Best bed extender for Tundra, Tacoma, Sierra and more truck lineups

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Your Toyota Tundra or Tacoma is a great tool to help you do your daily job done, but some daily jobs will require you to have more space than the bed of your Tacoma or Tundra can handle.

Having a rugged and specifically designed truck bed extender installed on your Toyota truck can really come in handy at that particular moment.

Installing a bed extender can really increase the spacing and potential that your truck can haul.

If you are someone who has been hauling heavy-duty loads in your Toyota truck and thinking about having extra space would help, we are here with some of the best Toyota Tundra and Tacoma bed extenders to make you more productive with your process-

Best bed extenders for Tundra

Why should you purchase a bed extender for your Tundra truck?

  • The very first reason why you should install a bed extender in your vehicle is that attaching one gives you more space.
  • Second of all, it increases your productivity to a great degree.
  • Finally, you get to ensure high-end protection for your loads while transporting.

Best Toyota Tundra bed extender

Throughout this whole article, we will be discussing the top seven bed extenders you can think about installing on your Toyota Tacoma or Tundra to get the best experience possible. Our list compromises products from both genuine and after-market manufacturers so that you can always choose according to your preference.

Without any further I do, here is the discussion for the first product on this list, which comes from Genuine Toyota.

1. Genuine Toyota Bed Extender

Genuine Toyota Bed Extender



Genuine Toyota


Fits Toyota Tacoma (2005-2011)


Aircraft-grade high-strength Aluminum


Powder-coated finishing


All the essential parts for a convenient installation

Reason you should buy

OEM product


Inward and outward

Taillight visibility


User experience (10/10)

This one comes directly from Toyota. Therefore, there is simply no reason why a user would not love this item. From fitment to material, this bed extender will get a ten out of ten in every aspect.

Features worth discussing

First thing comes first; this genuine Toyota bed extender will comply with any Toyota Tacoma model from 2005 to 2011. If you have a Toyota Tundra, you may need to do some modifications to make it compatible with your vehicle.

Installing this bed extender in your vehicle will allow you to get additional 2 feet of space for loading extra stuff to the cargo area.

In addition, you will also be able to rotate it inward, getting an enclosed cargo area to secure smaller items when the tailgate of your truck is closed. Besides, such property will also come in handy to prevent theft.

Attaching and detaching the extender to your vehicle is much easier with the angle release mounting brackets.

Finally, the air-craft grade rugged aluminum-made construction is here to ensure longevity for a real long time.


  1. The powder-coated finishing will enhance the look, durability, and appearance to a great degree.
  2. Installing this extender to your Toyota Tacoma will not hide the taillights.
  3. This bed extender is highly secured on the adjustable strap latches.


As this one is an OEM product, you should not face any issue with this item if you can manage to choose it for your specific vehicle. Otherwise, additional modifications may be required.

2. Spurtar Truck Bed Extender

Spurtar Truck Bed Extender




Additional cargo space

24 inches


Tundra, Ram, Sierra, Titan,  and any truck with a bed size of 4.9 feet to 5.79 feet


Alloyed aluminum


Black Powder coated finishing


All installation materials

User experience (9.5/10)

This one is definitely a worthy choice for any user who loves to be a little more efficient and productive with his approach. All the materials you will get with this item are really easier to put together.

As most of the users using this item loveit for its high range compatibility, there is a high chance that you will also love it to a great degree.

Features worth discussing

If you are here to choose a perfect bed extender for your Toyota Tundra, this product from Spurtar will comply with most Tundra models from 2006 and up.

Along with that, this premium-looking bed extender will also fit some other renowned trucks, including 2004+ F150, 2007+ Titan and Silverado, 2003+ RAM 1500/2500/3500, 2007+ Sierra, and more.

Installing this tailgate extender to your pickup truck will allow you to get up to 24 inches of extra cargo space to load larger utility tools with ease.

You will not have any options to question the durability of this item as well. The rustproof strong aluminum alloyed material will make it strong enough to get optimized support for a long long time.

The black powder-coated finishing of the extender will also protect it from any sort of influence on the environment. The essential finishing will come in handy to retain the good health of the extender for a good time.

Another benefit you will get with this item is that the metal tube that comes with the item is pretty much adjustable to different depths. Therefore, it will work like a universal product for most available pickup trucks on the road.


  1. The instruction manual should make the installation process hassle-free.
  2. The higher range of compatibility is always a plus point.
  3. You can expect the same quality even in an expensive brand.


Although this one comes with a pretty straightforward installation, we have talked with some users who have said that the instruction manual is pretty much ambiguous. In reality, if you really know what you are doing before drilling, things actually become much easier to handle.

Before blaming the manufacturer, please ensure that you are familiar with the process. Otherwise, it is quite common to get stuck in the middle.

3. X-Alter Truck Bed Extender

X-Alter Truck Bed Extender













Ram 1500/2500/3500


Additional cargo space

Up to 2 feet


Alloyed aluminum


Essential installation materials and instruction manual

Powder coat finishing


User experience (9.5/10)

This X-Alter tailgate extender is another exclusive item you can think about installing to your Toyota Tundra to have a great experience.

With a moderate price range, this one seems to be satisfying the users proficiently. We believe this one is also worth getting a 9.5 rating out of ten.

Features worth discussing

While some of the users have said that the previous item comes with a vague instruction manual, almost all of the users have agreed to the fact that the instruction manual of this item is super clear to make anyone comfortable with the installation process. Therefore, if you are worried about the installation process, choosing this one might come as a good relief.

Apart from the instruction process, this one is a great item for its high-end compatibility range as well. From Toyota Tundra to Silverado, Ram, Sierra, and so many other lineups of different timelines can easily fit this item with ease.

Like the previous two items on this list, this one is also pretty much capable of extending the cargo space of your truck up to 2 feet. As a result, you will always be able to load more cargo material on the bed of your truck.

The weather-resistant material is another plus point why you should choose this item. Rust and corrosion will hardly be able to influence the exterior of the extender even if you keep it outside. 

Finally, this extender is inward foldable, ensuring high-end versatility and protection simultaneously. For whatever vehicle you choose this item, this one is definitely worthy of making you happy.


  1. This item is at least $50 dollars cheaper than most of its counterparts.
  2. The kit comes with all the necessary installation hardware, making the installation much more relevant.
  3. The attaching and detaching process of this tailgate extender is also far easier to make you happy at any moment.


There are simply no reasons why you should not love this item. This one does the exact things what it is here to do.

4. MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender




Suitable for

Longer payloads

Mount type

Hitch mount


Fits any vehicle with 2-inch hitch receivers


Adjustable length and width


Reflective tape on the front and sides

Load capacity

Up to 300 lbs.

Extension length

Up to 46 inches


34.5 lbs

User experience (8.5/10)

When it comes to transporting longer cargo material like ladder, Kayak, Canoe, or rack, this one seems to be satisfying the users to a great degree.

We will give it 8.5 out of ten in terms of overall user experience. Give this one a try, and we can assure you that you will love the experience with it.

Features worth discussing

Your experience while transporting longer loads will never be the same when you will install this exclusive piece of tailgate hitch-mounted extender from Maxhaul to your vehicle.

From larger SUVs to your truck, this one will pretty much adapt to any vehicle that has a hitch adapter with the size of 2 inches.

We call it versatile because this one will allow you to adjust the height and width of the vehicle in different parameters, giving you the authenticity to mount the extender to any height up to 46 inches. Therefore, you will always feel more comfortable while carrying any longer loads.

The manufacturer does not compromise even a little with its construction as well. The inclusion of the reflective strips on both sides of the vehicle will come in handy to get enhanced safety in all situations.

Another benefit you will get with this product is that you will be able to fold down the side arms to create better cargo space and portability to get essential support on most occasions.

Grab this one to feel the ease of authentic and hassle-free transportation to your precious and important cargo material.


  1. With a price of under $100 dollars, this one is really an economical but efficient item you can have.
  2. The tailgate hitch-mounted extender is available in two different size variants as well.
  3. The assembly and disassembly process will be much more relevant with four quick-release clevis pins.


Although the manufacturer specifies that this loader can withstand up to 300 lbs. of load, we will never encourage a user to testify its limit. Always try to keep the load within 250 lbs. to get the great experience from this device.

5. Lund-in-Motion Universal Truck Bed Xtender

Lund-in-Motion Universal Truck Bed Xtender





Alloyed aluminum


Flip out/flip in

Additional cargo space

2 feet


Powder-coated finishing


Full-size and mid-size pickup truck


Universal fitting



User experience (8/10)

This simple product does as it advertises. We have asked more than 50 users to share their experiences with this item. Truly speaking, almost all of them seem to love this item for its simplicity. Around 80% of the users have given it a five star.

From our side, this one will get an eight out of ten.

Features worth discussing

There is a condition to love this item. You have to do the installation correctly. Otherwise, you may end up regretting your decision. Those who have praised this item have properly done the installation. Those who did not fail to complete the installation correctly.

Being a universal product, this one keeps enough options for adjustment so that you can complete the installation according to the size of your truck’s bed.

A good thing about this product is that this one is pretty much simpler in terms of its construction. As a result, those who do not love to face a complex setup will surely love this item to a great degree.

Talking about truck compatibility? Well, this one will comply with both full-sized and smaller trucks, making it compatible with your Tacoma and Tundra lineup as well.

Finally, the item comes with every necessary supply and instruction manual, making it suitable for almost all users.


  1. The bed extender will attach to almost all sized brackets, making the assembly and disassembly process much easier.
  2. The extender supports both flip-out and flip-in features to get more versatility from the product.
  3. The black-coated finishing is here to retain the color finishing of the item for a long long time.


Well, we will encourage those to purchase this item who are willing to do some sort of modifications after the purchase. As this one is a universal product, adjustment is what allows the users to get the best experience possible.

6. AMP Research BedXTender

AMP Research BedXTender



AMP Research


Black, Silver


Toyota Tundra (2007-2019), Ford F-150, Lincoln Mark LT, and more


Alloyed Aluminum



Additional cargo space

Up to 2 feet


Durable Powder coat finishing



User experience (9/10)

AMP Research is one of those manufacturers that always try to keep their user content in all situations. This one is no different in terms of quality. This one does everything in a single place from high-quality built material to make you more productive.

I think 9 out of ten will be a good score to remark its worth.

Features worth discussing

When you will see the tailgate extender in real, there will be no reasons why you should not love this item. The bed extender seems rugged and durable at the first glance. In reality, this item is surely capable of giving you long-lasting support for a long long time.

Like the previous one, this one also supports flip-out and flip-in design. When the tailgate extender is flipped out, you will get up to 2 feet of additional space to load longer and heavier loads on the bed of your truck.

On the other hand, when the extender is flipped in, securing smaller and important utility material will be much more convenient. Besides, when the extender will remain flipped in, it will be harder for a thief to steal the item.

There is nothing to say about the construction material as well. The rugged aircraft-grade aluminum with a durable powder coat finishing will provide exactly the same feature you want from a quality product.

What else, the easy connecting latches will allow you to do adjustments in multiple variants, making you more comfortable with the process.


  1. The assembly and instruction process is pretty much clearer to make you happy in all situations.
  2. This one is versatile with multiple adjustable features.
  3. This one is really designed by keeping the users’ needs in mind.


There is no doubt that this one is a great product to make your cargo shifting more dynamic and comprehensive. At the same time, this one is a bit expensive compared to other products on this list. But we can assure you that spending the mount on this product will allow you to get convenient support for a long long time.

7. ADI OFF ROAD Truck Bed Extender







Durable aluminum

Exterior finish

Powder coat


F150/250/350, Tundra, Sierra, Silverado, Titan, Ram 1500/2500/3500

Additional cargo space

2 feet

Safety feature

Flip in and out



Unique feature

Fast relief and assembly

User experience (9/10)

If you want to skip the previous item for its high-end price range, this one with an economical and relevant price range is here to make you comfortable with almost the same features as the previous one.

Features worth discussing

Like the previous one, this one with its classic U-shape design is here to give you a wholesome experience while loading both smaller and larger utility material inside of your vehicle.

On top of that, the flip-in and out maneuverability is here to enhance the versatility of the item to a better degree.

The reason most people prefer choosing this item is that this one is almost $100 dollars cheaper than a branded equivalent item. That means you will always have the authenticity to save a good budget if you decide to go with this item.

A unique feature you will love about this item is its fast-release assembly and disassembly process. The handy pin attachment feature will let you do the job with ease.  

Another great reason why you should go with this item is that this one comes coated with a weather-resistant material. As a result, keeping the bed extender outside for a long time will not allow rust and corrosion to make the device vulnerable.

Last but not least, when this device is installed on your vehicle, and you are in motion, the latching system will allow you to drive without feeling any sort of rattling at all.


  1. Like most other products on this list, you will be able to adjust this item to different heights as well.
  2. Securing both smaller and larger cargo loads will be far easier and wholesome with this bed extender.
  3. The tailgate extender will fit most pickup truck lineups available on the market. 


Despite having some outstanding features worth loving, some users do not love the template of the device. We also agree to the fact that this aspect of the device can be improved a little bit for having a superior feeling. Other than that, this item seems to be enough relevant to make you happy as a user.

How to choose a quality bed extender for your truck?

There are actually a couple of procedures that can help you to choose a quality bed extender for your truck. The top five among them are:

  1. What is the type of the extender?
  2. How much additional space you will get after the installation?
  3. How safe is the extender to install?
  4. What is the material of the extender?
  5.  Will the extender fit your vehicle?

What is the type of bed extender?

There are a couple of types of bed extenders you will notice while purchasing one. Here are some of the most popular types-

  1. U-shape
  2. Flip in and out
  3. Flat rectangular shape
  4. Hitch mounted bed extender

Among all these different types of bed extenders, a U-shape flip in and out tailgate extender seems to be the most relevant one.

Depending on the types of material you will be loading in the bed of your vehicle, you should choose the appropriate type of bed extender.

For example, if you are thinking about loading a kayak to the cargo area of your truck, which seems to be longer, a hitch-mounted extender with a longer extension arm should bring the most convenient experience. 

Therefore, it is always better to choose an extender according to the weight, size, and types of materials you are planning to load into your vehicle.

How much additional space you will get after the installation?

The second most important aspect that is worth checking is the additional space you will get once you install the extender to your truck.

In most cases, a cargo bed extender adds up to 2 feet or 24 inches of extra space so that you can stuff longer and heavier loads to your vehicle.

When you choose a flat extender in spite of a U-shaped one, you may end up getting less space than 2 feet.

The additional space you will get depends on the length and width of the tailgate of your truck as well. The larger the tailgate, the more space you should get as well.

We have also added an article on heavy-duty truck tire step ladders. If you are having a tough time loading your cargo utility material to the bed of your pickup truck, you may check that article as well to load your stuff with more comfort and stability.

How safe is the extender to install?

You might be checking all other properties of the extender except for the safety issues. But checking how safe it is to install the extender on your vehicle is as important as checking all other properties of the vehicle.

If the installation makes the extender unstable and it starts rattling when you will be on the motion, installing the product can never let you have the desired efficiency you are looking for.

Therefore, always ensure that the item is enough balanced on your vehicle so that you can easily transport your cargo without giving any additional pressure in your brain regarding the safety of the extender.

You may also check lift kits for GMC sierra 1500 to lift your Sierra 1500 with more appropriateness.

What is the construction material of the extender?

The next important aspect you should not miss looking at is the construction material of the extender. Although most of the bed extender tends to come with aluminum-made material, the finishing of the item makes one product stand out from the other.

A durable powder-coated finishing with aircraft-grade aluminum material is what can give you the best experience in terms of quality and performance. Besides, a good finishing can also come in handy to retain the paint color for a long time.

On top of that, a good powder-coated finishing can also make an essential barrier against weather, rust, and corrosion influence. Therefore, checking such properties is more than important.

Will the extender fit your vehicle?

The final fundamental feature everyone should check while purchasing a tailgate extender for their vehicle is whether the extender will perfectly fit the vehicle or not.

There are different ways you can ensure optimized and satisfactory compatibility.

The first one is to choose the item from the genuine brand. For example, if you have a Toyota Tundra, you can directly choose a tailgate extender from Toyota to give yourself relief from all kinds of hassle regarding compatibility.

Otherwise, you can go with an aftermarket product that comes for a specific vehicle. Remember that choosing a tailgate extender for a specific vehicle reduces the chances of facing any hassle while doing the installation. 

You can also think about trying some other products if you are willing to do some modifications in the longer run. It is also a better option to purchase a cheap product and then to modify it a little to ensure essential fitting. Doing so helps you to save your budget a little as well.


How much does a truck bed extender cost?

A truck bed extender can cost you anywhere between $70 dollars to as high as $650 dollars, depending on the type and quality of the item.

Here is a little chart that will show you the price of different types of bed extenders-

Bed extender type

Price range


$150-$650 dollars

Flat foldable

$150-$250 dollars

Hitch mounted extender

$75-$150 dollars

Is Toyota Genuine bed extender good?

Yes, Toyota genuine bed extender is always a good option to enjoy high-end compatibility and versatility from the product.

If you want to avoid all sorts of hassles with the installation process, Toyota Genuine bed extender is always a perfect choice for your Toyota Tacoma or Tundra lineup. 

Can I build a  bed extender for my truck?

If you are not willing to spend on an after-market product, you can always build a truck bed extender on your own. However, proper planning and preparation are what you need to have to complete the process.

Which type of bed extender is good for loading kayak?

If you are thinking about loading and transporting a kayak in your truck, a hitch-mounted bed extender will always be a good option to have.

Multiple adjustable features with a customizable arm always help to get the best experience possible.

Can you use a truck bed extender on an SUV?

Depending on the type of bed extender, you may be able to use a truck bed extender on an SUV.

For example, it is always possible to use a hitch-mounted bed extender both on your SUV and truck, but you will never be able to use a U-shaped bed extender on your SUV.

Final summary

Transporting heavy loads and cargo material is always easier when you have a truck tailgate extender installed on your truck. Check all the items we have listed here to find your preferred item if you are using Tacoma, Tundra, Sierra, Silverado, Titan, or any other truck lineups.

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