Low window tint percentage enhances aesthetics and privacy at the same time

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Tinting a car window brings two primary benefits at a time. Firstly, car tint brings better privacy, and lastly, car tint blocks the harmful UV ray to prevent serious health issues.

At the same time, tinting a car window can change the overall appearance of the car.

For whatever reason, you are thinking about tinting your car window, choosing the right percentage of tint is always the most crucial aspect.

But a beginner might get confused regarding the percentage of tint he should use while tinting the car window.

It is possible to tint a car window with any percentage from 5% to 90%.

The lower the percentage of the tint, the darker the car window looks.

30%, 35%, and 50% are the three most popular car window tint percentages.

30 vs 35 vs 50 tint windows

 What is car tinting?

Car tinting is the process where you apply some kind of paint on your car glass to protect your car from sunlight. The paint is kind of a transparent sheet of film which is applied inside of the car. For an outsider, they cannot be able to see anything inside the car, but people can see anything that is happening outside the car. It works like a veil. It is kinda multiple layers of polyester film.

The tint is usually made of a polyester base with a scratch-resistant coating. There is a different kind of car tinting. Such as,


It has a combination of dyes and metal particles. It consists of several dyed layers, with a thin metal layer. The metal layer is usually titanium.


It is generally made of carbon fiber particles.


Ceramic tint is a multiple-layered film that uses microscopic ceramic particles. It helps nonconductive to block nearly 99.9% of UVA and UVB.

Car window tint percentage ranking

 Tint percentage

Range ranking




Ideal range


Ideal range


Optimal range


Less popular


Less popular

Which percentage should you choose for car window tinting?

I am categorizing the whole percentage of car tinting into these three levels.

5% to 20% of window tint represents the darkest window tint option.

From 20% to 50% is the ideal window tint option.

Anything above 50% represents a transparent window tint option.

Let’s breakdown each of the available options for a better understanding-

5% to 20% car window tint

5% to 20% is the less popular car window tint option. Tinting a car window with this range will make the window completely dark. That means only 5% to 20% of sunlight will be able to get inside the car.

At the same time, visibility from the outside will be highly reduced when a car window is tinted with such a percentage.

One may think that tinting a car window with a tint percentage between 5% and 20% would bring better privacy. Such thinking might be logical and occasionally true, but many states do not even permit a car window tint between 5% and 20%.

A 5% window tint is illegal in almost all states. Unless you have limousines, 5% window tint is pretty rare.

However, some States may allow using between 10% to 20% window tint. Tinting your car window with this range may enhance the aesthetics of your car.

20% to 50% car window tint

The ideal tint option for most private cars and public transportations remains between 20% and 50%.

Although a 25% tinted car window can't block a higher percentage of UV rays, it still is a better option for safety and privacy. At least, a 25% tint can prevent direct exposure to sunlight. At the same time, a 25% car tint can bring a little bit of privacy.

The next popular window tint percentage is 30%. Tinting a car window with a percentage of 30% can block a good amount of UV rays. Therefore, eye strain will be greatly alleviated.

If 30% of window tint seems a bit less to you, you might go for a 35% tint as well. 35% is the optimal range between 20% and 50%.

Finally, 50% car window tint is probably the most popular option available for most compact car owners. A 50% car window tint blocks 50% of the sun's rays. At the same time, 50% window tint brings the most preferred privacy. Such tint neither blocks the visibility nor makes it completely apparent; a perfect solution for safety and privacy.

50% and above car window tint

Anything above 50% reduces privacy. Probably that is why 50% to 70% window tint is not a popular option. If you really want to tint your car's window with a percentage above 50%, choosing the range between 50% and 70% should be ideal.

A window tint of above 70% will make the window almost transparent.

At the same time, more than 70% of window tint hardly blocks UV rays.

No matter whether you want to enhance the aesthetics of your car or get better privacy, 20% to 50% window tint is always the most ideal preference.

Advantages of car window tint

The top five benefits of tinting a car window are-

  1. Tinted car window brings better security
  2. Window tint brings safety by blocking harmful UV rays, which can create critical health issues in the long run
  3. Tinted car window can prevent car’s interior fading over time
  4. A tinted car window keeps the interior of your car cool even if it is scorching hot outside
  5. Tinted window also enhances the aesthetics of your car

Disadvantages of window tint

The top five disadvantages of tinting a car window are-

  1. After certain days, bubbles may appear on the car window
  2. The interior of your car may look different if you choose a lower percentage
  3. Regular exposure to sunlight can reduce the shine over time
  4. Depending on the tint type, the capability to block UV varies
  5. Car window may develop spots if not installed properly.

Some tips about tinting a car window

Nobody loves to see spots or scratches on his beloved car. Your car window may develop spots and scars if tinting is not done in the correct way. At the same time, you may notice small bubbles on the car window if tinting is done in an amateur manner.

Therefore, it is always a better option to tint your car window from a professional if you really want to avoid any hassles in the long run.

Another thing I would love to mention about tinting a car is the legality check.

A 5% tint makes a car window completely darker. Almost every state, therefore, does not allow a 5% car window tint. Check twice the percentage of tint that you are allowed to use in your region while tinting your car window. This will prevent you from facing any hassles while driving your car on the road.

Should we tint our glass too dark

  1. It may not legal.
  2. It can impede your vision.
  3. It obstructs police and rescues personal.
  4. It draws attention to your vehicles.
  5. It may increase your insurance rate.

We should not tint our glass too dark, because it may illegal in some countries. Your state will not allow you to tint your car darker. Because tinting your glass darker will block the eye contact of other drivers which will not ensure your safe driving. Sometimes eye contact with other drivers ensures safe driving.

Moreover, every state makes law over tinting. You have to install tint according to your state's law. If your car tints too dark then what if the car may face an accident. At that time the rescue team cannot be able to measure, how many people are stuck in the car. They cannot be able to see anything because of tinting. Sometimes the traffic police may not see anything and charge the car owner.

The darker tint will attract people’s sight. Because every dark thing attracts people. It may increase your insurance rate yours. The darkest the tint is, the higher the insurance is.

What percentage of tint should you use while tinting your car window?

First and foremost, ask yourself why you want to tint your car. There can appear two possible answers. The first one is to enhance the aesthetics of your car, and secondly, you want more security and comfort while driving or sitting inside of your car.

If it is about enhancing the aesthetics of your car, choose the tint percentage between 15% and 25%. A low percentage of tint brings a darker vibe, which really makes a car look cool to the eye.

On the contrary, if it is for security and comfort that you want to tint your car, I believe that choosing the tint percentage between 25% and 35% will bring a better output.

The tint percentage between 25% and 35% blocks almost 70% of the UV rays along with keeping the interior of your car comfortable.

If you want to keep the glass well-transparent, which will also block a good amount of UV rays, a 50% of tint percentage is always the ideal range.


What is tint?

It is a kind of veil that you use for your privacy or to protect yourself from the sunlight.

Is tinting illegal?

No, tinting is not illegal. But there are some certain percentages that you have to maintain while tinting your car.

How much is tinting take?

The tinting price usually depends on the car type or tinting type that you are going to apply. Different types of vehicles take different types of costs

How many days do tinting last?

Certain things will decide the lasting capacity of car tint. Car tint depends on the tinting type, the quality of the installation, how much heat and suns the film is exposed to, and most importantly which products are used for cleaning.

Final verdict

Car tinting is a very nice thing to do on the glass. It has a bunch of benefits. A car is your personal space and tinting provides you the proper privacy.

There are different kinds of tints. You can put any kind of tint over your car glass according to your test.

And the percentages of the tint will ensure you that how much dark you want your glass. Because the darkness of the car gives you proper privacy and a comfortable feeling, and it will protect you from the heat and sunlight from the outside.

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