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How about getting comfort and style at the same time? People have a misconception saying that where there is comfort, there is no style. If you want style, you have to sacrifice comfort. The opposite is true when you give high-end preference to comfort.

But that should not be the reality when it comes to picking up hangers from Carlini Design.  Whether you demand a flying ape or a Gangster, Carlini Design is always there to ensure high-end versatility.

When you are looking for a hanger for a specific Harley or any other similar model, the 14 inches and 16 inches Carlini Gangster are always the two most popular options.

In this article, we will try to bring some distinctions between these two gangster apes so that you can choose the appropriate model for your motorcycle.

Seems relevant? Let’s move a little further then-

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 vs. 16

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 vs. 16


Carlini Gangster apes 14 inches

Carlini Gangster apes 16 inches.


Carlini Design.

Carlini Design.


1.50 inches/1.25 inches.

1.50 inches/1.25 inches.


41 inches/36.5 inches.

41 inches/36.5 inches.


7 inches.

7 inches.


14 inches

16 inches

Center width

11.75 inches.

11.75 inches.

First of all, both the hangers look crisp on the bike

I have found many people who are willing to sacrifice their comfort zone a little for the gain of look. When the look is your primary preference, both 14 inches and 16 inches of Gangster apes look crisp to give you an elegant vibe.

Believe it or not, installing these hangers to your Harley, Road king, or some other models will give the motorbike an aggressive and powerful look worth loving at first sight.

Both 14 and 16 inches apes has black and chrome finishing

Carlini Gangster Apes 14

When it is about grabbing a handlebar for your motorcycle, picking up the perfect finishing is more than important. A rightly chosen color also brings style and eccentricity.

Therefore, these apes offer two different finishing so that you can pick according to your preference.

For most people, the black one seems a little more aggressive than the chrome one.  We believe instead of looking at the color of the hanger, it would be ideal to give more priority to choose one that would fit the color of your motorcycle.

Choose the thickness wisely

There are two different models available when it comes to picking up the right thickness. We would suggest the 1.50 edition when you are a real big guy. The 0.25 inches of more thickness will bring much more convenience while grabbing the handle. On the contrary, the 1.25 inches edition should suffice when you are an average guy with around 5.8 feet to 6 feet of height.

14 inches or 16 inches that is the question

Carlini Gangster Apes 16

The most confusing situation people face while choosing the appropriate rise distance. Should you go with the 14 inches Carlini Gangster? Or is the 16 inches Gangster sufficient?

The ideal suggestion one should follow is to give priority to your comfort.  According to many experts, the height of a handlebar should never surpass your shoulder’s height.

When you are a big guy with a larger shoulder height, you may find it comfortable with the 16 inches version. We believe the 14 inches Carlini Gangster will bring the most convenient result for most average height riders.

Flying apes or Gangster?

Should you choose the flying apes? Or is the Gangster will suffice? We are keeping this section to rest upon you. It’s your preference that you should value most. For me, both types look great.

One thing I can tell you is that choosing the narrower version will bring much comfort unless you are a real big guy.

Look at yourself and decide the appropriate model that would bring the most convenient experience possible.

Comfort is everything

When the height of a handlebar goes above the rider's shoulder's height, it does not bring any good to make you comfortable.  We know the style and design of the apes are more important than anything.

But being stylistic should not mean you have to put down the comfort. Be a little more precise about picking up the right height and size so that you can get both comfort and eccentricity simultaneously.

You may check some pictures from different forums as well

The internet web is filled with lots of pictures that you can search on different forums. If you are a little dubious about how your specific motorbike will look after the installation, you may check those shared pictures of those who have already installed your preferred item on their bike. Besides, you may also ask about their experience regarding the bars. Doing so will help you to grab the perfect item even without exploring them in real.

Things everyone should know before buying ape hangers?

Picking up a Carlini Gangster ape out of hype and after some time repenting for the decision has become a tradition. This happens because people most often tend to choose the gear only because some other rider has found it relevant for his bike or with his aptitude. But that is now how you should be choosing an ape hanger for your motorcycles.

Here are some of the most important things everyone should know before buying ape hangers-

  1. First of all, select the appropriate type. A motorcycle’s ape hangers are of different styles and designs. The options are so huge that fluctuation becomes almost mandatory. Traditional, cornered, meaty, narrower, wider, and many more are always there to give you a baffling experience.
  2. Second of all, you should always pick up the right height and weight to get the appropriate comfort. For me, the appropriate height of the hanger should be around the height of your shoulder.
  3. The next step is determining whether your bike has ABS or not. If you avoid this step, you may end up getting the wrong brake line which is never ideal for any circumstances.
  4. Furthermore, checking whether your bike has a dual disc or a single disc is also mandatory. This step helps you to avoid any complications in the longer run.
  5. In the next step, check whether your motorbike has electronic cruise control or not.
  6. Finally, check your bike type. Some bikes are hydraulic, whereas some others are clutch controlled. 

Final summary

  1. Carlini Gangster 14 inches and 16 inches apes are the two most popular and confusing items available.
  2. We believe the 14 inches version will fit those who have a height of around 5.8 feet to 6 feet.
  3. If your height is more than six feet, the Carlini 16 inches version should make you comfortable.
  4. Instead of giving a good look at the style, ensure that you are getting both comfort and style simultaneously.

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