Can-Am vs. Polaris ATV: A head-to-head comparison

You can always anticipate some hard moments ahead while comparing the two most popular ATV brands. Yes, I am here talking about Can-Am and Polaris. Both brands are releasing their new ATVs to the market almost every year.

An off-road enthusiast topples into the specifications whenever a new edition pops up on the market.

That is when a comparison between two equivalent ATVs from different brands draws the users’ attention.

A patriotic American always backs up Polaris since Polaris ATVs are American-made. But when quality and performance hits the threshold, the origin of the product hardly gets the priority.

I am not sure which side you are backing up. But I have got some ingredients to make both the categories happy and a bit considerate.

If you are interested, let’s begin the journey-

polaris vs can am atv

Can-AM ATV Features

Can-Am is a popular Candian side-by-side vehicle and ATV brand. BRP or Bombardier recreational products manufacturers all these off-road vehicles under the brand name of Can-Am.

Can-Am has been bringing ATVs in four different categories so far. You will be able to choose Can-Am ATVs in sport, Utility, Recreation, and Youth categories. Sports ATVs tend t be the mos heavy-duty and forgiving among all.

While choosing an ATV from Can-Am, they will offer you eight different packages with every edition. The packages that you will get are MAX, DPS (Dynamic Power Steering), XT (Exterior Protection), XT-P ( Exterior protection+ Performance), X-xc ( Cross country), X mr (mud riding), special edition, and 6x6 (includes two extra wheels).

Can-Am offers a wide variety of price ranges. You will be able to purchase a Can-Am ATV from 8000$ dollars to as much as 30,000 dollars. Youth ATVs are even cheaper. A basic youth Can-Am ATV will cost you around 2000$ dollars.

Can-Am will offer you a wide variety of engine options. From hauling large cargo materials to getting the optimum speed, Can-Am has everything to offer.

Can-Am ATVs will offer larger space to use in the professional sector.

Can-Am ATVs are loaded with enough equipment and technologies to give you a boost in different types of terrain.

If you want to know where are can am made view this post.

Polaris ATV Features

Polaris Inc. is a popular American manufacturer that produces Polaris ATVs. Polaris is a love for most Americans. The company has been producing quality off-road vehicles for more than 30 years.

  • Polaris has been producing ATVs under the brand name of Sportsman.
  • The manufacturer is bringing ATVs in utility/recreational, sports, touring, youth, and special edition categories.
  • Polaris’s Sportsman series tends to be cheaper than the Can-Am series. You will find a Polaris ATV from 3000$ dollars to as much as 16,000$ dollars.
  • The unique body design with multiple terrain options makes Polaris ATVs a great choice for many consumers.
  • Polaris ATVs are not only limited to America only. The company has been manufacturing ATVs outside America as well.
  • If you want to purchase heavy-duty ATVs with a budget-friendly price range, Polaris ATVs should serve you in the best way possible.

Can-Am vs. Polaris ATV's



Canadian manufacturer.

American manufacturer.

Can-Am brings ATVs in sports, utility, youth, and special edition categories.

Polaris brings ATVs in sports, special editions, youth, and special categories too.

Can-Am will offer numerous packages.

Polaris may not offer different packages. They offer different editions for a different purposes.

Can-Am ATVs are cheap to expensive.

Polaris ATVs are cheap to medium price ranges.

Can-Am will offer a variety of engine options.

Polaris engines are heavy duty as well, but they will not be able to compete with the high-end engines of Can-Am.

They are loaded with technologies and equipment to use in different terrain.

Polaris ATVs will also offer versatility in different regions.

Can-Am will offer enough space.

Many Polaris ATVs are space-friendly too.


Only discerning all these aspects does not necessarily talk about the reputation of these two brands. That is why we will be comparing the two most popular products from these two brands to find out the differences. We have chosen Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR from Can-Am and Turbo S from Polaris to take under the dissecting table-

Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR

  • Can-Am introduces the smart Shox technology for the first time to take the quality further. This is the first self-adjustable suspension system that will ensure moderate compression and rebound simultaneously.
  • This one gives priority to the maximum comfort and stability to control the damping in any terrain.
  • This one will ensure a maximum horsepower ratio to provide you with the best engine capacity.
  • This one is larger and spacious to create enough room to make you comfortable in any terrain.
  • You can expect to get smooth ground clearance with this new released Turbo RR model.

Polaris Turbo S

  • This one with the Fox live valve shocks will provide you with the exact amount of suspension to get the best experience on any kinds of terrain.
  • The fully functional touch screen controller will allow you to control the vehicle’s technical issues conveniently.
  • This one comes with a 168 horsepower and 925cc dual cylinder capacity, whereas the Turbo RR comes with a 195 horsepower and three-cylinder 900cc engine capacity.
  • The Turbo S is a little shorter than narrower than the Can-Am’s turbo RR model. This one comes with a 122inches length, whereas the Turbo RR comes with a 132 inches length.
  • Turbo S will also lose in the weight section as well. The Turbo S comes with a chunky weight of 781 pounds, whereas the Turbo RR comes with a dry weight of 646 pounds.

Comparison chart

Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR

Polaris Turbo S

High-end suspension with the industry-leading smart Shox technology.

Turbo s will provide a moderate amount of suspension with the fox live valve shocks mechanism.

Prioritize maximum comfort and stability.

This one will ensure better fuel efficiency.

Turbo RR will provide 195 horsepower capacity.

Turbo S will provide 168 horsepower.

Three-cylinder and 900cc engine capacity.

Dual cylinder and 925cc engine.

Turbo RR is 132 inches.

Turbo S is 122 inches.

Turbo RR comes with 646 pounds of weight.

Turbo S is around 781 pounds.

Final words

We hate comparison because it tries to make one item better than the other. There are some specific things that you need to consider while purchasing a new product. Both types have some positives and negatives in different aspects of the presentation. At the end of the day, you decide the things that matter.

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