Can-Am outlander 570 problems and solutions

Although the Can-Am Outlander is a pretty basic and straightforward ATV that most users love, this one is not altogether free from some drawbacks.

Throughout the time, you will surely face some issues with the ATV to pause a little bit from riding. Some of the problems will be bigger that might require professional interference, whereas some others will be smaller to handle on your own.

In this particular article, we will be talking about some of the most common problems you may face with your Can-Am Outlander 570 ATV and how you will be able to solve all those problems without deterring your mind-

If you are interested, let us jump into the first problem-

Can-Am outlander problem

Number one: gear won’t change

One of the most basic problems that most ATV users face with their ATV is that the gear does not change even if you are pushing it to change.

The gear might stay low for some strange reason. Some of the times it may not even engage at all. You may also notice a horrific grinding sound out of the engine.

At that particular moment, stretching your head out is pretty common.

Solving problems related to the gear

The reason you might be facing such a problem is that the shift linkage of your ATV is not adjusted at the factory.   

Try adjusting the shift linkage a little bit to resolve the issue you are having.

Number two: the engine may run rough with unsatisfactory sound

Can-Am outlander 570

Another problem that most users face after more than two years of usage is that the ATV does not seem to deliver a better noise. Some of the time, you may also notice that one of the cylinders is actually missing, making the sound a little bit clumsy to the ear.

This can also happen even if you have crossed a shorter mileage with the ATV.

Solving the engine sound problem

One of the main reasons why the engine may run roughly is when a spark plug of the engine goes astray prematurely. Excess pressure on the ATV or some internal pressure might cause such problems.

Replace the old spark plug with a new one, and you should get the same aggressive sound from the engine again. Another causes, engine oil may be long time not change. You just change the engine oil with heavy duty engine oil 10w40. Check these NGK spark plugs if you need one.

Number three: the DPS button on the handlebar

The third problem you might face is with the DPS button on the handlebar. As the machine gets aged, the functionality of the DPS button may become a little dull as the users tend to use the button frequently.

The DPS button kind of adjusts the setting to the electric power steering.

Solving the DPS button problem

Technically, the vehicle should still work even if the DPS button is a little inconsistent. You can get away with it without imposing too much pressure on the button. 

You can also think about replacing the button. But that is going to be way costlier and troublesome. 

Number four: Heat issues

When you are riding in a very hot climate, you may get fed up with the excessive amount of heat that the machine produces.

If you are facing such a problem, we need to mention that there is nothing to worry about it. Nothing went wrong with the machine. When you ride in chilly weather conditions, the machine actually gets enough time to compensate for the higher temperature. But when the temperature is hot, the machine just fails to cope up with the temperature.

Solving the heat issues

Well, there are a couple of ways you can follow to keep the temperature of the machine under control.

The first method is stopping the engine for a couple of minutes. Yes, letting the engine rest for a couple of minutes can help to reduce the temperature to a great degree.

Another thing you can do to solve the issue is by installing a heat shield. Installing one heat shield to your ATV can dramatically reduce the temperature to make you comfortable on the ATV. Overall check the engine coolant system.

Number five: clogged air filter

A clogged-up air filter can generate multiple problems at the same time. Therefore, checking the air filter is more than necessary.

If you do not ride your ATV on the mud, it is advisable to change the air filter after every 50 hours of usage.

Solving the clogged up air filter issues

There are two different options you may follow when the air filter of your ATV is clogged up.

First of all, you can think about cleaning it. When the severity of the contaminants is not that high, cleaning the air filter may suffice to give you an optimum experience.

If you are using the filter for a long time, replacing the stock air filter with a new one is one of the great ways to redeem the performance of your ATV back.

Number six: Oil leakage

Although oil leakage is not that common in Outlander 570, you can't confirm whether you will face such a problem or not.

Oil leakage is the most common problem almost in all automotive sectors. If you are facing any problem related to oil leakage, here is the solution-

Solving oil leakage problem

To solve the leakage problem, you have to find out the area of the leakage. Clean the suspected area to discern the leakage.

Once you find the leakage, fill the area with the appropriate leakage filler. 

Number seven: Engine won’t run

When you live in a very cold climate and do not use the ATV for a long time, the engine may not start.

The extreme cold weather makes the engine less functioning, preventing it from starting. If you are facing a cold engine problem, the following section is for you-

Solving cold engine problem

Try adding some rich fuel mixture. A rich fuel mixture can really help to start a cold engine.

Another thing you may follow if the first step does not work is by installing a bigger pilot jet. This may look silly, but it does help in many cases. Another check to engine belt ok or not in the position, this time you need to can am bet remobal tools.

Final summary

Facing issues is common with all types of automotive. One of the ideal ways to avoid such distractions is ensuring proper maintenance from the very beginning. People tend to be serious when they find any problems. Be a little more serious earlier, and you will be able to use the machine longer.

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