What oil should I use in my ATV?

You should never use standard motor oil in your ATVs or power sports. It is synthetic oil that ensures the perfect protection for your ATV.

The function of the ATV oil is to keep the lubrication system of the engine active and engaging. When you start using the standard motor oil in your ATV engine, the anti-wear molecule makes the motor vulnerable for a couple of seconds. Eventually, it can lead to engine deterioration within a short time.

A knowledgeable understanding of the engine's oil function will allow you to choose the right oil for your quad. If you tend to complete all the maintenance on your own, you probably are aware of all these. But if you are a beginner who is hesitating while choosing the right oil for your ATV, follow this article until the last to pick the perfect lubricator for your ATV.

What oil ATV

Why you should not use standard motor oil in your ATV?

  • Most of the standard motor oil tends to have friction modifiers. The function of a friction modifier is to lubricate inside parts of an engine while the oil pressure is being built.
  • All these anti-wear additive keeps the engine lubricated for a couple of seconds until an engaging oil pressure develops. All these anti-wear additives keep the motor engine safe until its gets proper lubrication. But these are the exact reason why you should avoid using standard motor oil inside your ATV.
  • All these anti-wear molecules take away the friction you need while using your vehicle's wet clutch.
  • ATVs are developed for generating higher rpm. That is why the engine compartment tends to get hotter too fast. The engine compartment of a car and an ATV have two different ambiances. Using standard motor oil in your ATV can thus make the situation worst.
  • If you are using a two-stroke ATV, you should choose standard oil that complies with the two-cycle engine. Once you start using a particular kind of oil, always stick with it to ensure proper lubrication.

Why you should use synthetic oil for your ATV?

While choosing oil for a vehicle, you would notice three different engine oil variations. The variants are synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral. It is the synthetic oil that would ensure optimum protection of your ATV engine.

The anti-wear molecules of the synthetic oil tend to come with the same size, whereas the mineral oil will have irregular additive particles. The conglomeration of both types generates the semi-synthetic oil type.

The regular anti-wear particles of the synthetic oil can cope up with higher rpm and extreme temperature, allowing the engine to function with more dexterity.

On the other hand, when you use semi-synthetic oil inside the oil compartment of the ATV, it reduces the friction of the wet clutch. As a result, the condition of the engine deteriorates within a short time.

If you want better rpm with more mileage, ensure that you are pouring the ATV engine with decent synthetic oil.

What’s the solution?

The engine environment of a car and the engine environment of an ATV is two different spectra of the glass. There is nothing universal between these two types of engine lubricants. If you are using particular oil for these two vehicles, you are doing it wrong. Both two-stroke and the four-stroke engine will use different types of lubricators .pdf to soothe the engine.

One of the best ways to choose the perfect engine oil for your ATV is choosing it from a dedicated manufacturer. You would notice multiple manufacturers are producing oil for ATVs only. These are the exact brand to choose the perfect synthetic oil for your ATV.

OEM or aftermarket?

A pretty common question we need to cover while choosing the right engine oil for an ATV is whether one should choose the oil from an OEM manufacturer or an aftermarket brand.

Both OEM and aftermarket brands tend to deliver an optimum service if you know what you are choosing. But if you can manage, choosing the oil from the OEM brand should be the ideal thing to do.

Indeed, an OEM lubricant tends to be far expensive than an aftermarket product. But maintaining the manual of the company always provides the optimum service. Besides, it is always risk-free to use an OEM product.

On the other hand, aftermarket oil tends to ensure budget with decent quality. Some of the aftermarket oil can surpass an OEM product in terms of quality. If you are confident about the quality of the oil, choose it. But if you are susceptible, going with the OEM product should always bring greater results.

Best oil substitute for Polaris ATV

Polaris ATVs are one of the most renowned ATV suppliers across America. If you have a Polaris lineup, here are some of the best ATV oil that you might choose for your machine-

  • Genuine Polaris PS-4 Full Synthetic Oil 5W-50-1 GALLON - 2876245
  • Polaris 2882202 Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil NEW

Polaris 1 Case of 4 Gallons OEM Polaris VES Gold Synthetic 2 Cycle Snowmobile Oil

The first oil on this list is an OEM product from Polaris. If you have a four-stroke Polaris engine, this synthetic PS-4 engine oil should bring the optimum result.

The second one on this list is for the Polaris two-stroke engine. If are using any two-stroke lineup from Polaris, this one should always please you.

Polaris is also popular for delivering snowmobiles. That is why we have chosen the third one for the two-stroke snowmobiles from Polaris.

Best Oil substitute for Can-Am ATVs

If you are talking about Polaris, you can’t miss talking about Can-Am. Here are the top three oil from Can-Am that you may choose if you prefer using an OEM product-

1. CAN-AM ATV/SXS 4T 5W-40 Synthetic Blend Oil Change Kit for Rotax 500 cc or more V-Twin engine

2. Brp Can-Am Maverick X 3 Oil Change Kit 10W-50

3. Ski-Doo Can-Am Sea-Doo XPS New OEM 2-Stroke Full Synthetic Oil Gallon

The first one on this list is for any four-stroke Rotax engine that has up to 500cc capacity.

The second one is for the most popular Can-Am Maverick X3 lineup. If you have one, choosing this BRP oil will never disappoint you.

Finally, the third one is for any Can-Am two-stroke engines. Use this one to ensure the maximum efficiency of the engine.

Final words

The pistons of the cylinder will deteriorate through rust and corrosion without a proper lubricator. There is no alternative to using the perfect oil to keep the engine more engaging to get the perfect mileage and rpm. On top of that, the oil takes good care of the engine's health.