30 vs 35 vs 50 tint windows: What percent of tint you should use?

You may be always thinking, how to make your car attractive, or, how to ensure your privacy? And how to protect yourself from the heat of sunlight etc?

 So, here we are, talking about car tinting. Car tinting is the process where people use some kind of liquid to make their car glass dark. You can tint your car thinking about the percentage of the tinting process.

There are a lot of percentage sections when it is the matter of tinting the car. From 5% to 90%, mostly, the most popular tinting percentages are 30%, 35%, and 50%. These percentages ensure how much dark your car glass will be. Or, in other words, this percentage defines the dark to the darker rate of your glass color.

30 vs 35 vs 50 tint windows

What is car tinting?

Car tinting is the process where you apply some kind of paint on your car glass to protect your car from sunlight. The paint is kind of a transparent sheet of film which is applied inside of the car. For an outsider, they cannot be able to see anything inside the car, but people can see anything that is happening outside the car. It works like a veil. It is kinda multiple layers of polyester film.

The tint is usually made of a polyester base with a scratch-resistant coating. There is a different kind of car tinting. Such as,


It has a combination of dyes and metal particles. It consists of several dyed layers, with a thin metal layer. The metal layer is usually titanium.


It is generally made of carbon fiber particles.


Ceramic tint is a multiple-layered film that uses microscopic ceramic particles. It helps nonconductive to block nearly 99.9% of UVA and UVB.

Percentages of car tinting

The car tinting percentage shows you that how much darker you want your car glass. The lower the percentage is, the darker the glass is. So, for glass tinting, the tinting starts from the 5% tinting and ends up with the 25% tinting.

The better tinting rate is 50%

If you don’t want complete darkness, you just want to block sunlight, UV rays, and heat. Then 50% tinting is the best option for you. It will just create a thin layer of your vehicle.

It will just block half of the light that is coming from something.50% tint block 50% light coming into the vehicle.  It will block the heat. So that, you will not feel warm inside the car. It will reduce eye strain and glare which will ensure safer driving.

35% tinting

35% tinting will give you more darkness than the 50%. 35% tinting will block 65% of the light that is getting into your car. 35% tinting will make your car more stylish and give your car a more aesthetic look.

30% tinting

If your privacy is the only reason for tinting, 30% tinting can be your best choice. It will make your vehicle more even and darker. It will block more than maximum lights, heat, and UV rays. 30% tinting will block 70% of the light.

There are so many in the next raw. If you want more darkness then you can go for 20%, 5% tinting. This will make your car darker and it will block 80% and 95% of the sunlight.


  1. Block harmful UV rays.
  2. Reduce energy costs.
  3. Lessens glare.
  4. Increase security and privacy.
  5. Non-reflective properties.
  6. Provides the darkest effect.
  7. Reduces interior fading from the sun.
  8. Safer for children.
  9. Protection against shattering.
  10. Will keep your car cool.

Advantages of 30%, 35% and 50% tinting;

30%, 35%, and 50% tinting mean how much liquid you want to use over your car glass. This tinting will protect you from UV rays. It will block 70%, 65%, and 50% of the sunlight. And if the tinting is protecting your car from the sunlight, then it will protect your car from the heat. It will lessen the glare and reduce energy costs. It is made with non-reflective properties. It will ensure your security and privacy.


  1. Reduces driver visibility.
  2. Peeling and dubbing of tint film may occur.
  3. Can delaminate.
  4. Can have a bubble appearance if not installed right.
  5.  Doesn’t block as much as heat different types of tint
  6. Fades over time from UV exposure which may break down dye and can change the color.

Disadvantages of 30%, 35% and 50% tinting

How much tinting you will apply the car that much the car will get darker. So when your car gets darker this will reduce the visibility of the driver. The peeling and dubbing of tint film may occur sometimes. It can delaminate too. If the tinting did not install good then it will make a bubble appearance. If it fades over time from UV exposure, it may break down the dye of your car can change the color and turn into black to purple. The percentage of tinting defines that the lower percentage of tinting, the higher percentage of darkness. And, the percentage differs from the percentage of blocking light that is coming into the car.

Should we tint our glass too dark

  1. It may not legal.
  2. It can impede your vision.
  3. It obstructs police and rescues personal.
  4. It draws attention to your vehicles.
  5. It may increase your insurance rate.

We should not tint our glass too dark, because it may illegal in some countries. Your state will not allow you to tint your car darker. Because tinting your glass darker will block the eye contact of other drivers which will not ensure your safe driving. Sometimes eye contact with other drivers ensures safe driving.

Moreover, every state makes law over tinting. You have to install tint according to your state's law. If your car tints too dark then what if the car may face an accident. At that time the rescue team cannot be able to measure, how many people are stuck in the car. They cannot be able to see anything because of tinting. Sometimes the traffic police may not see anything and charge the car owner.

The darker tint will attract people’s sight. Because every dark thing attracts people. It may increase your insurance rate yours. The darkest the tint is, the higher the insurance is.


What is tint?

It is a kind of veil that you use for your privacy or to protect yourself from the sunlight.

Is tinting illegal?

No, tinting is not illegal. But there are some certain percentages that you have to maintain while tinting your car.

How much is tinting take?

The tinting price usually depends on the car type or tinting type that you are going to apply. Different types of vehicles take different types of costs

How many days do tinting last?

Certain things will decide the lasting capacity of car tint. Car tint depends on the tinting type, the quality of the installation, how much heat and suns the film is exposed to, and most importantly which products are used for cleaning.

Final verdict

Car tinting is a very nice thing to do on the glass. It has a bunch of benefits. A car is your personal space and tinting provides you the proper privacy.

There are different kinds of tints. You can put any kind of tint over your car glass according to your test.

And the percentages of the tint will ensure you that how much dark you want your glass. Because the darkness of the car gives you proper privacy and a comfortable feeling, and it will protect you from the heat and sunlight from the outside.

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