Are Chinese-made enduro bikes any good?

Yes, Chinese-made enduro bikes are enough good when you consider the price range. Getting such motorcycles at that price range should always provoke a casual enduro rider to go for the bike.

But if you are a formal rider who regularly takes part in professional enduro racing, you may suffer a little with the quality.  Chinese-made enduro motorcycles target the casual rider who only go out with the bike for an adventure tour with their gang to have fun.

To suffice the whole thing in one sentence, it is ideal to say that a Chinese enduro motorcycle comes with both pros and cons to consider.

If you have been in a confusing state for a long time regarding whether you should grab a Chinese enduro bike or not, this article should come in handy to help you with your decision.

If you have got the courage to move forward with us, let’s get started with the main discussion-

Anyway, you may also check the differences between enduro and motocross to have a better understanding.

Chinese made enduro bikes good

Why should you purchase a Chinese enduro motorbike?


The very first reason to purchase a Chinese enduro bike is its price range. While going for a branded enduro motorcycle, the price will be almost 500$ dollars to 2000$ dollars higher than a Chinese motorcycle. That means you are getting almost an identical product but by spending almost 2000$ dollars more. On the other hand, a Chinese enduro motorbike is much cheaper than an average branded bike. On top of that, they deliver almost similar performance as a branded motorcycle. 

If trail riding is your ultimate craze, you may check the Chinese dirt bike to choose the perfect budget-friendly for you.


The next reason to go with a Chinese motorcycle is that they deliver a decent level of control over the bike so that you can make your adventure ride more wholesome and exciting.

Now one may ask, aren’t there any differences between a branded and a Chinese enduro bike?  There obviously are some differences when you one is talking about control and reliability. You will indeed get better leverage with a branded enduro bike, but it would not show a decent marginal difference between the two series of bikes. If the controllability of a Chinese enduro bike gets 80 out of 100, a branded enduro bike will deliver you around 90 out of 100.

Now it is your decision to make whether you are willing to spend extra 500$ dollars to 2000$ dollars for that 10% of leverage or not.


Now comes the most crucial question. How reliable are Chinese enduro bikes? If the motorbike fails to deliver enough reliability, it would be a complete waste of yourhard-earned money.

Almost 70% percent of the enduro bikes you see fall in the category of Chinese bikes. It became possible only because of the high-end quality all these Chinese bikes are ensuring for a long time.

On a scale of 100, we will give 75 to the Chinese enduro bikes because of their moderate quality and decent performance. We can assure you that these bikes will deliver better performance than their price range.

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Do Chinese enduro bikes deliver cheap gears and accessories with their enduro bikes? Well, the answer is that you will getChinese gear and accessories even in most branded enduro motorbikes as well.  It became possible because Chinese products are not always the worst.

A Chinese-made enduro motorbike may not last for 4 to 5 years, but we can assure you that they will deliver you a decent service for more than three years with ease. 

What if you upgrade a Chinese enduro motorbike?

Chinese enduro ride

The best way to utilize a Chinese enduro motorbike is upgrading the bike into a better edition. Suppose you have spent around 1500$ dollars while purchasing a decent 250cc Chinese enduro bike.

Now, it is always okay not to be happy with the suspension system and engine capacity of the bike. At that particular moment, if you spend additional 3000$ dollars for upgrading the bike's suspension and engine capacity, it would deliver far better performance than the stock product. Even we have some evidence where we have noticed that a Chinese enduro bike s delivering better speed and suspension than a branded motorbike.

On the other hand, purchasing a branded enduro bike would cost you around 2500$ dollars to 3000$ dollars. That means even after the upgrade, you are saving around 700$ bucks to 1200$ bucks. A huge marginal difference to notice.

Is a branded enduro bike totally original?

This is another fallacy that most riders are not aware of. For example, suppose you have bought an expensive Japanese enduro bike to make you feel precious. But Is the bike totally Japanese? Nope, not at all.

No brand is entirely original. They import different parts of the bike from different regions of the world. The assembling process of the bike may happen in Japan. But not all the gears and accessories that you get with the bike are japan made.

The problem with most branded enduro bikes is that they claim to be fully authentic. But in reality, most of the accessories used in the bike are Chinese-made. Ignoring the made-in-china accessories is almost impossible.

Almost 99% percent of the authentic brands tend to import different parts of their product from China.

What are some of the cons of Chinese enduro motorcycles?

Everything we have discussed so far was all good about Chinese enduro bikes. But are they free from all kinds of evil influence? The reality can be sometimes too cruel. Here are some of the things you may not like about Chinese enduro motorcycles-

First of all, the customer service of most Chinese brands is not that satisfactory. As a result, once you start facing problems with your motorbike, getting enough support from the manufacturer becomes a little hard.

A Chinese enduro motorcycle may not deliver a satisfactory warranty or guaranty to have them. That means if you face any technical problems with the motorbike, you have to resolve the problem on your own. it is also true that most of the problems you face with the bike are easily curable.

The endurance capacity of the Chinese enduro bikes is a little lower than a branded bike. it happens because the manufacturer spends a lot of their time to reduce the cost of the bike. That is why they need to sacrifice the quality a little for the sake of price.

Final words

We are not saying that you have to stop purchasing a branded bike. If you have enough budget, you can always go with a branded enduro bike because they are enough reliable to have. But when the price is your primary concern, a Chinese enduro motorcycle will never fail to please you.

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