9005 VS 9006 VS H11: LED Headlight Bulbs

What if motor vehicles were compatible with any kind of lighting option despite being in different models? That is why we see so many designs and variations in the automotive lighting condition.

Today we will be discussing one of the hot wheel topics of car lighting, the headlights. Our first pick is the three models mentioned in the heading, 9005, 9006, and the H11.

These are the three most specific and efficient headlight bulb options for any car. Today we will find out the difference between them and draw the supremacy and find out which one is compatible with your car.

9005 VS 9006 VS H11

LED Headlight Bulb

LEDs are the latest and brightest lighting options for car headlights and fog lights. Though, there are a lot of vehicles remaining with halogen bulbs. The modification allows the upgrade of the older halogens with the LEDs.

Car headlights have both high beam and low beam functionality. These LED headlight bulbs are a worthy upgrade to the halogen ones. They offer better illumination with a clearer view in any dense dark area.

LED headlight bulbs are found in different models and categories. These are manufactured with each particular model of the car. Aftermarket LED headlight bulbs are a good alternative to your older ones.

Types of LED Headlight Bulbs

Car LED headlights are classified with different models regarding the vehicle model and the type of the fitment. But primarily the headlight bulbs are categorized in 4 terms. They are,

  • Halogen
  • LED
  • Xenon/HID
  • Laser

The LEDs are found in different naming tags like 9005/HB3, 9006/HB4, H1, H2, H11, etc. are manufactured for car headlights and other automotive light works. Each of the models is suitable for one particular vehicle fitment. However, they can be interchangeable varying on the suitability of the models.


9005 led bulb brightness

HB3 bulbs are high beam bulbs for cars. They are headlight compatible bulbs with much higher lumens. For a good amount of illumination on highways and darker areas, these are considered the brightest ones.

9005/HB3 LED bulbs to have a greater lifespan. These lights will support you twice the halogen bulbs do. And offers you similar lighting intense up until the end.

They can be used as fog lights as well in poor weather conditions and deep darker areas. The intense beaming power of the LED lights will allow you to brighten a sizeable area.  


9006 is another good pair of LED headlight bulbs used in the other direction of your car’s front lighting. These LED bulbs are used as low beam lights on the front.

Low beam lights are the standard form of headlights since they are faced to the ground. The extra lumens by HB4 bulbs create better visibility on the ground. Though, they are considered with the lowest amount of lumens in the category.

HB4 bulbs come with the most lifespan. These LEDs have a greater lifetime service line expectancy of 50,000 hours.  


Finally, the H11 bulbs on the list are more like the 9006 LEDs. These are also low beam LED bulbs with some better illuminating power. They offer better visibility comparing the 9006 LEDs.

With expected 1,200 lumens, H11 bulbs will brighten any darker area better than some conventional halogen or in some cases some other LEDs too on paper.

Despite being with the same mechanism, the H11 differs from the HB4 in some points.

9005 VS 9006 VS H11

All three types of LEDs are super bright and come with a great lifespan on their own. They are headlight bulbs with different mounting options. All of them are suitable as fog lights on some occasions.

As we mentioned earlier, all three of them also differ in certain aspects. Let’s find out the key differences first. We have gathered the basic changes in the box below.  

Bulb type





65 watts

55 watts

55 watts


1,700 lumen

1,000 lumen

1,200 lumen

Beam type

High Beam Bulb

Low Beam Bulb

Low Beam Bulb


50,000 hours

30,000 hours

30,000 hours

Starting with the wattage, we can see the 9005/HB3 bulbs come with a higher wattage option and the ability to consume a lot of power, 65 watts. Who doesn’t want his light to shine more like anything else? But remember, brighter bulbs are more power-consuming. The other two on the list offer a similar power consumption rate of 55 watts.

Next, the lumens of 9005 high beam bulbs are the most with. They can brighten up to 1,700 lumens with the diode, featuring 130 lumens per diode.

In between the two low beam bulbs, the H11 seems to have a brighter lumen amount with its nominal filament. Whereas the 9006/HB4 has the least amount of 1,000 lumens with its single filament.

We have already known that the primary difference between all is that they are used in different actions of car headlights. Where the HB3/9005bulbs are high beam variants, the other two, 9006 and the H11 are the low beam ones. Though, all three of them can also be utilized as fog lights at times.

Finally, the 9005 high beam bulbs are the most dependable types of LEDs for your headlights. These bulbs will offer you approximately 50,000 hours of a lifespan. The H11 and the 9006, both the bulbs offer a good amount of lifespan of 30,000 hours.

Other differences

Additionally, these headlight bulb options differ in some other aspects too. They mainly differ in the socket compatibility and the connector. With a view to interchange the bulbs, these ideas are a must to keep in your mind. Let’s have a look at them.

Connector: All of them seem identical in terms of look. Yet they offer different connecting orders. The 9005 and the 9006 feature most of the outlook similar to each other. But having different types of connectors, they can’t be interchangeable.    

Tough the 9005 and 9006 both can fit in with some modification/changes into the connectors, but the H11 won’t connect with the other two.

Socket Compatibility: With a little modification 9005 bulbs will work perfectly in the 9006 bulb socket. However, due to a larger base, the 9006 will not fit in the 9005 socket. 9005 bulbs will also fit in the H11 bulb socket with a few changes made to the basement of the socket.

Nonetheless, an H11 will not accept a 9005 socket in interchanging. H11 bulb socket also no5t compatible with 9006. But dramatically the 9006 bulb sockets perfectly fit in the project with the H11 ones.

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Which one is the best?

Modern-day cars, almost a major part of them feature headlights both offer high beam and low beam in one set. But, for those having individual lighting proportions with different base connectors, the mentioned three models are the most compatible ones.

Looking for a high beam LED bulb? The 9005/HB3 would be the perfect choice for your motorcar. When asking for a low beam headlight bulb, here comes the twist! Mainly your car’s model will allow which one would go perfectly with the lighting.

Since, both the 9006 and the H11 are offering different lumens power and wattage with some manufacturers, the brighter one must consume a larger amount of power. And eventually, they both will need to fit the project.

Find out the port of your headlight and consult an expert. Then choose a branded LED for your car’s headlight. 


So far the discussion included the three of the models people looking for their headlight swapping. We took them in and tried to let you know and find out the best suit for your car headlights.

Since HB3/9005 is the high beam LED bulb option and the other two low beam, you can easily choose first by looking at what you need them for. They are also usable as foglights in certain conditions. So, with usability, all three types of them are efficient and reliable in our expe5rts opinion.

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