7 Best Degreasers For Heavy-equipment (easy to use)

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Grease, oil, or resins on any heavy-duty machine is more than hard to clean. A strong degreaser at such a juncture can make the cleaning process easier.  

When the market has a large number of degreasers to offer to make you confused, I am here to show you the best of the bests that you can use to clean up grease, oil, resins, and gums from any washable surface.

If that is why you are here, let’s check out what I have got for you-

Best Degreasers for heavy equipment

Types of Heavy Equipment degreasers

Degreasers Cleaning Heavy Equipment

Basically, you will find two different types of degreasers that include water-based and petroleum-based degreasers.

  1. Water-based degreaser
  2. Petroleum-based degreaser.

Water-based degreasers don’t include any harmful chemical ingredients. It is typically used for the light cleaning process.

On the other hand, petroleum-based degreasers are made for heavy equipment cleaning purposes. And one has to follow the safety measures while applying degreasers. Moreover, excessive use of these degreases can cause damage to the applicable part.

Here, we are talking about heavy equipment degreasers, and it has four different types.

Degreaser types


Butyl degreaser

Suitable to clean motor oils and lubricants.

Non-butyl degreaser

Removes stains or animal-fat based grease.

Heavy-duty degreaser

Cleans sticky and tough greases.

Everyday degreaser

Mild and safe for daily usage.

To remove petroleum-type grease, you can rely on a butyl degreaser. It transforms the oily grease into liquid, which ultimately washes the grease away. Also, it’s comparatively a less toxic degreaser.

If you want any degreaser without any cleanser fragrance, a non-butyl one is a perfect choice. It is a highly alkaline degreaser, which stains easily. Often it is regarded as the most appropriate one for hotels and restaurants.

For strong and sticky greases, the ideal solution is heavy-duty degreasers. You can’t get rid of this tough grease through simple scrubbing. Therefore apply a heavy-duty degreaser and make use of the ATV polish kit of bringing back the shiny look.

For regular usage, you need a safe degreaser, which contains the least number of harmful chemicals. Therefore, everyday degreaser comes as the handiest option for anyone. Being a non-toxic degreaser, you need to worry much.

How to choose a heavy-duty equipment degreaser

Getting rid of the rust from a metal surface in automotive or concrete surfaces is always a daunting task. However, you can transform it into a hassle-free one by purchasing a proper heavy-duty equipment degreaser.

Well, you have thought of buying a heavy-duty one doesn’t mean the task is over. You need to know a few basic considerable things before making the final decision.

  1. Choose between water-based or petroleum-based degreasers.
  2. Non-toxic and biodegradable degreaser is always on top.
  3. Look for a multi-purpose one.
  4. One gallon container is most preferable.
  5. Trigger sprayer is a handy addition for easy usability.
  6. It shouldn't provide any bad odor.
  7. A non-corrosive and non-flammable structure is required.


If safety is what you need over grease removal, a water-based degreaser should be the ideal one to choose. On the other hand, a petroleum-based degreaser is more likely to provide perfect grease removal on most occasions.

Also, experts prefer petroleum-based ones over water-based ones in terms of high equipment grease removal. But petroleum-based ones have harmful chemical elements. Therefore, the user needs to ensure safety before applying.


Well, a degreaser is safe and unsafe at the same time. Now the question is when it is safe and when unsafe? Basically, non-toxic and biodegradable degreasers are always safe to use. Even these don’t affect the grass, shrub, or vegetation around.

Moreover, a safer degreaser has an anti-corrosive and non-flammable structure for long-lasting usability. Another crucial thing you need to ensure on safe ones is that it should produce any bad odors.


Most quality degreasers ensure a vast number of usability on different applications. Every manufacturer provides information regarding the usability of the degreaser, and you need to watch it before buying.

High equipment typically contains automotive, concrete or commercial appliances. A high-grade degreaser should have these usability sectors.


For an extended period of support to remove stains, grease, or oil, you should go for a container that contains one gallon of liquid. One gallon means 128 fluid ounces. However, smaller containers can come with 26 and 32 fluid ounces.


Yes, it is necessary to have a built-in sprayer in a degreaser as it enhances applying speed. Most top-quality degreasers have trigger sprayers. Therefore, the container always remains ready to use.


Cleaning and removing the grease from heavy equipment is never an easy task. But you can decrease the difficulty level by following the proper steps for the cleaning. Here are the things you need to do for heavy equipment cleaning using a degreaser.

Before starting the cleaning process, you need to gather a water pressure washer, warm water, degreaser, and fabric cloth, etc.

  1. Wear gloves and a mask before you start.
  2. Apply warm water using a water pressure washer.
  3. Remove the parts for efficient cleaning.
  4. Use a degreaser on the cleanable surfaces.
  5. Keep the degreaser for 15 minutes.
  6. Again use hot water flow with the water pressure washer.
  7. Let it dry before doing anything.
  8. You can use fabric cloth for this.
  9. Also, apply wax on the parts to bring a shiny look.
  10. Lastly, attach the parts that were previously removed.

Best Degreasers for heavy equipment

It’s not that you only need the degreaser to remove grease from the vehicle’s surface. A quality heavy equipment degreaser can remove the dirt and harmful bacteria to extend the performance and look.

Probably, you can buy any heavy equipment degreaser from the market without thinking much. But when the question comes about the quality, you might need to think twice before buying.

Check out the listed items below to ensure the quality of the degreaser you buy.

1. Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer, Rust Converter 

Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer





9.75 pounds

Key Features

  1. Water-based rust converter with latex metal primer.
  2. Per gallon, coverage ranges from 200 to 250 square feet.
  3. Applicable in the automotive, household, or industrial applications.
  4. Non-flammable and non-corrosive degreaser.
  5. Includes one-gallon degreaser.

What users have to say about the degreaser

The degreaser is easy to use and efficiently removes the rust from the applicable surface. With the one-gallon degreaser available in the container, it goes a long way to serve the users.

It doesn’t take more than an hour to complete the cleaning process. As it is a water-based degreaser, the users have a positive experience regarding safety. Therefore, it is a highly recommended one for those who are worried about the environment.

Applicable on

The degreaser comes with versatile usability. One can use it for general home appliances, marine-grade items, automotive, and industrial applications.

For example, garden tools, mailboxes, pet houses, iron furniture, vehicle frames, floorboards, quarter panels, boat trailers, locks, decks, deck railings, manufacturing equipment are some applicable applications.

More details to know

The rust converter from Corroseal comes in a one-gallon container. It is a water-based degreaser, which is safe to use for the long term. According to the manufacturer, it is non-flammable and non-corrosive.

Applying this latex metal primer rust converter isn’t a tough task. Remove the dust using the brush and apply the converter-like paint on the surface. Ultimately, it will convert the rust and provide a shiny look on the applied surface.

To use the degreaser, one only needs soap and warm water. It works efficiently to remove rust and ensure an extended lifespan of the metal part. You can apply it at 8 to 10 mils wet for 200 to 250 square feet per gallon.

Things to like

  1. Removes the rust by just using soap and warm water.
  2. Non-flammable and non-corrosive degreaser.
  3. Easy to apply within an hour.
  4. Applicable in a variety of applications.
  5. Water-based converter for safe usability.

Things to dislike

One type of abrasion is noticeable in the applicable area.

WD-40 Specialist Industrial Degreaser





8.50 pounds

Key features

  1. Powerful grease remover and grime fighter.
  2. A durable and shatter-resistant trigger is available.
  3. Allows using on multiple surface types.
  4. Non-flammable and low-odor formula.
  5. Meets US EPA safer choice standards.

What users have to say about the degreaser

Although it’s not amongst the harsh degreasers in the market, it does the intended cleaning with a lot of efficiencies. Whether it’s about grease or oil, it can clean conveniently. The industrial strength of the cleaner and degreaser makes it ideal for automotive applications.

However, users also have opposite reactions regarding the item. Few users have found that it’s not a perfect choice to remove the grease from metal surfaces. According to them, the grease actually never fades away because the container is more like carrying water.

Applicable on

The cleaner and degreaser are applicable on various types of surfaces. According to the manufacturer, you can apply it on aluminum, copper, other metal, or glass to remove rust and clean them.

More details to know

It is a grease remover and grime fighter that provides a durable cleaning. The manufacturer used a biodegradable bio-solvent formula to increase durability. The degreaser has a shatter-resistant trigger that helps the liquid come out.

One can apply it for food processing facilities because of the non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-corrosive formula. In addition, it offers a low odor while applying, which makes it a suitable choice variety of applications.  

The corrosion resistance saves the applied application from flash rust and enhances longevity. The container comes with one gallon of degreaser. However, it has 24 ounces, 32 ounces, 5 gallons, and 55 gallons containers.

Things to like

  1. Works well on a variety of applications.
  2. One can use it to clean the bike chain as a general degreaser.
  3. Removes the grease and oil efficiently.
  4. It can remove old stains on metal surfaces.
  5. A great one for rusted antique or vintage tools.

Things to dislike

It smells like a cheap household cleaner.

3. Spray Nine 22701 Grez-Off Heavy Duty Degreaser

Spray Nine 22701 Grez-Off Heavy Duty Degreaser



Spray Nine


8.78 pounds

Key features

  1. Non-flammable and biodegradable formula.
  2. Safe to use as it is a VOC complaint.
  3. Has no unpleasant odor or fumes.
  4. No mixing is required to use.
  5. Comes with one gallon of degreaser in the container.
  6. Usable in a vast number of applications.

What users have to say about the degreaser

The heavy-duty degreaser removes the stains and rust from metal or other surfaces. The users seem happy with what it offers, but for tougher grease removal, it’s not the ideal one. You will need to use elbow grease in addition to the degreaser.

However, there’s a common suggestion that came from the users that are to remove all the electric components before applying. After applying, you need to let the degreaser soak onto the application. It ultimately provides the best result for long time usability.

Applicable on

The degreaser requires no mixing and is always ready to use. According to the manufacturer, you can apply it on engines, machinery, tools, workbenches, garage floors, walls, asphalt, stainless steel, chrome, condenser coils, and exhaust hoods.

More details to know

If you are looking for a non-flammable and biodegradable degreaser package, it’s going to be an ideal choice. The VOC-compliant degreaser is safe to use. It efficiently removes automobile soils, dirt, and grease from the applied surfaces.

You will get no fumes or unpleasant odors from the degreaser after applying. As you don’t need to mix any extra ingredients, it always remains ready to use. The package comes with 128 fluid ounces or 1-gallon liquid in the container.

However, the manufacturer didn’t add any trigger on top of the container here.

Things to like

  1. Safe to use with non-flammable and biodegradable features.
  2. Produces no fumes or bad smell after applying.
  3. Always ready to use requiring no mixture.
  4. Removes both dirt and grease.
  5. Works great on general stuff.

Things to dislike

Requires elbow grease for tough greases.



Simple Green


9.38 pounds

Key features

  1. Non-corrosive and professional-grade product.
  2. Works as cleaner and degreaser.
  3. Safe to use on metal surfaces.
  4. Includes one gallon of liquid in the container.
  5. Removes tough greases and grimes.
  6. Recommended surfaces are carpet and floor.

What users have to say about the degreaser

Well, it has proved a useful degreaser and cleaner for bike enthusiasts. Anyone who needs cleaning the aluminum carburetor, bike chains, or other oily motorcycle parts found it highly useful.

As it is a heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser, removing tough grease and stains is not a difficult task anymore. It has turned out as a safe degreaser to use for the majority of users because of the non-toxic feature.  

Applicable on

Whether you have an automotive or recreational vehicle, you can apply this combination of cleaner and degreaser to have the best possible result. According to the manufacturer, you should also use the cleaner on floors, walls, industrial equipment, and appliances.

More details to know

It works as a cleaner, degreaser, and deodorizer at the same time. The manufacturer included one gallon of degreaser in the large container. To enhance the performance quality, it comes with non-corrosive and professional-grade quality.

For tough grease and grimes, it appears as a perfect solution. With the non-toxic structure, the degreaser is safe to use for anyone on any application. Also, it can remove the stain that you took as almost irremovable.

Moreover, one can easily make it usable in commercial kitchens and baths. In addition, the combined package of cleaner and degreaser can go for pressure washing, parts washing, ultrasonic cleaning, and more.

Things to like

  1. Non-toxic structure and safe to use.
  2. It goes a long way to serve.
  3. Works both as a cleaner and a degreaser.
  4. Removes the stains and grease from heavy-duty applications.
  5. Usable in a vast number of applications.

Things to dislike

It leaves a bit of residue after applying.



Oil Eater


2 pounds

Key features

  1. It has a biodegradable material construction.
  2. Non-toxic and low VOC rate.
  3. Water-based cleaner and degreaser.
  4. The package includes an instruction guide.
  5. A trigger sprayer is available.
  6. Contains 32 fluid ounces of liquid inside the container.

What users have to say about the degreaser

After spraying, you need to let the degreaser sit on the application to have the result you intend for having. Most users have found it pretty useful in removing stains from the applied surfaces soon after scrubbing the coating.

Even it can remove the oily stains on a concrete driveway that has been available for a lengthier period. As a user, you just need to have a little effort, and the degreaser will do the rest of the work.

On the other side of the positive scenario, a few users have complained about the service. They experienced that the liquid isn’t capable enough to remove strong stains.

Applicable on

You can apply this small container degreaser on metal surfaces and concrete to remove any strong stain.

More details to know

It is another water-based degreaser that comes in a small container. The container includes 32 fluid ounces of liquid. It works as a perfect solution to remove the grease or stains on concrete that is hard to remove.

According to the manufacturer, the liquid doesn’t contain any toxic elements that ensure a safe applying on any surface. Moreover, it comes ensuring low VOC that enhances the safety measure a lot than ever.

It works as both a cleaner and degreaser to remove tough stains and grease efficiently.

Things to like

  1. Full strength spray allows proper results.
  2. It removes the stains after sitting for a while.
  3. Easy to apply with trigger sprayer.
  4. Safe to use with low VOC and non-toxic structure.
  5. Works as a cleaner too.

Things to dislike

Doesn’t remove the stain properly sometimes.





8 pounds

Key features

  1. Includes four containers in a single package.
  2. It is a restaurant-grade cleaner.
  3. Includes 128 fluid ounces liquid per container.
  4. Removes oil, grease, and adhesives.
  5. Heavy-duty cleaner.

What users have to say about the degreaser

For cleaning products and surfaces in the kitchen or restaurant, it seems one of the most effective cleaners. It doesn’t only serve the users as a cleaner but meets up the users' demand as an effective degreaser as well.

Finding 4 gallons of degreaser in one package within an affordable price range is nothing but a dream. The package includes four containers with each one of these has one gallon of liquid inside.

The affordability of the degreaser is the most attractive side for the majority of users.

Applicable on

It is an all-surface degreaser, but still has manufacturer recommendations regarding applicable applications. You can use it on appliances, grills, stovetops, concrete, tools, engines clean, fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, and kitchen surface.

However, one shouldn’t apply the degreaser on glass, acrylic glass, plastics, auto paint, leather, and natural stone surfaces.

More details to know

You might be searching for an effective solution to remove the grease and dirt from the kitchen or cooking spot. And Zep comes to you with a huge package of cleaner and degreaser. The package includes four containers with one gallon of liquid in each.

It successfully resolves the grease, oil, and kitchen soil to clean the cooking environment. The usability of various applications made it a versatile and useful degreaser. No other brands at present offer more these many gallons degreaser at an affordable price range.

Things to like

  1. Dissolves the grease around the cooking spot.
  2. Usable in almost all kinds of kitchen surfaces.
  3. An affordable but large degreaser package.
  4. Works on the hardwood floor as a cleaner.
  5. Get the result in half of the time.

Things to dislike

Seems alright with the product.

7. CLR PRO Heavy Duty Cleaner, Industrial Strength





1.63 pounds

Key features

  1. Multi-purpose industrial strength degreaser.
  2. Water-based degreaser.
  3. Non-toxic and biodegradable structure.
  4. Effective metal cleaner and rust remover.
  5. Contains 26 fluid ounces in the container.
  6. Includes trigger sprayer on the top of the container.

What users have to say about the degreaser

For hard water stains that seem almost impossible to remove can be removed using the degreaser from CLR. The users found it easy to apply on the surface to clean with a trigger sprayer. Also, it seems well working on heavy-duty applications.

However, the main complaint regarding the degreaser is that it doesn’t remove calcium, lime, and rust properly as it should have done. However, as a regular cleaner, it seems to do the job quite well.

But a slight struggle is noticeable when it comes to heavy degreasing equipment.

Applicable on

It is a multi-surface and multi-purpose degreaser. According to the manufacturer, you can apply it to a commercial kitchen, manufacturing environments, industrial flooring, tiles, machinery, equipment, pool, deck, and hospitality areas.

More details to know

It is a small degreaser container that comes with multi-purpose usability. It offers a non-toxic and biodegradable structure, which contains no abrasives, acids, and petroleum solvents. For being non-toxic, it is not harmful in the applicable or nearby areas.

The full-strength formulation always keeps it ready to use whenever you need it. The multi-purpose, industrial-grade degreaser ensures a reliable performance anytime. By including the trigger sprayer, the manufacturer ensures ease of usability.

As I told you, it’s a small container and contains not more than 26 fluid ounces of liquid. Also, it’s a super safe degreaser because of the water-base structure.

Things to like

  1. A full-strength formulation for serious cleaning action.
  2. Multi-purpose degreaser.
  3. Safe to use because of the water-based structure.
  4. Non-toxic and biodegradable.
  5. Not harmful to nearby shrubs, vegetation, or grass.
  6. Easy to apply using the sprayer.

Things to dislike

Not much sure about calcium and lime removal.

Cost of heavy equipment degreaser?

The cost of heavy equipment degreaser ranges from $6 to $50. However, there are a few things you need to know about the pricing. It basically depends on the container capacity and the type of degreaser.

A 1-gallon container typically costs from $25 to $50. However, a 26-ounce or 32-ounce container won’t cost you more than $15. Again, a heavy-duty degreaser is pricier compared to non-butyl or butyl degreasers.


Does the lubrication fade away after applying degreaser?

Yes, if you apply a degreaser on any bike chain or other lubricated part of your vehicle, it will wash out the lubrication. After a long time of usage or rough usage, the particular washable part creates a rust coating.

Degreaser is here to clean the rust. Therefore, the pre-applied lubrication fades away, and you need to lubricate it again.

What’s the way to preserve the heavy equipment degreaser for a long time?

It doesn’t matter, whichever heavy equipment degreaser you have bought, it must include some basic instruction. If you notice carefully, there’s an instruction regarding not to keep it near heat or direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight or excessive heat can decrease the degreaser quality. Also, one must close the bottle or container properly after using.

Is petroleum-based degreaser flammable?

Unfortunately, a petroleum-based degreaser is flammable. To clean heavy equipment, a petroleum-based degreaser is the ideal one over water-based ones. However, it has a few chemical ingredients that make it flammable.

Therefore, you can go for a water-based degreaser to get relief from this problem instead of petroleum-based ones.

Which type of degreaser do I need?

You should select that one type of degreaser which does the work with efficiency for you. Basically, non-toxic and water-based degreasers are appropriate when you are worried about the risk.

However, you should go for a petroleum-based and heavy-duty degreaser if the surface is excessively oily and dirty. It makes the cleaning process a lot convenient.

What are the environmental complexities of using heavy equipment degreaser?

You can’t ignore the environmental complexities of heavy equipment degreasers even though it removes the grease conveniently. The inclusion of harmful chemical ingredient make is harmful to the environment.

But as we need to preserve the environment to survive, nowadays, there are a lot of environmental-friendly options available.

Final verdict

From the above discussion, it's clear that how handy a quality degreaser is to remove stains and greases. Now, before you choose one from the list, let's sum up the things quickly.

  1. Petroleum-based degreasers are ideal for heavy equipment.
  2. Non-toxic and biodegradable degreasers ensure the safety of use.
  3. A built-in sprayer ensures ease of use.
  4. Most degreasers allow multi-purpose usability.
  5. One gallon is the highest amount of liquid-containing container.

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