Best small block Chevy valve covers review 2022

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Recently, you are having a burned oil smell from the hood of your Chevy while driving. After thinking a lot about it, you have discovered that it happened because of the engine oil spillage. Now the question is how to keep the oil inside?

Well, put on a valve cover on the Chevrolet engine and seal the leakage. We have added top-quality valve covers to the list for small block Chevy car models. Spectre Performance 5258 Valve Cover for Small Block Chevy is on top of our list.

The covers typically have aluminum or steel construction. However, you can’t ensure a proper leakage without a valve cover gasket. Go through the article to choose a pair of valve cover for your Chevy.

Best small block Chevy valve covers

When does the valve cover need to be replaced?

The valve cover is a metal sheet that keeps the engine oil in place and maintains the engine’s performance. It is placed on the cylinder headers for Chevy 350. However, without a cover gasket, the valve cover can’t ensure a complete sealant.

However, a valve cover is not going to maintain the engine health for an infinite time. Now or then, you will notice a few faulty performances from the engine. That is the ideal time to replace the valve cover.

Here are the symptoms of a faulty Chevy valve cover.

  1. Unusual oil leakage from the engine.
  2. Overheating of the engine while driving.
  3. Burning oil smell from the hood.
  4. The valve cover is covered by dirt and debris.
  5. Oil in the spark plug area.
  6. Leaked oil falling on the floor.
  7. Reduced engine performance.

When someone notices these few symptoms, it is better to replace the valve cover immediately. However, continuing to ride with the faulty valve cover can lead to serious damage to the engine in the long run.

Best small block Chevy valve covers

To keep the oil inside the engine, one needs to use a valve cover. It maintains the engine’s health and guarantees an extended lifespan. However, it may not be easy to choose one for Chevy models as there are a lot of.

To make the entire task hassle-free, we have provided the top seven small block Chevy valve covers below.

1. Spectre Performance 5258 Valve Cover for Small Block Chevy

Spectre Performance 5258 Valve Cover


Brand: Spectre

Weight: 3.65 pounds

Key features

  1. Triple chrome-plated steel construction.
  2. OEM style sealing edges.
  3. 3-hole valve cover design in a pair.
  4. Baffled and smooth design.
  5. The perfect replacement to stock covers.
  6. Compatible with Chevrolet small block 265 to 400 engines.

Users opinion regarding the product

As a basic valve cover, it is worth every buck you have spent. It fits perfectly on the recommended Chevy models. After using the valve cover gasket, it produces a suitable sealant on the engine headers.

However, there’s an issue regarding the sealant as the three holes don’t impose good sealing. Again, the cover arrives shiny with chrome plating but doesn’t keep the same look.

It seems to get rust even after a few days of installation. But for having heavy construction material can ensure complete protection above the headers.

More details you need to know

Whoever is looking for a pair of affordable valve cover for Chevy models should go for it. The manufacturer used triple chrome-plated steel to construct the cover. It has a baffled and smoother design on top.

The package includes a pair of valve covers, which have three installation holes. According to the manufacturer, the valve covers are appropriate for Chevrolet small block 265 to 400 engines from 1958 to 1986.

The baffled design enables it for breather system compatibility. Again, the cover comes with OEM-style sealing edges. Moreover, it works as a direct replacement for the stock valve covers.

These covers are 3 inches in height, 19.75 inches in length, and 5 inches in width. It has a chrome finish on the outer surface.

Things we liked

  1. Fits perfectly with the Chevrolet small block engines.
  2. Worth the price.
  3. Provides a great look with the chrome finish.
  4. Ideal replacement to the stock covers.
  5. Proper sealant with the OEM style edges.

Things we disliked

It rusts few days after the installation.

2. Performance USA 383 STROKER Small Block Chevy Valve Covers - SBC Tall – Orange

Performance USA 383 STROKER Small Block Chevy Valve Covers


Brand: Performance USA


Key features

  1. High-grade, die-cast aluminum construction.
  2. It has an orange powder-coated finish.
  3. Has pre-installed oil baffles.
  4. Chrome breathers and grommets are available.
  5. Compatible with small block Chevy 283 to 400 engines.
  6. 383 STROKER raised letter logo.

Users opinion regarding the product

Most users have found the valve cover fit on the recommended Chevrolet models perfectly. It provides a high-grade valve cover feel with the die-cast aluminum construction. The installation process is hassle-free as well.

However, a few users complained of not being compatible with 282 to earlier small block engines. Except for this, it seems a perfect addition to keep the engine oil in place. By adding silicone sealant, users conveniently improved it.

More details you need to know

It appears to be a perfect addition to the engine with the shiny, orange powder-coated finish and high-grade steel construction. It comes in pairs and has a 383 STROKER logo raised on top of the surface.

Each cover measures 3-3/4 inches without the raised logo and 4 inches with the raised logo. However, the interior is 3-11/16 inches. The manufacturer used high-grade, die-cast aluminum for the construction.

According to the manufacturer, it is compatible with 283 to 400 Chevrolet small block engines from 1958 to 1986. It has pre-installed oil baffles. Also, chrome breathers and grommets are available as an addition to the covers.

Talking about the functionality, it clears the stud girdles and roller rockers efficiently. Although it has almost every required thing in the package, no mounting bolts or gaskets are available.

Things we liked

  1. It has clear roller rockers and stud girdles.
  2. Extended lifespan with the high-grade steel construction.
  3. A powder-coated finish enhances longevity.
  4. Provides a perfect sealant.
  5. Value for money valve cover package.

Things we disliked

  1. The package doesn’t include a gasket.
  2. Not compatible with 282 or previous small block Chevy engines.

3. Assault Racing Products A6186 Small Block Chevy

Assault Racing Products A6186 Small Block Chevy


Brand: Assault Racing


Key features

  1. Thick cast and polished aluminum construction.
  2. Retro finned top style.
  3. It includes baffles.
  4. The package comes with stainless bolts and grommets.
  5. Short style height is 3-3/16 inches.
  6. 1-1/4 breather hole per cover.
  7. Compatible with 1958 to 1986 Chevy small block engines.

Users’ opinion regarding the product

The cover perfectly fits the recommended car models from the manufacturer. These covers contact the intake manifold. Therefore, the users need to adjust or modify the lips. Moreover, the holes for the screws are not lined up.

The covers look good on the engine after a complete installation. Although a few users complained about the lips being big, they are actually not too big for complaining. The metal thickness ensures a long-lasting service, which is a good thing.

More details you need to know

Can you show me a perfect package of valve covers that includes installation bolt as well? This one from Assault Racing appears to be an ideal valve cover package. It has two retro finned style covers.

The manufacturer used thick cast aluminum to construct the covers and put a polished finish. The short style cover is 3-3/16 inches in height. Each of these covers has 1-1/4 breather holes.

Like other high-quality valve covers, it has baffles pre-installed. The handiest addition in the package is the stainless steel mounting bolts and grommet. It eases the entire installation process. The covers are made of small block Chevy engines.

According to the manufacturer, it fits small block Chevy engines introduced from 1958 to 1986. To be more specific, it is compatible with 283, 305, 327, 350, and 400 engines.

Things we liked

  1. It requires no grind or cutting for installation.
  2. Metal screws provide a perfect setup.
  3. Price is worth the quality.
  4. There’s no issue with roller rocker clearance.

Things we disliked

  1. Poor quality of the self-tapping screws.
  2. Holes for screws don’t line up.

4. ProForm 141-930 Valve Cover

ProForm 141-930 Valve Cover


Brand: ProForm

Weight: 8.71 pounds

Key features

  1. Die-cast aluminum construction.
  2. Slant-edge tall style w/baffles.
  3. Recessed red and black emblem.
  4. The height is 4 inches.
  5. 1.22 inches breather.
  6. Has chrome finish on the external surface.
  7. It has a perimeter bolt pattern.

Users opinion regarding the product

There isn’t any scope to question the construction quality as the users are satisfied with it. Comparing to the price, it seems a worthy attachment on the engine headers. Moreover, it provides a great outlook with the chrome outer surface finish.

One thing that appears as an issue to few users is that it is made in Taiwan. However, the service and look eliminate this downgrade feature from the root. Overall, the valve cover appears as a good one in terms of price.

More details you need to know

If you are looking for a well-finished valve cover pair with a gorgeous finish, it can be a good choice without any doubt. The manufacturer used high-quality, die-cast aluminum to construct the covers.

To bring a gorgeous look to the outer surface, both the covers have a chrome finish. Moreover, each of the covers has a Chevrolet logo design on the top surface to enhance the external beauty.

These officially licensed Chevrolet valve covers fit 262 to 400 small block engines that came from 1955 to 1986. Chevrolet and bowtie emblems are available in red and black colors.

Both these covers have perimeter bolt patterns. However, the height is 4 inches for each cover.

Things we liked

  1. Provides an amazing look on top of the engine headers.
  2. Fits several small block engines.
  3. Chrome finish for a better look.
  4. It is worthy to money pair of the valve cover.
  5. Die-cast aluminum for durable construction.

Things we disliked

So far, it’s a good product without anything to dislike.

5. DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Finned Tall Polished Aluminum Valve Covers

DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Finned Tall Polished Aluminum Valve Covers



Weight: 8.34 pounds

Key features

  1. Heavy-duty aluminum construction.
  2. Tall style design with a polished finish.
  3. Includes quality baffles and screws.
  4. Bolts and two grommets are available for the breather.
  5. Quality gasket rail.
  6. Compatible with small block engines manufactured before 1986.

Users opinion regarding the product

It easily clears the alloy roller rocker with the tall style design and fits well on the small block engines. Users are satisfied with the awesome look and perfect fitment on the engine.

The valve covers are convenient to install within 20 minutes and make the engine ready for the ride. However, the users are not happy with the screw as they are of poor quality.

Except for these screws, it works as a perfect replacement for the stock covers.

More details you need to know

Compared to the other aluminum valve covers available out there, it comes with a tougher construction. The manufacturer used heavy-duty aluminum and put a polished finish on the outer surface.

Talking about the measurement, it is 3.5 inches from the inside center, 3.25 inches from the inside end, and 3.75 inches in height. It is pair of aluminum covers that has a tall style design to easily clear roller rocker.

With the inclusion of top-quality gasket rail, the manufacturer has ensured a perfect seal on the headers. Except for two covers, you will get baffles and screws in the package. Moreover, two grommets and bolts are available for the breather.

Both these covers are compatible with Chevrolet small block engines including 283, 305, 327, 350, and 400. But the engines should come before 1986.

Things we liked

  1. Ensures proper sealing with the gasket rails.
  2. Enhanced durability with top-quality aluminum construction.
  3. Provides a nice look with the polished.
  4. Conveniently clears the roller rockers.
  5. Installation screws and bolts are available.

Things we disliked

So far, the product is good to go.

6. CVF Racing Small Block Chevy Tall Fabricated Valve Covers

Small Block Chevy Tall Fabricated Valve Covers


Brand: CVF Racing

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Key features

  1. Hand Tig-welded with 6061-T6 Billet aluminum construction.
  2. A brushed aluminum finish.
  3. Tall fabricated design.
  4. 1.25 inches breather or PCV holes on both sides.
  5. Includes mounting hardware.

Users opinion regarding the product

The valve covers provide a perfect coverage on the headers as it is easy to install. The handmade tig-welded construction ensures durability and provides a custom look to the users.

With look and construction quality, users have hardly anything to complain about. As the package comes with all mounting hardware inside, the installation process becomes convenient for the majority of users.

However, the missing breather grommets and gaskets appear to be two major downgrades of the covers.

More details you need to know

With the tall fabricated aluminum construction, the valve covers come to meet users' demands. The manufacturer used high-grade 6061-T6 Billet aluminum to make the covers. Moreover, it is tig welded by hand for better durability.

The covers ensure a leakage-free installation with the fabricated aluminum construction. One will get a breather or PCV holes on both these covers that measure 1.25 inches. One of the handiest sides of the package is the installation hardware.

It comes equipped with necessary mounting hardware that makes the entire process hassle-free. The breather holes on both covers eliminate crankcase explosions. The tall fabricated aluminum eliminates the aluminum valve trains.

Things we liked

  1. The fabricated aluminum provides a lightweight and leakage-free installation.
  2. Easy to install using the included hardware.
  3. Prevents crankcase explosions with the breather holes.
  4. Rugged and custom look with the tig welded construction.
  5. Durable enough for long-lasting service.

Things we disliked

Doesn’t include gasket and breather grommets.

7. Dart 68000015 Valve Cover for Small Block Chevy

Dart 68000015 Valve Cover for Small Block Chevy


Brand: Dart


Key features

  1. Lightweight, cast aluminum construction.
  2. Dart logo with a natural contrasting aluminum finish.
  3. Perimeter mounting bolts.
  4. Includes mounting hardware and gaskets.
  5. Tall bolt bosses and rigid gasket rails are available.
  6. Comes with an extra-tall design.

Users opinion regarding the product

The users who have long ratio rocker arms and oversized valve springs found the valve covers really handy. The extra room inside the covers ensured a proper fit in these situations.

As the package comes with all necessary hardware, the entire installation process becomes hassle-free. Moreover, the users didn’t get anything to complain about the fitting as it has gaskets included.

The gaskets provide a leakage-free installment that protects the engine. Also, the engine oil doesn’t come out. Therefore, one can have a longer lifespan of the small block engine. Moreover, the polished dart logo creates a nice look on the outer surface.

More details you need to know

Although this pair of valve cover looks simple, it’s functional enough to serve the customers. The manufacturer used durable but lightweight cast aluminum to construct it. In addition, they have kept enough space inside for a proper fit.

On top of the covers, there’s a dart logo designed to let the users identify the brand easily. The outer surface has a natural aluminum finish. It’s not an incomplete package as you will get gaskets and required mounting hardware here.

Each cover has an extra-tall design that makes it perfect on small block engines. In addition to this design, it has tall bolts bosses and rigid gasket rails. It lets the user put on the gasket properly on the rails to ensure perfect sealant.

Things we liked

  1. It adds extra valve train clearance and style on the engine’s top.
  2. Easy to put on gaskets on the allotted gasket rails.
  3. Provides extra room for rocker arms and oversized valve springs.
  4. Hassle-free installation using the mounting hardware.
  5. Properly fits small block engines.

Things we disliked

So far, it doesn’t have any disliked things.

Buying guide: You shouldn’t skip

Don’t waste your money when you actually don’t know actually what the valve covers offer? We are here not suggesting to you only about the best products, but also providing the way to choose the right one.

  1. Die-cast aluminum or chrome-plated steel construction.
  2. Enough number of mounting holes.
  3. Should have breathers and grommets.
  4. Mounting hardware for hassle-free installation.
  5. Gasket with gasket rails.
  6. Polished and extra tall finish.
  7. Compatibility from 283 to 400 small block engines.
  8. Equipped with pre-installed oil baffles.

Steel or aluminum, which is better?

Small block valve cover typically has two types of construction, aluminum, and steel. High-grade covers come with die-cast aluminum construction because of their durable lifespan. Basically, these covers can either have a polished or finned finish.

On the other hand, steel-constructed covers have chrome plating. Typically, these covers have a polished finish. Both these constructions are qualified to ensure reliable performance.

Which Chevy models are the valve covers compatible with?

The list contains valve covers for small block Chevy engines that were introduced between 1958 to 1986. Before choosing any product from the list, one needs to check out the compatibility and decide whether the valve cover is suitable for the car model he has.

According to the manufacturer, the covers are compatible with 265, 283, 305, 327, 350, and 400. Except for the first one, the rest of the engine model offers compatibility with the majority of valve covers.

Do you want to spend more time on installation?

No one wants to get through a complex installation process when it comes to the questioning of the engine. It is undoubtedly not among the easiest job to do. And when you have to go through a long process, it becomes disturbing.

Therefore, the reputed brand includes necessary installation hardware in the package. The hardware part includes grommets, gaskets, screws, and bolts. It eases the installation process and makes you ready for the ride as soon as possible.

Why one needs gasket and gasket rails?

The valve cover itself can't provide a proper sealant of the engine oil. It doesn't matter how well constructed the cover is, oil will still come out of the engine in the long run and damage it ultimately.

In order to solve the problem, you need to put on gaskets on the side edges of the cover. Therefore, valve covers have gasket rails. And a high-grade cover includes a gasket as installation hardware.

What extra things are needed on the cover?

Well, you are well prepared to use the cover on the engine header to maintain the engine’s performance. But don’t you think the cover should have come with pre-installed baffles, breathers, and grommets? Although buyers most of the time ignore these things, they are handy.

How to install valve covers on Chevy

Installing a valve cover on the Chevy (video) model is mandatory if there isn’t any. Also, if the cover is damaged, you need to replace it. Here are the simple but efficient steps to install a valve cover on Chevy models.

Before starting the process, you will need a new aluminum valve cover, rubber valve cover gasket, silicone sealant, wrench, scraper, etc.

  1. Lose the bolts and lift up the old valve cover.
  2. Don’t drop anything inside the engine while doing so.
  3. Flip the new valve cover.
  4. Scrub on the inner surface to clean it.
  5. Apply silicone sealant on the edges.
  6. Wear hand gloves.
  7. Use the fingers to spread the sealant on the edges.
  8. Put the rubber gasket on the sealant.
  9. Place it on the headers.
  10. Use the wrench to tighten the bolts.

Remember, over-tightening bolts doesn’t mean a good sealant. The better the valve cover gasket is, the more sealing it will provide.

How much do you need to spend to replace valve covers?

The replacement of valve covers can cost you $300 to $450. On average, the cost of small block Chevy valve covers ranges from $110 to $250. However, some high-grade valve covers can cost you up to $300 as well.

On the other hand, if you are searching for an affordable one, you can get on as well. A budget-friendly valve covers costs from $30 to $90. However, when it comes to the replacement, the cost becomes almost twice.

You need a valve cover gasket and other installation parts including sealant, which can add more than $150. And the labor cost varies from $120 to $200.


Why do you need a valve cover in Chevy engines?

The main reason behind using valve cover in Chevy engines is to protect the engine cylinder head. Ultimately, it creates coverage over other crucial parts of the engine. Moreover, it prevents the engine oil from coming out while driving through rough conditions.

Do one needs a sealant to install a valve cover?

Yes, to allow the valve cover to make a leakage-proof installation, one needs to use sealant. Sealant is a type of adhesive that attaches the cover gasket to the valve cover. It seals the entire spot when you put the cover on the header.

Can you run an engine without a valve cover?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with running an engine without a valve cover. But when it comes to the safety of the engine head and other parts, one must use a valve cover. Also, there is a big chance of damaging the engine in the long run.

The oil will split out, and when the headers are naked, it will take the engine to death gradually. Therefore, it is better to use a valve cover.

Is it necessary to replace the valve cover if it’s not leaking?

Not really, because the valve can still keep the engine oil in place and take care of the engine’s health. But when there’s a leakage, you shouldn’t go on a ride, rather replace the valve cover.

Due to the leakage, it’ll create a bad engine oil smell from the hood while driving. Ultimately, the engine gets damaged.

How long does a valve cover last?

Until there isn’t any leakage on the valve cover, it is good to go. On average, a valve cover can keep the engine oil in place and extend the engine’s lifespan from 20,000 to 50,000 miles.

Final summary

You can’t ignore the necessity of using a valve cover. The listed covers have been quality ensured, and here are the things you will get from these covers.

  1. Durable steel or die-cast aluminum construction.
  2. Quality gasket with gasket rails for leakage-proof sealant.
  3. Inclusion of necessary mounting hardware.
  4. Compatibility with 283 to 400 small block engines.
  5. Mounting holes for convenient installation.

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