Coleman Powersports dt200 gas powered drift trike experts review in 2023

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What is a drift trike anyway? At first sight, it seems like a hybrid of a Go-kart and a bicycle. A drift trike is really a half-bi-cycle and half go-kart. But why does one should purchase a drift trike?

Well, they are fun and exciting. If you want your spare time to enjoy with more excitement and absurdities, a drift trike can always turn out to be an excellent companion.

Therefore, we are here to talk about one outstanding drift trike from Coleman, which is the Coleman DT200.

If you are willing to purchase a ready-made drift trike instead of building one, this Coleman DT200 trike can always be the most ideal choice.

Check the whole review to find out whether this one comes for you or not-

Coleman dt200 drift trike review

Why do you need a drift trike?

Should you go for a drift trike only because it is fun? Well, it is surely one of the main reasons. Nevertheless, there are many more reasons why one should go for a drift trike. If you are interested, here are the top five reasons why one should go for a drift trike-

  1. Drift trikes are fun and exciting.
  2. They are reasonably affordable.
  3. The maintenance cost is nominal. 
  4. Drift trikes super eccentric to generate a good impression.
  5. You can also think about building one on your own at a good price range.

Coleman DT200 drift trike review

Well, it’s time to move into the real presentation. The Coleman DT200 is one of the most versatile and entry-level trikes that has made a good impression among users. Therefore, we could not resist checking the trike on our own. What we have found? Well, this article is what it is all about. But before we start, here is the specification chart that will help you to learn about the trike-



Coleman/Coleman DT200 drift trike

Engine displacement



79x34x40.5 inches.


60 inches.

Ground clearance

2 inches.


147 lbs.

Load capacity

250 lbs.

Fuel type

Unleaded 87+

Fuel capacity

3.6 liter (0.95 gallons)

Oil capacity

0.6 liter

Let’s talk about the real features.

An exciting look: Coleman DT200 my first impresson

Once you unbox the drift trike out of the box, it is about giving it a first look. Well, it considerably looks like a go-cart at first glance. Besides, all the metal tubes that you would see look solid to support the body proficiently.

Coleman DT200 196cc engine displacement

One of the most important aspects that are always worth considering for any sort of automobile is the engine of the vehicle. This DT200 drift trike from Coleman comes with an engine displacement of 196cc. That means anybody can consider it as powerful and strong to get enough power and support to run the vehicle with ease and comfort.

This is pretty much the same thing you can expect from a predator go-kart engine.

One of the primary things you will notice with this engine is its 5/8 inches of shaft. As a result, there will be the presence of a better-quality clutch and system. Again, this will help you to use the clutch for a long time.

The engine capacity of this drift trike is almost similar to those of Coleman RTK200 and Coleman KT-196 go-karts.

A nice little seat

This drift trike comes with a nice little bucket seat, enhancing the chance of getting enough comfort while drifting or driving.

This seat is bolstered a little so that the rider can get stability and comfort while taking a turn around the curve.


As you already know this drift trike does not come fully assembled. That means you will need to do some little work before you give it a try in the real field.

But do not get fret all. The task is not that hard to baffle you. The only thing you will need to do is bolt up the handlebars and also the frame a little bit under the seating area.

Everything else that comes inside of the package is pretty much ready to go.

Even if you are a beginner, the assembly process should not take more than one and a half hours.

Anyway, this drift trike also comes with all the necessary hardware and accessories to make you comfortable with the assembly process.


If you are still confused about the installation process, check out the installation video to get some relief.

Put oil inside of the engine

The manufacturer does not ship this trike by putting oil inside of it. Therefore, do not forget to put oil inside of the engine so that you can avoid getting any kind of rusty behavior from the trike.

The perfect oil that you should use for this drift trike is SAE 10W-30 or SAE10W-40. If you want better performance from the trike, you should always maintain the right oil type.

Optimum weight with a better load capacity

This Coleman drift trike comes with a dry weight of around 147lbs. whereas it can withstand up to 250 lbs. of load at a time. No matter whether you are a big guy or not, you will always feel comfortable while riding on this PowerSport.

If you do not want to sacrifice the comfort of a big guy, this drift trike can turn out to be an excellent inclusion to your repertoire.

Enhanced power capacity

This one indeed looks huge, but that does not demean its potential power capacity. The 196cc engine can deliver up to 6.5 horsepower at max. Therefore, you will always get the potential speed and performance from the PowerSport. Besides, the combination of the sturdy PVC sleeve and perfect rear wheels will generate the muscles and power to make a perfect drift in any condition.

This PowerSport also offers a pull start mechanism

The starting process of this drift trike would not be a matter of hassle as well. A simple pull start mechanism will always come in handy to provide the easiest and most convenient starting process possible.  You will always feel comfortable with this drift trike even if you have not ridden one before.

This trike will last for a long time: True?

Almost 80% of the users have claimed that this drift trike has a well-built body that keeps it secure from all. A flexible body with a balanced clutch system will make it convenient for most drive train results. If you want long-lasting service from your Powersport, this one is here to give you the support you deserve.


We tend to judge a particular item according to its first appearance or first impression. It is valid that a good product does not necessarily need to have a good vibe, but it can sometimes come as a leading trait to influence your decision. When it comes to the first impression, the first thing that would come to your mind is the packaging of the trike.

This drift trike comes inside of a larger metal case, ensuring the top-notch protection of the trike in most situations. On top of that, the cage will also come in handy to use in your garage for different purposes. 

In a single sentence, the packaging of this drift trike from Coleman is awesome.

Is it a good choice for the budget?

The final aspect that comes into consideration while going for this drift trike is its price range. Well, we have to mention that this is surely a good trike for the budget.

All these features that one would get from this drift trike always make it a worthy choice for the budget. If you want to have low-budget but long-lasting fun, this will definitely open options for you.

If you are passionate about a drift trike, you may give it a try for better fun and versatility.

What Users says

Believe it or not, almost all of the reviews of this drift trike are better than our expectations. And it is also true that most of the things they are reviewing positively are in reality worth the praise.

From assembly to performance, this trike has shown some great performance to make the rider happy. If you have gained better experience from all types of motocross vehicles, we can assure you that you will have a great time with this trike as well.

After considering all of the features and performance, we believe giving it a nine out of ten should be ideal.


  1. A very stable body that can handle almost all kinds of the drive train.
  2. The easier assembly process will make it a perfect choice even for beginners.
  3. A simple but efficient pull start will allow the rider to make an easy start in all conditions.
  4. The 196cc engine has the potential power to deliver enough speed and performance to grab the real fun and excitement.
  5. A good price range always makes it a considerable choice for all types of riders.


We have tried to observe every little part of the trike so that we can find a major drawback to mention here. We have to say that again that this trike has got some decent features to please its consumers. You may feel a little inconvenience with the assembly process. But once you are done with the process, everything should be smooth and comfortable.

Who should grab this drift trike?

Well, the Coleman DT-200 drift trike comes for the big guy or experienced candidates. If you have good command over go-karts, motorbikes, or automobiles, you should find it more pleasing to ride a go-kart.

Is Coleman Drift Trike any good?

Now comes another most critical situation. People often give a good concentration on the brand value. Therefore, a common question easily appears on the mind. Are Coleman Drift Trikes any good?

Well, Coleman currently has one drift trike on their repertoire. And they have won the battle through this one product also. You will hardly find a single bad review about this product. That shows the quality of Coleman.

Like most other Coleman go-karts and Powersports, Coleman Drift trikes are also enough good to please the rider with their performance.

Can you build a drift trike on your own?

Building your own drift trike is the easiest and the most budget-friendly option available. If you search on YouTube, you will find multiple videos about the process of making a drift trike. Besides, there are always options to improvise the building process.

If your age is anywhere above 20, you may find it comfortable riding a drift trike. Although we will recommend someone above 25.


Are drift trikes worth the price?

When it comes to improvisation and versatility, a drift trike is really worth the price.

A drift trike can always come out to be an excellent vehicle to have both the feeling of a bicycle and a go-kart. Therefore, it is always worth the price when you want performance and excitement at the same time. 

Are drift trikes street legal?

No, drift trikes are not street legal. Drift trikes are a kind of hybrid powersport that have a peculiar appearance. Therefore, they cannot deliver better safety for the rider. As a result, drift trikes are not street legal.

How fast does the Coleman Dt200 drift trike go?

According to the horsepower capacity, the Coleman DT200 drift trike should deliver around 40mph of top speed.

Can Coleman dt-200 make a 360-degree drift?

Yes, Coleman DT-200 can make 360-degree drifting with a much better speed. That is why these Powersports are more fun and exciting.

Final summary

Coleman is a renowned manufacturer that brings multiple automobiles on the market, including Drift Trike.

  1. The Coleman DT-200 is the only drift trike from Coleman.
  2. The assembly process is much easier to make you comfortable with the process.
  3. The better speed with 360-degree drifting capacity makes the item a better choice for any adventure lover.
  4. It is a good item for the budget as well.

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