7 best ATV plastic polish kit in 2022

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ATVs are not similar to street bikes. Winching, roping, and hours after hour on the mud can give all those plastic fenders a deem look. How about bringing back the shine that your ATV had?

Well, it is always easier with a convenient plastic polish kit. Some prefer DIY cleaning by rubbing and scrubbing with detergent or some other kinds of solvent. Doing so might be okay in some situations, but it consumes a lot of your time and effort as well.

You always can reduce the cleaning time and make your ATV look new with a convenient ATV plastic polish kit.

If you are on a search for a quality plastic polish kit to wash off all those sublime grime, scratches, mud, and dirt from your All Terrain Vehicle, I am here to show you the 7 best plastic polish kits that will make the task easier-

Best ATV plastic polish kit

Should you use a plastic polish kit to clean the plastics of your ATV?

Why not? One should always use a plastic polish kit to clean the plastics of his ATV.

When you can be productive with your process, why should not you take the benefit?

Unlike detergent or soap, a plastic polish kit allows you to clean all the sublime grease, mud, and dirt from the plastics with absolute efficiency. Besides, a polish kit also saves a lot of your time. Productivity is what you can do efficiently by consuming the least possible time. That is what a plastic cleaner will do for you.

Therefore, you should not dare to use a plastic polish kit for your ATV. They are safe and good for the health of those plastics as well.


Grabbing a cheap ATV plastic polish kit and rubbing hardly is not going to do the job for you. Choosing an ATV plastic polish kit might seem easier, but grabbing the wrong one can always give you an awful experience.

The top five ways that will help you to choose a perfect ATV polishing wax are:

  1. Define your preferred application.
  2. Check the properties.
  3. Polishing capacity.
  4. Scratch removing capacity.
  5.  Pricing is also important.

Define your preferred application

First of all, it is more than important to know the reasons why you are willing to grab a plastic polishing wax or cleaner. Many people want to grab one only to keep the plastic fenders clean, whereas many others will pick one because they have found some scratches on the plastic fenders.

There are two different types of plastic polishing kits. One will have a mild wax, the other will have a rigid chemical. Therefore, knowing the right application will always come in handy to give you the smoothest cleaning experience possible.

Check the properties

Some plastic polish scratch remover will come with a water-based formula, whereas some others will have a polymer-based formula. Besides, the corrosiveness of the chemical will also vary depending on the applications. When you know the properties of the solvent well, you get to use them in the right application. Therefore, check the ingredients first so that you do not end up making the plastics of your ATV vulnerable.

Finding the best polish for ATV plastic is no way hard when you know what you are choosing. If you are satisfied with the properties of the solvent, you can move into the next section to grab the appropriate item.

Polishing capacity

Some people will only go with an ATV plastic polishing wax only to get the high-end polishing vibe. If you are one of those, checking the polishing capacity of the solvent is always a must.

If you are someone who loves to clean the plastic fenders of your ATV regularly, a mild water-based foam solvent should bring a wholesome experience for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who thinks about a deep cleaning when it is necessary, a deep polishing wax should bring the most convenient result. Give a better look at the polishing capacity so that you will not have to suffer in the longer run.

Scratch removing capacity

The next factor one should be looking at is the scratch removing capacity of the solvent. Fine scratches are restorable with a mild foamy solvent.  But when the scratches on your ATV fenders are severe, it becomes mandatory to go for an alternative. 

But how do you know which solvent will remove scratches better? You may check the opinions of different users to grab the most appropriate item. Besides, all the seven solvents we have gathered here are also good enough to give you high-end authenticity to remove scratches with better proficiency. 

The price is also important.

The last but not the least important issue one should be looking at is the price of the item. A single unit of an ATV plastic polishing kit should charge you anywhere between 6 dollars to 35 dollars. When it is about picking up a complete package, it should be anywhere between 40 dollars to 80 dollars. a package may contain two to six bottles of solvent, depending on the quantity.

Best ATV plastic polish

We work as a team with a number of experts in different disciplines. Our research panel also works day and night to introduce you to the best possible information, guidelines, and reviews so that you always come back to us with your queries.

Like all of our previous articles, this one is also here to introduce you to the seven best ATV plastic polish kits to make your ATV new again.

All of the items mentioned in the following section are best in different categories. Want to find out which one is for you? Let’s get into the in-depth review section to find out the appropriate item that would satisfy your need-  

1. NOVUS 7100 Plastic Polish Kit





8 ounce


Plastic is clean and shiny.

Fine scratch remover.

Heavy scratch remover.


Home and outdoor.


Plastic and acrylic

Cleaning  quality


User experience (10/10)

We have kept this Novus kit on top of the list because the users are always content with this excellent item’s satisfaction. Novus has been leading as one of the best in the industry for more than 70 years. It could not be possible without customers’ satisfaction.

Therefore, this Novus polish kit will get a complete ten out of ten in terms of performance.

Features worth discussing

Novus plastic cleaner kit has all the merits to revitalize your ATV's dusted plastic fenders. If you do not want to make your ATV look old until it is really old, Novus is here to make a better contribution.

The kit comes with three different items, allowing you to restore the stock brightness that your ATV used to have. 

The first bottle, which is marked with 1, is a plastic cleaner and shiner. When the fenders of your quad have gathered grease, dirt, and mud to a severe degree, this shiner will come in handy to regain the same old brightness.

Cleaning grease and mud might seem easy. But when it comes to bringing back the old possession from scratch, most people give up thinking that this is none of their business. However, you can actually revitalize the old brightness with the help of the fine scratch remover from Novus. Fine scratch remover should work better when the scratches on the plastics are mild.

The third bottle, on the other hand, will allow you to get rid of all the heavy scratches that you have got on the plastics.

Therefore, having this one kit should solve almost all of the problems related to revitalizing the brightness of your quad’s plastic.

What about efficiency and performance? Well, that is why we have kept this one on the top. The kit should work with most home and outside applications that have plastic and acrylic material. Even some of the plastic manufacturers also suggest Novus cleaner with their items.

Go and grab this one to make your beloved quad new again.


  1. When it comes to saving some of your bucks, Novus Plastic cleaner is always here to help.
  2. This one is a complete package that will solve almost all of the polishing issues related to plastic and acrylic.
  3. All the solvents will comply with a large number of applications.


The scratch remover should do what it is here to do unless you choose it for the wrong application. Anyway, this scratch remover may not deliver better performance when your preference is eyeglass scratch removing.

2. Slick Products Off-Road Cleaning Kit Bundle



Slick Products.

Multi-surface shine and protectant

Gives the shine.

Super concentrated off-road wash

Attack dirt and mud.

Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser

Target grime



Cleaning process

Three-way cleaning process.



User experience (10/10)

This one is a complete package that not only will comply with plastics but also with most other materials. Therefore, the users will have multiple options to get the best performance from the kit.

The super-concentrated off-road washer is what will make the real trick here.

Like the previous one, Slick Products' off-road cleaning kit will also get a complete 10 out of 10 in terms of performance.

Features worth mentioning

Slick Product off-road cleaning kit is one of those complete packages that have everything to offer you for having high-end cleanliness.

Like the previous one, this one also comes with three different items to get the high-end cleaning process.

In the first bottle, you will get a multi-surfaced shiner.  This is a kind of after-wash solvent that helps to retain the crisp look for a long time.

In the second bottle, you will get a super concentrated off-road wash. This is the real item that would bring down all those sublime dirt and mud from your quad to give it a real cleanup.

The final bottle is a multi-purpose solvent. When your quad is acquainted with tough grime, grease, and mud, this one should bring a convenient experience to give you a good cleaning experience.

You will also get a garden hose foam pump, a scrub brush, and a microfiber cloth. That means you will have all the possible options to get the deepest cleaning possible.

Besides, the three-way cleaning process will keep no options for any kinds of grease and dirt to contaminate your ATV.

The chemical solvent that comes inside all these bottles is super mild to prevent any corrosive behavior.

No matter whether you have a quad or a dirt bike, these cleaning supplies should work with almost all off-road applications.


  1. This slick products solvent will bring no harm to any metal, painted, or plastic surface.
  2. Being a complete cleaning kit, you will always have the necessary items near your hand.
  3. The greaser is not popular for promoting fading.


If you compare this cleaner with the previous one, this one may seem a little expensive. But when you consider the quantity and material, the kit should make any user happy by any means.

3. AK Advanced Koatings Plastic Shine & Protect Spray



AK Advanced Koatings.


16 oz.

UV fade resistant





Solvent and sprayer.


Five different packages are available.

AK Advanced Koatings Plastic Shine

User experience (9/10)

This one is for mild users. If you love to keep your off-road vehicle clean regularly, this plastic cleaner kit should give you the best possible service. One great reason users love this cleaner is that this one does not attract pollutants. Therefore, your ATV tends to remain clean even after a rough session.

In terms of user experience, this cleaner will get a nine out of ten.

Features worth discussing

Whether it is about cleaning the interior or exterior of your ATV, this cleaning solvent has the merit to clean it all.

Who said that you will require an expensive item to clean the greasy residue? This cheap plastic shine kit from AK Advanced Koatings will do the job without making your pocket empty.

This cleaner contains thick water-based solvent. Therefore, you can expect no fading once you clean your ATV’s plastic with this essential item. Besides, this kit will comply with vinyl and rubber surfaces as well. Therefore, you will always have the option to use it in different applications as well.

One of the primary reasons the color of any vehicle’s plastic starts to fade is the influence of UV-ray. If you really want to keep the plastic fender safe from UV-fading, the UV-resistant chemical will do the job without letting you suffer.

Besides, this cleaner will not even attract dirt and debris to make your quad look ill. Therefore, going out off-roading for the whole day will not even allow the dirt and debris to accumulate.

Finally, this cleaner will always bring forth excellent results to retain the premium glossy shine.


  1. The water-based formula will bring no harm to your ATV or side-by-side.
  2. This is one of the cheapest plastic shiners available on the market.
  3. Cleaning the plastic with this excellent item will keep away the dirt and debris from accumulating.


When it comes to getting the shine and brightness from your ATV's plastic fender, this one would bring a convenient result. But when it comes to getting protection from scratch, this one may not make you happy with its performance.

4. Glass polish Plastic and Acrylic Restoration Kit



Glass Polish.


Best suited for DIY application.


Scratch and foggy surface.

Driller required



Velcro backing pad, plastic cutting, and polishing compound, abrasive disc, and micro-fiber cloth.

Instruction guide


Cleaning ability


User experience (8/10) 

This plastic cleaner from Glass Polish is a little different compared to other items on this list. Instead of spraying or scrubbing, this system uses a driller to deliver the most convenient experience.

While most of the users love the cleanability of this polish kit, some of them also said that this one does not seem like working as they expected. Therefore, it is a complete mix.

Therefore, we are giving it an eight of ten in terms of performance.

Features worth discussing

From polishing scratches to enhancing the brightness of the plastic, this polishing kit will ensure everything in one single place. When you prefer doing DIY cleaning, this kit should bring the most wholesome experience.

The combined work of plastic cutting and polishing compound will polish both scratches and any other water or foggy marks on your ATV's plastic. This is not the end. The abrasive disc is another great reason to go with this item. The abrasive disc will prevent abrasion from making the situation worse.

What else? Unlike most other conventional plastic cleaning kits, this one uses a driller to ensure the perfect polishing experience. As a result, polishing or removing the same bright feature will be much easier.

If that kind of mechanism is still a little unknown to you,   the kit comes with an instruction manual. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to understand the procedures you should follow.

Anyway, the driller needs to run at a 1000rpm rate to deliver the most wholesome cleaning experience.

What about the price? Well, this plastic polishing kit is a mid-budget item. If gaining the high-end cleaning experience is your first-hand preference, this restoration kit from Glass Polish should always bring the most logistic support.


  1. Reforming the glossy brightness will be much easier with this appropriate item.
  2. This is a mid-budget polish kit, imposing less pressure on your budget.
  3. Revealing the stock refined look will always be possible with this perfect item.


When the scratch marking on the plastic is too grave, this one may not bring the most convenient result.  Anyway, getting the high glossy look and removing hair-lined scratches should be easier with this great item.

5. Mothers 06208 Plastic Polish





Plastic Polish.


8 oz.


Sun, water stain, and airborne contaminants.


Consumer machine.


Use regularly for better results.

User experience (8/10)

This one from Mothers is another great item that many users have been using for a long time. In terms of user satisfaction, this item will get an eight out of ten from our site.

Features worth mentioning

All the previously mentioned plastic polish kit was for multiple applications. But this one from Mothers comes only for the plastic polishing. The specific material-based design allows it to remove all the sublime water stain or sun damage from the plastics of your ATV.

Although you can choose different packages, every bottle contains 8oz of solvent. The mild polymer-based solvent will bring excellent results to retain the health of the plastic fender kit. You can expect to get longer life from the plastics as this solvent will prevent the growth of further contaminants like water stains or sunburn.

Consistency is what brings the most wholesome result. To get the best possible result, we recommend you to use this polishing kit regularly. Only giving a deep cleaning once a month will not bring a satisfactory result.

Finally, the applying procedure is much easier than your anticipation. Just apply it with a soft cloth and let it dry for some minutes.

You can think about six of them in one single package for around 40 dollars. But if budget is your concern, this one is also gettable in one single unit.


  1. One single unit of this plastic polish solvent will charge you less than 10 dollars.
  2. The polymer-based design will come in handy to retain good health for the plastics of your quad.
  3. The applying process is simpler to make you comfortable with the process.


This one is an excellent product to buff out scratches for sure. But it may not work conveniently while removing scratches from headlight lenses.

6. Meguiar's MC20506 Plastic Cleaner/Polish







Plastic polish/ cleaner.

Solvent type



Micro-abrasive technology.


Plastic, uncoated windshield, and helmets.

Polishing capacity


User  experience (9/10)

This one should remain on that underrated plastic polish kit list that has a wholesome capacity to keep any kind of plastic in good health.

Although not too many users use this polish kit to keep the plastics of their ATV or side-by-side in good health, this one surely pleased those nominal numbers who have picked it up.

The solvent will not only give protection from stain, marks, grime, or contaminants but also will bring wholesome results in removing scratches. The cutting-edge micro-abrasive resistant feature implemented on this solvent will always be efficient to remove small to fine scratches.

In terms of customer satisfaction, this Meguiar’s plastic polish kit will get a nine out of ten.

Features worth mentioning

Like the previous one, this Meguiar’s plastic polish kit is a polymer-based solvent. Therefore, it is pretty much guessable that the kit will bring forth good results in bringing quality support for any specific vehicle's plastic kit. Besides, this kit will also bring wholesome results while cleaning a windscreen or helmet shield.

The solvent also includes vital conditioning oil. Therefore, getting the polished and refined look after every cleanup will be worth watching. You can expect to get the same glow that the stock item used to have.

Another good reason one should pick this item is that this one includes a water-resistant polymer. Therefore, getting the appropriate cleanliness will be much easier.

Every bottle includes 6 oz. of solvent. When you want long support, you may pick multiple units instead of one. This will help you to clean the plastics of your vehicle when necessary.

Like the previous one, continuous use of the cleaner should enable you to get the most appropriate result.


  1. Removing fine scratches will be much easier with this plastic polish kit.
  2. The kit will restore the same old stock clarity to any clean plastics.
  3. The kit is compatible with numerous applications.


The Meguiar's plastic polish kit may deliver insufficient results when it comes to polishing colored plastic. But in clear plastics, this one should make any user happy to a great degree.

7. Club Clean Cart Shine - Cleaner for Golf Carts, ATV's, Motorcycles



Club clean


16 oz.


Cleaning, polishing, and protection.


Plastic, steel, aluminum, and chrome.

Use on

Both wet and dry surfaces.


Fender, windshield, tires, and many more.

User experience (9/10)

This one is another multi-purpose kit that is compatible with a large number of applications. There are simply no reasons why a user would not love it. In terms of user satisfaction, we are giving it a nine out of ten from our site.

Features worth mentioning

From cleaning and polishing to protecting all plastics of your ATV, the Cart shine solvent from Club Clean will do it all.

Cart Shine cleaner comes with the simplest cleaning process. Just spray the solvent to the exact area and rub the area with a fiber cloth. The thicker solution should break down all the sublime parts in a moment to get the cleanest and brightest experience possible.

Not only will with the plastics of your ATV, but this Cart Shine cleaner will also comply with a large number of varieties. Therefore, cleaning fenders, windshields, vinyl, or any other such applications will always be possible with this simple solution.

Anyway, you will have the chance to use the solvent both on wet and dry surfaces. That means the solvent will not be affected by water. As a result, maintaining the health of the plastics of your ATV will be always easier.

Finally, the polishing capacity of this solution is also great. Cleaning and restoring fine scratches will be always possible with this item.


  1. The Cart Shine cleaner is compatible with a large number of applications.
  2. This kit will clean and polish simultaneously.
  3. Restoring the fine scratches is also possible with this cleaning kit.


When the scratch size is deep and grave, this cleaning kit may deliver inappropriate support. Only buffing out the fine scratches will be possible with this clan solvent.


How do I get my ATV plastic to shine again?

The best way to get your ATV plastic shine again is to use an ATV plastic polishing kit. These solvents have mild chemicals that help the plastics to get high-end shining.

Can you polish scratches out of ATV plastic?

Yes, it is always possible to polish scratches out of ATV plastic. An ATV plastic polish scratch remover can help you with the job. If you can choose the right plastic scratch remover, you should be able to get the same old shine again.

How much does an ATV polish plastic kit cost?

An ATV polish plastic kit will cost around 6 to 35 dollars. When you want a complete package with three to six bottles, it should cost you around 40 to 80 dollars at max.

How to polish ATV plastic?

Every ATV plastic cleaner or scratch remover comes with certain instructions, allowing you to polish or remove the scratches from the ATV plastic conveniently. You may follow that instruction guideline to grab the best experience possible.

Here are some of the simple procedures you may follow to polish ATV plastic-

  1. First of all, scrub the contaminated area with the specific scrubber.
  2. After that, apply the specific solvent to that same area and rub again to loosen the sublime grime and dirt.
  3. Third of all, rinse it off to get the classy clean look.
  4. Finally, apply the shiner if you want to get additional brightness from the plastic. 


We have also added an article on how to remove scratches from ATV windshields. If you want proper ways to get back the stock brightness from your ATV windscreen, you may check that article as well.

Final summary

  1. Restoring the brightness of your ATV plastic is always possible when you have the right ATV plastic polishing kit.
  2. Choose wisely whether you need a mild or grave solvent to get high-end polishing or to remove the scratches from your quad.
  3. If you have been fluctuating with your decision, all the seven ATV plastic polishing kits we have added here should bring the most convenient experience for you.

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