Can you use a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding?

As long as you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of your comfort, you can always use a snowmobile helmet while riding on your ATV and simple answare is YES.

The construction of a snowmobile helmet and a motocross helmet is entirely some different. A snowmobile helmet mostly focuses on the temperature control feature along with the safety cautionary, whereas an ATV helmet ensures safety and protection from dirt and debris along with keeping you safe.

When you interchange both types of helmets with one another, you surely ride out of your comfort and safety zone. That is why it is never an ideal choice to use a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding.

In this article, I will try to point out the differences and similarities between a snowmobile and an ATV helmet so that you can determine why and why you should not interchange one type of helmet with the other.

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Without any further I write here, let’s dive deeper into the discussion-

Can you use a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding?

What are the differences between a snowmobile helmet and an ATV helmet?

snowmobile helmet vs atv helmet

ATV helmet

Snowmobile helmet

ATV helmets will ensure better airflow and aerodynamics.

A snowmobile helmet will protect the rider from extreme cold.

ATV helmets will come with a single-way shield, ensuring better protection from impact and penetration.

Snowmobile helmet will come with a two-way shield, ensuring better protection from impact and temperature.

ATV helmet will ensure better dirt and mud protection.

Snowmobile helmets will come with a breath guard.

ATV helmets are available in lots of varieties.

You may also find varieties in a snowmobile helmet too.

Chin and jaw guard, noise protection, better aerodynamics, and the like are some of the essential features that you may get from an ATV helmet.

Electric heating system, better noise protection, temperature control feature, and the like are some of the essential features of a snowmobile helmet.

ATV helmets are available from cheaper to expensive price ranges.

Snowmobile helmets tend to be expensive.

Best snowmobile helmet

509 Tactical Helmet

Snowmobile helmet

These types of helmets are the optimum choice for driving your snowmobile on the snow. Beating the temperature is one of the essential features that a snowmobile helmet will ensure as the driver tends to drive in extremely cold weather.

Here are some of the primary characteristics that a snowmobile helmet will ensure-

1. A snowmobile helmet comes with a tight ventilation system, keeping you warm during the cold winter. This one of the essential features that make both types differ from one another.

The specific mechanism allows the helmet to block the air, creating a suitable environment inside the helmet. This can also create a problem by making the environment sticky. Some specific models may also come with proper vents to ensure better airflow inside the helmet.

2. A proper impact protection feature is essential for both snowmobile and ATV helmets. That is why most of the snowmobile helmets will come with two-way shield protection. On one hand, the two-way shield protects your head from the massive impact. On the other hand, it blocks the chilly weather to give you a comfortable feeling.

3. Breath guard is another specific feature that you will notice in a snowmobile helmet. The breath guard prevents the air from condensing inside the helmet, ensuring a comfortable ambiance inside the helmet.

4. You may also notice an electrical heating system in a snowmobile helmet, allowing you to get a transparent view.

5. A snowmobile helmet comes in different varieties. From full-face to dual-sport style, you will get your preferred item all the time.

ATV helmet

ATV helmet or popularly known as motocross helmet is one of the most advanced helmets on the market. You tend to drive an ATV in the hot climate. That is why breathability gets the most concentration along with safety measurements. Here are some of the essential characteristics that you can expect from an ATV helmet-

1. The ventilation system of an ATV helmet is designed for ensuring enough breathability. Most ATV drivers prefer using them during the hot climate. As a result, it becomes necessary to use a ventilation system that would ensure smooth airflow inside the helmet. This type of helmet will have dedicated vents to ensure smooth airflow.

2. Dirt protection is another important aspect that an ATV helmet will ensure. An ATV rider loves to go on the dirt or mud to explore the extreme test of adventure. That is why most ATV helmets will have a better dirt protection mechanism.

3. ATV riding can be dangerous without proper precaution. While a snowmobile helmet will have a two-way shield construction, an ATV helmet will have single-way shield construction. This allows the helmet to withstand enough impact. Besides, this will prevent sharp object penetration, ensuring a safe journey.

4. Some ATV helmets do come with a breath guard. But most often, an ATV helmet may not include a breath guard.

5. Some other features that you may notice in an ATV helmet are chin and jaw guard, noise protection, better aerodynamics, and the like.

Why ATV helmets and snowmobile helmets are not interchangeable?

If you have scanned through the whole article so far, you already know the differences between these two types. If you are still asking why it is not possible to interchange these two types with one another, here are the top five reasons to consider-

  • Both types of helmets are for two different weather conditions. a snowmobile helmet targets the winter, whereas the ATV helmet targets the summer. You cannot expect to get the same service with two different types of helmets.
  • The two-way shield construction of a snowmobile helmet makes them more aero-tight, ensuring a comfortable ambiance on the snow. If you start using a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding, you surely are going to face a suffocating experience.
  • You need better dirt and mud protection while driving an ATV. A snowmobile helmet hardly ensures that. You may get a distracting experience if you interchange these two types of the helmet with one another.
  • If you start using a snowmobile helmet while driving your ATV, the inside environment of the helmet will be sticky. As a result, you may get a dizzy view.
  • Finally, a snowmobile helmet tends to expensive. You should only buy a snowmobile helmet if you are a snowmobile driver.
  • The cost of dirt bike helmet (or atv) and snowmobile helmet some difference. Snowmobile helmet cost much than atv helemt.

Final words

We are not saying that you cannot use a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding rather we are saying that you will hate the experience. There is one exception. If you are thinking about riding the ATV during the winter, a snowmobile helmet might be okay. The temperature inconsistency and weather-specific construction make these two types a completely different item. If you are looking for productivity, fun, and adventure, choose the specific item for a specific purpose. 

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