How to choose a perfect BMW leather cleaner?

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Can you keep the new and shiny look on the car's leather seats forever? Yes, but without proper care, you can't imagine it to maintain a shiny look. And when it comes to taking care, you can't ignore the efficiency of the BMW leather cleaner.

We have included the top seven cleaners that can serve you in the best possible way in this article. The list starts with BMW Leather Care Set with UV Protection. Some of the listed products have a complete package of cleaners and conditioners.

However, the choice depends on the user’s preference. Most of these cleaners have sponges and towels to enhance the cleaning process. Go through the buying guide before you choose one.

best BMW leather cleaner

Advantages of using BMW leather cleaner

Whenever you look at the old and cracked leather seat, you may think, how could I make the seats shiny again? Well, the answer is simple, so is the task. It's the leather cleaner that can clean the BMW leather interior.

Now, there are more advantages these cleaner offers, which you might love to know before purchasing one package.

  1. It easily cleans the leather surface through lotion or cream.
  2. Easy to apply using the sprayer.
  3. Uses sponge and towels to complete the process.
  4. The conditioner makes the cleaner stable.
  5. It smells like natural leather after applying.
  6. It keeps the leather safe the harmful UV-ray.
  7. Brings the back polished and shiny look on the leather interior.
  8. Protects the surface from fading and cracking.

When you get these advantages from any leather cleaner, you can never ignore that how good it is. The rest task is up to you, which one is worthy for your car model.

Best leather cleaners for BMW interior

Do you want to keep the natural leather smell on the BMW interior; you should go for such a cleaner. However, you don't know which one offers such facilities and which one does not. Therefore, the below products will ease the entire process.

With cleaner, you can get rid of the grease, dirt, and debris from the unclean, faded, or aged leather surface. And the conditioner will further make the shiny look stay longer on the surface. Without making a further delay, let’s dive into the listed products.

1. BMW Leather Care Set with UV Protection

Key specifications




13.7 ounces.

Amount of cleaner

8 fluid ounces or 237 ml.

UV protection

UV-protected leather cleaner.


Three yellow sponges.


Five polishing towelettes.

Leather smell

It retains the typical leather smell.

User’s opinion after using the cleaner

The cleaner works great on the leather seats and brings back the older shiny look. Moreover, the leather care kit is much convenient to apply. Whatever the leather color is, it can keep the original color on.

Another lovely side of the cleaner is the environmental-friendliness. However, a few users seem not to work well on some leather seats as the users have intended. Also, UV protection appears as a bonus to the cleaner.

No poor smell comes from the cleaner and provides a new leather smell after applying. The inclusion of sponges and towels makes the whole process a lot more convenient.

More information you need to know

Undoubtedly, a genuine BMW cleaner goes well to clean the leather interior of the vehicle. That is why this cleaner appears as complete take care and conditioner for BMW leather. The package includes a bottle that contains cleaner cream.

According to the manufacturer, it is filled with 8 fluid ounces or 237 ml liquid inside. Moreover, to make the entire cleaning process much convenient, the package comes with three sponges and five towels.

The cream or lotion available in the bottle is UV-protected that ensures the longevity of the leather seats. On the other hand, each sponge measures 3.25 by 2.875 by 1.25 inches. Again, each towel measures 12.5 by 13 inches.

With the valuable oil included in the lotion, the leather retains its natural properties. Also, the manufacturer has ensured the typical smell of the leather will stay even after putting the cream on.

The advantages

  1. It protects the natural properties of the leather.
  2. You can have the typical leather smell on the application.
  3. It creates protection from harmful UV-ray.
  4. It is easy to apply.
  5. The leather cleaner makes the seat look new.

The drawbacks

Sometimes it provides a strong scent.

2. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Key specifications


Leather Honey.


7.8 ounces.

Amount of cleaner

8 fluid ounces or 237 ml.


On both old and new leather.


Non-sticky and odorless.

Usable temperature

Room temperature.


Used water repellent formula.

Not applicable

On suede, faux leather, and vinyl.

User’s opinion after using the cleaner

The cleaner stays on the leather interior of the car and provides the best result. The majority of users have got back the brand new look on the leather as it was before. Also, if you follow the instruction, it’s a hassle-free process to apply.

The long-lasting result doesn't let you put the cleaner regularly. According to most buyers, it goes a long way to keep the shiny leather look. The dull and off-glowing leather comes back to life.

Moreover, it makes the leather parts of the vehicle’s interior much softer and supple. Other than leather, it doesn’t come out with many positive results.

More information you need to know:

If you want to cleaner automotive leather pants, leather shoes, other leather accessories, or furniture, this one can come in handy every time. The non-toxic leather conditions work on the leather surfaces to bring back the original shiny look.

The manufacturer has used a water-repellent formula that keeps the leather safe from rainy and snowy conditions. According to the manufacturer, it’s an entirely non-sticky and odorless leather conditioner. It doesn’t have any silicone, solvents, or animal products.

The conditioner comes in an 8 fluid ounces bottle. It can soften the leather interior of the car, moisturize it and offer extended flexibility. However, you are not allowed to use the conditioner on suede leather, faux leather, or vinyl.

It works as a thin layer on the old leather seats or other parts of the car. You can apply it to both old and new leather. And once you have applied it, you can enjoy up to six months of shiny and protective service.

The advantages

  1. The conditioner is easy to apply and use.
  2. It goes a long way to serve the leather interior.
  3. After applying, the brand new, shiny look comes back on the leather.
  4. It makes the leather soft and supple.

The drawbacks

It appears to be a bit sticky on a few types of leather.

3. Weiman Leather Cleaner and Polish

Key specifications




1.65 pounds.

Amount of cleaner

22 fluid ounces or 650 ml.


One microfiber cloth.

Protective feature

UVX-sunscreen protection.

Applicable style

By spraying on the soft cloth.

Type of cleaner

Water and oil-based cleaner.

Applicable on

Any kind of finished leather.

User’s opinion after using the cleaner

To clean the leather finished seats, users have found it quite helpful and worthy to use. Most users have agreed that the cleaner brings back the old glory on the seats. Even the microfiber cloth does a pretty good job on stainless steel.

It can clean and make the steel surface cleaner as well. It can provide a long-lasting result on any kind of leather sofa, leather car seats, or other leather objects. The main job of the cleaner is cleaning the leather items, which it does efficiently.

As it works superbly on leather products, it also creates a shiny look to make it look new.

More information you need to know

It is a complete cleaner pack condition and protects the leather surface for an extended period. The manufacturer used a simple and non-toxic formula to make the conditioner. However, the container contains 22 fluid ounces of conditioner inside.

The container comes with a sprayer that makes applying it much convenient. Moreover, the package has a soft microfiber cloth that goes through the leather surface and makes it shine again.

According to the manufacturer, you can apply it on leather, purses, shoes, boots, briefcases, and handbags. The leather stays safe from fading, cracking, sun damage, and drying because of the UVX-sunscreen through this conditioner.

However, the application surface should have a leather finish. It removes the dirt, soil, residue from the surface. Therefore, the older leather surface becomes softer, strong, and more moisturized. The oil in the conditioner brings back the suppleness on the leather.

Applying the conditioner is a convenient task as you just have to spray the liquid on the cloth and wipe it on the leather surface.

The advantages

  1. It is easy to use on leather-finished surfaces.
  2. The cleaner provides long-lasting service.
  3. Does the job of cleaning leather surface perfectly.
  4. The leather looks new after applying.
  5. It works on stainless steel too.

The drawbacks

It isn’t able to remove the build-up perspiration stains.

4. Chemical Guys HOL303 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Care Kit

Key specifications


Chemical Guys.


3.9 pounds.

Amount of cleaner

16 fluid ounces or 473 ml.

PH balanced cleaner


Type of the cleaner

Colorless and odorless.


Vitamin E.


Premium grade tan microfiber applicator.


Powerful scrubbing brush with genuine horse air bristles.

User’s opinion after using the cleaner

When the original leather color on the steering wheel or leather seats starts fading, users have relied on this conditioner mostly. It appears to be an easy-to-use conditioner to the majority of users. It works both as a cleanser and a conditioner.

As a result, it brings a new look to the old leather and makes it look new again. It is a highly recommended one, who needs a proper cleaning on the leather items. Moreover, the inclusion of real horse bristles made the cleaning process convenient.

It does a pretty satisfying job at cleaning and bringing back the shiny look on the leather seats and other interiors.

More information you need to know

Whether you want to clean the leather seats, doors, dashboard, center consoles, you can take the help of the cleaner and conditioner without any second thought. It comes with a container bottle that has 16 fluid ounces inside.

The manufacturer has included microfiber cloths and a scrubbing brush in the package. It quickens the cleaning process and lets you get the previous shiny look on the car as soon as possible.

You can take off the dirt, grease, or oily substance out of the leather surface with a scrubbing brush. Moreover, it maintains the original condition of the leather seats. Again, the microfiber towel picks up they trap dirt and debris.

Because of is a PH balanced cleaner, it does the work efficiently and preserves the leather’s strength. After applying, you will get a subtle leather scent. Vitamin E makes proper nourishment of the leather item.

The advantages

  1. It cleans both leather seats and the steering wheel.
  2. Provides hassle-free usability.
  3. It brings back the original leather look.
  4. Removes the trap dirt and debris with the towel.
  5. It nourishes the leather and reduces UV damage.

The drawbacks

It seems a bit pricier.

5. Lithium Leather Love - Leather Conditioner

Key specifications


Lithium Auto Elixirs.


7.2 ounces.

Amount of cleaner

8 fluid ounces or 237 ml.


Oils, lanolin, and lipids.

Applicable on

Leather couches, boots, and shoes.


A mixture of natural ingredients.


The clean and natural leather smell.

User’s opinion after using the cleaner

If you let the conditioner set on the leather object, it can bring back the old leather to life. That is what most users have to say about this complete leather cleaner and conditioner. It can easily clean the greasy leather.

Anyone who is searching out for the best result out of leather cleaner can go for it. It is highly recommended because it provides much better results than most other conditioners in the same price segment.

Also, it seems to have a long-lasting effect on the car’s seat to keep the shiny and original leather look.

More information you need to know

Not every cleaner in the market comes made with a natural ingredient formula. However, Lithium Auto Elixirs come up with this complete conditioner that does a good job to bring out the faded shiny look.

According to the manufacturer, the box contains 8 fluid ounces of conditioner. Whether the question is about the protection of the car's seat, dashboard, or armrests, the conditioner does the same job in every sector.

The inclusion of the lanoline keeps the leather surface soft and supple. Also, it becomes long time usable. The applying process is pretty similar to most other cleaners on the market. You need to use a microfiber cloth for this.

Take a bit of conditioner cream or lotion on the cloth and wipe it on the applicable surface. You will notice the difference after applying it. Another noteworthy thing about the conditioner is that it provides a natural leather smell and look.

Also, it makes the leather surface softer like it was before. Except for car seats, it is usable on leather shoes and boots.

The advantages

  1. It doesn’t leave any greasy residue after applying.
  2. Easy to use on leather surfaces.
  3. It has a long-lasting effect on the applied object.
  4. Brings back the leather seat to life.
  5. It makes the surface soft and supple.

The drawbacks

It doesn't come with any instructions on how to apply.

7. Lexol Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner

Key specifications




1.3 pounds.

Amount of cleaner

8 fluid ounces or 236 ml.

Amount of conditioner

8 fluid ounces or 236 ml.


Two premium applicator sponges.

Type of cleaner

Two-step cleaner kit.


Easy-to-use cap dispenses.


Fine oil droplets.

User’s opinion after using the cleaner

It's not a kind of investment for the car that you want to ignore or keep away. The complete package of cleaner and conditioner can bring back the previous shiny look on the leather seats.

Most users found it as a highly recommended one for those who want quick processing from such cleaners. The majority of users are ready to go for it again as it does the intended work within a quick time.

Again, it smells like real leather and works great on the faded or aged leather parts of the car’s interior. However, the smell appears funny to a few users.

More information you need to know

Although you are buying the cleaner specifically for your car’s interior, it’s usable on various applications as well. For example, you can make the leather furniture, shoes, handbags, or other accessories look like new again through it.

It is a complete package of cleaners and conditioners. It means you don't have to worry about the extended service because the conditioner is here to do the job with perfection. According to the manufacturer, each of the containers includes 8 ounces inside.

The cleaning kit is also equipped with two high-grade applicator sponges. It makes the applying process much convenient for anyone who is always in hurry. By putting a bit cleaner on the cloth, you need to wipe it on the leather surface.

It can easily remove the dirt, oil, or grease and make it clean as soon as possible. To make them shiny and clean look stay longer, the conditioner is ready to use all the time. The oil droplets nourish the leather.

The advantages

  1. Restores the flexibility on the leather objects.
  2. It doesn't leave any sticky or greasy residue after applying.
  3. It is easy to apply.
  4. Smells like natural leather.
  5. Brings back the brand new look.

The drawbacks

It sometimes leaves terrible cloudy residue.

8. Mothers Leather Care Cleaning Kit

Key specifications




1.8 pounds.

Amount of cleaner

12 fluid ounces or 355 ml.

Amount of conditioner

12 fluid ounces or 355 ml.


2 microfiber sponges.


Three applicator towels.


Available on the cleaner.

User’s opinion after using the cleaner

Compared to the pricing, you can't get an any better option than this complete package of cleaner and conditioner. It's not what we have to say; rather most users have said it from their personal experience after using the products.

Both the cleaner and conditioners have a strong effect on the leather objects. It is easy to apply on leather objects and works pretty quickly. It seems to work as a complete take care kit on any leather seats or dashboards of BMW.

Moreover, you can have a soft and supple look on the applied leather seats.

More information you need to know

If you are searching for a complete package of leather cleaner for your BMW car, you can go for it. The combination of leather cleaner and conditioner makes it a perfect package to take care of. Each of the containers comes with 8 ounces of lotion inside.

However, the manufacturer has added two microfiber sponges to quicken the applying process. Moreover, you will also find three applicator towels to finish up the process in style.

Whether the leather object is in your car or home, it protects and seals perfectly.

Moreover, it doesn’t take much time to apply the cleaner and conditioner. Even if you are in a hurry, you can wrap up the process within a few minutes. Keep in mind that the color of sponges and towels can vary.

The advantages

  1. It keeps the interior leather clean and supple.
  2. Both cleaner and conditioners are easy to apply.
  3. Looks great on the faded and aged leather.
  4. The take care kit comes in at great pricing.
  5. The drawbacks:
  6. The conditioner doesn't seem to get absorbed by the leather.

How to choose a perfect BMW leather cleaner?

To be honest, you can't rely on any cheap cleaner to work well on the leather interior and make it look shiny again. All the result depends upon some basic characteristics of the cleaner.

And we’re to let you know about the things you need to consider before buying.

  1. The container should include at least 8 fluid ounces of cleaner.
  2. Should have a natural leather look and smell.
  3. Must have microfiber sponges and towels.
  4. UV protection for long-lasting service.
  5. A sprayer for the ease of applying.
  6. It can come only as a cleaner or a package of cleaner and conditioner.
  7. Check out the applicable objects.

How many cleaners you will get in the container?

Well, different manufacturers have different quantities of cleaners in the containers. Typically, a container can come with 8 to 16 fluid ounces of lotion, cream, or liquid cleaner inside. However, the same thing goes for a conditioner as well.

You may love to go for a complete package of cleaner that is equipped with conditioner. It can guarantee an extended performance on the leather. After all, the final decision depends on the user.

Is it hard to apply the cleaner on the leather surface?

Nope, it's not hard to apply the cleaner when you have the necessary equipment. Depending on the applying method, you may need a sprayer or not. It is undoubtedly not a mandatory addition but still enhances the cleaning process.

However, microfiber cloth is an inevitable part of the cleaning process. When you put on the cleaner on the cloth, one can simply wipe it on the applicable surface. Further, use an applicator towel to remove any dirt or debris.

On the other hand, if you are used to removing stains thorough scrubbing, you can take a scrubbing brush for it. All these things are adequate to ease the applying process.

What should the surface look like after applying the cleaner?

Of course, its cleaner applied surface should provide a new and shiny look as it was before. Moreover, it should bring up the natural leather look and smell. Unfortunately, a few cleaners aren't capable enough to provide the actual leather smell, which is not worthy of purchasing.

How protective is BMW leather cleaner?

The job is not done when you have applied the cleaner on the leather surface. You also need to ensure, the coating protects the seats, door panel, dashboard, or other applied objects stay protected from elements.

With the UV-protected cleaners, the leather objects will have an extended lifetime. It can stay protected from harmful UV-ray and sunscreen, which ultimately provides a longer lifespan.

On which applications you can use the cleaners?

The works of leather cleaners shouldn't be bound within the perforated leather seat clean. It should allow the user to apply to other interior parts of the car. However, high-grade cleaners support usability on leather shoes, boots, furniture, or other accessories.

It is the versatility most users look on a cleaner when one is ready to spend a higher amount of money.

Are BMW leather cleaners expensive?

The cost of BMW leather cleaners ranges from $15 to $50. The price mainly varies depending on the amount of cleaner you will get in the package.

Also, when you are buying a complete package of a similar amount of cleaner and conditioner, you need to spend more. Moreover, a cleaner that is equipped with microfiber sponges, applicator towels, and scrubber brush will cost you more.

How do I clean the leather interior of my BMW?

Now that you have known what difference leather cleaner offers, you need to know the process to apply it. Applying the cleaner remains a hard task till you don’t know the right way to apply it.

Before beginning the cleaning process, you need to gather a few things. The entire process requires a cleaner, a few sponges, a scrubber brush, applicator cloths, and a conditioner. You should get these things in a single package.

  1. Spray the cleaner on the cleaning surface.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface.
  3. Scrub the surface with the brush to remove the stains.
  4. Put the conditioner on a cloth.
  5. Wipe down on a similar surface.

That is all you need to do to get the leather surface back into the older shiny look. However, if the cleaner doesn't come with any sprayer, there will be a slight change.

  1. Put a bit of cleaner cream or lotion on a sponge.
  2. Wipe it on the applicable surface thoroughly.
  3. The rest of the process is similar to the previous one.


Can one use leather cleaner on BMW’s dashboard?

Yes, BMW leather cleaner is not only intended to be used on leather seats or steering. One can use the cream, lotion, or liquid of the cleaner to clean the dashboard and make it shiny again.

How often should you clean your BMW’s leather?

According to the experts, one should clean BMW's leather parts every three months. It lessens the chances of getting stains on the surface. Moreover, you can keep the seats stay out of fading or cracking through regular take care.

How do you get the stains out of the BMW seats?

By using a scrubber brush and leather cleaner, you can get the stains out of the BMW seats. It’s the hardest downside of the leather seats to get rid of.

Therefore, one needs to rely on a scrubber brush with horse bristles over sponge or microfiber cloths to get rid of the stains.

Can you save the BMW seats from cracking?

Yes, you can save the BMW seats from cracking by applying UV-protected leather cleaner after a certain amount of time. It’s one of the inevitable parts of regular take care of the leather parts of a car.

A simple leather cleaner might not save the seats from cracking, but a UV-protected one will keep them away from fading and cracking.

Final words

One literally can't ignore the importance of leather cleaner to keep the leather interior of the car good-looking. Even after reading the entire article, you also need to admit the necessities of these cleaners.

  1. Contains a few combined packages of cleaners and conditioners.
  2. Includes containers from 8 ounces to 16 ounces cleaners.
  3. UV-protected cleaners reduce fading and cracking.
  4. Easy to apply using the sponge and microfiber cloths.
  5. Removes the stains through scrubber brushes.

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