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BMW tinting windows cost: Should you tint your BMW car window?

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From getting high-end security to enhancing your comfort zone, tinting BMW windows can do a lot of things. Although tinting a window is not that expensive, some of the users also ask about the estimated cost that it might cost to tint their BMW.

 In general, tinting your BMW window should not cost more than $100 dollars. If you are willing to complete the installation on your own, you can even complete the job within $40 dollars.

In this particular article, we will be talking about everything you will need to know before tinting your BMW car window including the cost.

How much does it cost to tint a BMW car window?


Even if you choose an expensive one, the film of any BMW car should not exceed $50 dollars. Therefore, you should always be able to tint your BMW within a price of $100 dollars. Here is a little chart that shows the estimated amount you will need to spend to tint the window of your BMW-




$30-$50 dollars.

Service charge

$40-$50 dollars.

Addition equipment

$10  dollars

In total

$70 to $110 dollars.

DIY installation

Around $50 dollars.

Professional installation or DIY installation

Tinting or attaching the film to your BMW might seem easier, but it can turn out to be a hassle if you lack the experience and knowledge. Therefore, professional installation is highly recommended when you are not confident with the process.

But DIY installation is always a great way to learn. Even if you make a little mistake initially, you will be able to learn a lot of wholesome things. If you have the guts to continue, we recommend you give enough time on learning the process. Once you are comfortable that you will make it without facing any hindrance, just get into the process to show some practical work.

Why DIY installation is a better option to save your budget?

While professional installation can cost more than $100 dollars, you can suffice the whole process within $40 dollars with DIY installation.

One of the main reasons people prefer doing a DIY installation is to save money.  Yes, DIY installation can save almost half the budget of a professional installation. It is because doing the task on yourself only forces you to purchase the raw materials.

You then become responsible for the installation regardless of whether you are doing it in the correct way or not. That means you get the credit for both success and failure.

Besides, you always get to learn a lot of stuff when aim at doing the task yourself.

Why should you tint your BMW car window?

If you are here to learn about the cost, you probably know the reasons why you should tint your BMW car window. But if you are asking why you should take the risk to tint your car window, here are some of the main reasons to consider-

  1. Tinting your BMW car window will give you more privacy.
  2. Controlling the temperature inside of the car will be much easier.
  3. Tinting a car window blocks the harmful UV ray.
  4. Tinting the car window can be an excellent way to enhance the beauty of the car as well.
  5. Even tinting a BMW car can add an extra layer of protection to your car.

Things to know before tinting your BMW car window

While tinting a window, you will get two different things. These are:

  1. A backing sheet
  2. The film

Remember that the backing sheet is going to be very very sticky. Spray off that sticky side of the sheet with soapy water. Doing so will allow you to adjust the position so that you can attach the film with optimum efficiency. If you do not use any soapy water, the stickiness can attract dust and contamination to pollute the property. It’s better to stay aware before facing the actual problem.

Once you have installed the backing sheet, you have to install the film. Now, this process is almost universal to most installation processes.

Does the installation process vary depending on your BMW model?

Well, the processes you need to follow to tint your BMW car window are almost the same. For example, if you know how to apply the film on your BMW series 3, you probably would be able to do the same for your BMW 2 series as well.

The process is almost universal. The thing you need to do before getting into the process is clear out all the doubts you have. When you get into the process without keeping any doubts inside of your brain, the task becomes much easier to complete.

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What percentage is BMW factory tint?

Most BMW car tends to come with a little bit of tinted finishing. That is why many people tend to ask about the percentage of the level. Well, according to the manufacturer specifications, a BMW car window is 35% factory tinted.

But if you think that this much of percentage will not fill up your satisfaction, you can always think about tinting the window to have better satisfaction.

Is it worth it to tint my BMW car?

Yes, it is always worth tinting your BMW window. You should think about adding film to your BMW not only because it brings better protection and comfort but also because it can make your car more beautiful and gorgeous.

Besides, you always tend to get some additional external damage protection when the window is tinted.

Final summary

  1. Tinting any car window can be both simple and complicated.
  2. That is why it is always recommended to go for a professional installation if you are not comfortable with the process.
  3. Professional installation surely will be expensive compared to a DIY installation. But the chances of any complications will always be lower.
  4. The DIY installation will be helpful to save a good amount of bucks.
  5. Be very conscious about attaching the sheet because it can retain dust and contamination forever.

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