BMW replacement key cost?

Depending on the BMW model, year of release, and type of key, the cost of replacement keys ranges from $250 to $1,000 or more. There are a couple of things you can do to get a replacement key for the BMW.

Contacting with a locksmith, which is we suppose the cheapest option. And take the key from an authorized dealer. Although the second option is a bit expensive, you can ensure a safer replacement process.

However, it’s not the key that only you need. A key fob is required to complete the replacement. But it won’t add much expense to the total cost.

BMW replacement key cost

The average cost of BMW replacement key?

On average, the cost of a BMW replacement key ranges from $350 to $500. However, the cost here also varies on three factors. Basically, replacement keys for the latest BMW models are pricier than older models.

Even if you think of saving a few dollars by contacting a locksmith for the replacement, you may not. The only reason is that the locksmiths are unable to make replacements of the latest BMW keys.

Let’s go through the following chart that shows the rising cost of replacement keys throughout these past years.


Replacement key cost

1990 to 1999

Within $200

2000 to 2010

$250 to $300

2011 to 2015

$350 to $550

2016 to 2020

$550 to $1,000


More than $1,000

The above chart clearly shows the rising cost of these replacement keys. There are a few reasons why the cost has raised so much throughout these past years.

  1. The improved quality of the key.
  2. It has turned from analog keys to remote control keys.
  3. Improved safety is ensured in the modern keys.
  4. Gradually it turns out difficult for the locksmiths to make a copy of the keys.
  5. Upgraded car models require upgraded replacement keys.

It's the demand of the car that improved security became so much necessary. The improved and upgraded car models are equipped with upgraded replacement keys. Whenever a new model arrives, the price of the replacement keys goes up.

Moreover, modern keys have extra security that ensures the car remains safe. Locksmiths can't make copies of these upgraded models. Therefore, you can have improved security.

How much does a BMW replacement key cost?

The cost of a BMW replacement key ranges from $200 to $1,000 or more. While paying for a replacement key, you need to consider a few things that impact the price largely.

  1. The BMW model you are buying the replacement key for.
  2. The release year of the car model.
  3. Type of remote you are buying.
  4. The location you are living in.
  5. The availability of the code.

The main difference in the price is done because of the different models of BMW. Throughout these many years, we have seen the different introductions of car models. Every model has different key patterns.

It is possibly the main and most important reason why the cost varies a lot. The second reason is related to the different models as it is the release year of the cars. If you carefully check the above chart in the previous section again, you will notice.

The latest BMW model key replacement costs you the most compared to the previous models. It’s because of the upgraded mechanism of these upgraded key versions.

However, you need to decide which type of key you really need. It may be a key with or without a fob, and without any doubt, a key with a fob is the costlier one. Again, a remote control key will cost you more.

Two more reasons behind the variation of price are the place where the owner of the car lives and the availability of the code. To get the replacement key, you will need a VIN code, and depending on the availability, the cost will get down or rise.

One additional cost is the dealer cost. If you are replacing the key with a genuine dealer, it will obviously cost you more. However, a locksmith is another option you can get while replacing the BMW key.

The cost of BMW replacement key fob?

Well, for modern people it is required to have a modern security key for the BMW model. In this manner, you may not stop after replacing the BMW key. Therefore, look for a key fob that will cost you between $10 to $40.

The equation is simple here; you can get a single fob or a couple. The package of a couple of fobs will cost you more compared to the single one. Moreover, the quality and design of the key fob are two more crucial factors.

Types of replacement keys for BMW

For BMW replacement keys, you won’t more options to choose from. Every key type has some identical features, so as some different features. Here are some of the types you may love to know about the keys.

  1. Without fob key
  2. With fob key
  3. Key with push-button start
  4. Remote control key.

The most analog and cheaper model is the first one. However, one key with a fob will be one of the costlier ones. Moreover, the remote control key is the most modern addition to the list. For replacement, you should contact the dealer.

How to order a replacement BMW key?

You have three different ways to replace the BMW key. Depending on the different ways, the cost also varies a lot. Now, let's check out the ways to order a replacement BMW key.

  1. Ordering from a locksmith.
  2. Ordering replacement key online.
  3. Ordering through the dealership.

Ordering from a locksmith isn't possible if the key is from the latest BMW models. Making a copy of these keys is almost impossible. However, you can save a few dollars by ordering online.

However, it will charge you extra dollars for the shifting process. The last but most reliable process to order a replacement key is through a dealership. It may be a bit costlier, but you have the guarantee of a genuine product.

Final words

BMW replacement key won't cost you must if you take the help of a locksmith. However, the latest key models don't aren't the ideal ones for this process. You can try this only for the older models.

  1. The least cost of key replacement is $200.
  2. The latest model of BMW key replacement can cost you more than $1,000.
  3. Replacing through a locksmith is not applicable for the newer models.
  4. Getting keys through a dealership is the most reliable option.

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