Chevrolet Corvette C7 vs. C8: What is the main difference

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From failing to get a dealership to be the most iconic sports car in the history of America, Chevy Corvette has done it all.

In 2014, the launching of the Corvette C7 marked a new era for Chevy with a brand new aggressive face and engine to make it an iconic model throughout the whole of America. The C7 was better than all of its previous contenders by a huge marginal difference. C7 just blew everyone’s mind when it first came out. That is when people took it for granted that Chevrolet is pretty much serious about sports cars. 

In 2019, the Corvette C8 came into the market. Therefore, all sports car lovers started to compare the seven and eight-generation corvette with each other to mark one as the winner.

If you are one of them, we are here to make the job a little easier for you.

This article includes the comparison between the corvette C7 and C8 so that you get to make a better decision in the long run.

C7 vs. C8 Corvette

Chevrolet C7 vs. C8 Corvette

We have brought the C7 Corvette from 2014 and the C8 Corvette from 2020 to make a head-to-head comparison so that you can be more comfortable with your decision. Here is the difference chart between these two generations of Corvette so that you can have a better understanding of them-


C7 Corvette

C8 Corvette



2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51



2-door hatchback coupe with removable roof panel; rear-wheel drive

mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door targa



450 horsepower.

495 horsepower



Six-speed fully automatic transmission.

8-speed fully automatic transmission


Cargo volume

15 cubic feet

13 cubic feet



Z51, LT1 engine.

LT2, Z51 engine.


Stopping distance




Interior design





Zero to 60 (3.9 seconds)

Zero to 60 (2.9 seconds)


Weight distribution





Better acceleration power

Better than C7



SLA double wishbone

Control arms


Chevrolet C7 Corvette reviews

For making the comparison, we have brought the C7 Corvette from 2014. That means this is the first year that Chevy brought out the C7 Corvette. 

Here are some of the features worth mentioning here-

Fully automatic transmission

The Corvette 7 runs on a fully automatic transmission system. One thing you might keep in mind is that this one is only a six-speed automatic vehicle.  Fully automatic transmission may seem appropriate, but one drawback is that it does not really listen as you would like.


The C7 is powered by an LT1 engine in the z51 form. The engine can deliver around 455 horsepower. Thez51 will enable the driver to get better brakes. The C7 is loaded with tons of features and will always give you the feeling of a muscle car.

The dynamics of this car may seem a little old, but they are still comfortable to handle.

Stopping distance

Another thing that might arouse your interest is the stopping distance. The Corvette C7’s stopping distance is a little smaller than the C8.

Cargo spacing

Chevy seems to be boosting all the time with its cargo space. But that is where they suffer the great suffering. With around 15 cubic cargo areas, the C7 hardly can carry two golf bags inside of it.

Interior design

Another phase where Chevy needs to work a little is the interior. It is indeed true that the interior design of the C7 is a little sophisticated with numerous features, but there are still a large number of things to develop. That is what Chevy has tried in the later C8 models. Did they bring any good changes to the C8 models? Well, this has been discussed in the C8 section thoroughly. You had better give that section to find out the changes that Chevy has brought to the C8 model.

Weight distribution

When it comes to weight distribution, the C7 indeed fared a lot when compared to its predecessors.  It had to sacrifice the weight a little due to the placement of the engine in the front. But that is what the traditional Chevy vehicles are delivering for a long time.

Corvette C8 car reviews

The C8 Corvette is the most compromised car ever conceived. We have brought the Corvette 2020 C8  model under the dissecting table to find out the major features and specifications-

Here are some of the notable features about the C8 worth mentioning here-


The Corvette 8 may not seem elegant in all colors. But when one is talking about the black Corvette C8, it just always has the potential to blow the mind.


The Corvette 8 has the lt2 engine. That means it is the revision of the engine in C7. It also has the classic American 6.8 liters V8 aspirated engine. It can deliver around 490 horsepower, giving an additional boost than the Corvette C7. You can expect to get nice little bumps on the road while driving.


Besides, this car is a little faster than the C7. While C7 takes around 3.9 seconds to reach 60 miles, this one will do it within 2.9 seconds. We will not say that C8 has defined the definition of speed in a new fashion, but is surely something special. When you really want to extract the real taste of a sports car, the Chevy 8th generation Corvette C8 has the features to please the users.

Stopping distance

Because of its sheer speed delivery, the C8 tends to have a longer stopping distance than the seven-generation Corvette. Having a longer stopping distance does not necessarily demean the value of the Corvette 8.

Cargo space

Engine upgrade on the C8 does not make it better in terms of the cargo area. This car even has a smaller cargo area compared to the C7. And this is true for all the models of C8. With around 13 cubic feet cargo area, you will hardly be able to carry two golf bags inside of it.

A fully automatic transmission system

While some of the C7 models come with a manual transmission system, the C8 suffers in this particular area. None of the models seem to have a manual transmission system. Although this disappoints the users, there are always some valid reasons behind this. The increment of engine efficiency enhances the chance of poor controllability as well. Chevy does not like to take any risk here. Therefore, the deletion of the manual transmission system justifies safety for the driver.

Interior design

Two of the major changes that Chevy has brought in the interior are the removal of the grab handle and the inclusion of the squared-off steering wheel. We need to mention that this has dramatically enhanced the beauty of the C8 to a great degree when compared to the C7.

Weight distribution

How much did the C8 fare in terms of weight distribution? Well, the mid-engine construction allows C8 to have better weight distribution. Therefore, the lap performance of C8 will be a little better compared to the C7.


Both C7 and C8 tend to have a similar kind of price range. The base price for both these generations of Corvette is nearly the same. For the Corvette C8, you have to spend additional 2500$ dollars.

This is one of the many places where Chevy has tried to make justifications. When you really want to grab the fun of a sports car, both C7 and C8 have the potential capacity to please the users.

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Who wins the competition?

It is inarguably believable that the Corvette C8 is the real winner in terms of dynamic functionality. The C8 is one generation later edition than the C7. Therefore, it got the chance to develop itself to a better edition than its predecessors. But that does not demean the quality of the Corvette C7 even the little. Driving the C7 is still the same fun as it was before.

When the declaration of the appearance of C8 came into public, it had to be far better than the C7. How do you think it fared in terms of performance?  Well, we need to say that it definitely met the standards that it was supposed to be. The C8 is faster, comfortable, and filled with lots of dynamic features to make the driver comfortable while driving.

When you compare the C8 to the first edition of the C7, it is almost half times expensive than the C7. That is when the C7 seems like a better choice.

We do not know about your preference. But when it comes to extracting the real taste of a sports car, both these version has the potency to satisfy their users.

Final summary

  1. Chevy has been always an iconic car brand across the whole of America since 1953.
  2. The launching of the first-generation Corvette in the market was not that successful.
  3. But things started to change once the second-generation Corvette hit the market.
  4. The Corvette series has introduced to Americans the real definition of a sports car.
  5. Both C7 and C8 fared in terms of performance, but C8 will surely remain ahead of the completion at any given moment.

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