Review of Coleman Powersports 49cc Gas-powered Scooter

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Coleman Powersports 49cc gas-powered scooter is one of the budget-friendly options from Coleman. As an affordable item, this 49cc scooter may not bring the best of the experience, but it surely will not disappoint you.

The Coleman 49cc scooter, since its first appearance has been a massive milestone for the company.

Positive feedback from the users and a higher satisfaction rate promoted me to check the scooter on my own.

If you are on a search to decide whether you should go with this scooty or not, I am about to share my own personal experience throughout this whole article so that you can make your decision with confidence.

coleman 49cc scooter reviews

Should you trust Coleman?

When it comes to picking up entry-level electric dirt bikes or scooters, Coleman is one of the most prominent manufacturers that makes a good impression. Therefore, it is worth saying that Coleman is essentially a good brand to entail your trust.

If you check the reviews of the riders who are already using Coleman scooters, you would notice that they are greatly satisfied with the service of the scooters. It became possible only because of the quality and versatility that the brand is ensuring for a long time. Therefore, you can always keep your faith in the brand to make you comfortable with your decision.

Who should purchase the Coleman 49cc scooter?

The Coleman 49cc is an entry-level scooter. Therefore, if you are just thinking about starting your journey with a scooter and have little experience in this discipline, this 49cc scooter should provide the most convenient experience possible.

Besides, some of the intermediate-level scooty lovers may also find this unique item quite convenient for casual fun. With a decent speed capability and some most prominent safety features, this 49cc scooter will always ensure high-end safety for the rider.

Coleman 49cc scooter review



49.3cc, Air-cooled, OHV, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder

Top speed

31 mph (50 km/h)


68.11" x 43.7" x 47.24"

Max load

165 lbs.

Dry weight

165 lbs.

Fuel capacity

1 gallon.

Front and rear tires





Electric and kick start


Centrifugal clutch.


Front fork and rear mono-shock suspension.

coleman 49cc scooter

Coleman 49cc of engine displacement

According to the manufacturer's advertisement, this entry-level scooter comes with an engine displacement capacity of 49cc. We have tested the engine, and it is quite obligatory to mention that the engine placement is far better compared to other equivalent scooters.

Besides, the air-cooled engine knows when to take a break. Therefore, you will always have the best experience on the road.

Another ideal feature we would love to mention here is the power capacity of the engine. The four-stroke engine is superior to any scooter in terms of performance. We can bet that if you are a beginner, you will have a great time with the scooter.


It is indeed true that a single-cylinder engine does not come with a vehement power capacity, but it surely has the potency to deliver the fastest transmission possible. Therefore, if you would love to feel confident with your riding on the road, this Coleman scooter will always come in handy to make you comfortable.

Coleman 49cc Street legal

Yes, this Coleman 49cc scooter is completely street legal. That means you do not have to take any further steps to modify the scooter to take it on the street. You will always have the potency to take the scooter on the street to move to your next destination.

The front headlight and taillight with all the necessary equipment make this scooter an ideal instrument to take on the street. If you love to travel a short distance with your scooter, this Coleman 49cc scooter will never fail to please you.

Coleman 49cc top speed

You should notthink that this scooter will run like a tortoise as this one has got only a 49cc engine.

According to Coleman’s advertisement, Coleman 49cc scooter can deliver up to 31mph of top speed at max. What is our experience with this scooter?

Well, we have found it a little better than the manufacturer’s specifications. This scooter has delivered around 32 mph of top speed when one of our riders rode this scooter.

That means even if you love speed and versatility, this scooter has the potent capacity to satisfy you to a great degree.

Front dual hydraulic shock

Skipping the discussion of the suspension system will never be an ideal decision at all. This 49cc scooter comes with a front dual hydraulic disc suspension system. Thereupon, safety will always be ensured to a great degree. Believe it or not, the suspension system of this scooter is too good that it can compete with a potent motorbike as well.

It does not matter who the rider is. This scooter has the potency to ensure safety for all disciplines of rider. No matter whether you are a grown-up adult or just a beginner, you will always get the maximum capacity and comfort with the bike.

Automatic transmission

We have already mentioned previously that this scooter is an entry-level item. That is why the manufacturer paid a good concentration on the safety measurements of the scooter. A great example of that is the inclusion of the automatic transmission system. As a result, every beginner will get the absolute power to control the scooter with excellent potency.

The inclusion of the fully automatic transmission system will allow even a beginner rider to operate the scooter with enough fluency and competency. Even if you are thinking about learning the basics of riding a scooter, this one is here to be the excellent companion that knows what you need and want.

Front and rear disc brakes

What else do you need to grab the most comfortable ride possible? This 49cc scooter from Coleman also includes front and rear disc brakes, giving you the authenticity to maneuver the scooter in the safest manner possible.

The combined work of an automatic transmission system with essential braking will deliver the most optimum control over your hand so that you can operate the scooter with excellent proficiency.

Rear mono-shock

Another feature that makes the suspension system more stable for this scooter is the inclusion of the rear mono-shock.  The rear mono-shock will come in handy to absorb the additional pressure that the bike gets from the ground. As a result, there will always be the presence of smoothness and stability in most riding conditions.

 It does not matter whether you have a better experience or not, you will never miss getting the comfort from this excellent scooter.

Elegant design

Another idealistic feature we would love to mention here is its elegant design.  The perfect coloring with a decent finishing makes this scooter simply stunning.

We don't know whether you have a classic test or not, but this scooter will surely make a great impression on your eye.

Both grown-up adult and beginner scooty lovers should love this scooter at first glimpse.

Better fuel capacity

To make your excavation period longer, this powersport comes with around 1 gallon of fuel capacity. As a result, you will always have the authenticity to stay on the road for a longer time.

Filling the fuel tank for once will allow you to ride for more than 40 to 50 miles. If you love to get a little extra than your budget, this Coleman powersport scooter has the competency to make you satisfied to a great extent.

Lighter than its competitors

An entry-level scooter should never be too bulky. Too much weight makes the scooter hard for any beginner to maneuver with proficiency.

Coleman knows it matters. Therefore, this 49cc powersport comes with a really good weight ratio. As a result, it will much easier for all disciplines of riders to operate the bike with absolute dexterity.

If you compare the net weight of this scooter with some other equivalent Powersports, you will notice that this one beats its competitors by maintaining a huge marginal difference. If you prefer having something light and powerful to give you the boost in most riding conditions, this one is a must item to have.

Perfect ground clearance and seat height

Having moderate ground clearance and seat height allows the rider to get the most comfortable experience.  It is indeed true that the paradigm of a scooter and a motorbike is somewhat different, but the functional properties tend to remain the same on most occasions.

This Coleman Powersport comes with around 4 inches of ground clearance, giving it one of the most ideal measurements that an entry-level scooter should have. Besides, the essential seat height should also give the riders the optimum support and flexibility they expect from the powersport.

Kick and electric start

The feature that makes this one on the list of the most versatile scooter is its inclusion of both kick and electric start.

This electrifying scooter supports both electric and kick-start so that you can use it according to your preference.  As a result, enjoying a smooth start will be much easier and more beneficial than ever before.

An inexpensive  price range

The final reason one should go with this scooter is that this one comes with an inexpensive and reasonable price range. Being an entry-level scooter, this one would not charge you an expensive budget to make your decision more considerable.

If you are really looking forward to grabbing a scooter to make your life a little easier, go with this one without any sort of hesitation. We can assure you that you will have a great experience with the item.

What’s our experience with the scooter?

We don't recommend anything to our users without summing up dignified research. Not only one but two of our experienced riders have tested this scooter to find the pros and cons. This one surely is not a hardcore scooter to give you the extra benefits that you may get from an expensive scooter,  but this one is enough competent to make every beginner happy with the riding.

What are some of the drawbacks?

If you take it for granted that this one is an entry-level scooter, it does not have too many drawbacks to mention here.  Yes, it is true that some of the things could be well organized and better. But if you look at the pricing, it is noticeable that this one is far better than its competitors.

Therefore, we will give it an eight out of ten in terms of performance.

What is the alternative to this Coleman Powersports 50cc scooter?

If you want something more powerful and capable, the

Yamaha Aerox R 50cc scooter should be an ideal alternative to this Coleman 50cc scooter.


How fast is the Coleman 50cc scooter?

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Coleman 50cc scooter can deliver up to 31mph of top speed.

Is Coleman scooter street legal?

Yes, Coleman scooters are completely street legal. These scooters have maintained all the features that a street-legal vehicle should have.

Therefore, you will always have the authenticity to take them on the street without facing any trouble at all.

Are 50cc scooters worth it?

A 50cc scooter may not seem appropriate for an experienced campaigner, but we can assure you that a beginner or entry-level rider will love the experience with a 50cc scooter.

What is the most reliable 50cc scooter?

The Coleman Powersports 49cc scooter is one of the most reliable scooters available on the market.

Are Chinese scooters worth buying?

It is indeed true that Chinese scooters are cheap and poor in quality. But if you can choose wisely, getting the performance and quality at a lower price range is not impossible at all.

Final summary

Coleman is always an ideal and competitive brand that provides quality entry-level Coleman mini bikes and scooters for beginner riders.

This Coleman 50cc scooter is one of the most reliable scooters available on the market with lots of idealistic features.

If you want to remain versatile on the street, this should be the most ideal choice you can make at a budget-friendly price range. 

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