7 Best overhead gun rack for UTV, ATV and truck reviews 2022

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A UTV overhead gun rack is a great companion to safely and securely transport and access your long guns in the field.

Depending on the size and type, a UTV gun rack can hold up to three guns at a time. So even if you are driving your UTV over the toughest terrain, having a convenient gun rack installed on your UTV can make you comfortable with your approach.

If you are a running hunter, you tend to bounce up and down, forcing you to position your gun again and again.

That is why we are back with the top seven overhead gun racks that you can think about installing to your UTV to get a convenient experience while going on a hunt.

Without any further I do, let’s get into it then-

Why an overhead gun rack for your UTV is the best option?

  1. First of all, an overhead gun rack allows you to mount the holder on the top of your vehicle. As a result, you can store and access your tactical guns without filling any additional space. 
  2. Second of all, mounting or installing an overhead gun rack is super easy.
  3. Moreover, it makes your UTV look a little more aggressive.
  4. Again, you get enough space left to carry other utility gears while going on a hunt.
  5. Finally, an overhead gun rack is not that costly to freak you out.

Here are some of the best ATV racks you may check to have more space for carrying your utility materials. 

Best overhead gun rack

Best UTV overhead gun rack

We could make our list much longer with lots of products on this list. But we know that when the options are many, going with one specific option becomes a little harder. That is why we have shortlisted all those products within the top seven items so that you can get the best experience possible.

Let's begin discussing the first product on this list, which comes from Great Day-

1. Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack - UTV's with 23"-28" rollbar depth

Great day Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack



Great  Day


Can-Am, Polaris, Wrangler, Honda, Kawasaki, Kubota, and many more


Aircraft-grade  aluminum




Six different sizes


Drill free installation

User experience (9/10)

The first impression you will have once you receive this item is that this one is a well-built item to please the users to a great degree. From material to the mounting feature, this is surely a great product to have.

In terms of overall customer satisfaction, we will give it a nine out of ten.

Features worth discussing

First of all, Great Day brings this item in six different sizes. Therefore, this item will be compatible with most UTVs, ATVs, Jeep Wrangler, and many other vehicles. Always check the size chart before you confirm the purchase.

Second of all, the installation process of this item is pretty much straightforward. The system works by using only tension. Therefore, you will require no additional drilling or bolts to complete the process. Anybody should be able to do the installation within five minutes.

Moreover, the rack comes for those who want safe and secure access to their tactical rifles. It does not matter whether you have a soft-top or a hardtop; Quickdraw overhead gun rack will hold your guns securely and nicely in a single position.

Again, the foam mounts and the Velcro straps should also make it much more relevant to your need. The rack itself is made with aircraft-grade Aluminum, with a nice-looking powder-coated finishing. As a result, you can always expect to get high-end durability and longevity from the item.

Finally, the logical and convenient price range will always give you the feeling that you are making the right decision.


  1. Quickdraw overhead gun rack is flexible enough to hold everything nice and tight.
  2. The foam inside of the mount will ensure that your tactical rifles are always safe.
  3. Attaching and detaching the rifle from its storage location will be much easier as well.


Although most of the reviews regarding this item were good enough to give it a place in this recommendation section, some of the users did mention that this one does not work well with a hardtop. This might be true for some specific models. Therefore, always give a better look at what other people are saying before you get into the purchase.

2. Kolpin UTV Overhead Gun Carrier

Kolpin UTV Overhead Gun Carrier








Adjustable length

20.5 inches to 28.5 inches



Overall weight

Around 4.2 pounds


Rubber coated ends and foam padding


No additional assembly and tool required

User experience (8/10)

This Kolpinoverhead gun rack is even better than the previous one in some aspects of its presentation. But this one indeed has some restrictions as well to make a user a little uneasy with the process. But depending on the overall performance, this one is always worth having.

Features worth discussing

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to accommodate your tactical rifles or guns by mounting them on the top of your UTV or ATV, this one might be the most appropriate solution you can think about installing in your vehicle.

Why so? Well, the very first thing you will love about this item is its sturdy and heavy-duty construction. Installing this mount to your UTV will allow you to hold up to two long rifles at a time without giving you the least trouble possible.

If you are thinking about whether this one will comply with your vehicle or not, we would love to mention that this one is adjustable from20.5 inches to 28.5 inches. Therefore, you will have whole many options to adjust the mounting according to your car's specifications.

The thing that matters most at the end of the Day while purchasing an overhead gun rack is the protection of your rifles. If they fall from the top or builds scratches once you mount the guns on the rack, you surely are not taking the right decision.

This Kolpin gun rack with its rubber-coated ends and foam padded construction will hold and secure the guns with optimum proficiency.  You will always be in good touch once you installed the item on your ATV or UTV.


  1. Like the previous one, this one also offers tool-free installation.
  2. The price of this item is super relevant to give it a try.
  3. The built quality is well durable to last for a long time.


Well, a little percentage of users have said that the rack stretches manually. Therefore, after certain days of usage, the gun mounted on the rack may hit slightly on your head. Anyway, that should not be the reality all the time. We recommend you ensure a tight connection so that you can avoid such complications in the longer run.

3. Seizmik Overhead Gun Rack



Orange Cycle Parts


Overhead gun rack

Fits in

Roll cage





Holds gun



Premium glass field nylon housing/Cast aluminum support bracket


Rubber straps, thick plate, cast steel brackets mount

User experience 9/10

Seizmik overhead gun rack is popular among most users.  We have asked more than 50 users to share their experiences with us regarding this item. Almost 75% of the users have agreed to the fact that this one is a quality product to entail your faith on.

Therefore, we will give it a nine out of ten in terms of overall user experience.

Features worth discussing

No matter wherever you drive, when this Seizmik overhead gun holder is installed on your UTV, your guns will always remain in the safe hand.

Seizmik offers safe and secure gun transportation and access in a complimentary. You will no longer need to fill up your UTV bed with rifles and guns. Installing this one will keep extra space to fill up with utility or for hauling stuff.

Now, this holder should fit in any existing roll cage that your UTV has. The super-adjustable gun rack should not piss you off while doing the installation.

The gun rack will allow you to store two guns overhead, and that is also with the most convenient protection facilities.

Seizmik offers three different models for their overhead gun rack so that you can make the best decision. You will always be able to make the best fit for your vehicle when you go with any one of these three.

Last but not least; the controller and the shock absorption capacity will always ensure that your guns remain safe and secure in every scenario.


  1. The gun rack fits exactly the same way as it describes.
  2. This can turn out to be far better when you are ready to do some modifications in the longer run.
  3. The adjustability of this item is super relevant to make it compatible with most users.


So far so good; we are resting the task up to you to find out the faults. Still, we are having a good experience with this item.

4. Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack

Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead utv Gun Rack



Great  Day

Rollbar depth

28 to 35 inches




Black powder-coated finishing


Super-soft rubber gun clips, weather protection

Gun holding capacity

Up to two



User experience (9/10)

Great Day never fails to make your Day great. Like our first recommendation on this list, this one is another great item that users love to a great degree.

With a durable and sturdy body frame, this one is just enough capable of holding your tactical guns with optimum proficiency.

Features worth discussing

The first feature we love about this overhead gun rack from Great Day is its built material. The durable metalized construction with a sleek-looking powder-coated finishing will make a good impression at the first hand.

The mounting rack support any roll bar depth from 28 inches to 35 inches. As a result, you will always be able to make essential adjustments so that the gun rack fits your vehicle in the meantime.  

Like most other recommended racks on this list, this can also potentially hold two larger rifles at a time. That means even two hunters will have the authenticity to carry their hunting gun through this holder.

The rack also includes super soft rubberized clips on it. As a result, your tactical rifle will remain in the safe hand when you will be on the move.

Your gun may lose its vividness if you keep it under open weather for a long time.  But when this gun rack is installed on your UTV with the gun mounted in it will work against any sort of weather damage.


  1. The mount rack is pretty much adjustable to fit many UTV models.
  2. The cushioned and moldable gun clips will bring forth optimum safety for the guns.
  3. Drill-free installation should not take more than three minutes at max.


Please choose the item according to the roll bar depth. Otherwise, you may not be able to make a convenient installation for this item.  It’s better to choose the right product than to modify it late for essential fitment.

5. Big Sky BSR-2 Gun Rack 2-Gun Overhead

Big Sky BSR-2 Gun Rack

User experience (9/10)

This Big Sky overhead gun rack is not only a popular option for your UTV but also can be an ideal companion for your pickups, ATVs, truck toppers, campers, and any other vehicles. When safety is your primary concern, this one will definitely please you to a great degree.

We are giving it a nine out of ten in terms of user experience.

Features worth discussing

If you want your gun to keep out of sight, this overhead gun rack from Big Sky should be the most convenient option available. You will be able to mount it on the rooftop of your UTV so that your tactical rifle stays hidden.

The gun rack comes with a heavy-duty metalized construction, ensuring maximum durability. On top of that, the essential finishing will never let the color fade.

Again, the package includes every necessary bolt along with the rack, giving you the authenticity to do the installation with ease.

 You should not be worried about gun protection. The rack comes with thicker padding, keeping the scopes and finishing of the gun safe all the time.

Moreover, the hook and loop securing strap system should secure the guns with ease. You will be able to carry two guns mounting on it as well. Besides, attaching and detaching the guns will be much easier through these straps.


  1. This one can support scoped rifles.
  2. You can even carry a shotgun with this gun holder.
  3. Mounting the rack is super easy.


Despite having too many pros, this one comes with small non-adjustable mounting feet/holes. Therefore, you may need to refine the rack a little to get a superior experience with your longer rifles.

6. Tucker Rocky New Seizmik Padded Overhead Gun Rack

Tucker Rocky New Seizmik Padded Overhead Gun Rack



Tucker Rocky


Glass-filled nylon and cast aluminum


2015-2020 Honda SXS1000 Pioneer-5 UTV

Gun holds



Rubber lined jaws, rubber straps, rollover protection structure

User experience (9/10)

This Honda pioneer overhead mount rack became popular only because users are getting exactly the same as they are expecting from the item. In terms of the overall experience, this one is simply a good item to love.

From our side, this Honda Pioneer gun rack will also get a nine out of ten.

Features worth discussing

This seizmik overhead gun rack mount comes for the Honda pioneer UTVs. If you have a model from 2015 to 2020, this one should fit just fine to your UTV.

We have added this item to this list because the demand for this item is always increasing to a rapid degree. People are all the time searching on the cloud to learn about this item. Therefore, we thought about giving it a try.

The first impression we had after receiving the item is just worth mentioning. This one looks simply stunning at the first glance. The intelligent construction with the rollover protection structure will bring forth the best safety experience for your rifles. 

The overhead construction will come in handy to keep the gun over of your head and out of your sight.

Besides, the rubber-lined jaws and rubberized straps will make secure your guns with their maximum potential. Pulling out and inserting the guns will be safer than ever before.


  1. There will be no cracking sound through the rubberized padding while retrieving and storing your gun.
  2. This one comes for specific models. Therefore, fitment will never be an issue.
  3. The metalized body frame is super durable to get the longevity you deserve.


We could not find any severe cons to mention here regarding this item. If you can mount it properly, this one should bring forth the best experience while transporting your guns.

7. UTV Gun Holder, kemimoto Roll Bar Ski Rack Bow Rack





Sturdy steel

Tube diameter

1.75 inches to 2 inches tubes


Polaris, Razor, Ranger, Can-Am, Kawasaki, and most other ATV, UTV, and snowmobiles


Rubber inserts, premium steel material, anti-scratch, shock-resistant, premium quality


Easy install with no additional tools

User experience (8/10)

When you do not want to spend a good budget on an overhead gun holder, this UTV gun holder from Kemimoto should bring the most convenient experience for you.

Almost 71% of the total users have loved this item to a great degree. We believe eight out of ten should be a good score to justify its overall worth.

Features worth discussing

You may not call it an overhead gun rack, but this one is pretty much mountable to most places you want. The holder supports any tube with a diameter of 1.75 inches to 2 inches. 

As a result, you should be able to mount it in most UTVs, including Ranger, Polaris, Kawasaki, and many more.

The feature we loved most about this item is its durable steel-made construction material, giving it enough durability and longevity to use for a long long time.

Another feature that might intrigue you regarding this item is that the holder includes a rubberized insert. As a result, when you will attach and detach the rifles or guns, it will absorb the frictions. As a result, your precious rifles will remain in the safer hand.

Again, the adjustable rubber straps that come with the item will offer you to adjust the size according to your rifle's diameter. That means securing the guns will be much easier and wholesome once you install this item to your UTV.

Finally, there is nothing about installation regarding this item; only attaching the clamp to the appropriate position will do the job for you.


  1. The premium quality material will create no hindrance while doing the installation.
  2. Only rotating the screws will allow you to complete the whole process.
  3. There will be almost zero rattling even if you drive in extreme road conditions.


Almost ninety-nine percent of gun rack will receive complaints from the users. This one is no different than those.  But we can assure you that this one does the same thing it bounds to do.

How to choose the perfect overhead gun rack for your UTV?

The top five factors that will help you to choose a perfect overhead gun rack for your UTV are-

  1. Construction material
  2. Holding capacity
  3. Gun safety
  4. Installation
  5. Vehicle compatibility

Construction material

Having a durable product always ensures that you get to use the item for a long time. Therefore, looking at the material of the rack should get a top-notch concentration.

While most of the UTV overhead gun rack tends to come with Aluminum-based construction, you can find both metalized and steel-made racks as well.

Which one would be the best for you? Well, Aluminum based rack seems more relevant compared to a metalized and steel-made item. But that should not mean these types of materials are not good enough to ensure longevity. They surely are.

But the lighter weight ratio with better resistance to rust and corrosion makes Aluminum stay a little ahead of its two other counterparts.

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Holding capacity

Once you have chosen the right material, it is time to measure the number of guns that the holder can hold at a time.

While a conventional UTV mount rack can hold around two guns at a time, it is also possible to find a rack with one to three guns holding capacity.

Now, before you go checking the gun holding capacity of the rack, it is also necessary to check how you would do the installation once you will receive the item.

This will help you to make a better decision whether you should go with a single, double, or multiple loading capable overhead gun rack.

It is your present decision that determines your future experience. Therefore, always strive to make better decisions.

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Gun safety

Only being capable of holding the gun properly does not make a gun rack good.  Being able to ensure optimum safety for the guns is also similarly important to give you a smooth feeling in the longer run.

Some of the fundamental properties that can secure safety for your tactical guns are-

  1. Rubber coated ends
  2. Foam padding
  3. Rubberized straps
  4. Cushioning
  5. Good quality brackets and many more

Always ensure that these features are present in your rack.  Safety is more than important. If your gun develops scratches or tearing while keeping it on the mount, you surely are not making the right decision.

You can also think about checking ATV winch synthetic rope to improvise your ATV riding experience.


Overhead gun rack

Installing an overhead gun rack on your UTV is one of the easiest jobs available.  In most cases, installing a gun rack does not require you to have any additional tools. You can even do the job without drilling unless you are thinking about building the mount on your own.

But still, if the overhead mounting rack comes with an installation guide or instruction manual, it is ideal to scan through the whole manual. Doing so will give you clarity so that you can avoid any sort of complications while mounting the holder on your UTV top.

We have also added an article on the ATV riding gloves for men and women. Do check that article to grab your desired item.

Vehicle compatibility

The final aspect worth checking is whether the mount will comply with your vehicle or not. Although most of the overhead gun racks that we have added to this article come with a universal mounting process, there are many that may come for specific UTV models.

Therefore, it is always ideal that you check whether the manufacturer provides any compatibility chart or not. If there is any, checking the size and compatibility chart is a must.

If you are planning to purchase a universal overhead gun rack, do check whether it complies with the roll bar depth of your vehicle or not.  

A product that completely complies with your UTV should give you the most convenient experience while doing the installation.

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How much does a UTV overhead gun rack cost?

A UTV overhead gun rack will cost you anywhere between $50 dollars to a high as $50 dollars.

We believe spending around $70 dollars to $100 dollars should ensure optimum safety and transportation experience for your tactical rifles.

Here is a little chart that will show you the quality you can expect to get from an overhead gun rack according to the price range-

Price range


$35-$50 dollars

Cheap in quality

$50-$100 dollars

Moderate quality

Above $100 dollars

Well-built and good quality


UTV rack ideas?

This internet world never fails to please an information lover. You will always get whatever you want to learn, but the authenticity or validity may be questioned.

We always come across the comments of a large number of people who want to build their own gun rack to carry their tactical rifles. What should be your approach in that case?

First of all, start with a clear picture in mind. Don't get overwhelmed with all the information available online. It may seem easier when to read or watch the process, but doing the work, in reality, is some other kind of activity.

Once you know what you are going to build, gather all the necessary tools and gears you will need to complete the picture.

Take reference from the experts so that you do not make any blunder in the middle.

Check whether the system is convenient enough to give it a try or not.

If you are comfortable with your build, give it a try but stay aware to face any unprecedented events as well.

Should I try to build a homemade gun rack?

Yes, you should always try building a gun rack on your own. Doing so will help you to save a good amount of bucks. Besides, it is always a good way to learn something new.

What are the types of a gun racks?

The three types of gun racks you will notice on the market are:

  1. Overhead gun rack
  2. Floor mounted gun rack
  3. Rear-mounted gun rack

Final summary

It does not matter whether you are a professional hunter or just go hunting as a recreational activity; when transporting your tactical rifles or gun is the primary issue, an overhead gun rack is the most wholesome thing you can install to your UTV. Doing so not only free up spaces but also can make you more productive with your process.

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