Choosing the best snow plow for your Can-Am: A Comprehensive Guide

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Snow plowing is not the easiest sport to love. It takes a lot of your time and energy to go through the plowing process. But an ATV  or an UTV can make the process easier by increasing the pace. If you have a Can-Am ATV or side-by-side vehicle lineup in your garage, bring it out to plow the snow with ease. You solely need a quality snowplow to start the journey.

A snow plow that fits perfectly on an ATV might look smaller on a UTV. The opposite is true when you try to install a truck’s snow plow on your ATV or UTV.

Every specific machine demands a specific snow plow.

Therefore, choosing the perfect snow plow for your Can-Am Defender, Commander, or Maverick can be tricky when you do not know what you should choose.

But it will be easier when our team will do the task for you because we know what would ensure quality and productivity simultaneously.

After executing meticulous research, we have picked these five snow plows that you can try for different Can-Am Models to get the best of the experience-

best Can Am Snow Plow


Snowplows are available for trucks, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, and many other types of vehicles. Every type tends to have its own kinds of characteristics. That is why it becomes a little hard for a common individual to grab the best product. Here are some of the essential things to consider while buying a snow plow for your Can-Am.

Grab the perfect size

A snowplow without the right dimension is going to make the roll-off mechanism harder. While choosing one, you will notice snowplow in various dimensions. That is where the confusion begins. If you have a Can-Am lineup, the average size of a snowplow will be around 50-inch to 72-inch. Choosing one between these ranges might ensure productivity. If you are too conscious of the size, an OEM product for the exact lineup might give you relief. Never ignore choosing the right size. You may end up blaming yourself for the decision.

Ensure perfect mounting 

A perfect mounting is impossible without the perfect attachment system. Not all snowplow tends to come with a push mount. You may need to manage one sometimes. Some may also come with one. Whether you have got one or not, always ensure that you have the perfect mounting gear to enjoy the most convenient snowplowing experience. The push mount offers perfect strength and traction to clear the rigid snow with ease. Ensure that the attachment system comes with the perfect aligning process to ensure versatility.

Material matters

yes, the material of the blade matters. If it is devoid of quality, damage or breakage will be a common issue. While choosing a snow plow for your ATV, steel and thermoplastic are the most common material that you would notice. Both are good. If you are choosing a blade with thermoplastic material, ensure that it has enough impact absorption feature. It helps the blade to return to its original shape during the accidental impact. On the other hand, a steel-made blade is always durable until it gathers rust. Ensure that the blade has enough rust-resistant capacity.

Weight is important 

Another thing to look over while purchasing a snowplow is the approximate weight of the device. The plow needs to match the weight that your vehicle has. If you choose an overweight plow for a lighter vehicle, it will give you a horrible experience. That is why checking the types is essential. Choose the appropriate weight according to the type of vehicle that you have. An overweight or underweight snowplow might give you a hard time while maneuvering the device.

Check the compatibility 

last but not least important thing to consider while purchasing a snowplow is compatibility. If you fail to mount the device appropriately on your vehicle, it surely is a waste. If you have a truck, go for a plow that would comfortably attach to the truck. On the other hand, if you want to clear the snow with your ATV, choose a snow plow made for all-terrain vehicles. Be specific while choosing the item. It would help you to enjoy a smooth experience. For nignt can am snow plow use you can use can am light bar kit.

Best Can Am Snow Plow

Key Features

  1. Brand: KFI.
  2. This one will fit the Can-Am commander 800/1000 series.
  3. This snow plow will offer you 60-inch, 66-inch, and 72-inch size variations.
  4. You will be able to choose them in pro-poly and steel color patterns.
  5. You will always get quality with the steel-made frame and black poly finishing.
  6. The graded steel construction will never compromise with flexibility.


  1. The USA-made product will always please you.
  2. It will prevent wearing with the two-sided graded steel wear bar.
  3. The inclusion of the push tube and plow mount will ensure perfect fitting and installation on your Can-Am commander.

Whether you want a snow plow for your UTV or ATV, KFI will always provide you with the perfect gear.That is why we have picked our first product from KFI. If you have a Can-Am Commander, you can go with this plow without having any doubts.

Size matters when you choose a snowplow for an ATV or UTV. This one will offer you three different sizes to install on your vehicle. You can choose the plow in 60-inch, 66-inch, or 72-inch size variations. Besides, they are available in pro-poly and steel color patterns to enjoy the most optimum experience.

Let us talk about functionality. The steel-made frame with the heavy-duty black poly finishing will never compromise with the flexibility. If you choose the steel plow, it will also ensure durability with the graded steel material. Besides, the inclusion of the two-sided graded steel wear bar will be handy to prevent wearing.

Furthermore, you will also get the push tubes and plow mount to install the plow on your commander without suffering a little. Finally, a USA-made product should never disappoint you with its quality.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Can-Am. 
  2. This snow plow is compatible with the Can-Am Commander and Maverick series.
  3. This one will offer maximum impact strength with the thermoplastic construction.
  4. The inclusion of multiple flexes will protect it from accidental impacts.
  5. Moderate impact abruption feature will return it to its original shape.


  1. You can expect an optimum snow clearing experience with the optimum release option. This will come in handy to eliminate jolts.
  2. This one will offer an adjustable blade angle to clear all terrain.
  3. The high pivot point will always keep the plow on the pavement.

Let’s move forward with our second snowplow recommendation. This one comes directly from the Can-Am store, allowing you to enjoy the most convenient fitting. This one is compatible with the Can-Am Commander and Maverick series.

This one uses high-quality thermoplastic as its construction material. As a result, you can expect maximum impact strength to ensure stability and balance. If by chance any accidental impact happens, the inclusion of the flex will protect it from damage. The plow will absorb most of the impacts to return it to its original shape. The optimum release option will eliminate jolts to provide you with the optimum snow clearing experience.

Furthermore, this one will allow you to adjust the blade angle to set it in the appropriate position. Besides, the plow will always remain on the pavement with the high pivot point. Being an original Can-Am product, this one will keep no option for complaining.

Key Features

  1. Brand: KFI.
  2. This one comes for the Can-Am defender series.
  3. The KFI snow plow offers three different sizes and two-color patterns to choose the appropriate items.
  4. You can expect durability from the graded steel frame.
  5. The impact absorption capacity of the plow will prevent damage and deterioration dexterously.


  1. This one comes with the Can-Am defender mount, allowing you to mount the plow without making any further modification.
  2. The USA-made material will always please you. Choosing this product means contributing to the greater welfare.
  3. You will also get a push tube with this one.

If you have a Can-Am defender, KFI has brought this snowplow to make your yard snow-free. There is no reason to avoid this one. The USA-made product will never hurt you with its quality. The only difference between the previous one and this one is the compatibility. This one comes for the defender series, whereas the previous one was for the commander series.

That means you will get three different sizes and two-color variations with this particular item. The polypro color comes with a flexible poly face, making it convenient for all situations. Besides, the steel-graded frame will take good care of the durability. Furthermore, the impact absorption capacity of the plow will prevent damage and deterioration dexterously.

The two-sided construction with the graded steel wear bar is enough wear-resistant to ensure longevity. As usual, you will get the push tube and a push mount for the Can-Am defender to mount it with ease. You should always check the push mount before confirming the purchase. That is how you can get maximum leverage while mounting the plow.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Can-Am.
  2. The rigid steel tube of the attachment system will allow you to plow in extreme situations.
  3. You will get maximum strength and traction with the mid-mount carriage system.
  4. The self-alignment feature will offer the most optimum attachment system.
  5. You can expect easy plowing with the convenient foot release pedal.
  6. The angle adjustment will be much easier with the ergonomic handle design.


  1. You will get enough plow-lift both for the ATVs and Trails.
  2. This one is compatible with a large number of Can-Am ATVs and UTVs.
  3. The OEM product will always ensure high-end compatibility.

You can attach any snowplow if you have the right attachment system. Our next recommendation is thus for an attachment system. This one is an original OEM product that comes for the Can-Am outlander series.

One of the primary features of this attachment system is its rigid steel tube. It can withstand most rough and tough situations to allow you to use it extremely. Besides, you can expect maximum traction and push strength with the mid-mount carriage system. After installing this one, you will be able to lift any ATV's snowplow to 16 inches and Maverick trail's plow to 14 inches.

Let's talk about the installation now. The self-aligning feature of this mount will allow you to make the most perfect attachment with compatible vehicles. Besides, the foot release pedal will ensure easy plowing in all conditions. On top of that, the angle adjustment should be much easier with the ergonomic handle design.

Well, this one is compatible with a large number of Can-Am vehicles. You can attach this mount to most G2 and Maverick series ATV and UTVs. You should never miss looking at the compatibility before confirming the purchase.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Can-Am
  2. This one is compatible with the Can-Am Maverick and Outlander series.
  3. The blade is approximately 54-inch or 137cm long, clearing a larger area of snow.
  4. A 12-gauge steel construction will keep it safe from damage and deterioration.
  5. This one is enough versatile with five different swivel options.


  1. The easy rotation capacity will prevent snow from building on the pivot position.
  2. You will enjoy a more dynamic snow clearing process with the changeable angle mode.
  3. This one can clear around 50-inch dense snow to make any road or yard clear.

Our final recommendation is also from the Can-Am. That means it is also an OEM product to ensure high-end compatibility. This one comes for the Outlander and Maverick series. If you have one of these lineups, this one will surely make you happy.

This one is approximately 54-inch or 137cm long, enabling you to get extra leverage on the thick snow. The whole blade uses 12-gauge steel, making it durable enough to prevent damage and deterioration. Furthermore, this one will allow you to replace the worn blade. One of the most beneficial features that you would love about this plow is its swivel options. From left or right to three other swivel options make this a versatile snow plow for your vehicle. On top of that, the easy blade rotation capacity will prevent snow from building on the pivot position while clearing.

Again, the changeable angle mode will make the snow clearing process more dynamic. This snow plow can clear 50-inches dense snow to make any road or yard super clear. If you prefer having a device that would ensure the best snow roll-off at any angle, this one from Can-Am is worth choosing. We recommend checking the compatibility to have the optimum attachment.

What are the types of snowplow?

A snowplow is not limited to all-terrain vehicles only. It comes for multiple vehicles. If you want to choose the right product, knowing the kinds of snowplow becomes necessary. Here are some of the essential kinds of a snowplow that you would notice on the market-

Snowplow for trucks

You can clear the snow with your trucks too. A large number of snowplows are available for the trucks. While choosing a snowplow for trucks, you may notice them with multiple weight capacities. Half-ton, three quarter ton trucks are the most common that use snow plows.


Street utility vehicles are another extension of vehicles that use snowplows. If you have one, you may start your journey with a snowplow this winter.


There are many specific snow plows available that are compatible with numerous car brands. You just need to do some research to find the appropriate one for your car.

ATV, UTV, and side-by-side vehicles

This article contains such snow plows. Side-by-side vehicles are the most common vehicles that we use to clear the snow during the winter. Don't keep your UTV or ATV in the garage during the winter. Pave the path clear by installing a snowplow to your vehicle to make the street clear.

Riding lawnmower 

Believe it or not, you can use a riding lawn mower to install a snowplow. They are an excellent tool to clear the snow by using a snowplow. One of the benefits that you would get with such snowplow is that they tend to come at an affordable price. If you have one, you may start your precious journey with them.

Final words

The pile of dense snow can block the path to make you stagnant in a single place. You can decide to be proactive when you have the right vehicle with an appropriate snowplow. Don't think about keeping your Can-Am ATV or UTV in the garage to keep them in hibernation. Think about taking some productive fun by clearing the snow. All you need to do is mounting a snowplow with the vehicle to start the exciting journey. The thing that matters most at the end of the day is whether you are choosing the appropriate plow or not. If it is tiresome work for you, think about choosing the snowplow from our list for your Can-Am.

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