Chevrolet C10 VS Chevrolet K10: What one is perfect?

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Chevrolet C10 and K10 are the two most popular trucks in the United States for a long now. They were introduced by Chevrolet and General Motors in collaboration in the ‘60s.

Though they are similar in many terms, people want to know if there is any valuable difference between both models. To keep you informed, both the models are similar except for one is 2WD and the other 4WD, and the K10 offers some more suspension packages available.

So, if you are also waiting to know if there is anything else to learn before buying one for you, this article is for you. Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Chevrolet C10 VS Chevrolet K10

Chevrolet C10

Chevrolet C10

Chevy C10 is a part of the early 1970s Chevrolet pickup truck lineup. It was developed and manufactured by GMC and Chevrolet first in 1960. The medium and light truck production remained with the same branding until 2002. The GMC started then rebranding some of their truck models.

C10 is a pickup truck with a vintage look and some noticeable differences. This is one of the most popular truck models that offer personal drive car use. The ‘C’ (Conventional) is marked to designate the vehicle as a 2WD car.

Since the beginning of the era, C10 has had four major upgraded versions by GMC and Chevrolet regarding design and power terrain. Another Chevrolet Corvette C7 vs. C8 read full article on our site.

Chevrolet C10 drive

Chevrolet K10

Chevrolet K10

Chevrolet K10 is the same pickup truck as the C10  with slight differences, upgrades to say. K10 is all about going off-road and having some fun driving over the bumpy terrains.

The ‘K’ impersonates the model as a 4 Wheel Drive truck in the lineup.   

Both the C and K started the journey together in the ‘60s and to these days they are as popular as they were. Efficient design and engine performance and the usability of both the trucks make them surpass other competent.

The K10 is significantly upgraded to the suspension manual with real leaf suspension instead of the traditional coil suspension found on the C10. And the K10 also offers some more packages with upgraded suspensions over the years models.

Differences between the C10 and the K10

You may have already known the key difference is the look and the drive power of the trucks. They both feature so many identical specs yet differ in some particular options. The first generation C10 and the K10 are the objectives of our comparison today. 

The 4×4 K10 is offering a relatively higher sit with a variety of suspension models available. To pick the difference in the right manner we have arranged them in the table below.

Chevy C10

Chevy K10

Driving wheel




½ ton

½ ton

Power train

4.1 liter, 250 cubic inches, inline six-cylinder (1977)

250 Cubic inch, inline six-cylinder (1977)


100 HP

100 HP




Suitable for

Flat riding


From the table, it is seen that the two key differences are,

  • C10 is 2WD and K10 is 4WD
  • C10 is not built for extreme off-roading, but the K10 is

These two variations are the base models and there are other packages upgraded in the engine and the overall exterior and interior of the models.

The C10 with a 454 CC 7.4-liter engine can generate 230 hp at 4,000rpm at the top. And the K10 can generate 240 hp with the same engine module at the same rpm.

Chevrolet K10 image

Which one to choose?

It depends on you whether you want a truck to go tackling a bumpy ride on a rocky road or just need to access the town-side flat roads for a pleasing ride with occasional payloads.

See, the C10 and the K10 have similar payloads ability. The 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd gen of both models feature a boxy shape signature design. Both the C10 and the K10 have so much identical configurations.

But, the selection would be based on the differences between the cars. Hence, we ask you to select according to your requirements. If you use Chevrolet C7 series you can use car cover for great protection for your car.

Chevy C/K10 VS C/K20 VS C/K30

The first, second, and third generations of the Chevrolet C/K pickup truck 10, 20, and 30 series are known with three different identities. At that time, Chevrolet and GMC had made their debut with the first C/K 10. After that, the models were served worldwide for the next two generations series.

A couple of key differences are given below to show the difference and upgrades with the 10, 20, and the 30 series.

C/K 10

C/K 20

C/K 30

Payload capacity

½ ton

¾ ton

1 ton

Towing capacity




The fourth generation of the series is a more powerful train offering option with increased efficiency in the engine. With a 1.5-ton chassis cab, the truck was monstrous with look and power. The modern ones are modified even with a more muscular and athletic design to lead to extreme off-road conditions.

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Price of C10 and K10

Some worthy aspects are to consider while choosing a C10 or a K10 interchangeably. The value is no exception than that. It is to remind us that buying a used (light or medium) truck would require certain points to be ensured.

The first-gen C/K10 costs around $30,000 on average. Where the last most expensive one was sold at over $100,000.

The 2nd gen trucks are similarly priced on average. Around $35,000 is the national average price for a Chevy C/K 10 model. And a 3rd generation Chevrolet C/K 10 would cost approximately $20,000+.

Prices are considering the base variant of the models and they vary with the condition of the vehicle and the package you choose to buy.

Final words

At the end of the discussion, we hope you get to know the differences between the two individual models. In almost every other standard they both are similar packages offering identical performance.

But, if you are a man willing off-road driving for most of your time, then you should go with the K10  since it offers a higher sitting position with some suspension packages available.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a semi-truck that can do the basic job of hauling and want to get a flat, good-looking truck the C10 is perfect for you.

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