Best Dirt and Pit bike kick start lever reviews 2022

Numerous reasons can force you to change the stock kick start lever of your dirt bike and pit bike. An old and rusted kick starter can give you hard trouble while starting the engine. Replacing the stock lever with an OEM or aftermarket product then becomes a must.

If you are looking for a replacement for your pit bike and dirt bike's kick start lever, this article should be a great place to haul your preferred item. We have added some universal and specific kick-start levers throughout this whole article. Don't forget to check out whether we have added a suitable item for you or not.

If scanning through the whole article is a painstaking activity for you, here is the shortlist of the items we will discuss thoroughly in the latter part of this article-

Best Dirt bike kick start lever

Best Dirt bike kick start lever 

1. WOOSTAR 13mm 16mm Kickstart Lever -50 cc -150 cc pit dirt bike

WOOSTAR 13mm 16mm Kickstart Lever -50 cc -150 cc


Solid steel
Applicable model
50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc 150cc Pit Bike Dirt Bike
Installation hole
125mm/4.9", 50mm/2.0"

Key Features

  1. Solid silver steel construction.
  2. CNC machining process.
  3. 13mm-16mm mounting hole diameter.
  4. Lightweight and durable.
  5. Anti-slip paddle.

Woostar has brought this replacement kick start lever kit for most pit bikes and dirt bikes from 50cc to150cc. By the way, this one will not replace Kawasaki KX60, KX100, XR80R, and Yamaha Chappy LB80.

The lever is available in two different color patterns. The black edition will cost you a little more than the silver edition. Besides, the solid silver steel construction should maintain the rigidity of the starter for a long time. On top of that, the CNC machining process will ensure a smooth surface.

Furthermore, the precise hole of the starter will be handy to mount the lever with ease.  The starter is enough lightweight and durable to allow you a wholesome starting process. Besides, the carrying process will be much easier with this exclusive item. Again, the anti-slip paddle of the lever should take great care of your safety.

If you are choosing the lever for the appropriate model, the installation process will not give you hard trouble. We strongly recommend you verify the model number prior to the purchase so that you can avoid any hassle in the longer run. 


  1. This one is compatible with most motorcycles, including pit bikes and dirt bikes.
  2. The CNC machining process makes it more precise.
  3. The installation process will be much easier with the precise mounting hole.
  4. You will be able to install this one on any motorcycles that come with a diameter hole within 13 to 16mm.

2. HIAORS 13mm Kick Starter Lever

HIAORS 13mm Kick Starter Lever


Applicable model
50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc, 125cc Engine Pit/Dirt Bike (Chinese Lifan YX Zongshen YX GPX KAYO Apollo SDG SSR)
Solid steel
Mounting hole

Key features

  1. Solid silver steel construction.
  2. Anti-slip paddle.
  3. Heavy-duty construction.
  4. An excellent replacement for the stock OEM starter.
  5. Lightweight design.
  6. Smooth surface.

This one from HIAORS is available in one aesthetic black color. This one is compatible with most pit bikes and dirt bikes from 50cc to 125cc engines. By the way, the mounting hole diameter of the starter is approximately 13mm. You had better check whether the original starter size falls within 13mm or not.

Furthermore, the metalized construction with the perfect finishing gives this one a smooth appearance on the outside. On top of that, the anti-slip paddle of the starter will ensure essential leverage and safety while starting your bike.

Another reason to go with this starter lever is that this one comes with more heavy-duty construction than the original stock starter. That means this one is ready to be an excellent replacement for the rusted and old starter gear.

Moreover, the lightweight construction of the starter should always please you with its versatility. Finally, the economical budget of the starter keeps no excuse to avoid this excellent item.


  1. This one comes at a much economical price range.
  2. The anti-slip paddle will ensure greater safety.
  3. The precise finishing of the starter gives this one a smooth appearance.
  4. This one is compatible with the most popular model pit bike and dirt bike.


The first one offers more versatility, whereas the second product is much economical with quality.

3. Suzuki 00-07 DR-Z Kick Start Starter KIT 26300-29815


Kick start color
Applicable model
Suzuki DRZ 400.
Included gear
All hardware.

Key features

  1. This kit is the replacement for the original Suzuki DRZ 400 models kick start.
  2. The kit includes all the necessary gears and hardware to complete an easy installation.
  3. The kit includes a decompression lever, a decompression cable, kick start, shaft, washers, nuts, spacers, various springs, and all other necessary gears.

If you have a Suzuki DRZ model, this OEM product is ready to replace your old kick starter with all necessary hardware and accessories. This one is compatible with all Suzuki DRZ 400E dirt bikes from 2006 to 2016. By the way, you can also install the kit on your DRZ 400E models.

Being an OEM product, this one should not keep any space for complaints. You will get the same result as you are getting with the stock starter. You just need to ensure that you are making the right installation.

The instruction that comes with the item can be misleading, but there is nothing wrong with the quality of the product. It’s just that you are getting the right product with the wrong instruction.

The kit includes a decompression lever, a decompression cable, kick start, shaft, washers, nuts, spacers, various springs, and all other necessary gears to complete an easier installation.


  1. You don’t have to search for a little equipment to complete the installation. The kit includes everything that you need.
  2. Being an OEM product, there is nothing to complain about the product’s quality.


The instruction that comes with the kit can give you a bamboozling experience. You may watch 

See this video to enjoy an easier DIY installation.

4. Outlaw Racing OR4476S Billet Aluminum Kick Starter Lever for KTM


Outlaw Racing Products.
High strength aluminum
Applicable model
KTM 65 SX, SXS, and XC.
2009 to 2015.

Key features

  1. Rigid aluminum construction.
  2. Smooth appearance with the anodized finishing.
  3. Steel knuckle.
  4. Sleek design.
  5. Specific replacement for the KTM dirt bikes.

This one from Outlaw Racing Products is another specific replacement for the kick start lever of your KTM 65 SX, SXS, and XC model dirt bike. The kick start will comply with any SX models from 2009 to 2015, SXS models from 2012 to 2013, and XC models of 2009.

This one will be an excellent replacement of the stock products with the extreme 7075 aluminum. The material will keep the durability and rigidity of the product for a long time. Furthermore, the anodized finishing gives the surface of the starter a smooth appearance.

The kick start also comes pairing with a steel knuckle, allowing the starter to be versatile with its starting process. Moreover, the sleek-looking appearance should make your dirt bike more aesthetic.

Finally, the extremely strong construction of the kick start will retain the color and quality for a longer time.  If you want a specific replacement for your KTM dirt bike’s kick start, this after marker product will beat anything.


  1. The extreme construction of the kick start will retain the quality for a lifetime.
  2. The item is compatible with a large number of KTM dirt bikes.
  3. The kick start makes your dirt bike more stylish.

5. Caltric Kick Start Compatible for Honda

Caltric Kick Start Compatible for Honda


Applicable model
Honda Crf 450R.
High strength aluminum.

Key features

  1. Rigid aluminum construction.
  2. Bolt-on assembly.
  3. Precise mounting hole.
  4. Unique knuckle for the perfect startup.

This one from Caltrick brings replacement for the Honda Crf 450R model dirt bikes. This one is compatible with any Honda Crf 450R models from 2002 to 2005.

First of all, the rigid aluminum construction of the kick start lever will deliver optimum performance in all situations. The inclusion of the perfect mounting hole will allow you to install the lever within 20 minutes. 

Moreover, the device comes with a bolt-on assembly feature. As a result, you just need to take the old one off the chamber to install the new one within a minute. Furthermore, the precise mounting hole of the kick start will ensure convenient installation without giving you any trouble.

On top of that, the inclusion of the essential knuckle on the lever will make the starting process more versatile. If the original kick start lever of your Honda Crf 450R is not responding properly, this after-market lever should make the replacement much productive.


  1. The installation process of the lever will take a very short time with the bolt-on application.
  2. The durability of the lever will not deteriorate with the rigid aluminum construction.
  3. The lever is more versatile with an exclusive knuckle on the head.

6. Kick Starter Anodized Red for Honda CRF450R


Tusk Racer.
Applicable model
Honda CRF450R models from 2002 to 2005.
Forged aluminum
Anodized Red.

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Key features

  1. Forged aluminum construction.
  2. Sleek-looking anodized red finishing.
  3. Perfect replacement for the stock gear.
  4. Easier installation.
  5. Precise mounting hole for the CRF 450R.

This one from Tusk Racer is another kick-start lever replacement gear for the Honda CRF 450R model. This one is compatible with the CRF450R model from 2002 to 2005.

The lever is always an envying kick start gear both for the features and looks. The stylish red color of the lever will enhance the beauty of your bike to another extent. Furthermore, the gear comes with a premium forged aluminum construction, allowing it to withstand a larger amount of force.

On top of that, the anodized finishing of the lever gives this one a smooth finishing that is very hard to ignore. We know that the Honda CRF450R model is prevalent everywhere, making people seek a kick-start replacement.

The mounting hole of the kick starter is specifically designed for matching the hole of the CRF450R, allowing you to make an optimum replacement. This one may seem expensive, but it is really an affordable replacement for the stock lever.


  1. The starter comes at an affordable price than the OEM product.
  2. The sleek-looking finishing will give your bike a stylish appearance.
  3. The forged aluminum construction will withstand a higher amount of force to retain durability.

7. ZXTDR Kick Starter Start Shaft Shift Lever 16mm


Applicable model
50cc-160cc Pit / Dirt Bikes.
Mounting hole

Key features

  1. Universal kick starter lever.
  2. More pressure efficiency.
  3. Anti-slip paddle.
  4. Perfect lever and pedal length.
  5. Durable and sturdy construction.

Our final recommendation is a universal kick-starter for any dirt and pit bike that comes with a 16mm mounting hole diameter. This one is compatible with any dirt bike engine from 50cc to 160cc.

First of all, the kick starter comes with sturdy steel construction. As a result, the lever will be able to withstand more pressure than an average product. Besides, the perfect finishing of the lever gives this one a precise and smooth appearance on the outside.

On top of that, the inclusion of the anti-slip paddle will allow you to impose enough force on the lever without deteriorating the condition. Moreover, the combination of perfect lever and pedal length will ensure enough versatility to get to your comfort zone.

Finally, the appropriate weight variation of the kick starter should allow you to make the perfect placement. If you would like to replace the old stock kick starter with a new one, this lever with a 16mm mounting hole should always please you to a great extent.


  1. The Universal kick-start lever construction will allow you to install it on any motorcycles from 50cc to 160cc construction.
  2. The lever will take good care of your safety.
  3. The kick starter is enough versatile with maximum load capacity.

Buying guide

Here are the top five things everyone should look at while purchasing a kick start lever for your pit bike or dirt bike-

Kick start lever model




WOOSTAR 13mm 16mm Kickstart Lever

Compatible with most motorcycles from 50cc to 150cc.

HIAORS 13mm Kick Starter Lever

An economical lever from most dirt bikes with a 50cc to 125cc engine.

Suzuki 00-07 DR-Z Kick Start Starter KIT

Specific replacement for Suzuki DRZ 400 models.

Outlaw Racing OR4476S Billet Aluminum Kick Starter Lever

Specific replacement for KTM 65 SX, SXS, and XC models.

Caltric Kick Start

Specific replacement for Honda Crf 450R.

Kick Starter Anodized Red

Specific replacement for Honda CRF450R models from 2002 to 2005.

ZXTDR Kick Starter

Universal replacement kick starter for most pit bikes and dirt bikes from 50cc to 160cc engine.


The most important thing everyone should keep in mind while purchasing a replacement kick start lever for a pit bike and dirt is whether the gear is compatible with the bike or not. Checking the compatibility of the item keeps you safe from any hassle while completing the installation. The most ideal decision would be to choose a product that comes only specific to your bike's model. This will help you to reduce any risk in the long run.

Mounting hole 

The diameter of the mounting hole determines whether you will be able to complete a convenient installation or not. A kick start lever usually comes with a diameter from 13mm to 16mm. Always check the diameter of the mounting hole to avoid all kinds of distractions. You may not have proficient knowledge about a kick start lever, but nothing should keep you from choosing the right material.

Anti-slip paddle

The paddle is the place where you impose the whole pressure. That is why it is always essential to choose a lever that comes with an anti-slip paddle. It reduces the risk of displacement while forcing the pressure on the lever. Always choose the right paddle to ensure a safe starting. It also helps you to remain safe from any damages.

Construction material 

Most of the motorcycle kick start lever comes with a steel or aluminum made construction. The perfect thickness, rigidity, and durability of a lever keep it safe from deterioration. We won't say that aluminum will ensure more stability over the steel-made starter. Instead, it is the rightly chosen material with the perfect thickness and dimension that delivers the longevity you want from a lever.

Bolt-on assembly 

A kick start lever with a bolt-on assembly feature always enables you to make the swift installation. You just need to take off the old and rusted stock lever from the place to replace it with the new lever. A bolt-on assembly process would not give you any hassle to re-assemble the lever by maintaining some painstaking procedure.

How a dirt bike kick-starter works?

The function of a kick start lever is to transmit the power to the crankshaft so that it can allow the piston to start the movement. Here is how a kick start transmit the power from your kick to the crankshaft of the engine-

When you kick on the kick start lever, it gets sudden power to rotate the ratchet mechanism connected to the lever.

The ratchet mechanism then shifts the power to the main shaft of the engine’s transmission system.

The function of the main shaft is to shift the power to the clutch system.

As a result, it starts to rotate the crankshaft of the engine.

The rotation of the crankshaft means the movement of the piston.

When the piston inside the cylinder moves upside down, it will activate the transmission system of the engine.

Once the piston of the cylinder completes the first intake stroke, it becomes an automatic process. The engine then starts transferring the energy until it gets a signal from you to stop.

Final words

You simply cannot buy a new kick start lever to install on your dirt or pit bike. Checking compatibility is always an issue that everyone should consider with great importance. That is why our list contains both specific and individual products so that you can choose with proper consideration. If you are talking about quality, we can assure you will love the experience.

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