what is the Best Chevy truck electric radiator fans in 2022

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Mechanical fans indeed come in handy to keep the engine of your vehicle cool. But they simply can’t compete against electric fans when it comes to efficiency.

Unlike mechanical fans, electric fans do not use the engine's horsepower and rpm while sitting idle. Therefore, electric fans provide less pressure on the engine.

One of the primary benefits of having electric fans installed on your car is that it constantly passes air through the radiator of your vehicle even if the engine is idling. Therefore, an electric fan can really save your engine when stuck in long traffic or driving under a really hot sun.

If you are here to pick up the best electric fans for your Chevrolet GMC C/K/P/R series, this article is here to introduce you to some of the best possible electric fans for your specific model.

Best Chevy truck electric radiator fans

Why should you install an electric fan in your vehicle?

We have already mentioned some of the essential reasons to install an electric fan in your vehicle.  Here are some of the other reasons to keep in mind-

  1. Believe it or not, installing an electric fan in your vehicle can help you to gain more horsepower and torque to make your engine more performing. In that case, they are actually far better than your vehicle's clutch fan.
  2. Electric fans surely improve the cooling efficiency. We can assure you that electric fans will never let you down when it comes to cooling efficiency.
  3. You can actually get some extra space under the hood. While installing electric fans, you will have to remove the factory fan shroud, which kind of frees up around one foot of space.
  4. Last but not least, even if you turn off the engine and lock everything down, these fans will still run until everything is cool and okay.

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What is the type of fan?

There are two different types of electric radiator fans available on the market. These are-

  1. Push electric fan
  2. Pull electric fan

Electric fans can either push air through the radiator or pull air through it.  The placement of the fan also depends on the type of fan.

A pusher fan, in general, needs to fit in front of the radiator. When you run at a low speed, the hood cannot omit all the air out of it. Therefore, it demands less airflow inside of the compartment. At that particular moment, an electric pusher fan comes in handy to obstruct the airflow inside of the engine compartment.

On the other hand, a puller fan will sit exactly right behind the radiator. It pulls through the air inside of the compartment at a high-speed rate. Therefore, a puller fan does completely the opposite thing than a puller fan.

In terms of efficiency, a puller fan tends to be the most convenient option possible.

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Best Chevy Truck electric fans

We have comprised the whole article to these four electric fans. Indeed, the list could be much longer. But we do not want to make our list completely supercilious to give you a vague feeling. All the electric fans we have added here are promised to give you the optimized experience possible.

Without any further I write, let us discuss the first electric fan on this list, which is from Prime Cooling.

1. Primecooling 56MM 3 Row Core Aluminum Radiator +2X12" Fan +Shroud

Primecooling 56MM 3 Row Core Aluminum Radiator fan



Prime Cooling

Radiator row

56m 3 row

Included fan

Two 12-inch fan+ shroud


Chevrolet GMC C/K Series Pickup & Trucks (1973-91)

Radiator material



1730 cfm


2,250 RPM

AMP draw

12.70 amps

User experience (9.5/10)

Although our main focus is on electric fans, the first three products on this list include both radiator and electric fans to give you the optimized experience possible. As this one stays on top of the recommendation list, this one will surely bring forth a wholesome experience for you.

I think 9.5 out of ten should be a good score to justify the product's overall worth.

Features worth discussing

This one from Prime Cooling is a complete solution to reduce the heat production of your Chevy truck and pickup engine.

When you will take this radiator and fan kit on your hand for the first time, you will surely agree to the fact these are really well-made and are here to give you the essential performance you expect from a quality radiator and fan kit.

The intelligent radiator design with superior fin design is here to enhance the overall heat efficiency of your vehicle. Besides, the aluminum-made construction is here to retain the durability and quality of the radiator for a long time.

The kit also includes two 12-inch electric radiator cooling fans, allowing the heat to pass through the radiator with optimum efficiency.

One thing we can assure you is that this whole system will keep the hood much cooler stable than the stock system. It is now time to find it out on your own.


  1. These electric fans on the radiator will perform far better than the stock mechanical fans.
  2. You will get some extra space for the engine bay to work.
  3. This is really a good product for the money.


The only problem you will notice regarding this kit is that the manufacturer does not provide any wiring diagram, which makes it a little complicated while doing the installation. Here is the wiring instruction for your better convenience-


Coolant temp switch


Constant hot on battery


12V to the cooling fan



2. OzCoolingParts 4 Row Core Aluminum Radiator + 2 x 12" Fans w/Shroud + Thermostat Kit

OzCoolingParts 4 Row Core Aluminum Radiator




Radiator row

4 row



Radiator fan

Two 12-inch fans with fan shroud


1730 CFM


2,250 RPM

Amp draw

12.70 amps

Number of blades

10 blades

Blade material



Chevy C/K/P/R series

User experience (9/10)

This one is a great product both for the performance and appearance. From the price to the overall quality, this radiator and fan kit have every merit to make a user happy in any situation.

Features worth discussing

The very first reason you should go with this item is that this one comes with a pretty decent look. Once you install the radiator to your specific Chevy truck or pickup, you will surely love the overall look. 

The look does not demise the overall quality and performance capability of the item even the little. With four rows and better air outing holes, hot air will pass through the radiator with maximum efficiency.

Keep one thing always in mind that you need to choose the radiator for the specific vehicle model. Otherwise, the radiator may seem smaller and larger than the specific size.

The fan constantly rotates by maintaining 1,730 cfm and 2,250 rpm, passing the heat with optimum proficiency.

The kit also includes the Thermostat kit, making it a versatile and convenient item to install on your Chevy model.


  1. With ten different convenient plastic-made blades, this one is enough capable of retaining efficiency to a great degree.
  2. The device comes with all the necessary instruments to ensure a hassle-free installation.
  3. Your vehicle’s engine will perform far better than usual.


If your preference is only an electric fan, this whole kit may look a little expensive.  But grabbing this item will surely give you a good experience in the longer run.

3. Monster Cooling 3 Row Radiator, Aluminum & 2-14" Fans for Chevy

Monster Cooling  Fans for Chevy



Monster Cooling

Radiator row

3 row

Radiator material



Two 14-inch fan


Chevy Blazer/Jimmy/C/K/Suburban

User experience (9.5/10)

How is the feeling when a particular item performs far better than your expectation? It must be something good. That is what you will feel with this particular item. Even some of the professional mechanics also suggest this exquisite radiator and electric fan combo to their customers.

Features worth discussing

One of the primary benefits of having this particular item is that this one comes with two larger fans, which makes it more capable of transferring the heat from the inside of the hood.

While the previous two items had 12-inch fans, this item is more capable with 14-inch larger fans. Therefore, you can expect to get a higher cfm and rpm rate to enjoy efficient cooling.

You will face fewer issues with the compatibility as well. This radiator and electric fan kit are compatible with a large number of Chevy models. Ensure that you are choosing it for the right model.

Another feature worth mentioning here is the design of the radiator. With three different rows and perfect linings, this one will always retain the same airflow to the engine compartment. Therefore, your vehicle's engine will run more smoothly than before.


  1. The fan draws optimum current to ensure better performance.
  2. The installation and wiring of the fans are super relevant to give you less trouble.
  3. This one seems to be a good item for the price as well.


However, the kit does not come with wiring plugs or switches. Therefore, you will have to wire it on your own.

4. Flex-a-lite 280 '92-'99 Chevy Truck Fan

Flex-a-lite 280 '92-'99 Chevy Truck Fan





92-99 Chevy and GMC trucks

Fan diameter

Dual 15-inch


5,500 cfm

Amp draws

28 amps


Variable speed controller


Everything required for the installation

User experience (8/10)

If you are not happy with the cooling efficiency of your vehicle’s mechanical fan, this electric fan kit might be the most convenient and budget-friendly solution to keep the inside of your car cool and comfortable.

Features worth discussing

If you do not want to spend on a radiator and only want to install an electric fan to the stock radiator, this item from Flex-al-lite is here to make a good impression.

These fans are larger than all the other fans we have mentioned earlier. With the size of 15-inch, these fans will rotate at a great motion to transfer the hot air with optimum proficiency.

These fans will move at a sheer speed of up to 5,500 rpm, ensuring the best possible engine performance. Nonetheless, the blades on these fans are well constructed to last for a long time.

Another benefit of having these fans is that the variable speed controller will allow you to adjust the speed of the fan according to the temperature production. Therefore, your vehicle will always be in the safe hand.


  1. This fan kit comes with every necessary instrument you will require to do the installation.
  2. The kit is compatible with a large number of Chevy models.
  3. It does bring better performance than the factory mechanical fan.


One drawback worth mentioning here is that this one draws a good amount of current while spinning. But that should not be an issue for all users unless you are facing trouble with your vehicle’s battery.

5. Dorman 620-654 Engine Cooling Fan Assembly

Dorman 620-654 Engine Cooling Fan




Fan quantity



Vehicle specific fit


Cadillac / Chevrolet / GMC Models

Shroud material



Laboratory tested

Amps draw 

30-35 amps

User experience (9/10)

This Dorman Radiator fan kit is not cheaper and thus more authentic to bring forth the ideal cooling efficiency possible.

The precision-engineered design will always ensure that you are getting the best performance possible.

Features worth discussing

Dorman has been bringing a large number of cooling fans to the market. Therefore, the manufacturer knows what would bring efficient performance for your specific vehicle.

A perfect example of Dorman's quality is this product. As long as your vehicle's cooling system has a 7 or 9 blade compartment, you will not face any issues regarding the compatibility of this item.

It may sound a little louder than the OEM cooling fan, but the performance and cooling efficiency of this item will also be higher than the factory item. 

As this one comes for the specific vehicle models, you should not face any issue at all while doingthe installation.  You will just need to pick this one for the specific vehicle. Then the fan should fit the exact place instantly.

Now, you may ask whether it is a value purchase or not? Well, the price may look a little higher. But for the quality you will get, the price ought not to be an issue at all.


  1. These fans are really well-made to make a good impression.
  2. The injection-molded plastic will also allow you to make a little modification if necessary.
  3. These fans can pull a huge amount of air to keep the engine cool.


The consumption of high currents can be an issue for some users. Other than that, this one does the things it is here to do.

How to choose a perfect electric radiator fan for your vehicle?

A couple of things are there that should get better priority when it comes to picking up a quality electric radiator fan for your vehicle.

The top five among them are-

What is the type of fan?

How much room is available to install an electric fan?

What is the diameter of the fan?

Should you purchase a single or dual fan?

Should you choose curved or straight blades for your fan?

How much space is available to install an electric fan in your vehicle?

Chevy truck electric radiator fans adjust

The next essential aspect to consider is the available space that is available under the hood to install the fan. You will also have to choose the type of fan according to the available space that you have to install the fan.

Keep in mind that a puller fan is the most ideal option in any situation. But when you do not have enough space to accommodate a puller fan due to a smaller mounting space, a pusher fan might be the solution.

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What is the diameter of the fan?

Checking the diameter of the radiator electric fan you are aiming to purchase is more than important.

When choosing the right diameter fan for your vehicle, the core diameter of the radiator should be the most important concern you should keep in the mind.

Try to choose a radiator fan that will cover the core of the radiator as much as possible. Choosing such a product will give you the best experience when it comes to omitting the excessive heat your stock mechanical fan is failing to omit.

A larger diameter fan will efficiently omit the heated air even if the engine is idling. Therefore, you will have the chance to wait in long traffic without overheating the engine.

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Also, remember that keeping some space between the fan motor and the engine is almost mandatory. It brings safety both for the engine and the fan.

Should you purchase a single or dual fan?

When choosing an electric radiator fan, you will notice that there are two different varieties possible. Either you can choose a single unit or a unit with a dual fan. What should be your preference?

Well, a single fan will suffice when you have a regular engine size with average horsepower and rpm. But when it comes to getting additional horsepower, a dual-fan is what you need.

Having a dual fan can really help to keep the temperature of the engine in check. Therefore, retaining the same efficiency will be much easier with dual fun.

Should you choose curved or straight blades?

The shape of the blade dictates the noise and air transmission rate. When it comes to the efficiency rate of pulling or pushing air through the radiator, an electric radiator fan with straight blades provides the most convenient experience. At the same time, straight blades tend to be noisier compared to curved blades. 

On the other hand, curved blades tend to be quieter compared to straight blades. But it will not move air as efficiently as straight blades.

Which one will be the perfect choice for you? Well, give priority to your preferred application to get the optimum experience possible.


How much does an electric radiator fan cost?

If you purchase only the electric radiator fan kit, it will cost you around $70 to $150 dollars. On the other hand, if you purchase the radiator fan along with the radiator, it will cost you nearly $250 dollars to as much as $360 dollars.



Only the electric radiator fan

$70-150 dollars

Radiator + fan

$250-$360 dollars

Are electric radiator fans worth it?

Yes, electric radiator fans are worth the purchase. Electric radiator fans perform far better than your stock mechanical clutch fans.

Is a radiator fan important?

Yes, the presence of a radiator fan is more than important. When you will get stuck in long traffic or drive under a scorching sun, the radiator fan can really come in handy to keep the engine safe from overheating.

Final summary

Even if you do not tend to go out with your Chevy pickup or truck so often, installing a quality electric radiator fan can really bring forth the best experience by reducing a good deal of pressure from the engine. Besides, an electric radiator fan is not that costly to make you a bit more considerate about the purchase. Install one electric radiator fan and save your engine from unnecessary overheating.

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