Best Dirt And Pit Bike Engine Cleaner Reviews 2022

There is a proverb that says a clean engine is the fastest engine. Riding on the toughest trail can pollute the engine and other organs of the bike with concentrated oil, grime, and dust. The best way to clean a contaminated engine of a dirt bike is using a superior engine cleaner or degreaser.

An engine cleaner or degreaser breaks down the sturdiest particles of the grime and oil to give it a clean look. Many people claim that an engine cleaner is a total waste of money. A degreaser will indeed be a waste of money if you choose the wrong item.

This article contains the list of the seven best dirt bike engine cleaners that should introduce you to deep and penetrated engine cleaning. Before we start, here is our top pick for you-

Our top pick

WD-40 Specialist Machine & Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray

WD-40 degreaser is a perfect solution for rugged oil and grime with a deep penetrating stream.

 Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Signature Series Orange Degreaser

The authentic citrus-based solution will break down the stubborn grime and oil within a second.

CAR GUYS Wheel and engine cleaner

The environment-friendly material with Ph neutral formula will provide the safest cleaning experience.

 Aero Cosmetics Wash All Multi-Purpose Cleaner

A cleaner that complies with multiple applications, including a dirt bike engine.

Gunk FEB1 Foamy Engine Brite Engine Cleaner - 17oz.

The foamy solution will reach every remote corner of the engine to ensure deep cleaning.

Armor All Foaming Car Cleaner and Degreaser.

The aesthetic fragrant of the degreaser will make your mood vibrant while doing the cleaning.

Griot’s Garage 10959 Engine Cleaner 22oz

A perfect engine cleaner with an affordable price range.

Best Dirt Bike Engine Cleaner

1. WD-40 Specialist Machine & Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray, 18 OZ- Overall Best


Brand: WD-40.

Size:  18oz.

Key Features

  1. Water-based formula.
  2. Deep penetration.
  3. Powerful stream.
  4. Powerful degreaser.
  5. VOC compliant.
  6. Applicable on multiple items.

WD-40 degreasers are always the best cleaner for a dirt bike engine or anodized metal. The first reason to go with this product is its water-based formula with a deep penetrating mechanism. The deep penetrating formula will reach every crevice corner of the engine to ensure deep cleaning.

Furthermore, the powerful stream will allow the foam to reach up to 5 feet to reach the most intricate location. On top of that, the powerful degreaser will remove every smallest particle of dirt, oil, and grime from your dirt bike engine to give it a clean vibe.

Moreover, the smoothest material will ensure more functionality of the organs of your dirt bike. The foamy degrease will stay wherever you spray the foam, making the cleaning process more versatile. The sprayer is also VOC compliable in more than 50 states. 

Finally, the grease is not only a perfect choice for your dirt bike engine but also can work effectively on tractors, forklifts, and Geaf.  By the way, the product is much economical with decent quality.


  1. The VOC-compliant feature will not damage the engine of your beloved dirt bike.
  2. The degreaser with a strong stream will allow you to reach the remote corner of the bike.
  3. You will be able to use this one in multiple applications with full confidence.

2. Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Signature Series Orange Degreaser - Best citrus-based degreaser


Brand: Chemical Guys.

Size: 16oz.

Key Features

Citrus-based solvent.

Fastest cleaning process.

Super concentrated chemical.

Safe cleaning.

Deep and penetrated cleaning.

This 16oz orange degreaser comes from Chemical Guys. This one is a citrus-based degreaser, introducing you to the deepest cleaning process. The citrus-based construction will break down the sturdiest oil, grime, and dust particles to make the engine of your dirt bike clean and sound.

Furthermore, the chemical inside the bottle is super concentrated. You can dilute the solvent according to your need at any time. If the amount of grease and grime is not that severe, you can use a mild ratio to ensure deep cleaning.

The citrus-based construction will not harm any organs of your bike. You can also think about cleaning the greasy suspension system of your bike through this cleaner. The smooth solvent will maintain the brightness of the engine without damaging the condition.

Furthermore, the efficiency period of this engine cleaner is way faster than any other average cleaner. You don't have to wait for a long time to start the cleaning process. Finally, you will get this degreaser at a price of under 10 dollars. Be tidy with your process with this exclusive degreaser from Chemical Guys.


  1. You will get this 18oz solvent at a price of under 10 dollars.
  2. This one will break down the sublime grime and oil at a very fast speed.
  3. This one will allow you to dilute the concentrated solution to a mild degree to clean mild dust, debris, or grime.

3. CAR GUYS Wheel and engine cleaner-Best for safety


Brand: Car Guys.

Size: 18oz.

Key Features

  1. Highly concentrated cleaning gel.
  2. Safe for all wheels/tires/engines.
  3. Acid-free and PH balanced.
  4. Environment-friendly.
  5. Multipurpose cleaning tool.

Car Guys wheel and engine cleaners are for those who prefer using the safest chemicals on the bike's tire to give it a deep cleaning. This one is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used in different applications.

The chemical would not damage any metal, alloy, aluminum, or chrome particle. As a result, this one is the safest option to clean your dirt bike thoroughly. On top of that, the cleaner comes with a concentrated solvent. You will be able to dilute the concentration according to the severity of the contaminants.

Furthermore, the solution has advanced Ph neutral formula, giving you the safest cleaning experience. The severity of pollution is not an issue at all. Car GUYS wheel and engine cleaner will clean everything.

This one will introduce the most versatile cleaning process. Spray the concentrated liquid directly onto the contaminated area. Wait a minute and clean the area with hose water. If you are still looking for reasons to go with this product, the refund process of Car Guys should pat you on the back to grab the item.


  1. This one is the safest cleaning solution for all kinds of situations.
  2. The environment-friendly material will not impact badly on the environment.
  3. The solvent will ensure the deepest and fastest cleaning experience.

4. Aero Cosmetics Wash All Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Best multipurpose


Brand: Aero Cosmetics.

Size: 128oz.

Key Features

  1. Works on multiple applications.
  2. Safe for the environment.
  3. No harmful chemicals.
  4. Alcohol and ammonia-free.
  5. Easiest cleaning process.

Our next recommendation for a dirt bike engine cleaner is from Aero Cosmetics. This one is also a multipurpose cleaner you can use in different applications. By the way, we are recommending here the 128oz bottle size. You can also purchase the item in 16oz and 32oz variations.

This degreaser is safe to use in all kinds of functions, including kitchen, bath, car, bike, and so on. Furthermore, the chemical will not deteriorate the condition of any paint, leather, metal, or steel with the safest material.

On top of that, the chemical is free from alcohol and ammonia, making this one is bio-degradable to maintain safety. On the other hand, the environment-friendly material will not pollute the environment to maintain the balance.

Furthermore, Aero Cosmetic cleaner comes with the easiest cleaning process. Spray the solvent on the area and wipe the area with a dry towel to get the cleanest experience. By the way, you can use this one with and without water, too.


  1. This multipurpose dirt bike degreaser is compatible with a large number of applications.
  2. You can do home cleaning through this essential cleaner, too.
  3. The cleaner will not react badly on any surfaces, including steel, alloy, glass, clothes, and so on.

5. Gunk FEB1 Foamy Engine Brite Engine Cleaner - Best foam solution


Brand: Gunk.

Size: 170z.

Key features

  1. Powerful foam.
  2. Deepest cleaning.
  3. Long-distance spraying.
  4. Suitable for car engines.
  5. Water washable.

Finishing this recommendation section without recommending this exclusive item from Gunk will always be a back-dated decision. This one is a dedicated engine cleaner that will remove the stubborn grime and buildups from your dirt bike or car's engine.

The foamy solvent of the engine will remain in one place to give you the most versatile cleaning experience. The essential material will break the deepest grease, debris, and grime particles. On top of that, the sprayer is strong enough to spray from 5ft to 6ft distance.

Furthermore, the powerful foamy solution will stick to the vertical surfaces. As a result, the solution will penetrate through the remote places to keep the engine of your vehicle clean and shiny. If you are dubious about whether you should have this cleaner or not, we recommend you to check the reviews on amazon to learn about people's reactions.

Let the soap soak for a minute and then wash the solution with clean water. That is it. The engine of your vehicle should provide the brightest shine now. Grab this one to save your bucks from wasting.


  1. The sprayer can reach a long distance to ensure deep cleaning.
  2. It will give the engine the brightest appearance.
  3. This product has got some excellent reviews on different online forums because of its authentic construction.

6. Armor All Foaming Car Cleaner and Degreaser - Best for fragrant


Brand: Armor All.

Size: 32oz.

Key Features

  1. Deep penetration.
  2. Multiple application.
  3. Safe solution.
  4. Aesthetic scent.
  5. Easy cleaning.

Armor All is here to protect your engine from excess dirt, debris, grease, and all kinds of engine build-ups.  The chances of contamination increase higher when you drive on the rough trail. But there is always a solution for everything.

The precise solvent of this cleaner will cut through the sublime piece of grease and engine oil to make your bike engine new again. On top of that, this solution is compatible with multiple applications. You will be able to use this one not only for your dirt bike engine but also on typical home chores.

Furthermore, the safest material will protect the layer of the engine from chemical deterioration. The citrus scent of the solution will provide an aesthetic smell while doing the cleaning. Moreover, the deep penetrating formula will always please you with the cleaning.

Finally, this cleaner will provide a shiny vibe to the engine. As a result, the bike will shine like a new one. If you want to avoid the distracting chemical smell while cleaning the bike, choose this Armor All foam solution for your dirt bike.


  1. The aesthetic fragrant of the cleaner will give you a comfortable experience while doing the cleaning.
  2. The deep penetrating formula will never disappoint you with the cleaning.
  3. You will be able to use this one in multiple applications.

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7. Griot's Garage 10959 Engine Cleaner 22oz - Best for budget


Brand: Griot’s.

Size: 22oz.

Key features

  1. Sticky solvent.
  2. Deep cleaning.
  3. No distracting smells.
  4. Multi-purpose.
  5. Thorough cleaning.

Our final recommendation on this list is from Griot. This one is a mild degreaser that will take great care of your dirt bike engine. This cleaner will ensure a thorough cleaning from the deepest grease to the mildest dust.

Furthermore, the solution will stick to the exact place to ensure deep penetration. On the other hand, the multipurpose application will allow you to use this one in several applications.

The engine cleaner does not produce any distracting smell, making you comfortable while doing the cleaning. On top of that, the solution will introduce you to the easiest cleaning process. Spray the solvent on the exact position and swipe the position with a microfiber towel to get the cleanest vibe.

You may also use a hosepipe to ensure a deep and penetrating cleaning process. Finally, the moderate price range of the cleaner should satisfy you with its quality.


  1. The item comes at an affordable price range.
  2. The item will not produce any distracting smell.
  3. The multipurpose tool will allow you to use the item in various applications.

How to clean a dirt bike engine?

dirt bike clean

Cleaning the dirt bike is not the hardest job all the time. You just need a perfect degreaser and a decent water supply to do the cleaning. Here are the ways you may follow to ensure a deep and penetrating engine cleaning-

  1. First of all, use a hosepipe to rinse the whole bike thoroughly. Simply pour the water all over the bike before applying the degreaser.
  2. After that, spray the degreaser on the part where the grease or dirt is too moderate.
  3. Keep the degreaser for a couple of minutes to ensure deep and penetrating cleaning.
  4. Once the solution cuts through all the stubborn grease or buildups, you need to rinse the bike thoroughly with the help of a hose pipe.
  5. You should double-check that you are not keeping any degreaser on the bike or engine.
  6. Finally, you may also use an engine shiner to give the engine a newish look. It is not necessary all the time. But if you love to keep your bike bright, using a shiner should be great.

Buying guide

Thinking about buying an engine cleaner for your dirt bike? Here are some of the crucial things to keep in mind-


A good engine or bike cleaner always sticks to the position, ensuring deep penetration. That is why choosing a foamy solvent always serves in the best way possible. We are not saying that a liquid solvent will not do the task. But a foamy solvent can make the cleaning process much beneficial. A liquid solution is great when the level of grease or dust is mild on the engine. But when it is in a severe condition, consider having a foamy solution.

Safe chemical

We all know that an engine degreaser is a chemical solvent. The quality of a degreaser depends on the type of chemical that it has. Choose a chemical that will not impact badly on the engine or other organs of the bike. A safe chemical also protects the environment from degradation. At the end of the day, it is your decision whether you prefer safety or not.


A multipurpose cleaner allows you to use the solvent in multiple applications. As a result, you get to save much of your budget. Besides, a multipurpose cleaner removes your burden from going here and there to clean different organs of the bike. You get to clean the whole bike with one item only.

Cleaning process

You need to be familiar with the cleaning process, too. Some liquids come with a dry-cleaning process, whereas some others require a deep cleaning through hose water. You should always know the cleaning process of your engine cleaner. As a result, you will be able to avoid a misleading cleaning experience. You may watch some videos from YouTube to learn about the basics of cleaning a dirt bike engine.


A gallon of dirt bike engine cleaner will cost you from 20 dollars to 35 dollars.

On the other hand, purchasing a bottle of 18oz solvent will cost you nearly 8 to 12 dollars. Some expensive chemicals may cost some more, too. Choose a product according to the budget you have.

Final words

Keeping the engine of the dirt bike with deep and tough grease or build-ups can deteriorate the condition to a severe degree. That is why you should clean the engine at least thrice a year. Cleaning the engine at regular intervals will give your bike a stylish vibe and appearance.  But there are thousands of products on the market to bamboozle you to make a decent decision. If you at that situation right now, consider grabbing one product from our recommendation list. We can bet you would not regret the decision in the near future.

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