How much does C8 corvette cost? With price and specs

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Chevrolet Corvette is in the leading position the sports car. Mid engine design makes it one of the unique and comprehensive sports cars if anyone compares to other brands like; BMW, Matricides and so on. 

The official price of a C8 corvette is around $60,000 to $80,000. The difference in models and editions influences price.

Basically, the manufacturer offers this sport utility vehicle under two circumstances for instance convertible and non-convertible. Buyers will find additional accessories from the true distributors to add more value. By and large, it is a great option that offers good performance in speed and also has gorgeous design in interior and outlook.

Through reading this article, the individual will know about its cost for different years, models and conditions. So let’s move on to the main topic of the article.

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C8 corvette cost

Current MRP price of C8 corvette

The official price of a car actually indicates the real value. Some extra costs might be added with the exact MRP which is set by the manufacturer. Basically, the GM makes this car with so many variations. Thus, this will not be useful for the readers if they don't know the exact price.

Furthermore, that will also assist them to collect the appropriate amount of money while planning to buy this. People might find the true cost of this at the official site Chevrolet. But this will take time to know the price for all the models. That is why in the following table we mention the current MRP price for all the models of the C8 corvette.

Name of the model

Official price



Stingray 1LT



Stingray 2LT



Stingray 3LT



In the above table, we mention the exact prices which are clearly mentioned on the official site. Basically, c8 always comes with these three different models. The cost among them varies due to offering extra things in brakes, suspensions, and overall design. They actually do it for giving various options to the customers so that they don't look for other brand cars.

Moreover, in every model of the car, the manufacturer tries to put some new features which increase the overall value. For that reason, buyers must see the detailed specifications of the model while choosing the model. One must talk about its handling, speed, and comprehensive design after driving it.

C8 corvette

The market price of a C8 corvette

This is not always possible to buy a c8 from the official stores and price. Sometimes the price will be higher due to the location and other variables. In general, the prices of any kind of vehicle are also influenced by the strategy of sellers. Moreover, they also increase the value by measuring the demands and supply in the market.

Nevertheless, there are many distributors selling sports cars in different price ranges. That is why it is not possible to narrate the exact price of this. In the next table, we mention the current market price range for all the models of the c8 corvette.  

Name of the model

Official price



Stingray 1LT

$70,000 to $71,000

$77,000 to $78,000

Stingray 2LT

$78,000 to $79,000

$85,000 to $86,000

Stingray 3LT

$83,000 to $84,000

$90,000 to $91,000

The market price of this car is pretty much higher than the official price though some buyers believe to buy the basic version of this car at $60,000. But, individuals might get any model of the car below the above price range.

But the total cost will be around our mentioned range due to adding carrying cost and other necessary costs with this. In addition to this point, sometimes the sellers offer some essential things with the car which also influenced the price as well. Moreover, the buyer may get a discount by applying many kinds of vouchers while buying. Whatever the price is, one must compare it with other sellers for making a profitable deal.

C8 corvette look

C8 corvette price by years

The engineering team members of GM always try to add some new features to this sports car and manufacture this with the latest technology. For that reason, it becomes difficult to maintain a similar price in every year. Besides, by knowing the price history of this sports car, people can negotiate while buying the old version of the c8 corvette.

In the next table, we narrate the price of this for different years.


Price range


$70,000 to $90,000


$68,000 - $78,000


$66,000 to $70,000


$60,000 - $65,500


$59,000 - $64,000

In the above table, we illustrate the average price range for all models. However, individuals also have the golden opportunity to buy the old model of this car from the second-hand market. In this case, the buying cost will not less significantly.

But one must inspect all the parts of the car along with the interior before buying. There is also have scope for getting discounts to buy the normal old version which price will be the lowest than other options.

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Price at 2023

This is a special year for this company because they will celebrate their 70th anniversary. In 2023, they are planning to make their car very much trustable to the buyers. The distributors are going to set the official price of this is around $64,000. This might increase or decrease while introduced in the market.

Therefore, the current market price of the 2023 model will be very high due to its offering some super exciting things. Which also increases the overall value of the cars and the ability to compete with the other sellers. In the next table, we are going to mention the elements which will be added with the upcoming model of the c8 corvette.

Name of the element

Price range

Stealth Aluminum Interior Trim

$500 to $600

70th Anniversary Edition Stripes

$900 to $1,000

Gloss Black

$900 to $1,000

Satin Black with Red Stripe

$1,400 to $1,500

Tech Bronze Accessory

$3,100 to $3,200

These are the common and vital things which will increase the basic price. Therefore, after adding this cost, the actual cost of a 2023 model c8 corvette will be around $90,000. Moreover, buyers also have the chance to purchase at a low cost if they are not willing to add extra facilities to their car.

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Cost Analysis

The demand for sports cars is increasing day by day. Other car manufacturers in the world like; BMW, Porsche and many companies are started to produce this type of car with a competitive price range so that they can attract more customers from the market. The c8 corvette is one of them and it is offered many unique facilities. The price of this is range from $60,000 to $90,000.

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