About Tesla FSD: Everything you need to know about Tesla’s Full Self-Driving

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FSD or Full Self Driving is a feature that is compatible with Tesla cars, allowing the drivers to enjoy autonomous driving through rapidly processed neural networks.

Although the process is not fully autonomous still today, we can assure you that it will not take a long time to take complete autonomy over your car.

If you are interested in the process of learning Tesla’s autopilot driving method, this article is here to discuss everything you will need to know about Tesla FSD.

about tesla fsd

How much does the subscription cost?

Subscription type 

Subscription cost


$199 dollars.

Full subscription

$10,000 dollars.

Tesla's full self-driving subscription is available for around $199 dollars per month (as of now), whereas you can take a complete upright subscription while purchasing a new Tesla Model for about $10,000 dollars.

Keep in mind that, Tesla is always upgrading their FSD system. Therefore, the price for a subscription can change at any time.

What are the features you will get from Tesla’s Full Self Driving?

The features you will be able to enjoy by subscribing to FSD are:

  1. Auto lane change.
  2. Navigate on autopilot   
  3. Auto park
  4. Summon
  5. Smart summon
  6. Traffic light and stop sign control.

Does subscribing to FSD make your car completely autonomous

No, purchasing or subscribing to autopilot and FSD does not make your Tesla completely autonomous. It can help you to get a certain amount of assistance in different situations.

But the driver always needs to be well aware of the situation that is coming. Therefore, putting your hands on the steer and being ready to face any situation is always the ideal thing to keep in mind. Tesla has always mentioned that it needs full-aware supervision to get into the full flow of self-driving.

Are you eligible for subscribing to FSD?

Well, almost everyone is eligible for subscribing to the FSD. But your Tesla model needs to maintain some criteria to achieve that feat. Here are some of the things your vehicle needs to have to be eligible to get the facilities of FSD-

  1. Your Tesla Model needs to have autopilot computer version 2.0 or 2.5.
  2. A complimentary hardware upgrade will not allow you to take an FSD subscription.
  3. Anyway, if you are willing to spend more than $1000 dollars for the upgrade, you may be able to take the subscription. The inclusion of additional tax can also increase the upgrade cost.

To check whether your computer is eligible for a subscription or not, check the additional vehicle information from the touchscreen.


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Let’s talk about each of the features in details

If you are passionate about Tesla's electric cars, autopilot and FSD should be the two most intriguing features that arouse your interest. We have already mentioned some of the main features you will get after subscribing to FSD. But how do all these features perform in reality? Well, that is what we are here to find out-

Smart summon and summon

Summon navigates complex parking situations by maintaining the lane markings and stop signs. The feature can also identify pedestrians and obstacles.

The thing that most people love about summon is that it can find you anywhere in the parking lot. Most importantly, this feature will enable your car to park or even unpark even in a tight space.

Traffic light and stop sign control

The intelligent FSD application can identify traffic lights and stop signs before you do. Therefore, it will help you to slow down your vehicle when in need. But to achieve that feat; you will need to engage both autosteer and Traffic aware cruise control.

If Tesla develops the Traffic aware cruise control unit a little more, it is expected that you will be able to save yourself from getting another ticket.

Auto Park

The Auto Park feature of the FSD seems to be another promising feature you will be able to enjoy once you take a subscription. According to Tesla, the Auto Park feature is more capable of parking your vehicle both in parallel and perpendicular situations. Besides, this feature will also notify you about the available parking space so that you can park your vehicle with absolute proficiency.

Auto lane change

When you are driving on the highway, the automatic lane change feature can give you an optimum boost by doing intelligent measurements. Enabling this feature will allow your car to make optimal positioning so that your car always remains ready for merges and exits.

Besides, every driver will get essential insights regarding the upcoming lanes you are going to face. Therefore, overtaking slower cars should become much more efficient when this feature is on.

We can assure you that you will be far more amazed by seeing the accuracy that this feature is capable of delivering.

Navigate on autopilot

This feature includes a whole bunch of features, including automatic on-ramp and off-ramp driving, automatic lane changes, aware cruise control, auto steer, and overtaking slow cars.

This feature may seem to include everything in the FSD service, but we have to mention that this feature only works when you are on the highway. 

Tesla FSD vs. autopilot

While many of the beginners make a misjudgment by considering both FSD and autopilot as the same, but in reality, both are different in different aspects of their presentation.

While the autopilot aims at reducing your pressure to control the wheels, the FSD system works to make navigation much easier and relevant.

The autopilot mechanism can calculate the overall riding situation, giving you the authenticity to auto steer the vehicle by matching the speed of the vehicles running on the street.

On the other hand, FSD will help you to make better lane adjustments, enjoy versatile parking, or stay safe in different road conditions.

Is it safe to use Tesla FSD?

The Full Self Driving application of Tesla surely comes for making the life of the user better. But when it comes to checking the safety score, how much do you think Tesla fares in providing the safety you expect from your Tesla Model?

  1. First of all, the FSD is a process of becoming fully autonomous in controlling the vehicle. That means it is just the beginning, and there are much more advanced technologies that will appear in near future.
  2. At this stage, the FSD has some limitations when it comes to ensuring safety.
  3. We have also noticed some incidents shared by the users where the FSD has turned out to be the cause of accidents.

Therefore, in terms of safety rating, the FSD is still far behind. But the upcoming age is going to explore something extraordinary for sure.

Is it worth spending your money on an FSD subscription?

Yes, it is always worth spending on Tesla’s FSD subscription. If you have a Tesla Model, spending on taking a subscription to FSD should give you some extra boost on having something extra while you drive.

Besides, trying out something new for the first time should always give you some extra-terrestrial pleasure. The future generation is surely going to run on autonomy, and the FSD might be the first step to the future. When you are spending on FSD, you are actually putting a step towards the future.

Tesla is always expanding

The FSD program of tesla is always expanding. Elon Musk has already mentioned that his ultimate aim with the FSD and autopilot feature of Tesla is to attain full autonomy over the vehicle when it comes to self-driving. The launching of FSD beta some days earlier also indicates such a legacy. Maybe after 5 to 10 years, we will be able to observe such electric vehicles on the street that can run safely without any sort of human intervention.

You can also think about reading why Elon Musk named his company Tesla?

Final summary

If you are using any Tesla Model that is built before 2014, you probably will not be able to use the FSD and autopilot feature.  But if you are willing to spend a good amount on upgrading the software and hardware, it’s always possible to get the service. The Tesla FSD beta is fully out now. If you are willing to take your experience to the next level, you can definitely give it a try.

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