Best ATV windshield for all brands reviews 2022

An ATV windshield does a lot of things for you. First of all, it blocks the rough wind, paving the path for enjoying a safer ride. On top of that, it prevents dirt, debris, and all other kinds of insects to fly directly into your eyes, making your riding hassle-free. Finally, it gives your favorite ATV a stylish look for which it is worth spending some of your budgets on it.

If you are an adventure lover who loves to go out with your ATV for dirt racing or other kinds of activities, consider installing an ATV windshield to make your riding experience smooth and exciting.

To help you out with the best ATV windshield suggestions, here I have brought the top seven ATV windshield recommendations that would give your ATV a sleek look, along with the clarity of safe driving.

Best ATV windshield

Best ATV windshield

1. Polaris Lock & Ride Tall Windshield

This stylish windshield from Polaris is my top pick on the list that ought to be a great inclusion to your ATV. One of the significant issues that are worth considering is the compatibility of the shield to your ATV. This windshield is compatible with a wide variety of ATV brands, making the windshield almost universal. The crystal clear glass setup would not make any hindrance to your eyesight while driving. One of the essential reasons you should choose this shield is that it requires no tools to complete the installation.

You will be able to complete the installation process with the lock and ride technology within two minutes. The tallest design of the windshield ought to be handy to block the extreme wind. This one might seem a little pricey at the first glance, but once you own the shield, you are going to love it. On top of that, as the construction material, this windshield uses polycarbonate, making it durable, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant. Finally, the sleek-looking design would give your ATV a stylish look that would magnify your impression among people.

Key Features

Brand: Polaris.

  1. This windshield is compatible with a wide variety of ATV brands.
  2. The crystal clear glass setup will ensure clear vision while driving with your ATV.
  3. This shield requires no additional tools to complete the installation.
  4. The tallest design of the shield will block the rough wind from hitting your face.
  5. The polycarbonate material makes this shield sturdy, durable, and scratch-resistant.

2. Black Boar ATV Wraparound Windshield

If you are looking for an ATV windshield that would fit your ATV without any modification, consider choosing this universal windshield from Black Boar. Acrylic made windshields are getting popular in recent days because of the durability and resistance power it exposes. To have the optimum experience of the acrylic-made windshields, this one ought to be the best item available.

The primary benefit that you will get from its wrap-around design is that it will block the rough wind, along with blocking all kinds of dirt and debris dexterously. Now if you are worried about the installation process, then this one with all the necessary tools and hardware should not trouble you that much while installing the shield. Get the optimum experience of protection by installing this excellent windshield onto your ATV.

Key Features

Brand: Black Boar.

  1. This windshield is made with quality acrylic material, making the shield durable, and highly scratch-resistant.
  2. The wrap-around design of the shield will protect your face from rough wind, insects, or dirt.
  3. You will be able to install the shield without facing any trouble with all the necessary hardware and tools.
  4. This windshield will provide apparent visibility, making your riding experience smooth.

3. Kawasaki ATV100-054 ATV Windshield

If you are looking for a heavy-duty windshield to protect yourself while driving, this one from Kawasaki is another extension that you can install to improve your productivity. The appropriate size of the windshield should not disappoint you when it is about wind protection. Besides, this one will make sure that you are always protected from all kinds of dirt, debris, or insects. This one is constructed with hard-coated polycarbonate, making the shield enough capable to withstand rough forces. On top of that, the polycarbonate material is clear enough to provide you with the optimum visibility possible.

The medium size of the shied should be enough to block anything from hitting your eyes. Finally, the mountable feature will give no trouble while completing the installation. However, you may need to purchase a cargo box to complete the installation.

Key Features

Brand: Kawasaki.

  1. This shield with a medium-size should be enough to protect you from all kinds of obstacles.
  2. The hard-coated polycarbonate is durable enough to show extreme resistance capacity.
  3. This shield will ensure a crystal clear vision, ensuring safe driving.
  4. The easy-mount feature will be handy for optimum installation.
  5. You may require a cargo box to complete the installation.

4. National Cycle Lexan ATV Windshield

This one from National Cycle is another excellent windshield tool that you can have to enjoy the extreme riding condition. This windshield is compatible with a wide variety of models, including Polaris Sportsman and Honda TRX. The Lexan polycarbonate is at the same time clear and durable enough to ensure smooth riding in any severe situation.

You will be able to mount this device onto your vehicle without facing any trouble with the epoxy powder-coated bracket. The rubberized edge of the windshield will ensure better protection to the windshield from any rough situation. On top of that, the installation process should not be that hard with the instruction guide and all the necessary hardware that come with the purchase. It should not take more than 15 minutes to complete the installation.

Key Features

Brand: National Cycle.

  1. This one is compatible with most of the Polaris Sportsman and Honda TRX models.
  2. The Lexan polycarbonate material will ensure clear visibility and durability in any severe environment.
  3. You will be able to mount this shield onto your vehicle easily with the epoxy powder-coated bracket.
  4. The rubberized edge of the shield will protect the shield from any rough incidents.
  5. You will get an instruction guide and all the necessary hardware for easier installation.

5. PowerMadd 24574 ProTEK Windshield for ATV

If you are having a tough time finding an appropriate ATV shield for your vehicle, this universal shield from PowerMadd should provide you with some extensive features that you would love unconditionally. You will be able to choose this shield from two different editions. The Rapid Release edition would be more pricey than the standard edition.

The rubberized edge of the shield will protect the shield, even if the velocity of the wind is more than high. The inclusion of the ribs will make the shield more strong and durable. The rapid-release mount technology will create no hassle while installing the shield. This shield also comes with the optimum polycarbonate material, making the vision clear and the quality decent. With the two-point mounting system, installing or taking off the shield would not take more than 10 minutes.

Key Features

Brand: PowerMadd.

  1. You will get to choose this shield in the rapid release or standard edition.
  2. The rubberized edge of the shield will stay strong even if the velocity of the wind is high.
  3. The shield will be stronger and durable with the inclusion of the ribs.
  4. The rapid-release technology will enable you to mount or release the shield easily.
  5. The optimum polycarbonate material makes the shield strong and the vision clear.
  6. This one would not take more than 10 minutes to complete the installation with the two-point mounting system.

6. New 2005-2016 Honda TRX500 TRX 500 Foreman ATV Windscreen Windshield

This particular windshield from Honda is specifically designed for all the Honda TRX 500/ TRX 500 Foreman ATVs. Like most other typical quality windshields, this one also uses premium polycarbonate, making the shield strong and exposing no yellowish color while driving.

Another great reason you should go with this item is its clamp mount system, which will enable you to mount this item without any additional hardware or tools. The UV-resistant capacity of the shield will protect you from sun-damage as well. The scratch-resistant feature of the shield will keep the item safe even after a long time of use. Finally, the sleek-looking design of the windshield will enhance the beauty of your Honda ATV to a great extent.

Key Features

Brand: Honda.

  1. This shield is compatible with any Honda TRX 500/ TRX 500 Foreman ATVs.
  2. This one has a premium polycarbonate material.
  3. The glass will show no yellowish exposure.
  4. The clamp mount system would require no additional hardware or tool for a convenient installation.
  5. The UV-resistant capacity will keep you safe from any sun damage.
  6. This windshield is scratch-resistant, keeping the item safe from any severe situation.
  7. Your ATV will get a sleek look with this stylish windshield.

7. Maier USA Universal ATV Windshield

This one from Maier USA is another universal windshield that would comply with any ATVs that have mounted headlights on it. This particular item is also built with premium polycarbonate plastic, which is strong and highly-visible at the same time. This shield would not expose any stingy colors while driving your ATV, making your riding experience smooth and stable. The installation process of the shield is more than convenient. You just need to remove the large nuts to mount the shield in the right place. Finally, you will get all the necessary equipment and tools that will be necessary to complete the installation.

Key Features

Brand: Maier USA.

  1. This one is a universal windshield that would be compatible with any ATVs that have mounted headlights.
  2. This windshield will not expose any stingy colors to ensure smooth and safe driving.
  3. The polycarbonate material is durable to withstand high-velocity wind.
  4. Remove the larger nuts and mount the shield in the exact position to complete the installation.
  5. You will get all the required hardware for a convenient installation.

How to remove scratches from ATV windshield

Getting scratches on the windshield is a common incident that makes people fed up. While some deeply woven scratches may not be removed, there are some scratches that you can remove by following these procedures-

  1. The first thing that you need to have is a convenient solution that would be non-abrasive and mild. You may use detergent or soapy water as the solution. If you are thinking about purchasing a ready-made solution, make sure it does no harm to the plastic as most ATV windshields are made with plastic.
  2. Once you are ready with the solution, rub the shield with suitable clothes. If the scratches are temporary, they should vanish away with some simple rubbing.
  3. If the scratches are permanent and deep, you may need to change the shield.
  4. Never forget to dry the shield once you are done with the cleaning. You may use a polishing solvent to give the shield a vibrant and clear look.

How do you install a super ATV windshield

Different types of shields require a different installation process. Some would only require to mount the clamp in the exact position to complete the installation, whereas some others may require some additional modifications. these are some of the basic principles that you may follow to complete the installation-

  1. If it is not a clamp method installation, you need to remove all the nuts from the pod to remove the pod.
  2. Install the bracket in the exact place if your windshield requires a bracket to mount it in the exact place.
  3. In the next step, mount the windshield on the bracket by ensuring that the windshield is tight and secured.
  4. Now reinstall the pod again and tighten up all the screws.
  5. That is it! you are now ready with the windshield installed onto your vehicle.

As mentioned above, the installation process may differ depending on the type of vehicle and windshield you have. Never forgot to do some researches before getting into the procedures.

ATV windshield size and weight

On average, an ATV would come with a size dimension of around 4.79 x 21.13 x 36.25 inches to 39 x 6 x 23 inches. If you are looking for a smaller ATV windshield only to protect your eyes, then it would measure around 26.5 x 17.4 x 6.3 inches.

On the other hand, an ATV windshield would weigh between 5.5 pounds to around 7.5 pounds.

How much does an ATV windshield cost?

It depends on the material that the windshield has. On average, an ATV windshield would cost between 80$ dollars to 230$ dollars.

if you are looking for a decent quality ATV windshield, then you should consider choosing between 100$ dollars to 150$ dollars.

Buying guides

Choosing an ATV windshield may require a lot of considerations if you are not familiar with the things that you should be looking at.


 If we talk about the material, then an ATV windshield would come with either polycarbonate or acrylic material. Both types have the potential to ensure quality.  A polycarbonate-made windshield may cost a little more than the acrylic edition.

Color exposure

 If the Windshield exposes stingy yellowish color while driving, it can cause serious issues. That is why it is essential checking the visibility of the shield. If the glass is not apparent enough, you should always avoid choosing it.


 You may find both smaller and larger sizes of windshields while looking out for one. If you want to have better protection for all of your body organs, consider choosing the larger one. On the other hand, if you want a shield only to protect your eyes while dring, a medium-size shield that would cover the face area ought to be okay.

Wind blockage capacity

 Another thing you might consider is the wind blockage capacity of the shield. A decent quality shield should have the potential to withstand more than 80mph velocity wind.


 installing a windshield onto your ATV is not an intimidating task to be fear about. Follow the instruction guide to gain the proper sense of installation. If you are having a tough time completing the installation, consider contracting with a professional.

Final words

As windshields are necessary for protecting your eyes, it is also necessary to choose an appropriate one. If you are doubting where you should go to get the optimum suggestions, take some time to research all the windshields that I have gathered here.

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