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Coleman is one of the most reliable mini bike brands available out there. Despite being a reliable brand, Coleman minibikes are not altogether free from some issues. 

Clutch, chain, tires, starter, etcetera are some of the most common issues that one may face problems with a Coleman mini bike. That should not mean you can't solve the issues.

In case you have a Coleman mini bike and are facing some distracting issues with it, we are here with the solution.

In this particular article, we will be talking about some of the most common issues one may face with their Coleman mini bikes, and how they can solve the problems with exact proficiency.

But before we start, here is the list of the Coleman mini bike lineups-

What are the Coleman mini bike lineups?

Coleman has approximately nine different mini bike lineups. Here goes the list-

  1. CT100U.
  2. CC100X
  3. RB100
  4. BT200X
  5. CT200U
  6. CT200U-A
  7. CT200U-CL
  8. CT200U-EX
  9. RB200
Coleman mini bike problem

Coleman mini bike problems

Almost 99% of automotive vehicles will start showing indications of problems within six months. Coleman mini bikes are no different as well. But the satisfying fact is that you always have the authenticity to fix them all by taking some simple steps. Sometimes a  small number of handful tools are enough to solve the issues.

Here are the top problems or issues you will face with the Coleman mini bikes. The solution section will be discussed in the latter part of every segment. For now, let’s get started with the problems-

  1. Chain issues.
  2. Dripping oil problem
  3. Clutch problem
  4. Malfunctioned brake
  5. Starting problem.
  6. Assembly

1. Chain issues

This is the most prevalent and common problem for almost all brand's minibikes.  Even with some brand new mini bikes, users tend to complain about chain problems. What kind of chain issues you may face with your Coleman mini bikes? Well, here are some of them-

First of all, almost 30% of those who have used a Coleman mini bike for more than six months claimed that the chain starts to rattle within six months. 5% of them have claimed that the chain starts to rattle after the first start.

Second of all, chain popping is another issue one may face with the Coleman mini bikes. Although popping is not common with most brand new Coleman mini bikes, the problem starts to show up within eight months. If you are facing such problems, stay tuned until the last for the solutions.

Finally, accelerating the bike can also cause the chain to fall or rattle.


If you are facing problems with the chain of your Coleman mini bike, it might be happening because of the loose connection. Tighten the chain properly and give it another try. If you are facing the problem for this simple problem, solving the issue should not take more than five minutes.

But when the problem is internal, there is one alternative left which is the replacement. Replace the stock chain with a new one and try again. On the other hand, you may ask for a return in case you are facing a problem within the warranty period.

2. Dripping oil problem

coleman mini bike Dripping oil

Dripping oil is also another common problem one may face with his Coleman mini bike. There are several reasons why one may face a dripping oil problem.

First of all, overfilling the oil tank is one of the most common reasons for oil dripping. Besides, a malfunction in the clutch box may also force oil dripping.

Try the following step to solve the issues. If that does not solve the issue, refund or replacement should be the only way out-

Dripping oil problem Solutions

If the oil dripping is happening due to over-filling reasons, draining the excess oil should give you relief from the problem. Drain the oil by maintaining the exact level. Doing so should secure the bike from further issues.

If that does not solve the problem, tightening the gasket inside of the clutch box may also come in handy to solve the issue.

If that step also goes in vain, you had better contact the customer support asking them whether they can do anything about the problem or not.

3. Clutch problem

clutch problem

We have not found a single minibike rider who has been using the bike for more than six months and has not faced any problems with the clutch.

Dripped oil from the clutch box, grinding noise, inconsistent functionality, etcetera are some of the most common issues one may face with the clutch system of a mini bike.

Why do they happen? Well, over or underfilling the oil box should be the most profound reason for any clutch problem. Besides, some malfunctions in the engine compartment can also generate problems with the clutch.

Solving the clutch problem of Coleman mini bikes

Facing any problems with the clutch means either the oil system is not appropriate or there might be some functional imbalance.

Therefore, maintaining the proper oil level or using the right type of oil should solve the problem.

If that does not solve the issue, you had better contact a professional mechanic. Enforcing too much pressure without proper reasons may make the situation worse than before.

4. Malfunctioned brake

We have not found too many issues with the braking system of most Coleman mini bikes. But some of the users do complain about a malfunctioned brake. A mini bike is not as powerful as an adult's dirt bike or pit bike. Therefore, abusing the bike to a great degree can always create a malfunction in the braking system.

What’s the solution? The following section is there to solve the issue-

Solving malfunctioned brake

Replacing the stock braking system with a new one might be the only way left to solve the braking problem. Coleman always sells different parts of their products.  You had better search for your appropriate model of minibike to solve the problem.

5. Starting problem

A nominal number of users also complain about the starting system. Either the bike is not starting after pulling the lever, or the bike is stopping after a little ride. If you are facing such a problem, it may be because the lever has malfunctioned or the transmission system has some problems.

Solving the starting problem

Try replacing the pull-start lever or the chain of the minibike. If the lever is the problem, replacing the lever should solve the problem. On the other hand, replacing the chain should solve the problem when it is happening due to some internal imbalance.

6. Assembly

The final issue you might face with your Coleman mini bike is always related to the assembly system. Although it is visible that the assembly process of a Coleman mini bike is much simpler, some of the users do create a mismatch in this section as well. In general, completing the whole assembly process should not take more than 30 minutes at max.

Besides, 30% of other problems tend to happen due to some wrong assembly.

Solving the assembly problems

One of the ideal ways to avoid any wrongdoing while doing the assembly is having a proper sense of the instruction.  Read the instruction guide thoroughly so that you can avoid all kinds of hassles while doing the installation.

Besides, a loose connection or too much of a tight connection can also lead to some complications. Always pay a good deal of concentration on making the balance. This will enhance the chance of a smooth ride and reduce the chance of any future complications.

Why proper maintenance is necessary?

As we human need food to survive, any automotive vehicles need proper maintenance for longevity. If you are not careful about the maintenance of your Coleman mini bike, getting smoothness and longevity will hardly be achievable. Here are some of the important reasons why proper maintenance of your Coleman mini bike is necessary-

  1. Proper maintenance reduces the chance of any complications.
  2. When someone maintains a mini bike properly, he can easily detect any problem at the initial stage. Therefore, solving the problem becomes much easier.
  3. Proper maintenance of your minibike reduces your cost in the longer run.
  4. Proper maintenance can ensure the longevity of a mini bike. Therefore, you always get the chance to use the bike for a long time.
  5. The final reason one should give good concentration on maintenance is it gives you the freedom to ride with more competency and proficiency.

Should you purchase a Coleman mini bike?

The problem is not with the brand value. Coleman is always a good brand to keep your faith in. The company is surviving only because of its quality and features. You may ask now why people are sometimes complaining about the quality of a Coleman mini bike. For you, here are some of the reasons-

  1. First of all, the problem you are facing may build up in times of shipping, which is not at all a fault of the manufacturer.
  2. When you maintain the bike poorly, getting poor service becomes almost certain. 
  3. Abusing the bike to an excess level can also generate problems.

Final summary

  1. Almost 90% of the problems you face with most automotive vehicles are curable.
  2. When a problem is not curable at all, replacing that particular gear may also take you to perfection.
  3. Coleman also provides a refund policy. If you are not content with the service, you had better contact the customer service.

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