Are dirt bikes dangerous? Safety equipment list

Dirt bikes are essentially is not dangerous in riding. Some of the most common injuries that you can get from dirt bike racing are broken wrist, dislocated shoulder, broken neck, rolled ankles, and so on, if not death.

Adventure without danger is like juice without sugar. Almost in every sport, the chances of getting injuries are always certain. The most satisfying news is that most of the injuries related to dirt bikes happen in professional racing. That means if you are riding the bike casually by maintaining proper safety cautionary, you can minimize the chances of injury to a great extent.

Now the ultimate question appears, how safe is it to ride a dirt bike? Stay tuned. We are here to find out-.

Are dirt bikes dangerous

Who are the worst sufferers?

dirt bikes dangerous

Youth teenagers and kids are the worst sufferers of dirt bike injuries. As they lack enough experience, they tend to speed up the bike in rough terrain, enhancing the chances of accidents. Most of the accidents, by the way, are not that fatal.

You would be glad to hear that most serious dirt bike accidents tend to happen in the professional racing course. The number of injuries caused by dirt bikes while riding casually is very nominal. Some researches done in the past notifies that more than 60 percent of dirt bike accidents tend to happen in the professional course. Maximum 250cc + dirt bike are weight much than 200 pounds of this heavy weight small acciddent get large injured.

What are the common injuries caused by dirt bike accidents?

As mentioned earlier, the death rate of dirt bike accidents is very nominal. That should not mean that you are free from danger all the time. Dirt bike accidents can cause serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries that you would notice while riding a dirt bike are-

  • Dislocated shoulder.
  • Serious head injury.
  • Collarbone breakage.
  • Spinal cord injury.
  • Broken neck part.
  • Broken wrist.
  • Broken ribs.

Besides, some internal damage to the brain tissues can lead to paralysis as well.

To reduce the chances of serious injuries, it is all the time ideal for maintaining all safety concerns. There are certain gears that you should use to minimize the risk of off-road accidents.

Dirt bike Safety equipments

1. Helmets

The most important gear that every moto rider needs to have is a sturdy helmet. If you are looking for proper safety while riding your dirt bike, never or ever miss wearing the helmet. The helmet not only protects your head from injury but also blocks the disturbing air from distracting you while driving the bike. It also prevents insects or dirt from getting into your eyes. The helmet is the primary safety gear that you never should ignore whether you are driving an off-road or on-road bike. If you are looking for a decent dirt bike helmet, consider choosing this Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Supertech S-M10 Meta Helmetto have the blast of an experience. Before you buying a new helmat you should know dirt bike helmet latest cost in the market.

2. Dirt bike goggles

Most of the dirt bike helmets tend to come with built-in goggles that should be enough to have a perfect riding experience. When you ride through the dirt, the environment becomes darker. As a result, the chances of accidents become higher. If you have a convenient goggle on your eye, you don't have to worry about accidents. You are ready to have a transparent view every time. One of the most popular dirt bike goggles on the market is Oakley Airbrake MX Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles.

3. Chest protector

It is a common misconception that only professional dirt bike riders should wear a chest protector. No! a casual rider should also wear a chest protector to ensure maximum safety. If you are riding your dirt bike on rough terrain, the chances of accidents are always high. Any kind of dirt bike injury can make severe damage to your chest. If you want maximum protection, you should never underestimate a chest protector. One of the most popular off-road chest protectors on the market is Fox Racing R3 Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Chest Protector.

4. Elbow and knee guards

Elbow and knee guard are two excellent tools to protect your knee and elbow from breakage. Any kind of bike accident can cause serious knee and elbow injuries. To keep yourself safe from all those kinds of injuries, you should always wear an elbow and knee guard both for professional and casual riding. If you are looking for an elbow guard, consider choosing this Fox Racing Launch D3O Elbow Pad. For knee protectors, this Leatt Lime Small/Medium Knee & Shin Guardshould be an excellent item to consider.

5. Neck braces

Neck injury is one of the most intimidating factors that can make your life hell. The only way to protect your neck from a serious injury is to wear a neck brace. Although wearing a neck brace can be slightly uncomfortable, you should never ignore wearing a neck brace. One of the most popular neck braces on the market is EVS Sports R4-BK-A Sports R4 Race Collar.

6. Convenient boot

If you want to have a comfortable dirt bike riding experience, you need to wear a convenient boot. Having a pair of decent shoes gives you a boost while riding on the ambiguous terrain. One of the most popular dirt bike boots on the market is FLY Racing Maverik Boots.

7. Perfect clothing

If you don’t wear convenient clothing, you will have distracting experience while riding. That is why you should always wear comfortable clothing while riding a dirt bike. The category clothing includes underwear, jersey, and pants. Before choosing the right clothing, consider doing some researches.

Final words

Riding a dirt bike is fun and exciting. But there is a high chance of serious accidents as well. The kids and youths are the most vulnerable to dirt bike accidents. If you would love to avoid accidents, wearing safety gear and maintaining pre-cautionary steps should always get the highest priority. At the end of the day, it is your safety that matters the most. Driving with safety is what sensible people prefer.

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