Where are Can-am ATVs made? Is Can-Am American Made?

Though Can-Am has been distributing its ATVs, UTVs, SSVs, and side-by-side vehicles to over 100 different countries, it is basically a Canadian brand prevailing all over the world.

Can-Am has been serving the off-road vehicle industry for more than 50 years. It would not be a crime to say that Can-Am has kept its popularity from the very beginning of its appearance. The high-end construction with excellent off-road trucking capacity has made it one of the most popular off-road vehicle brands.

In case you are here to find out whether Can-Am an American brand or not, this article should be a complete guide to Can-Am's history. As a bonus section, we will also talk about whether Can-Am a good brand or not in the later section of this article.

Let us begin with the history of Can-Am.

Where are Can-am ATVs made

Can-Am history

1. Can-Am is a popular ATV and side-by-side vehicle brand manufactured by BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), a renowned Canadian manufacturer.

2. BRP laid down its foundation in 1942. At that time, the company had not had any off-road vehicle lineups until 1972.

3. The first Can-Am product came in 1972, a stylish motorcycle that stirred the adventure lovers. It was a dirt bike suitable for all ages of people. Even people who are not that experienced in riding a motorbike could maneuver that one with ease.

3. Since then, Can-Am has been producing quality dirt bikes, and the legacy is still running.

4. From 1972 to 1998, Can-Am had been producing only quality dirt bikes. In 1998, Can-Am launched its first All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

5. In 1999, its first ATV (Traxter) got the highest individual votes to be the best ATV of that year.

6 In 2000, it launched the Traxter XL. Two years later came the Traxter Max with two-seater variations.

7. Until 2006, all the ATV launched by BRP was named after Bombardier ATV. In 2006, BRP decided to rebrand the name to Can-Am.

8. In 2007, BRP launched its new manufacturing plant in Mexico.

9. In 2010, Can-Am launched Commander, which is so far one of the best lineups from Can-am. The very next year, Can-Am released six variations of Can-Am Commander with two different engine variations.

10. In 2013, there came the first Can-Am maverick series, which is still the best lineup from Can-Am.

Can-Am maverick essential events




BRP laid down its foundation.


BRP launched the first motorbike( dirt bike)


There came the first All-Terrain Vehicle.


Traxter became the best ATV of the year.


BRP launched the first Traxter Max.


BRP rebrand its name to Can-Am.


BRP launched its first manufacturing plant in Mexico.


BRP launched the first commander series side by side vehicle.


The manufacturer released the first Can-Am maverick series.

Is Can-Am American Made?

Is Can-Am American Made

One of the most common questions that we need to cover so often is whether Can-Am an American brand or not.

  • Can-Am is not an American brand, but it has a manufacturing plant in America that distributes or manufacture Can-Am’s products in different regions of the world.
  • Can-Am is mostly a Canadian brand that has been delivering trustworthy off-road vehicles for more than 50 years. BRP launched its first manufacturing plant outside of Canada in 2007. Their first outside manufacturing plant was in Mexico. Right now, BRP has manufacturing plants in the United States, Finland, Austria, Canada, and Mexico.

A patriotic American would always love to consider Can-Am as an American brand. As the company is manufacturing products in America, you can consider Can-Am as an American-made product. But the brand value obviously is of Canada's.

What are the lineups of Can-Am?

Currently, Can-Am has three different series of side-by-side models and three different series of ATV models.

Side by side models are-

Can-Am Maverick

Can-Am maverick is the most recent and most powerful side-by-side ATV model of BRP. Can-Am maverick series comprises 11 different models.

Can-Am Commander

The next most influential model from Can-Am is the Commander series. This series also has 11 different lineups.

Can-Am defender

The next series on this list is the Can-Am defender.  The defender series comprises 12 different lineups.

Can-Am outlander

Can-Am outlander falls in the basic ATV category. This series has around 17 different lineups.

Can-Am Renegade

Can-Am Renegade series has two lineups. This one also falls in the category of basic ATV models.

Can-Am DS

The final series from Can-Am is the DS models. This series comprises five different lineups.

Is can am a good brand?

Can-Am is a good brand when you are an off-road enthusiast.  Here are the top five reasons to trust Can-Am-

Heavy-duty body

Most of the Can-Am lineups come with a heavy-duty body layout, making the brand suitable for off-road fun. Whether you have a dirt bike or an ATV, the body of any Can-Am lineup will always please you.

Perfect engine potential

The engine of any off-road vehicle is the most influential item that determines whether you are going to have a decent experience off the road or not. When you have a Can-Am lineup, the engine surely will satisfy you.

Off-road tire

If the tire of any off-road vehicle is not appropriate, you will have a tough time maneuvering the vehicle off the road. A Can-Am will always keep you safe from that.

Suitable for children to adults

Can-Am is producing quality off-road vehicles both for children and adults. A good brand always cares about everyone.

Moderate price range

The final reason to choose a Can-Am is that these vehicles come with a moderate to high-end price range, allowing everyone to choose their appropriate item. That means as a recreational driver or a professional racer, you will be able to choose a Can-Am for every purpose.

Final words

From 1972 to now, Can-Am has been producing extreme vehicles for extreme adventure lovers. For more than 50 years, the brand's quality has not dropped a little, showing promise and quality. It is still evolving at a rapid rate. Before 2007, Can-Am had not had any manufacturing plants outside Canada. Currently, it has around 4 manufacturing plants outside Canada. That should suffice the whole meaning of the quality of the brand. If you are still doubting whether you should purchase a Can-Am product or not, we can say that take the risk to win the game. An excellent experience is waiting ahead of you.

can am history

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