6000k vs. 8000k vs. 10000k: Which is the brightest?

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The headlight of vehicles is one of the unavoidable things of cars. The bulb of the headlight comes with so many variations. Today, we pick 6000, 8000, and 10000 Kelvin for comparison among them.

All three items are perfect in terms of giving stylish brightness and look. The color of these three bulbs is different. Moreover, there are some other key differences also available between these three variations.

In this article, we are going to compare all their essential features of them. Hopefully, that will assist the driver of the vehicle to choose the perfect HID blubs. Without a further, I do let's jump into the discussion.

6000k vs. 8000k vs. 10000k

Comparisons of 6000k vs. 8000k vs. 10000k

Currently, there are many producers of LED blub are available in the market. All of them try to give their best effort to make their items most valuable to the customers. However, there have some basic features of these three items.

Actually, users change their headlight bulbs for the basic differences. In the next table, we narrate the basic information about these.

Bulb Temperature


Color ratio



Alpine White


Blue- 10%



Ice Blue

White- 70%




Pure Blue

Blue- 95%

Purple- 5%


The data of the above table illustrates some pure differences among the three models of HID bulbs. The ratio of white colour has been decreasing if the temperature of the bulb goes up. In addition to that, the lumens are stand to indicate the brightness of the light. That also demonstrates a negative correlation with the blub temperature.

Why do people use different Kelvin bulbs?

There have various reasons behind it. However, it’s a choice of vehicles owners. Therefore this also depends on the types of road. Usually, vehicles owners choose a low Kelvin bulb-like; 5000 for getting extra brightness in the road.

But choosing these three bulbs has some special reasons. All the things are described succinctly in the following bullet points.


The full brightness of this blub is not white. Manufacturers design this item with a blue shade. That can provide a unique look of white which have enough brightness. One can use it on the dark road. Drivers don't have any kind of difficulty driving at night with this light.


This is mainly used to give a fancy look through the headlights of the car or any kind of vehicle. The color of the light becomes ice blue through using this. One can use one blub of 8000k in the vehicle's headlight for making something new.

Therefore, the rightness level of this is satisfactory. Driver with low eye power should not use this blub in the headlights. That will increase the probability of an accident.


All the headlight bulb buyer of the earth selects this for having a stylish look while driving. If people drive their vehicles on the city road, 1000k blub can be used in the headlight. The color of this light is pure blue.

Individuals love this color very much, and the manufacturer makes it more stylish by adding purple color.

Benefits and drawbacks of using 6000k, 8000k and 10000k

Buyers buy different products to meet up different needs. Additionally, there have some advantages and disadvantages in all three versions of HID bulb. For comparing these three categories more deeply, we provide the pros and cons.

Hopefully, that will help the people to make their decision in terms of buying.



  • Unique white color looks.
  • Have enough blitheness.
  • Applicable for foggy weather.
  • Reduce the accident frequency.


Give a conventional look.



  • Great color.
  • Can be used on the dark road.
  • Have enough brightness.


Not suitable for using it in extreme weather.



  • Unique and stylish look.
  • Shows luxuries.
  • Great color combination.


  • Low light.
  • Not approved in some states.
  • High chance of an accident.

Which one is the best for use in extreme weather conditions?

6000k is the best option for this type of condition. As we already know the key features of all three items in this article. 8000k and 10000k do not have enough ability to give the best performance to the users. As the design of their bulb is comes with blue color.

Moreover, users also drive their vehicles in the rainy season, like; lightning conditions. People don't face any kind of difficulty using 6000k HID blub in their car at all.

What things to consider before buying 6000k, 8000k and 10000k?

At present, many manufacturers produce HID bulbs for the car headlight. Their specifications are almost the same for all three items.

People buy different Kelvin bulbs because of the colors. Apart from these, all other things remain constant. That is why buyers must consider some basic things in terms of choosing HID blub.

First of all, the construction quality and technology need to be considered. Usually, Germany and Japan are very good at producing these kinds of bulbs.

Secondly, the plugs and ports must be checked. That allows the buyers to install quickly and easily. People also need to check the length of the wire.

Finally, the power, lifetime and color quality are also considered as the vital factors of buying an HID bulb for the vehicles. By following this way, people can easily select the best manufacturers of 6000k, 8000k and 1000k. Remember, the prices of these three items are almost the same in the market.

Why HID blubs are illegal?

All Kelvin blubs are not illegal in any state of the USA. In general 10000k or above this range headlight blub occur difficulties in the road as well as for the traffic police. That is why many states of America and other countries enforce a law to restrict the use of stylish and low brightness HID light in the road.

Final verdict

The headlight of a car carries great importance to the driver. It ensures the security of people as well as the car passengers. In this article, we discussed all the three different colors of headlights along with their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, people will find it useful in terms of choosing the right one.

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