Airoh Rev 19 vs. Shark Evo-One 2 helmets review: Which one you should choose?

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Sun is heavily shining, and it's making the off-road trip annoying because you don't have any goggles on. However, you can bring a perfect solution to the problem by putting on a complete off-road helmet with a primary visor and sunscreen visor.

When it comes to proper protection, most riders love to go for Airoh or Shark helmets. Two of their most popular off-road helmets are Rev 19 and Evo-One 2 respectively. Shark Evo-One 2 is a modular helmet.

On the other hand, you can get both full-face and jet helmet designs from Rev 19. We are here to remove the confusion and let you decide which one of these helmets is suitable for you.

Airoh Rev 19 vs. Shark Evo-One 2

Comparison between Airog Rev 19 and Shark Evo-One 2 helmets

It's hard choosing between two top-class helmets when both of them have a few similar features. The question is not that, which one is better? You should be asking which one is ideal for yourself.

Now, let’s go through the following chart to know the similarities and dissimilarities between Rev 19 and Evo-One 2 helmets.


Airoh Rev 19

Shark Evo-One 2

Shell construction

Thermoplastic HRT

Injected thermoplastic resin

Shell size



Primary visor

Wide, anti-scratch treated visor

Order open type, anti-scratch visor

 Sun protector

Retractable sun visor with slider

Anti-scratch sun visor with slider


Super thick removable and washable liner

Removable and washable soft liner

Enclosure type

Micrometric adjustable buckle

Double D-ring chin buckle





Double P/J certification

ECE and DOT certification

Airoh Rev 19 Ikon M


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Airoh Rev 19 helmet reviews

Having two designs in one helmet is definitely a thing most off-road riders would love to go for. Rev 19 has a simple switch on the chin bar that flips up the visor and transforms the full-face helmet into a jet helmet.

One shouldn’t think much about the dirt bike helmet cost, rather put importance on safety. The helmet has a protective sun visor, a thicker interior liner that enhances the protectiveness.

Moreover, with the overall front, top, and backside ventilation, a rider gets adequate comfort throughout the ride.

Key specifications of the helmet


1700 ± 50 grams.

Shell construction

Thermoplastic HRT.


Full-face and Jet versatility.

Front ventilation

Standard closing chin vent.

Top ventilation

One adjustable scoop in three positions.

Backside ventilation

An exhaust ventilation slot.


A wide, anti-scratch treated visor.


Side toggle keeps the flipped visor unmoved.

Sun protection

A retractable sun visor with a slider.

Chin guard

180-degree chin guard rotation system.


Super thick removable and washable liner.

Closure system

Micrometric adjustable buckle.


Double P/J certification.

Users experience

The most lovable side of the helmet is having both full-face and jet versatility design. Now, users can increase the amount of ventilation by flipping up the chin bar and visor.

Moreover, the sun-protection appears as another safety feature of the helmet. However, one major downgrade of the helmet is the thermoplastic shell construction. Compared to the price range, riders thought of having a stronger shell.

Again, the gluing or stitching used in the interior liner and padding doesn’t go up to the mark. However, if the user is careful while using it, it can still serve for a long time.

In-depth details of the helmet

The helmet comes with thermoplastic HRT shell construction with only one shell. The scratch-resistant wide visor keeps the user safe from dirt, debris in the terrains. However, it’s convenient to flip up the visor.

Again, the wearer can ensure proper sun protection with a retractable sun visor. Another handy feature of the helmet is having both full-face and jet designs. You will get a switch at the chin bar that allows flipping up the chin bar.

Also, there’s a toggle button on the side that makes the chin bar unmovable. However, to use the sun visor, you only need to push the slider. The helmet offers adequate ventilation to the riders with the front, top, and back vents.

On the chin area, it has an enclosure vent that can intake air inside. However, you can keep it close while you aren’t using the full-face version of it. Moreover, a scoop is available on the topmost part that is adjustable.

With the three different adjustable positions, one can ensure having proper comfort through the adequate air intake. It’s not only about taking fresh air inside, you need to have an exhaust system to take out the odor of warm air.

On the back panel, it has an exhaust ventilation slot for this. Down there on the chin bar, the helmet has a standard micrometric adjustable buckle to form a proper fit. For maximum comfort, the manufacturer added thickened liner inside.

They have attached it using clips on the brow area and chin areas. However, you can remove it whenever you want and wash it too.

Are Airoh Rev 19 helmet any good

Most readers have to accept the fact that the full-face and jet versatile design makes the helmet a good one any day. Although it’s not a picture-perfect one, still supports the rider with complete protection on the terrains.

You might have heard about the O’Neal series helmet for off-roads and how good they are. But here, Rev 19 from Airoh is something that you can also trust for safety.

  1. Offers both full-face and jet design protection.
  2. The sun visor protection sunscreen and UV-ray.
  3. Anti-scratch wide visor is durable on the terrains.
  4. Easy to flip between two different face protections.
  5. Ensures proper ventilation on long rides.
  6. A comfortable ride with a soft liner inside.
  7. Convenient to adjust the buckle for ideal fitment.

Airoh helmets: Get what you need

Airoh has worked down a long way to improve their helmets’ quality. Also, the design and safety measures are what they want to make the buyers happy with. You might be looking forward to knowing more about the helmets from Airoh.

Four different helmet models are most popular from Airoh among all the helmets they have made so far.

Helmet models

Usable tracks

Airoh Aviator 3


Airoh Twist 2.0


Airoh Wraap


Airoh Commander

Both on and off-road

Similar to Rev 19, Airoh twist 2.0 and wraap models have thermoplastic HRP construction. However, both aviator and commander models come with full 3K HPC carbon shell construction.  

Commander has three-zone ventilation with sunscreen visor, pin lock lenses, etc. The aviator comes with eight air intake and extractors, magnetic cheek pads, etc. Again, the twist model has a sophisticated airflow channeling system.

Also, the adjustable peak has an extension and DD-ring retention system that enhances the helmet’s performance. The wraap model comes with hypoallergenic and removable inner lining. It also ensures maximum safety with the DD-rings retention system.

About Shark Evo-One 2 helmet

Shark Evo-One 2 review

Uplifting the visor is to transform a full-face helmet into a half-face one is a great addition. Shark has constructed the shell of the helmet with injected thermoplastic resin that withstands the regular off-road rides.

Compared to the helmet from Airoh, the shell here comes in two different sizes. Other than this, it has an almost similar sun protector visor, main visor, buckle enclosure, removable and washable inner lining, and so on.

Let’s go through the things offered by the helmet before you make your mind to purchase it.

Key specifications of the helmet


2100 grams

Shell construction

Injected thermoplastic resin shell

Shell sizes



Anti-scratch, order open system visor

Sun protector

An anti-scratch sun visor with slider control


Computational fluid design system

Inner liner

Removable and washable soft liner


New chin guard locking and unlocking system


Compact aerodynamic profile

Chin buckle

Double D-ring chin buckle

Extra lens

Max vision pin-lock insert lens


DOT and ECE certified

Users experience

Before moving on to the positive sides of the helmet, we would like to tell you one downgrade. The primary visor, which makes it a full-face helmet seems a bit larger compared to the shell.

Most riders found it a bit annoying as the helmet comes in a compact design. However, you can get more than enough ventilation by transforming it into a half-face helmet. Lift the visor and take it all the back.

Also, it’s a pretty hassle-free process to take down the sun visor using the slider switch. Moreover, the compact design keeps it snugly fit on most heads.

In-depth details of the helmet

The manufacturer used injected thermoplastic resin to construct the shell and added two different sizes. It comes with a complete aerodynamic profile, which turns appealing to most off-road riders. Moreover, it’s a compactly designed helmet.

To keep the off-road obstacles away from the face and provide an interruption-free journey, it comes with an order open system visor. However, it allows the user to lift the visor entirely using the dedicated switch on the chin bar.

Moreover, you can protect the eyes from harmful UV-ray and sunscreen with the sun protective visor. There’s a slider that makes the sun protector work in place of the primary visor. While taking the chin bar down, the visor goes back automatically.

With the compact design, the manufacturer ensured a reduction of airborne noises. The inclusion of pin-lock lenses maximizes the work of the primary visor. For proper fitting, the helmet comes with an adjustable chin buckle enclosure.

The double D-ring chin buckles keep the helmet properly fit on the rider’s head. In addition, you will get magnetic fastening on the chin curtain. The DOT and ECE certified helmet comes in a new slide plate design.

How good is Shark Evo-One 2 helmet

Without any doubt, you won’t agree to go for a helmet that doesn’t provide any advantages during off-road rides. It appears like a waste of money, nothing else.

Now, as Shark Evo-One 2 helmet has a wider visor, sun protector, it seems good going for the rough terrain riders. Let’s check out what else the helmet offers to the riders.

  1. Comes in two different types of shell sizes.
  2. Safer option from dirt and debris while driving.
  3. Protects the eyesight from sunscreen and UV-ray.
  4. Easy to put on the head using the adjustable buckles.
  5. Offers a snug fit because of the compact size.
  6. The visor automatically goes up when the chin bar comes down.
  7. Has comfortable interior liner.

Shark helmets: A safer option for off-roads

Shark produces one of the safest helmets for off-road riders. The construction quality and the structure make the helmets worthy to use even in the roughest condition. Well, the Evo-one 2 helmet is not only what it offers.

There’s a lot more the brand offers to the users to make the long trip on the terrains safe and sound. Here’s a shortlist of the off-road helmets from Shark.

  1. Shark EVOJET
  2. Shark EVO-GT
  3. Shark EVO ES
  4. Shark Evoline 3 ST MoovUp
  5. Shark Spartan
  6. Shark Street drak tribute

All three EVO model helmets from Shark have injected thermoplastic resin construction, which is similar to Evo-one 2. Also, these helmets come with a multi-density EPS liner for extended comfort during long rides.

On the other hand, Evoline 2 ST helmet has a Lexan polycarbonate shell with an integrated drop-down sun shield. Again, the Spartan model has lightweight fiberglass shell construction with a quick-release face shield guard.

Last but not the least, Stree drak tribute has the same thermoplastic resin shell construction. Moreover, the double anti-fog and anti-scratch visor ensure perfect protection.


Where are Airoh helmets made?

Airoh is an Italian brand, which is constantly serving off-road riders through quality helmets. The majority of the helmets are made in Italy, but the base materials are manufactured in China.

Are Shark helmets made in China?

Nope, Shark is a French company that was founded back in 1986 in Marseille. Since the company is making protective helmets with full-face, modular, and other designs.

What are Airoh helmets made of?

Most of the Airoh helmets are made of 100% carbon Kevlar. It creates a strong construction that withstands the roughest situations on terrains.

Final verdict

When the question is about safety on terrains, you can’t ignore the importance of helmets. Both Rev 19 and Evo-One 2 have some distinguishing features that make these two different. However, you may also find a few identical features.

The ultimate choice is yours, which one appears the most appropriate on the roughest terrain conditions.

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