How Much Is An Arctic Cat? ATV,Snowmobile, Side by Side Cost

Arctic Cat has been delivering several snowmobiles, ATVs, and side-by-side vehicles for a long time.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new Arctic Cat to enjoy the test of adventure, it Arctic Cat ATV cost you from 6000$ dollars to as much as 22,000$ dollars

We don’t know the specific model that you are aiming to purchase. That is why we will be comparing all of the popular models and their price ranges so that you can get a better knowledge about the price of most Arctic Cat models.  We have categorized the price range in three different sections to give you comprehensive information about Arctic Cat lineups and their price ranges.

Without any further I say, let us start with the Arctic Cat ATVs.

How Much Is An Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat ATV cost

Arctic Cat Alterra 450

Arctic Cat has right now six different ATV lineups with various price ranges. Arctic Cat ATVs come with a price range from 4,399$ dollars to as much as 10,099$ dollars. Here is the list of the specific models and their approximate price ranges-

Alterra 300

Alterra 300 is the cheapest ATV that you would find from Arctic Cat. With 270cc four-stroke engine and double A-arm front suspension, this one should be an excellent starter for any ATV lover. Besides, the 500-lb towing capacity should not disappoint you even the little. You will be able to purchase Alterra 300 for 4,399$ dollars.

Alterra 450

Our next ATV on this list is the Alterra 450 that you can avail of at a price range of 6,099$ dollars. This one comes with a 443-cc single-cylinder engine, making it robust and powerful. The inclusion of the double A-Arm front and rear suspension will ensure smooth movement in rough terrains. The 1050-lb towing capacity makes it one of the versatile items you can have at a decent price range.

Alterra 570EPS SE

You can get Alterra 570EPS at the price of 7,699$ dollars. This one will provide you with a 545cc liquid engine. Besides, 11 inches ground clearance with 1050-lb towing capacity makes this one perfect for any rigid driving. This one also includes double A-arm front and rear suspension to enhance flexibility.

Alterra 700EPS

This one is a heavy-duty ATV with a 695-cc liquid single-cylinder engine. The inclusion of electronic power steering with a 25-inches tire will ensure beneficial service in rough terrain. This one starts at a price range of 8,999$ dollars.

Alterra TRV 700 EPS

Alterra TRV 700 EPS is the coolest ATV you would notice from Arctic Cat. This one comes for 9,999$ dollars. This one uses the 695cc EFI engine to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Besides, the inclusion of 25 inches all-terrain tire with proper suspension will ensure decent productivity. This one will also offer 11-inches ground clearance and 1050-lb towing capacity to secure maximum versatility.

Alterra 700 SE EPS

The final lineup on this list is the Alterra 700 SE EPS. You will be able to choose this one for 10,099$ dollars. A 695cc engine with proper rear and front suspension will satisfy you in any situation.

Arctic Cat ATV lineups


Alterra 300

4,399$ dollars.

Alterra 450

6,099$ dollars.

Alterra 570EPS SE

7,699$ dollars.

Alterra 700EPS:

8,999$ dollars.

Alterra TRV 700 EPS

9,999$ dollars.

Alterra 700 SE EPS

10,099$ dollars.

Arctic Cat snowmobiles cost

Arctic Cat has a couple of numbers of snowmobile lineups.

Arctic Cat snowmobile lineups are available from 7,845$ dollars to as much as 14,925$ dollars. 

Arctic Cat snowmobiles are the most popular release that gets wide coverage every year. Here is the price chart you would notice while purchasing an Arctic Cat snowmobile-

Arctic Cat Snowmobile 



Blast ZR 4000

Single-cylinder two-stroke engine.

7,845$ dollars.

Blast M 4000

Single-cylinder two-stroke EFI engine.

8,255$ dollars.

Blast LT 4000

Single-cylinder two-stroke EFI engine.

8,255$ dollars.

Blast XR 4000

Lightweight mid-size chassis.

8,255$ dollars.

Blast XR 4000 Touring

Side-rail suspension.

8,585$ dollars.

M 8000 hardcore alpha one.

Ascender platform.

14,025$ dollars.

M 8000 mountain cat alpha one

Adapt CVT system.

14,525$ dollars.

M 8000 mountain cat alpha one with ATAC.

Fox float QS3 shocks.

14,925$ dollars.

Riot 8000.

Adjustable ski stance.

13,365$ dollars.

Riot X 8000.

Reinforced running boards.

13,565$ dollars.

Arctic cat ATV may not that prevalent because of Polaris and Can-Am, but their snowmobiles always appeal to the consumers. The manufacturer has brought its first snowmobile in 1960. The popularity has not fallen since then. A large amount of their revenue comes from snowmobiles. They are ensuring versatility for a long time, making the manufacturer trustworthy among the consumers.

Arctic cat side-by-side vehicles cost

Side-by-side vehicles from Arctic Cat tend to be a little expensive. They are available at a price range from 9,399$ dollars to 19,999$ dollars.

Arctic Cat has six different side-by-side vehicle lineups. Here is the list of the side-by-side vehicles and their price ranges-

Arctic cat Side-by-side cost

Price ranges

Prowler 500

9,399$ dollars.

Prowler pro

14,999$ dollars.

Prowler pro ranch edition

15, 199$ dollars.

Prowler Pro Crew

16,599$ dollars.

Prowler Pro Crew Ranch edition

16,799$ dollars.

Wildcat XX

19,999$ dollars.

History of Arctic Cat

  • The company laid down its foundation in 1962 by the hand of Edgar Hetteen.
  • Arctic Cart brought its first snowmobile in 1960.
  • The company released another snowmobile in 1970.
  • The recent headquarter of Arctic Cat is in Thief River Falls, MN.
  • The company has been manufacturing snowmobiles, ATVs, and side-by-side off-road vehicles for a long time.
  • The strongest product of Arctic Cat is their snowmobiles.
  • Side-by-side vehicles are also acquiring huge popularity in recent days.
  • In 2017, the company contracted with Textron Inc. the decision was to change the Arctic Cat off-road vehicle brand to Textron off-road vehicle.
  • But the company change its decision in 2019 when they found out that the brand still appeals largely to its consumers.
  • Currently, Arctic Cat is sharing revenue of around 585.27 million US dollars.
  • The popularity of Arctic Cat is increasing at a rapid rate. The snowmobiles of Arctic Cat are always the best. It seems like the company will start reigning in the off-road vehicle category too.

Final words

The popularity of the Arctic Cat has been growing since its first appearance. Indeed, the company went bankrupt once. But it has alleviated the concern so dexterously. Another reason to trust the manufacturer is that it is an American manufacturer.

Purchasing a product from Arctic Cat means enhancing the economic condition of America. A patriotic American always loves to contribute to the progression of the nation. The increasing popularity dictates that Arctic Cat will sooner be a competitive giant in the off-road vehicle category too. Whether snowmobile or off-road utility vehicle, Arctic Cat is always the best.

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