Toy dirt bike track with jump-set build and Review

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Plenty of gaming tools are in the united stated for kids. From newborn to youth, age wise, there are numerous types of games and gaming accessories.

In the states of America, kids mostly prefer outdoor games. Parents tend to teach their children all about the outdoor games by teaching them inside with the replica and miniature versions of the actual game and elements.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss some of the most popular and favorite games including a dirt bike and ATVs and ramps.

If you are looking for the best gift for your kids, you can select one from here. Surely they are going to love each one of them.

best toy dirt bike track

 Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle Bike Ramp

Biking is one of the most desirable playing options for the young one. Whether dirt bike or not, running on the ground with a bike in hand is going to give him more pleasure.

Evel Knievel is the 1970’s most popular bike of any stunt show. And this ramp is the most compatible miniature version of the original one.

Kids are about to get the real taste of Evel Knievel's official ‘Stow and Go’ ramp. The ramp is thick and sturdy and can take the huge impact of take-offs’ and landings easily.

Let’s take a look at the key specs of this product before going for a detailed discussion.

Key specifications


California Creations Z Wind Ups

Product dimensions

11.93 x 11.81 x 1.22 inches

Item weight

1.48 pounds



Recommended age

5 years+

Height options

3 different height options

Is foldable


Product details

This is the compatible miniature version of the 1970’s original Evel Knievel stunt cycle ramp.

The ramp is made out of plastic material. Polycarbonate is highly impact-resistant. It can hold its formation even after meeting a huge impact.

Plastic made this ramp board lightweight yet strong enough than any other matter could. The overall look and the formation diameter are exactly like the original ramp of the ‘70s.

People who were present in the original stunt show of Evel Knievel can identify this little miniature ramp as the original one, only tiny in its size.

The ramp offers 3 different height options with the board box provided in the package with the ramp. These different heights are handy with different jumps and crashes. The height box is included inside the package, adjust the height according to cycles running and jumping speed. 

The board is 12 inches wide and 23 inches long. This overall height and weight are compatible with kid’s stunt bikes. The thickness is good enough to take the huge impact of take-offs and landing.

This is good for 5 years old kids and older than that. It can easily be stored by ramp folding and can be carried anywhere in a simple backpack. 

The manufacturer recommends two ramps to get the complete taste of bike stunting. One is to take off from the height and the other is to make the landing pad for the bike. The bike needs to land softly and for that, another ramp is needed to make the landing pad with the lower tail landing in mind.


  1. Price may be a little higher
  2. Only the ramp is in the package
  3. Have to buy two sets of ramps for a complete set-up

Play Visions Indoor Play Dirt ATV Adventure Create Obstacles

Indoor Dirt ATV Adventure Create Obstacles by Play Visions is a great sensory game. With all-natural ingredients, it makes your kids feel the real dirt and without a mess.

With the provided ATVs in the box, kids are going to thrill the trail with extra high jumps. Grab a friend and start playing right on the spot. Kids are about to love the whole game with the dirt taste.

Let’s see what more it offers and how.

Key specifications


Play Visions

Product dimensions

13 x 10.5 x 3 inches

Product weight

2 pounds




2 self-rolling ATVs

Dirt type

Natural ingredients made

Recommended age

3 years+

Product details

This kid's gaming stuff is equipped with a lot of stuff in the package. The item materials you are about to find in the package are

  1. 2 ATVs
  2. 2lbs Dirt
  3. 2 rocks
  4. 4 tress
  5. 1 pebble roller

This Play Vision’s adventure ATV Obstacle Create Indoor Game helps your kid’s brain fertilization. With the creative ideas planned in their head, they will make their way of dirt ramping.

With the provided 2 lbs natural component dirt, you will notice your kid trying and finding new ideas and passing through obstacles made by him. Like playing on the real ground with ATVs in the real terrain.

The pebble roller is there to help you form the dirt with the desired shape and make roadways for the ATVs. Kids will make the shape of the road as desired.

Then a couple of rocks and 4 trees are also provided to give your kids the most realistic experience of gaming. Installing the rocks and the trees make the road cross over and take turns.

2 self-rolling ATVs are there to give your child the best real outdoor activity taste by playing through the whole time. They are built with better polycarbonate material. Both the ATVs have spring suspension and trimmed tires. They are almost similar to any real ATVs with the look and details.

Kids are going to enjoy the whole riding game with their creativity and making ability. With the self obstacles, they will get to know about the outer dirt-roading with ATVs and also would know the road conditions.

Monster Jam, Monster Dirt Arena 24-Inch

This complete package of Monster Jam Dirt Arena is offering all the necessary elements of playing in the package. Starting from dirt to a large arena and obstacle, everything is included in the package.

For a wholesome gaming experience, this is a one in all package.

Let’s tour the whole product in the details and first look at the key features at a glance.

Key specifications 


Monster Jam

Product dimensions

3.5 x 17.88 x 12 inches

Item weight

3 pounds




Dirt Arena

Model name

Monster Jam

Additional accessories

Available on the market

Recommended age

3-13 years

Product details

Monster Jam is offering the huge truck module and all the equipment for kids playing. The whole arena is now available with the 24-inch monster dirt arena.

You are about to get everything that s required to enjoy the whole gaming set.

In the package the items included are,

  1. 2 lbs Monster dirt
  2. 1 Monster Jam arena
  3. 4 entry ramps
  4. 1 scoreboard
  5. 1 large ramp mold
  6. 1 crushed car mold
  7. 1 shipping container mold
  8. 2 sculpting tools
  9. 1 sticker sheet
  10. 1 official Monster Jam monster truck

The synthetic dirt is going to feel all-natural and the dirt that the drivers go through is real. This is easy to clean and it adds extra realistic gaming to the kids.

A 24-inch large arena is going to give the kids more than enough space to play with the trucks and all the stuff. With the synthetic dirt in the arena revving the engine up, the high air jumps are now more than fun.

Additional Monster Jam elements are going to add more high-octane fun for the kid’s game-play.

Extra tracks and launchers are always exciting to add and play on. More obstacles get more fun. With the high jumps and landings over the stones and more obstacles, kids are about to have more fun.

There are 4 entries and doors on the arena that allows the trucks and more vehicles to enter and leave smoothly.

The exclusive Max-D truck is the real champ and the truck features dirt-stained BKT tires. Now, you can notice even the minor details with better clarity. The tires are almost identical to the real ones.

With the quality and exciting fun, this is going to be the best choice for your kids' playtime. 

New-Ray KTM 450 SXF toy Dirt Bike

Toy dirt bikes like KTM 450 SXF are always on the top list of kids' gaming preferences. The rugged and strong appearance and the thrilling excitement always get pushed through this kind of toy.

KTM 450 SXF dirt bike toy by New-Ray is a great replica of the original KTM 450. And it features a great build material combination with all the details of the original one.

Let's head to the product's key specifications and take a look at the product's details to find out the reasons why it should be on the hit list for both kids and collectors.

Key specifications



Product dimensions

4 x 4 x 4 inches

Item weight

4.8 ounces


Plastic, Metal, Rubber

Toy vehicle form


Recommended age

3-8 years 

Product details

With all the really fun material, this is going to be your kid’s next excitement gainer for the day.

This functional motorbike has everything that requires for a ride. Since it is presenting a dirt bikes module it features full trim tires that are functional and the overall detailed accents are going to make you feel like this is not a toy or any non-functional toy piece.

Once you unboxed the toy you won’t even believe that this is just a replica of the real KTM 450 SFX. This die-cast replica has also got the working suspensions for both front and rear.

From the chain to engine look, everything is just; like the original KTM 45 SFX in real.

You have the chance to select your favorite color and model with the transparent box window.

With the presence of all the plastic, rubber, and metal material, kids are about to find their visionary motorbike toy in hand.

It is made as both toy and collector’s piece. 


There are no extra accessories in the packet. The wheels and the practical suspension system are not that durable and can break with impacts.

LEGO City Town Dirt Bike Transporter

This product is inspired by the most popular cartoon show in the USA and many more countries. LEGO city town dirt bike transporter can be the best choice of gift for your LEGO lover youngsters.

With the appropriate age, the gaming piece is going to be one of the challenging options for the lads, and with the solution of the game, innovation and creative ideas are going to come forth.

Let’s take a look at the product's quantity and quality of gaming service.

Key specifications



Product dimensions

13.94 x 2.32 x 7.52 inches

Item weight

1 pound



Number of pieces




Dirt bikes

2 dirt bikes

Recommended age

5-12 years

Is discontinued


Product details

LEGO City is the most popular and watched character by the kids of the United States. This dirt bike transporter with these characteristics represents the whole LEGO City Town.

Kids are about to love this playing instrumental package because it provides both the dirt bikes and LEGO characters in the same package.

The package consists 201 pieces of items. The manufacturer wanted to give the kids more pleasure with more character and material.

They have included two racing Minifigures. And both of them are replicas of the LEGO cartoon character. Your buddies are going to love them and own them instantly.

With 2 dirt bikes, the transporter is in the package. bikes are well-detailed and the trailer features flip-down ramps.

There are more essential elements of the whole gaming set that remained. Tools, extra tires, helmets, flags, caps, etc. are also included. Proving two dirt bikes and two racer Minifigures makes the gaming more enhanced and realistic. Both the bikes and racers are well-fit and they do make a good pair with the color. 

All 201 pieces of items in the cartoon will make it a little challenging but not that much. This helps the kid's brain sharpen with the thoughts and solution finding behavior.


This playing kit is not recommended to kids under 5 years of old. Playing around babies might cause loss of the parts as the parts are smaller in size.

This may prove complicated to some kids. With the complications showing on stop playing the game.

How to consider before buying a Toy dirt bike track with jump-set

toy dirt bike jump track

If you are to buy gaming kits and accessories for your kids and lads, you might need to take a clear idea about what is offering the product.

Some kids love action and thrilling games. And some tend to solve complicated puzzles and other match-up games. First of all, find out what your kid desires the most. The selection should be on the preferences of your kids.

While buying dirt bike track and other dirt automotive gaming toys, a few things need to keep in the mind. 

Age perfection

Several items are individually made for a different levels of ages of kids. The kits that are good for kids won’t be good for the babies or the youths. So, the gaming kit according to your kid's age.

Quality of the product

Whether the product is made of plastic or some other material, check the quality of the material. With a better quality component, the item is going to stay longer without breaking or deforming.


Check if the product is available on the market. These are products that support external accessories for enhancing gaming quality.

Check if your toy has this advantage and it has accessories available on the market.


With a sturdy and strong build, the product is going to last longer. Keep all the small parts of a gaming kit together.

1. What is the difference between dirt bike toys and ATVs on the ground?

Ans. Dirt bike ATVs and bikes are two different gaming toys for kids and youths. ATVs come with a whole package of other stuff.

2. How many cardboards are provided with the Evel Knievel cycle ramp?

Ans. Except for the main ramp, one board is provided in the package for the height measurement.

3. How durable is the Monster Jam arena?

Ans. The arena is made of durable plastic material. It can hold the mud and all the other stuff. But, it cannot hold too much impact. Do not pressure the outer part.

4. Is there extra accessories available for the New-Ray KTM 450?

Ans. No, there are no accessories for KTM 450 toy. Though it is a collector's piece. It can be shelved.  

Final words

However, these kids dirt bike ramp toys for kids age limitation only for 6 to 8 years. So maximum products are made for only kids for fun indoor and outdoor. In covid situations many parents not to permit playing outside with friends, so these toys are perfect for home games.

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