7 best shocks and springs for CAN-AM in 2022

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A good suspension is what gives you a boost on the bumpy terrain. A sound suspension system means a better shock. Can-Am lineups are considerably popular for delivering premium shocks to absorb the impact dexterously. You may think about changing the shocks if you are not happy with the suspension system. Changing the shocks will help you to perform better on the bumpy trail.

We have brought seven best shocks for different Can-Am lineups to ensure a stable suspension system. If you need one, check the product discussion section to find out whether we have got one for your model or not. Let us get into the discussion section without wasting any further time here-

Best can am shocks


There are too many things to consider while thinking about changing the suspension system. If you are not satisfied with the suspension system that you have and are thinking about replacing the old shocks, here the top five things you might consider-

Aftermarket or factory shocks

Some aftermarket products seem like producing more benefits than an original factory product. This is the place where the confusion arises.  Should you go with a factory product? Is it okay to replace the stock shocks with the aftermarket shocks? The answer is it depends on the quality. If you choose an original factory product, you will face fewer issues with compatibility. On the other hand, you may need to make adjustments with an aftermarket product though they may provide more versatility. If you are ready to adjust, go with an aftermarket product. The decision is always up to you. We recommend taking those opinions who already are using the product you are aiming to buy.


What is  rebound? It is the capacity to bounce back to its original shape. When you drive on bumpy terrain, the shocks and the spring tend to compress to minimize the impact. Rebound determines how fast or slows it will return to its original position. Some of the good quality shocks will offer adjustable rebound capacity. If you are choosing one, ensure that it has optimum rebound capacity to give you a comfortable ride.


It is the amount of pressure the vehicle is imposing on the suspension system. A good quality suspension system will have enough preload capacity. If you can adjust the load capacity of the suspension system, you can expect to have a better feel while driving. While choosing shocks to replace the old one, go with the type that will offer enough preload capacity with precious adjustable features.


Better comfort and feel is impossible without the premium compression system. The compression determines the level that the shocks will compress. Good shocks will prevent it from bottoming out. If you want better control, feel, and speed, it is the compression that will come in handy. Many premium shocks will offer you adjustable compression, allowing you to set it individually. Choose shocks that come with adjustable compression to provide you a boost on bumpy terrain.


If you are satisfied with all the above components, it is time to ensure compatibility. If you are going with an original factory product, compatibility should not be a matter of concern. You just need to ensure the specific model to ensure optimum compatibility. On the other hand, if you are going with an aftermarket product, give a precise look at whether you are choosing the right product or not. Learn whether you will require any adjustment or not in the longer run.

Best Can Am Shocks

1. Can-Am Fox Shocks Podium X Performance RC2.0 HPG Outlander Renegade (Best for outlander)

Key Features

Brand: Can-Am.

  1. These shocks are compatible with can am outlander the G2 series from 20123 to 2018.
  2. The bump absorption mechanism will keep the ATV stable on the bumpy terrain.
  3. You will get a better roll control feature with these shocks.
  4. You can expect an optimum amount of rebound with these shocks.

This one is not an aftermarket product to create any problem with the compatibility. If you have any G2 series from 2012 to 2018, this one will easily fit your vehicle. Being an original factory product, you will always remain free of doubts.

These shocks will absorb maximum bump impact, allowing you to drive on bumpy terrain with ease. The roll control feature is another great thing that you can expect from these items. If you are having a terrible experience with the stock shocks, you can consider choosing them to get the optimum amount of rebound.

Furthermore, these shocks will stiffen the ride a little to ensure the perfect experience on the bumpy terrain. Again, installing them will give your vehicle a little more ground clearance than the stock shocks. Install them to get a better roll and perfect fitting.


  1. They perform far better than the stock shocks.
  2. You will get a little more ground clearance with them.
  3. The OEM product will always ensure optimum fitting.

2. Can-Am 715001471 ATV Fox Shocks

Key Features

Brand: Can-Am.

  1. These shocks are compatible with the G2 series from 2012 to 2018. However, some models may not comply with them.
  2. The package includes four shocks, allowing you to install them on the front and rear parts of the ATV.
  3. Your suspension system will be more comprehensive after installing them.
  4. The high-quality impact absorption capacity will ensure stability on the bumpy terrain.

This one is another ATV Fox shocks for the G2 series. You will be able to install them on most G2 models from 2012 to 2018. However, some of the models may not comply with these items. We encourage everyone to check the compatibility before confirming your purchase. The package includes four shocks and springs to install both on the front and rear parts of your ATV.

First of all, these shocks will make your suspension system more comprehensive. You will get excellent rebound and control over your ATV. The high-quality impact absorption capacity will ensure stable performance on any bumpy terrain. You will be able to feel the difference after the installation. These shocks will do a far better performance than the stock shocks.

Furthermore, these shocks will suit the aggressive riders with more roll control and optimum rebound production. You will get around ½ inches more ground clearance, allowing the tires to be more productive. These shocks will never disappoint you with the installation as they directly come from the factory manufacturer.


  1. You will get around ½ inches ground clearance to ensure better tire performance.
  2. You will get better roll control.
  3. The compatibility will not be an issue with the factory-made construction.

3. ELKA Suspension STAGE 2 FRONT & REAR Shocks CAN-AM COMMANDER 1000XT (Best for can am commander)

Key Features

Brand: Elka Suspension.

  1. This one is compatible with the Can-Am commander 1000XT series.
  2. The rider-specific setup will match your exact application.
  3. You will be able to make a more precise rebound damping adjustment.
  4. You will get optimum handling and comfort.

Elka Suspension has brought these premium shocks for the Can-Am Commander 1000XT series. This one is compatible with any model from 2011 to 2018. This one might be an aftermarket product but is not devoid of quality and precision.

These shocks will match your exact application through the rider-specific setup. These shocks will allow you to be more aggressive on any terrain. Intelligent engineering will ensure optimum handling and comfort. These shocks will allow you to make rebound damping adjustments.

Furthermore, the threaded spring preload mechanism will provide precise control. On top of that, the CNC machined construction will provide more precision. They might be simple, but they can be the best replacement suspension system for your UTV.


  1. The CNC machined construction will provide enough precision.
  2. These shocks will allow you to be more aggressive.
  3. The simpler construction allows them to be a perfect replacement suspension system for your UTV.

4. SuperATV Shock Tower Brace for Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo/MAX/X RS/X DS/X MR/X RC

Key Features

Brand: SuperATV.

  1. This brace is compatible with the Can-Am Maverick X3 series from 2017 to newer.
  2. This one will allow the suspension system to reinforce bigger lifts.
  3. The shock mounting process will be much stronger after installing the brace.
  4. This brace is stronger with 1/8 inches steel plating.

Our third recommendation is not for the shocks rather for the shock tower brace. This brace is for the Can-Am Maverick X3 series. You will get an essential fitting with any 2017+ models.

Let us move forward with the specification now. Installing this brace will allow your suspension system to reinforce bigger lifts. The shock mounting process is always a daunting task. You will be able to strengthen the mounting process once you have this one.

This brace is strong enough with 1/8 inches of steel plating. Furthermore, you will be able to mount any compatible shocks with a 1-1/2” mount tube. To hit the bigger jumps, this SuperATV hock tower brace should be the ideal item to have for your Maverick X3.


  1. You will be able to hit bigger jumps.
  2. It will help to surpass the limit of your X3.
  3. The perfect mount tube will be handy to install perfect shocks on your ATV.

5. Can-Am 715500301 ATV Front Shock Cover (Best shock cover)

Key Features

Brand: Can-Am.

  1. These shock covers are compatible with the G2, G2L, and G2S models.
  2. The authentic construction of the cover will protect this one from weather and rough terrain damages.
  3. They will never fall off while driving to keep the shocks safe and secure.
  4. This package includes a pair of covers.

The shocks of your Can-Am will make the suspension system more effective. What will secure the shocks then? The answer is a convenient shock cover. This shock cover directly comes from the Can-Am to protect the G2 series. This one is compatible with the G2, G2L, and G2S models.

The authentic construction of the cover will protect the shocks from the weather and rough terrain damages. These covers will not fall off while driving, ensuring optimum shock protection. Furthermore, the inclusion of the ventilation hole will keep ensuring premium protection.

Another reason to have them is their dirt-resistant feature. These covers do not seem like gathering too much dirt and mud to deteriorate the condition.  Finally, the easy to put on feature will not create any issue while installing them on the shocks. This package comes in pairs to protect every shock.


  1. The dirt-resistant feature will not gather too much dirt and mud while driving on rough terrain.
  2. The installation process will be easier with the easy to put on features.
  3. The inclusion of the ventilation holes will ensure premium protection.

6. 2 Bronco Rear Gas Shock Bombardier Can-Am 2003-2014 Outlander 330 400

Key Features

Brand: Bronco.

  1. These are compatible with any Outlander model from 2003 to 2014.
  2. You can expect smooth suspension with a 10% stiffer spring.
  3. You will get them in pair.
  4. You will be able to mount them out of the box.

Our final recommendation is for the Can-Am Outlander series. These shocks are from Bronco. These are compatible with any Can-Am Outlander model from 2003 to 2014. If you prefer having more aggression on your driving, these are a perfect replacement.

These shocks comprise 10% more springs on the body to ensure smooth suspension.  On top of that, the adjustable feature makes this one perfect for various situations. From smooth to rough terrain, they will provide excellent performance in all terrain.

If you want to replace the stock oil shocks with a gas edition, this one should be the appropriate item for your Outlander. This item comes as a pair, allowing you to install it on bot parts. You will be able to mount them out of the box, making them enough versatile. Finally, the preload-adjustable feature will always make you happy with the quality.


  1. A perfect replacement for the stock oil suspension with gas edition.
  2. The preload feature will work as handy in multiple situations.
  3. They are compatible with a large number of Outlander models.

7. Shock Therapy Can-Am Maverick X3 Toe Link Support (TLS) Kit - 5/8 inch

Key Features

Brand: Shock Therapy.

  1. This TLS kit is compatible with the Can-Am Maverick X3.
  2. These are available for 12mm, 5/8inch, and ¾ inch rod end.
  3. You will get an easier installation feature with the kit.
  4. You will get every necessary TLS hardware inside the package.

This TLS kit from Shock Therapy is for the Can-Am Maverick X3. These are available for three different rod end dimensions, including the 12mm factory rod end. This package includes every piece of hardware to prevent hub damage while doing your installation.

In case you don’t know how would know the exact size that you require, you need to do the measuring according to the radius rod dimension. If you have a stock radius rod, the sizing will be approximately 12mm. If you have an aftermarket product, the size will be either 5/8inch or ¾ inch.

Shock Therapy never disappoints with the quality. If you have doubts, you had better look at the reviews on the amazon page.

How does the suspension work in Can-Am?

The suspension system provides harmony between the tires and terrain. Whenever you ride through bumpy terrain, it is the suspension system that provides smooth and swift riding. Have you ever thought about how the suspension system of your ATV works? Let us find out-

The most important things about the suspension system of any ATV are the shocks and the spring. The combined work of these two helps the suspension system to work dexterously to provide you with a smooth experience on the rough terrain.

When you jump onto a rocky or bumpy terrain with your ATV, it tends to receive a huge amount of impact. If the suspension system were not there, it would be vulnerable both for the driver and the vehicle.

The shocks that you notice on the ATVs tend to have oil or gas inside them. The oil or gas works against the compression, allowing the vehicle to absorb less impact. The spring on the shocks absorbs most of the compression, allowing you to enjoy a smoother drive.

Besides, they tend to provide more ground clearance to the vehicle to enhance the efficiency of the tire. The further ground clearance allows them to absorb the impact properly. 

A suspension system can be of many types. The suspension system you see on the ATVs tends to be the most powerful one. As a result, you get more control over the ATV. It makes your riding more comfortable. By controlling the rebound, compression, and preload capacity, you can always make the suspension system more powerful.

Final words

When we talk about suspension, the only thing that comes to our mind is two jumping shocks. When the age of your ATV is old, you may not get the optimum performance on the bumpy terrain. That is when replacing the old shocks become necessary. If you think you would go for the replacement, consider choosing from our list. We have also added some other gears related to the suspension system of Can-Am ATVs.