Protect your Corvette C7 with these 7 best car covers

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It must be a tremendous experience having your own Corvette C7. If you have one, your surely love your car and are willing to go to any extent to protect your car from any unwanted hassles.

But do you know that an uncovered Corvette might lose its sleekness if exposed to the sunlight for a long time?

A protective car cover not only will protect your car’s exterior from bright sunshine but also will ensure protection against dust, rain, snow, or rough wind.

If you are on a search to find the best protective car covers for your Corvette C7.

Best Corvette C7 Car Cover

Why should you put a cover on your Corvette C7?

Before getting any answer for me, ask yourself whether you need protection for the C7 car or not? If you are a car enthusiast, the answer will be yes for sure.

Therefore, one feels the need for a car cover for corvette C7 protection from harmful elements. Without any doubt, car covers are a handy addition to protect the car inside the garage and outside.

  1. Repels water and imposes waterproof protection.
  2. Keeps the dust and dirt away.
  3. Ensures the delicate car paint remains as it was before.
  4. Creates protection against UV-ray.
  5. It covers the entire car from front to back.
  6. An attractive design makes the car look beautiful.
  7. Easy to store and carry in a storage bag.

How to choose a Corvette C7 car cover?

Although you know how to properly protect your car from excessive sunlight or rain, it’s never an easy task choosing the right cover. One can’t purchase any cover without knowing whether it’s for indoor or outdoor and put it on the car.

Here are the things a wise buyer needs to go through before choosing any indoor or outdoor c7 car cover.

  1. Decide which version of the Corvette C7 car it is.
  2. Need to make sure whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use.
  3. Wrinkle-free design.
  4. UV-protected and waterproof outer construction.
  5. The inside part mustn’t damage the car’s painting.
  6. Eye-catching or attractive color pattern.
  7. Ensure complete coverage from front to back.
  8. Elastic or buckle-strap for proper fit.
  9. A storage bag for convenient transportation.
  10. Easy to clean with machine wash.

Now let’s break into these things in detail.

Types of corvette car

Here, we are talking about the corvette c7 car model that has four versions. You can have a stingray, grand sport, and Z06 or Z51 model. Most corvette car covers are usable in all these models.

However, a few ones come specifically made for a particular car model. The buyer needs to decide whether he needs a versatile one or not. Also, decide between indoor and outdoor covers.

Proper protection

The protection depends on the structure and the features it offers. An outdoor car cover must have waterproof and UV-protected outer construction. On the other hand, the dust-proofing feature is a must for indoor covers.

However, both these types of covers need to have a soft inner lining. It is here to protect the painting on the car's surface when it is covered for a long time. Moreover, it shouldn't build up water and provide adequate air circulation.

Perfect fit

Imagine, what’s the use of a car cover if it doesn’t ensure full coverage on the car? It’s completely useless. Therefore, one needs to go for a perfectly fitted cover.

A perfectly fitted cover means the coverage from front to back. Also, to maintain the coverage, it must have elastic. However, some covers come up with buckles and straps to ensure a snug and proper fit.

Attractive design

Most buyers don’t pay much heed to the design or color. But as a corvette car enthusiast, you should take a look at the design. If the cover is completed with whatever features you need, then choose the most attractive one.

Both single tone and double tone colors are available. Some have logos designed, others don’t. All in all, the final choice is yours.

Easy to clean and transport

While protecting the car from outdoor elements, the cover itself will become dirty. Only proper cleaning can keep it fresh. To ease down the cleaning process, look for one that supports machine wash.

A storage bag is necessary to keep the cover safe inside while it’s not in use and for hassle-free transportation.  

Best Corvette C7 Car Covers

When it comes to the safety of your favorite car, you are ready to do anything. But trust me, you can ensure safety by putting on a protective cover around. And if you are already searching for one, then check out the listed products below.


Brand: KAKIT

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. High-quality and heavy-weave 210D oxford fabric construction.
  2. Soft premium cotton inner layer construction.
  3. UV-resistant and waterproof.
  4. Scratch-resistant and durable finish.  
  5. It can bear water pressure up to 1000 mm.
  6. The two-tone color combination of black and red.
  7. Fits corvette c7 stingray, Z06, grand sport car models.

What users have experienced

The cover works like a glove on the car with an attractive outer surface and soft inner construction. Owners of grand sport, stingray, or Z06 models have found this car cover handy for complete coverage.

The water resistance is enough to ensure the proper protection of the car from windy and rainy conditions. Most other car covers have scratchy nature inside; the users need not worry about such things here.

It fits superbly on the car and ensures dust-free protection all the time. Although most users have said good things regarding the car’s performance, a few are still not satisfied with the waterproofing.

More details about the cover

If you need a durable and long-time usable corvette car cover, you can undoubtedly rely on this one. The manufacturer used the highest quality, heavy-duty 210D oxford fabric to construct the outer surface.

Moreover, the inner part has a soft, scratch-resistant setup, unlike most other car covers. With the soft-cotton layer design inside, it ensures every bit of safety the car needs. Therefore, the car retains its paint, no matter how long you cover it.

The cover is large enough to accommodate the entire corvette c7 car model. It works like a glove on the car with a double-tone color pattern outside. According to the manufacturer, you can use it on Z06, stingray, and grand sports models.

It is a highly waterproof and UV-resistant car cover that can bear up to 1000 mm of water pressure. It means one can use it even in rough rainy weather conditions. And it can serve in the same way, while it's indoor.

Overall, it protects the car from rain, dust, dirt, sunlight, and snowy conditions. The package comes with a user manual for a hassle-free installation process. In addition, you will get a storage bag to quickly put the cover inside when it is not in use.

The advantages

  1. It protects from sunlight with UV resistance.
  2. Can withstand 1000 mm of water pressure.
  3. Ensures a snug fit on three corvette c7 car models.
  4. The car’s paint remains scratch-free even after a long time of coverage.
  5. Dirt and snow protection.
  6. Gives a superior look with fewer seams.

The drawbacks

The waterproofing is not up to the mark.


Brand: SR1 Performance

Weight: 10 pounds

Key Features

  1. Durable, strong, and heavy-weave 300D polyester fabric construction.
  2. The water-resistant coating on the outer layer.
  3. The inside part has a soft cotton layer.
  4. A breathable and UV-protected car cover.
  5. It fits all 2014 to 2019 corvette car models.
  6. Double color tone with gray and black.
  7. A protective storage bag is available in the package.

What users have experienced

The cover has elastic on the front and backsides to form complete glove-like protection on the car. The UV-protected and durable cover does a satisfying job while preventing light rain and snow.

Also, it helps to retain the original paint of the car because of the soft inner cotton structure. However, there's a thing that most users have complained about. Although the cover can withstand light rain, it is not an ideal choice to be used under heavy rain.

You don’t have to think twice about buying this cover if you have any of the models from corvette c7. It fits all the c7 models from 2014 to 2019. The snugly fitting design ensures the covering will remain while so much wind is out there.

More details about the cover

The manufacturer constructed a UV-protected and waterproof cover with double-tone color on the outer surface. It has durable 300D polyester construction. Also, the outer surface comes with a waterproof coating.

It has a double color pattern outside coming out of the traditional single color pattern. The combination of gray and black forms a pretty handy coverage around the car. However, the inside of the cover has a soft cotton structure.

The soft inner cotton layer is here to maintain the paint on the car’s body. You will get elastics on both sides of the cover to provide a snug and glove-like fit on the car.

It fits any corvette c7 Z51, Z06, grand sport, and stingray models. As it is a UV-protected cover, it conveniently withstands extreme sunlight and rough weather. But the manufacturer suggested not using it under heavy rainy conditions.

The advantages

  1. The inner cotton structure prevents fading and cracking.
  2. It withstands extreme sunlight and UV-ray.
  3. Protects the car from light rain, snow, and wind.
  4. It doesn’t tear or wear because of the heavy weave construction.
  5. The inner layer protects delicate paint finishes.
  6. Provides a snug fit with elastics on both sides.
  7. Increases breathability and decreases molding.

The drawbacks

  1. Not a perfect choice for heavy rainy conditions.
  2. It blows off with the strong wind.


Brand: CarsCover

Weight: 7.33 pounds

Key Features

  1. Five layers of ultra-shield outer surface construction.
  2. Five layers of waterproofing and UV protection.
  3. Elastic hems on front and back.
  4. Tie-down buckle and straps.
  5. Optional cable grommets are available on each side.
  6. Includes two custom mirror pockets.
  7. One storage bag is available.

What users have experienced

Yes, this car cover can protect your car, but does it ensure complete protection? That is the question most buyers ask about the outdoor car cover for the c7 corvette. And most of the time, the answer seems negative.

It is a properly designed and snugly fitted cover that works as a c7 corvette convertible car cover. But when it comes to proper protection UV-ray and water, it doesn't do the best of the jobs.

The moisture soaked from excessive sunlight remains inside the cover, which creates a poor situation. Again, it doesn’t repel the water properly to keep the surface waterproof. One good thing about it is the protection from dirt and dust.

More details about the cover

To protect the car finish and paint in rough conditions, you need a perfectly protective cover. And when the cover fits stingray coupe, Z06, Z51, and grand sport model, you need not worry anymore.

The manufacturer used five layers of waterproof and UV protection on the outer surface. It arrives in one black protective shield color. However, one can form a snug fit on any corvette c7 car model with the tie-down strap and buckles.

In addition, the cover has optional cable grommets that make the installation process a lot convenient. Moreover, it has two elastic hems on the front and back parts. It makes the cover fitted to any corvette model from 2014 to 2019.

You will also get two custom mirror pockets on two sides of the cover to complete the car coverage. There’s a free storage bag included in the package, which helps the user store the cover when it is not in use.

The advantages

  1. Ensures maximum water resistance with five layers of protective design.
  2. It protects the car paint from extreme sunlight and UV-ray.
  3. Tie-down strap and buckle form a snug fit.
  4. Usable on any corvette c7 car model.
  5. Completes the setup by adding two mirror pockets.
  6. Easy to store in the storage bag.
  7. Keeps it dry and dust-free.

The drawbacks

  1. Doesn’t repel the water.
  2. It soaks the moisture and makes the car's surface unclean.


Brand: West Coast Corvette

Weight: 7 pounds

Key features

  1. Soft and durable ultra-guard, stretchy satin construction.
  2. The inside has a soft cotton inner layer.
  3. It fits all corvette c7 models from 2014 to 2019.
  4. It comes in a single dark red color pattern.
  5. Designed with fewer seams.
  6. The package includes a storage bag.
  7. Stretchy material for a tight fit.

What users have experienced

The delicate paint on the car’s surface gets easily damaged when the dust sits on it. However, West Coast Corvette has ensured entire dust and dirt protection on the car through this quality cover.

Being made of stretchy material, the cover forms a tight and snug fit on any corvette c7 car model. Most of the users found the cover protecting the car like a glove. However, the inner layer is soft, and it retains the paint on the car.

Take it out from the package, and it is easy to put it in the car. With the dark red color covering over, the car forms a shiny look. For indoor conditions, it creates a dust-free structure.

The users also found the storage bag properly usable as they can conveniently put the cover inside when it's useless.

More details about the cover

It is a traditional single-color tone car cover that comes with a dark red color pattern. The manufacturer used an uncommon material that is stretchy Satin, to construct the outer part of the cover.

However, the unique material is waterproof and dustproof. It also prevents any sort of mold and mildew after removing the cover. Also, the cover creates almost no sagging or wrinkles due to the stretchy construction.

Moving onto the inside part, it has a soft and protective cotton inner layer. It protects the delicate painted finish on the car and maintains a shiny look. The cover comes with fewer seams to provide a superior look to its users.

It is tough to think of tearing or wearing the cover because the materials are soft and durable. It fits every model that came from the corvette c7 car series from 2014 to 2019. The package also includes a handy black storage bag.

The advantages

  1. The soft inner layer protects the delicate car painting.
  2. It prevents mold and mildews.
  3. It keeps dust and dirt away.
  4. No sagging or wrinkles because of the stretchy nature.
  5. Easy to store in the provided bag.
  6. Superior look with fewer seams.

The drawbacks

It is not ideal for outdoor usage.


Brand: West Coast Corvette

Weight: 8 pounds

Key Features

  1. GM used weatherproof materials for outside construction.
  2. Soft poly-blend material as an inside layer.
  3. It fits the corvette c7 Z06 car models.
  4. Available in two color patterns.
  5. Has black as the main color.
  6. It has a c7 logo on the front and a Z06 logo on the side.

What users have experienced

It turns out as a perfectly fitted and colorful car cover for most corvette c7 car users. Although it doesn't have any dedicated elastic on the front and back, it still perfectly fits the Z06 model.

However, it is only usable on one particular c7 car model, which hurts many users who need a versatile cover. The dust and dirt proofing features attract the user to purchase it without much thinking.

Another downgrade to the outdoor users is that the cover isn't a specialized one for outdoor coverage. It doesn't withstand the wind or heavy rain to protect the car. The users who need a cover for the garage are happy with the design and protection.

More details about the cover

The first thing that attracts me about the cover is the colorful stripe design. It has two different color variants. One comes in red color with black stripe and the other one has gray outer surface color with similar black stripe.

The manufacturer also added the c7 logo on the front of the cover. The cover is specifically designed for the Z06 model, and you will get a logo on the side. Now turning attention to the structure, it has weatherproof, durable outer construction.

However, it doesn't support outdoor usage; use it indoors to get better performance. Again, the inside part has a soft poly-blend layer. It ensures the protection of the delicate paint on the car’s outer surface.

As it is a specified car cover for the C7 Corvette Z06 model, it forms a perfect setup around. It has well-designed coverage for the windows that ensure the complete coverage of the car model.

The advantages

  1. Attractive design for car protection.
  2. Easy to put and ensure a snug fit on the car.
  3. Shows the specified car model number on the surface.
  4. It protects the inner paint with a soft inside structure.
  5. Ensures full coverage of the car.
  6. Heavy enough for protection against light rain and snow.

The drawbacks

  1. Made for one specified car model.
  2. Not recommended to use outdoors.


Brand: CoverMaster


Key Features

  1. 100% waterproof three layers of polypropylene construction.
  2. One layer of micro-porous film.
  3. One layer of super-soft cotton fleece coating.
  4. It has UV-ray protection outside.
  5. The package includes a lock and cable.
  6. An antenna patch is available.
  7. The package comes with a storage bag.

What users have experienced

The cover perfectly fits the car and imposes proper coverage all-around. According to most of the users, it works like a glove on the car. The triple-layer protection forms a waterproof coverage.

The enlarged size covers both front and back properly. It is a handy addition to the car that saves it from UV-ray when it is parked outside. On the other hand, users also have negative sayings about the cover.

Although it has three layers of polypropylene construction, the waterproofing doesn’t seem up to mark. Basically, it can handle and save the car during the light rainy condition, but not a good choice in rough windy conditions.

Moreover, many other users have complained of the loose-fitting.

More details about the cover

If you have any c7 car models from 2014 to 2019, you can find this well-made car cover handy. The manufacturer used triple layer polypropylene construction here. The top layer has Micro-Porous film.

However, the bottom layer comes with a super soft cotton fleece coating. Therefore, it protects the delicate painted finish on the car surface even after touching it for an extended period.

On the other hand, the micro-porous film allows the car to breathe properly. It prevents oxidation and water build-up to ensure 100% waterproof coverage all the way. It protects the car surface from wind, snow, rain, and so on.

The UV-ray protection on the top surface also ensures protection from excessive sunlight and harmful UV. The package doesn’t only include a cover; rather it has a cable & lock, one storage bag, and an antenna patch.

As it’s a versatile car cover, it provides a specific fit to corvette c7 Z51, Z06, grand sport, and stingray.

The advantages

  1. The Micro-Porous layer prevents air oxidation and water build-up.
  2. It is 100% waterproof car protection.
  3. Keeps sunlight and UV-ray away.
  4. It fits any c7 car model from 2014 to 2019.
  5. Maintains the car’s painted finish with a super soft cotton fleece coating.
  6. The storage bag keeps the cover secured.

The drawbacks

  1. The cover seems small to cover both front and back.
  2. Water leaks inside during heavy rain.   

Car Cover 2014 2016 Corvette C7 Stingray Black Indoor Dust Car Cover


Brand: Car Cover


Key Features

  1. It comes with knitted polyester outer construction.
  2. Non-abrasive soft lining inside.
  3. It fits the corvette stingray car model.
  4. Have stingray-specific logos throughout the cover surface.
  5. The package includes a storage bag.

What users have experienced

With a simple gray or black color and logos designed throughout the surface, the cover turns out a great addition to the car’s protection. It is easy to identify which car model the logo is made of.

Users loved the logos designed throughout the surface for this reason. However, the only noticeable complaint about the cover is that it’s not made for outdoor protection. It can only protect the car indoors.

But most users love that the inner soft lining doesn't create any scratches on the painted car surface. Also, one can easily keep and store the cover inside the provided storage bag.

More details about the cover

If you are searching for a well-decorated car cover, you should go for it without any second thought. The attractively designed outer surface comes in gray or black color with stingray logos designed throughout the surface.

The manufacturer used knitted polyester to construct the outer surface. It can resist dust, dirt, and excessive sunlight a bit. However, it’s not a waterproof cover to be used outside.  

According to the manufacturer, you should only use the cover to protect the car dust and dirt indoors. It means the garage is the best place to use the cover. You don’t need to worry about the car paint while covering it.

The manufacturer used soft lining inside to maintain the delicate painted top surface of the car. The package is completed with a storage bag.

The advantages

  1. The cover has an attractive design with stingray logos designed all around.
  2. It protects the car from dust and dirt.
  3. Easy to put on.
  4. It fits like a glove on the car.
  5. Keeps the painted color on the car’s surface with the soft lining inside.

The drawbacks

It is not appropriate for outdoor usage.

Corvette C7 Car image

Is there any alternative to the Corvette C7 car cover?

To be honest, there’s no better alternative than a car cover. However, you can keep the car inside the garage to save it from harmful outdoor elements.

But the fact is, because of keeping it inside the garage for a long time, dust will damage the painted outer surface. Therefore, one shouldn’t rely on any alternative other than a protective cover for Corvette C7 cars.


How much does a C7 car cover cost?

On average, the cost of Corvette C7 cars ranges from $125 to $240. However, a few top-grade models sometimes cost more than $800 as well.

Will C7 car cover fit on C5 or C6 models?

Nope, the Corvette C7 cover won’t fit on C5 or C6 models. The reason is that both C5 and C6 models are different in terms of size compared to C7 cars.

How do these car covers repel water?

The outer layer of these car covers is water-resistant. It doesn’t build up water but circulates air inside. Thus, it can easily repel water and ensure waterproofing protection.

Indoor or outdoor, which cover is better for Corvette C7 cars?

For complete protection, an outdoor cover will do better than an indoor one. Indoor covers typically don’t have UV resistance or waterproofing design, which are two big downgrades.

Final verdict

Keep your car safe by putting on a well-made cover. No matter, what weather condition it is; you can always maintain proper protection.

  1. Repels water to form waterproof protection.
  2. It keeps away the harmful UV-ray.
  3. Dust and dirt-free car storage.
  4. Covers the entire car.
  5. Easy to put on and take off.

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