Azusa Go-Kart kit review with instructions and manual

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Are you thinking about building your own Go-kart from scratch? Azusa go-kart kit is here to give you a wholesome experience with the process.

People have been relying on Azusa to complete their project of building a go-kart for a long time.

Most importantly, Azusa seems to be pleasing the users with the service.

Therefore, we are thinking about trying out the kit on our own so that we can talk about whether someone should really purchase the this Go-kart kit or not.

If that is why you are here, let’s get started with the process-

Azusa Go-Kart kit review

What is the Azusa Go-Kart kit?

Azusa Go-kart kit is a complete go-kart assemble-kit that will enable you to assemble the go-kart on your own.

Azusa offers three different varieties with this go-kart.

The first kit includes a complete go-kart kit with 5-inch nylon wheels. The second one, on the other hand, comes with a 5-inch aluminum wheel.

And finally, the last one includes a whole go-kart assemble kit with 6-inch aluminum wheels.

In this particular article, we will be talking about the Azusa go-kart kit that comes with 5-inch nylon wheels.

User experience (9.5/10)

We would not have reviewed this go-kart if it had not had some better reviews. We have talked with some real users who have built their kart with this frame.

Almost 90% of the users seem to love this Assemble Kit to a great degree.

But is it worth the hype? Let’s find out-

What you will get with the go-kart kit?

This Azusa go-kart kit includes almost everything you will need to have to assemble the go-kart.

Here is the list of the parts you will get with this kit-

Parts name


Wheels (5-inch)


Axle, Axle cover, Bucket seat, steering wheel, kill button switch, brake pedal, chain deflector

All  1

Throttle paddle, steering shaft hardware kit, sprocket




Throttle control kit, brake control kit, brake assembly, Uni-hub, kart-frame,  chain


Tire and inner tube


Other  accessories

As many as necessary

After seeing the list, it can be said that this kit includes everything you pay for.

Why should you purchase this go-kart assemble Kit?

Azusa Go-Kart drive

You do not need to be an engineer to build your own kart. All you need to gather is the necessary tools and parts to complete the whole assembling process. 

That is why this Azusa go-kart kit makes sense. The inclusion of the essential parts and equipment in this kit will enable you to build the kart from scratch.

At the same time, with this go-kart kit, one will be able to gather some basic knowledge and guideline about the construction of a go-kart. 

Azusa go-kart kit is an inexpensive solution to get a go-kart

When you are planning to build your go-kart from scratch, the most important aspect that needs a better thought is obviously the price. 

While purchasing a ready-made go-kart will require you to spend around $3,500, you can get this full go-kart Assemble Kit for about $850.

It is indeed true that the kit does not include the engine and the clutch, but still, it is worth purchasing.

With the installation of an engine and clutch converter to this Azusa go-kart frame, you should be able to get your preferred go-kart for about $1,500.

That means you are saving a good amount of bucks with this essential go-kart kit.

The frame that comes with this Azusa go-kart is well constructed

Other than the engine and the power source of your kart, the frame is by far the most crucial aspect that should get better priority.

When such is the case, this Azusa go-kart kit seems to satisfy the users to a great degree.

Even those who are purchasing ready-made go-karts are referring to this frame whenever someone is planning to build a go-kart from scratch.

The kart frame included in this item comes with the steering hoop. As a result, installing the steering wheel will require no more modifications.

At the same time, the material is well developed to last for a long time. 

Assemble will be easier with the presence of every necessary part

When you have better preparation, the battle becomes easier. This go-kart Assemble Kit from Azusa includes more than 150+ parts in the correct order.

As a result, you will always get whatever you need to do the assembly with better convenience.

From washers to the nuts and hub, the kit just summarizes everything in the correct order.

The instruction guide is clear enough to ensure an easy installation

Even if you have never assembled a go-kart on your own, the job might not be that hard when you have this go-kart kit from Azusa in your repertoire.

The kit comes with a vivid instruction manual that tells you everything you need to do from the beginning to the end so that you never become frustrated with the process.

Azusa also offers varieties with their go-kart assemble kit

For any reason, if you are not pleased with the 5-inch nylon wheel go-kart kit, you will have the options to choose from two other options as well.

The 5-inch aluminum or 6-inch aluminum go-kart kit can also turn out to be an ideal alternative to your preference.

If you are interested in checking other alternatives, you may check this link to learn about their other items.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

Although we are mentioning that this is a complete go-kart assemble kit, the kit does not include the engine and the clutch converter.

As Azusa does not manufacture these types of items, you will have to gather the engine and clutch converter from some other places.

Therefore, to make a perfect placement, you may need to do some sort of customization to the whole building process.

But if the parts and the frame are what you require, this kit is always ready to be the best option to go with. If you want complete cheap rate go kart in USA you can try coleman go kart or massimo go kart.

Who should purchase this go-kart?

If you are a beginner, you had better go for a ready-made go-kart to avoid any kinds of hassles in the longer run.

Building a go-kart requires you to have some basic knowledge so that you can avoid any issues even if you face one. 

Therefore, a beginner might not get a better result from this kit.

On the contrary, if you love to experiment with the process and you have a project to build your own go-kart from scratch; this must be the better choice to start with.

Is it worth purchasing this Azusa go-kart kit?

Why not?  This kit will allow you to build your go-kart within $1500 along with the price of the engine and the clutch converter.

That means you are saving a good amount when you are building your own go-kart.

Therefore, it can be said that Azusa Go-kart assemble kit is always worth purchasing.

If you want to learn more about the kit, check 39 to 51 pages of this link-

Final summary

We have asked one of our users regarding the assembling experience of this go-kart. ‘’Needed a bit customization but overall it was easy’’, he said. We believe you will also have the same experience once you purchase this go-kart assemble kit from Azusa.

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