV 3 for $9,500, and many found in the market. The expensive one will cost you around $50,000 for the peak model and performance.

Cost Analysis

Haven’t we seen enough of the prices! This time it is going to be part where we will judge the overall price of these trikes.

We have seen that the cheapest one is found just below $5,000. Sometimes you will find one for around a thousand bucks only. But of course, they will not be as good as the branded and expensive ones.

The most average price range of $15,000 or around is the category that will help you find a reliable and well-performing 3 wheel motorbike.

Though spending more will always add additional features and techs that will increase the riding experience and comfort.

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