BMW Triangle with Exclamation Point

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BMW is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. Their controlling system is also very popular and famous because of their unique ability.

All the models of this brand support high-performance technical systems and better driving quality.

BMW cars have similar symbols for all models in particular. A total number of 68 symbols are counted till now. The triangle with the exclamation mark in the dashboard is one of them.

Today, we are going to learn about this triangle with the exclamation mark. If you are a BMW enthusiast and want to know about the symbols and their functionalities, you might read the whole article.

BMW Triangle with Exclamation Point

BMW dashboard symbols

On a BMW dashboard screen, you will find 68 symbols along with the speed, gears, and fuel control indicators. All the symbols are about to inform you of the statistics of the car and point out if something is going wrong with your car. Finding out the situation the car system tells it to you with the symbols on the dashboard.

Starting from the headlights to your seat belt, everything is monitored with BMW’s smart detecting sensors and advanced technology operating system. 

The triangle with an exclamation point is one of the 68 marks that show the DSC control failure of your BMW car.

Triangle with the exclamation point

The triangle on your BMW with the exclamation point means the DSC system failure on your BMW car. It warns you with the checkbox control of your car that might have observed some malfunctions.

Starting from the yellow triangle with an exclamation point indicates sensor faults of your Dynamic Control System that need to be checked up. It might also come in orange color.

But, the red-colored triangle with the exclamation mark means that your DTC system is no more working. That can cause severe brake failure and accidents. Whenever the red one is popping on the screen, you need to check your vehicle and take it to the nearest BMW service center.  

What is DSC?

The dynamic Stability Control system, DSC is BMW’s advanced safety control technology. This system controls all four wheels individually when it senses any traction failure or slippage with the tires.

The sensors are tested well in the factory, and they provide accurate information to the DSC computer.

DSC is a highly sensitive and useful safety step for any car. But only a few models of BMW offer the controlling system right now. The system is run by sensors that track your car's motion and road condition. With the running vehicle, the system gathers information of the vehicle present stats and analysis them with the given algorithm. When activated it controls the braking system and suspension of the car automatically.    

Reasons to show a triangle with the exclamation point

When your Dynamic Stability Control is failing, again and again, this symbol will pop on the screen with 3 different colors according to the situation. 

With the failure of the DSC system of your car, the DTC is also going to stop working. And that may cause fatal accidents due to controlling. Minor malfunctions can be fixed by yourself but for the red alerts, you will need to take steps instant and stop your vehicle right in the place if running. Take it to the nearest BMW service point.

Solution/ fixing/ reset

Usually, this exclamation mark is going to show on your dashboard screen with minor malfunction or sensor disabilities. For the minor issues, you can fix the symbols on the screen after confirming things are fine and will not hamper.

To reset the triangle with an exclamation mark you need to follow the manual by the manufacturer. You can download that by simply going to their USA website and downloading it from there.

If the manual doesn’t prove to be helpful that much you have no other option but to take that towed to the service point.


1. Does it pop up without having an issue with the DSC system?

Ans. The sensor's fault may lead to the dashboard triangle with an exclamation point. Otherwise, the system notifies you after detecting and analyzing an issue that occurred to your car.

2. What to do when the symbol is red?

Ans. With the symbol being RED it is shown that your car's DSC system failure is confirmed.

3. Do all cars have the same feature on their cars?

Ans. Only a few models of BMW offer the feature. It is not available for all cars. Though, various manufacturers provide their safety systems with different algorithms and features.

4. What does the red triangle with the exclamation marks mean?

Ans. The red triangle with the exclamation mark warns you about the DSC failure of your BMW. 

5. What does the yellow triangle with the exclamation mean?

Ans. The yellow one is telling you about the minor issues with your car’s technical systems.  


DSC is the suspension control system that works beyond the ABS and CBS for the instant. It controls the suspension and brakes of each of the four wheels individually.

Talking about the traction ability for any car, this DSC plays the best part of all. So, the failure of this controlling system is completely unwanted.

One must check the dashboard before each drive out if there is an issue with the car's overall health. He needs to ensure the sensors and the systems are working properly.

Having a BMW it is necessary to learn the details of safety by the driver and owner both.

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