The best location for rock lights: In-depth discussion on the perfect locations to mount your rock lights.

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We know most people think about visibility in the front and rear part of their vehicle while driving. But some eccentric people are still there who think about foreground brightness. Yes, we are talking about rock lights here.

If you are someone who has been looking for the perfect placement to install rock lights, this article is here to give you perfect guidelines so that you can get into the process with absolute confidence.

While the conventional strategy to install a rock light is in the front and rear part of the wheel well, some drivers also prefer installing a rock light a little nearer to the center as well.

But which placement brings the most wholesome experience? Well, that is what we are here to find out.

best location for rock lights

What are rock lights anyway?

Before you make the perfect placement, it is necessary that you know the real definition and purpose of this lights. Therefore, we thought about keeping this section here before getting into the real section. If you do not care about the definition or purpose of lights, you can skip these sections to move into the placement section.

Rock lights are either single-colored or multi-colored LED lights most drivers use to enhance the visibility of the vehicle's foreground area.

While the primary purpose of rock lights is to enhance visibility at night, some drivers prefer installing them to make their vehicle stand out or to make it more elegant.

Rock lights are similarly popular in both on and off-road vehicles. Besides, some off-road motorbike riders also prefer installing this lights to make their bike look more stylish.

Nevertheless, rock lights indeed bring good safety while driving at night.

Best locations to mount rock lights

rock lights

The best location to mount a rock light is on the wheel well of your vehicle’s plastic fender. Depending on the number of lights you are planning to install, the position of installation can always vary.

Here are some of the things you can keep in mind while mounting rock lights to your vehicle-

Mounting rock lightson the fender wheel well

  1. When you are a minimalistic user, installing four rocks light to each of the fender wheel wells should be okay.
  2. When you are not happy with one rock light on each of the fender wheel wells, you can think about mounting one in the front and one in the back of each of the fender wheel well as well.
  3. Following the second step will surely increase the budget.
  4. Besides, you can also think about adjusting the position in terms of your preference. When you know what you want, improvisation becomes much easier.

Mounting rock lights on the back

  1. You can light up the back half of your vehicle by installing a rock light as well. The bottom part of the undercarriage should be the ideal place to mount a rock light on it.
  2. You can also think about mounting this light on the frame rail as well.
  3. If the light unit is powerful, you can go away with two units of rock lights. Install one on each side of the frame rails of the backside of your vehicle to get proper lighting on the back.
  4. You can also customize the options by installing multiple numbers of rock lights by arranging them according to your preference.

Mounting backlights underneath your vehicle

  1. Some people go a step further by installing lights underneath their vehicles as well. In that case, putting the rock light in the center of your car should deliver the most comprehensive experience.
  2. Mounting the right in the center of your car or truck protects it from larger substances that the vehicle will face while driving.
  3. Besides, you can also think about mounting a rock light right underneath the front seat part as well. This will deliver more clearance while driving.

That means in total around 10 rock light units should give the brightest light experience. But the scope of improvisation is never limited. You can always put as many rock lights as you want on your vehicle to give it the most vibrant experience.

What are the types of rock lights?

location for rock lights

In general, there are two different types of rock light units you would notice all around you. These are:

  1. Single color rock light.
  2. Multi-color rock light.

Single color LED light will have only one essential color. Therefore, these lights are suitable for mounting right underneath the vehicle.

On the other hand, a multi-color light will pop multiple color variations. These types of lights can usually shift the color movement so that the user can get the most vibrant experience.

Do you need to drill your vehicle to mount rock lights?

Drilling is one of the many ways to mount rock lights. The most convenient and easiest way to mount rock lights is through a magnetic adapter.

If you look for one, you should be able to get a magnetic adapter to mount the lights on your vehicle by enforcing the least pressure on it.

What types of automotive use rock light?

Every automotive can attach rock light like,

1. Car rock lights

2. UTV rock lights

3. Jeep rock lights

4. Truck rock lights.

Final summary

  1. Rock lights not only enhance the eccentricity of your truck or car but also keeps the driver safe at night.
  2. You can either go with a single color or multi-color variation while choosing one light.
  3. The fender wheel well is the most ideal place to mount rock lights.

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