Why Coleman CT200U is for you in 2023?

The Coleman Powersports CT200 is one of the most versatile mini-bikes available on the market to deliver the most exclusive performance on the trail. Before you misunderstood us, we would like to mention that the CT200 is a mini-bike. And this one is supposed to deliver performance for the young riders.

We have already reviewed the CT100U mini bike from Coleman. If you are interested, you had better check that review to learn about the specifications and quality. We have also added a difference chart there to help you to make a better decision.

In this particular article, we will try to cover everything you should know about the Coleman Powersports CT200U. What else? Let’s kick off with the specifications first-

Coleman Powersports CT200U review

Coleman Powersports CT200U Specification

Engine displacement


Dimension (LxWxH)

60x38x27 inches.


42” (107 cm)


138 lbs. (63 kg)

Weight capacity

220 lbs. (100 kg)

Ground clearance

5.5” (14 cm)

Fuel type

Unleaded 87+

Fuel tank capacity

.95 Gallons (3.6 liters)

Oil  type

SAE10W-30 or SAE10W-40

Oil  capacity

.63 Quarts (.6 liters)

Max speed



Sturdy solid frame

Key Features

  1. This one will deliver more horsepower compared to other average dirt bikes.
  2. The moderate speed production of the bike will ensure the optimum safety of your kids.
  3. The CT200U can withstand enough weight, allowing all sizes of people to ride the bike with enough ease.
  4. The sturdy solid frame is rigid enough to ensure stability in all kinds of situations.
  5. The CT200U comes with a four-stroke 196cc single-cylinder engine, which can deliver up to 6.5 horsepower capacity to introduce you to something more vibrant.

A good quality bike always ensures fuel efficiency. The CT200U comes with a decent 3.6 Liters of fuel tank capacity. As a result, you will get more mileage with less fuel consumption rate. Like the Coleman CT100U, this one can also deliver up to 20mph of top speed. When you are choosing a bike for the kid, safety is always the most important factor that comes to mind. Your kid should remain safe all the time through the moderate speed output range.

This one is quite identical to the CT100U when you talk about the specifications. This one also includes two low-pressure tires to give you a satisfying experience on any kind of trail. No matter whether you are driving on a rugged or plain trail, your performance will never deteriorate.

The easiest pull start mechanism will not create any trouble while starting the bike. The inclusion of handle operated brake and rear drum will be handy to control the bike in severe situations.

Besides, the bike can withstand up to 200lbs of weight. As a result, both lean and bulky riders will be able to ride the bike with full confidence.

The CT200 will provide around 5.5 inches of ground clearance, which should be fine for any kids above 13 years of age. Besides, some adults will also find it comfortable to ride the bike on a trail. 

What is the top speed of the CT200U Minibike?

Coleman Powersports CT200U

The top speed of CT200U is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from most consumers. We have already mentioned in the above section of this article that the top speed of CT200U is up to 20mph. Now you may ask why this one is not too speedy.

The answer is that the CT200U and CT100U both come for the young riders. As a result, maintaining safety always gets the highest priority. A too speedy scooter or mini-bike for the young rider may throw your kid into a vulnerable situation. It demands you to have enough dexterity to maintain a high-speed bike.

Another reason you cannot expect more speed from this mini bike is its frame design. The frame of this bike is much lower than an average dirt or pit bike. As a result, it would be much harder to ensure the balance between the bike and the high notch speed.

This one do actually delivers enough speed compared to other mini scooters. Besides, you may also get some additional speed from the bike if the condition of the trail is not that rugged.

What is the clearance of CT200U?

The ground clearance of any bike gives you the optimum experience while sitting on the bike. The ground clearance specifies the gap between the ground and the lower part of your vehicle. A bike with a better ground clearance will deliver extreme comfort when you will sit on the bike.

But one of the most debatable factors you would notice with the CT200U is the ground clearance. The CT200U delivers around 5.5inches of ground clearance, which is 0.5 inches lower than the CT100U. If any kid with around 5.5 feet to 5.7feet of height rides the bike, it should deliver a moderate experience. But when an adult will go for riding the bike, it may deliver a suffocating experience.

Is CT200U a good mini bike?

Is it worth spending almost 600$ dollars on such a mini bike? The answer is that it depends on your preference. If you want our opinion, we have to say that the CT200 is obviously a good bike you can choose for your kids above 13 years of age.

The CT200U maintains enough safety measurements to keep your kid safe while riding the scooter on a trail. This is basically a trail bike that can deliver essential stability and support through the inclusion of lower pressure tires.

On top of that, the durable and rugged construction with a very stable frame will never disappoint you with the performance.

Besides, this bike's starting and stopping mechanisms are also enough moderate to deliver you a premium experience in any situation. Another good topic, why you chose chinese dirt bike see our new article.

Who should choose this mini scooter?

Both CT200U and CT100U come specifically for kids above 13.  That means anybody with a height of 5.4ft to 5.8ft will get a comfortable experience while riding the bike. We are not saying adults do not have permission to ride the bike. They always can. But it will create an awkward situation when they will ride the bike on the trail. Besides, anybody with more than 5.8 feet of height may find the bike too little to enjoy a comfortable ride.

But if you have got an eccentric mind to try something new, this CT200U should be the most authentic item to give a try. If your budget is low you can chose anothe same types of bike like Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Bike and Massimo Motor Warrior200.

Final words

Both CT100U and CT200U share almost identical characteristics. You may choose the CT200U if your kid is growing at a rapid rate. On the other hand, the CT1000U should be the ideal choice for initial beginners.

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