Coleman RTK200 go kart expert reviews in 2023

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When you prefer having a real basic go-kart for a young and beginner go-kart rider, the Coleman RTK200 is one of the most versatile options available on the market.

We have also reviewed another equivalent go-kart from Coleman, which is the Coleman KT196. If you want to check some other options, you can always check the review of the KT196 for better convenience.

For now, this article will only talk about the RTK200. As mentioned earlier, this is a basic go-kart that comes for the kids to use as a learning tool. That should not mean an adult will not fit inside of this go-kart.

Being a two-seater go-kart, this one has enough space and load capacity to occupy even an adult.

What other features do you think you will get from this impressive RTK200 go-kart?

Coleman RTK200 go kart review

Are Coleman RTK200 go-karts any good?

Coleman go-karts are always worth getting 10 out of 10 because of the versatility and quality these karts ensure in most situations.

One of the main reasons one should go with a Coleman go-kart is that they come for specific ages. Therefore, a rider gets to choose a go-kart according to his expertise and riding skill.

Another reason to love a Coleman go kart is that these karts are available in different price ranges. When you want an expensive option, Coleman is always there to deliver. At the same time, you will never fail to grab a budget-friendly go-kart when you need an economical option.

The final reason one should go with a Coleman go kart is that they ensure quality for a long time. Even after using a go-kart for more than one year, we can assure you that the satisfaction level will not drop even a little.

Coleman RTK200 go-kart review

Now that we have enough reasons to go with a Coleman Go-Kart, it is time to move directly into the discussion section. Before we start, we would love to mention again that this RTK200 is a kid-friendly go-kart.  You may fit into it as an adult as well. But you should never expect to get the same performance as an adult’s go-kart.

This would be an ideal choice for kids of eight and above. Besides, this can also serve those who need a go-kart to learn the basics of riding.

If you are still interested, let’s get into the discussion-



Coleman RTK200


196cc, Air-cooled, OHV, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder

Max  torque

11 N⋅m @ 2500 rpm

Max speed





Chain driven.


Front: Dual A-arm; Rear: Dual hydraulic shock




Hydraulic disc.

Front tires


Rear tires


Fuel capacity

1 gallon.

Octane rating


Oil capacity

0.63 qt. (596 mL)

Max load capacity

275 lbs.

Dry weight

290 lbs.

Ground clearance

3.14 inches.


67.3" x 44.1" x 47.24"

Age requirement


Brand value

When it comes to getting a powerful PowerSport, Coleman is always there to introduce you to the most optimum item to meet the standard of your need. Coleman has been bringing quality coleman mini bikes, go-karts, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and Outdoor motors for a long time. Besides, the brand has a larger community where different disciplines of riders tend to share their opinion and views about their machines.

Moreover, Coleman is also popular for delivering outstanding product support to keep their customer content in all situations.

It would not be possible if Coleman were not that good.

We, humans, love to choose our desired item based on the majority. When most of the consumers are happy with Coleman's PowerSports, there is a high chance that you will also love them once you will have one.

If brand reputation is one of your primary concerns, Coleman is always worth being on your list.

RTK200 is affordable

If you know even a little about human psychology, it is quite probable that we give maximum priority to the price rather than the quality. When the price of a particular product is high, we tend to believe the product is something extraordinary.

But that should not be the reality all the time. Even a cheap item can also meet your standard when you know what and why you are purchasing the item.

For instance, this RTK200 go-kart from Coleman may seem cheaper, but it is never out of quality when you consider the preferred audience of this Go-kart.

We have not found even a single kid who said that this RTK200 go-kart did not meet their expectation.

RTK200 is simply good enough to please almost every beginner and intermediate kid. Even some adults can also take the kart for a fun ride often.

And when you can meet the quality and standard at an affordable price range, why should not you grab the item?

Let’s talk about the KT196 engine

  1. 196cc, Air-cooled, OHV, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder.
  2. 11 N⋅m 2500 rpm of torque output.
  3. CVT transmission.

Like the KT196 go-kart, this RTK200 go-kart also includes a 200cc engine with an engine displacement of 196cc. This is a four-stroke single-cylinder engine, meeting almost all of the standards of a quality engine. Being a four-stroke engine with over valve construction, this one is safer than most other similar items.

The engine can deliver up to 11 N.m of torque with an rpm rate of 2500. Therefore, a kid will always remain content with the power delivery and output of the machine.  Even if your kid expects speed from the kart, this vehicle will never fail to please him.

Another essential feature that is worth mentioning here is the inclusion of a CVT transmission system. CVT transmission system is always popular for allowing some extra weight. Therefore, even two adults will be able to sit on the vehicle without facing any suffocation at all. Moreover, the fastest transmission system will always come in handy to deliver the smoothness every rider deserves from the kart.

RTK200 go kart Top speed

23 mph of top speed.

This one can deliver around 23 mph of top speed, which is a little higher than the KT196 go-kart. If 23mph of top speed seems a little low for you, there is always an option to upgrade the speed governor.

Removing the speed governor will dramatically improve the rpm rate of the vehicle. Therefore, you can always expect to get up to 35mph of top speed from the kart.

Load capacity

275 lbs.

This is where you need to make the real decision. 275 lbs. of load capacity seems a little inconvenient when you consider two big guys on the seat.

The load capacity of the kart could be a little higher, but that is always enough for a kid riding on the kart.

We need to mention that Coleman KT 196 did a better job in this respect. KT196 can withstand almost 400 lbs. of load at a time, which is much higher than 275.

RTK200 Dry weight

290 lbs.

It is indeed true that the kart cannot withstand a high amount of load. That is why this kart comes with a lighter body construction.

With 290 lbs. dry weight, this go-kart is enough lighter to make every kid comfortable on the kart. Besides, the lower weight parameter will always make a rider comfortable to ride and maneuver the kart with essential proficiency.


  1. Hydraulic disc braking. 
  2. Better controllability.

Whoever you ask, it is the hydraulic disc braking system that brings the most convenient experience for most riders. It is not only valid for a go-kart but also for most other Powersports.

Controlling a go-kart may seem a little hard for a beginner. But the inclusion of hydraulic disc braking on both ends of the kart will never let your kid compensate for a mistake. Your kid will always find it easier to manage the kart with optimum balance.

On the other hand, an adult will always find it easier like a toy to handle the kart through the supreme support of a hydraulic disc braking.

RTK200 Occupancy


67.3" x 44.1" x 47.24" inches of dimension.

A solid reason to go with this go-kart is its better rider occupancy space. Being a two-seater go-kart, it is always possible to enjoy a ride with two persons on the seat. Therefore, it would be always an ideal choice to grab when you have more than one kid.

Besides, the larger 68 inches of length will always ensure enough space for the rider and the passenger to sit on the kart with enough comfort.

RTK200 Suspension

  1. Front: Dual A-Arm suspension.
  2. Rear: Dual hydraulic shock.
  3. All-terrain compatible.

It does not matter whether you ride on a grassy terrain or a flat track, this go-kart has the potential to handle almost all terrain conditions with two supplementary suspension systems on both ends of the kart.

The dual A-arm suspension system on the front and a dual hydraulic shock on the rear will absorb the damping load of any terrain with the optimum skill to make the rider comfortable in all situations.

If you want your kid to remain safe while driving this Go-kart, the optimum suspension system on both parts of the kart will always bring the most optimum support.


Front: 140/70-6

Rear: 16/8-7

The suspension system alone will not be able to handle the terrain without the support of convenient tires on both ends of the kart.

We need to mention again that this kart is good enough to ensure comfort and stability through the inclusion of four perfect tires on both sides of the kart.

The low-pressure tires will handle any terrain with the essential support of the suspension system. Therefore, a rider can always expect to get smoothness and stability in all-terrain conditions.

Fuel capacity

  1. 1 gallon.
  2. Longer runtime.

Better fuel capacity means a long time on the run. This kart can handle almost 1 gallon of fuel at max, which is 0.5 gallons higher than the kt196 go-kart.

When a kid loves a go-kart, he wants to stay on the terrain for a long time. When the fuel consumption rate is high and the containing capacity is low, getting longer runtime becomes harder.

But this go-kart will always be there to keep your kid happy to stay on the trail for a long time.


Roll caged design.

Safest construction.

The final aspect that is worth talking about is the safety measurements you will get from the kart. The intelligent roll caged construction will always come in handy to keep the rider safe in all driving conditions.

It does not matter whether your kid loves speed or not, the safest construction of the go-kart will always back your kid when he will try to maximize his potential.

A kid can evolve better when he does not need to think about safety too much. Let him evolve through this impressive go-kart from Coleman.

Which age is RTK200 go-kart for?

Coleman RTK200 go kart ride

According to the advertisement, this RT200 go-kart comes for the age of 13 and above. We believe the safest construction of this go-kart makes this one compatible for anyone with an age of 8 and above.

We have found sufficient specimens when even younger kids could control the go-kart with enough proficiency.

If you want your kid to stay safe without minimizing his true potential, this one is definitely the perfect item to give a try.

Coleman KT196 vs. RTK200

The two most popular go-kart lineups from Coleman are the KT 196 and RTK200. If you are a little confused between these two karts, here is a little comparison chart that may help you to make a better decision.





196cc, Air-cooled, OHV, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder

196cc, Air-cooled, OHV, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder



23 mph.


Dual a-arm adjustable shocks.

Dual a-arm adjustable shocks.

Load capacity

400 lbs.

275 lbs.

Dry weight

330 lbs.

290 lbs.





68.11" x 43.7" x 47.24"

67.3" x 44.1" x 47.24"

Ground clearance

4 inches.

3.14 inches.




Both KT196 and RTK200 shares almost similar kind of features when it comes to engine capacity and power delivery. But when it is about dimension and space, the KT196 will remain a little ahead.

400 lbs. of load capacity is always much higher than 275 lbs. Besides, you will get a better ground clearance with the KT196 to feel comfortable on the seat even as an adult.

But the RTK200 tends to be lighter than the KT196. Therefore, KT196 will always be an ideal option for the beginner kid.

What is the alternative to the Coleman RTK200 go-kart?

A perfect alternative to this RTK200 go-kart will be the Coleman KT196 go-kart.  If you want a little more power, space, and load capacity, this kt196 go-kart should always bring the most convenient result.


How fast is the Coleman RTK200 go-kart?

The Coleman RTK200 go-kart can deliver up to 23 mph of top speed.

If the condition of the track remains favorable, it is always possible to get even more speed than 23mph. Besides, removing the speed governor of the go-kart can generate better rpm to get around 35mph of top speed at max.

Does Coleman make good go-karts?

Yes, Coleman powersports makes good go-karts to make the consumers content in most terrain conditions.

Coleman also brings good mini bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and many other outdoor adventure vehicles.

What is the warranty on a Coleman go-kart?

Coleman go-karts usually come with 90-days warranty support. If you find any complications within 90 days, customer support will be always there to resolve your issues with the go-kart.

Do go-karts have VIN-number?

Yes, Go-karts will have a VIN number. In general, it is a 17-digit code that helps to identify the vehicle.

Where will you find the VIN number on a go-kart?

Most of the VIN number on a go-kart tends to remain behind the driver’s seat or on the frame.

How much does a go-kart cost?

A go-kart can cost anywhere between 150$ dollars to as much as 2500$ dollars.

A basic kids' go-kart is always the cheapest option available. On the other hand, racing go-karts tend to offer the most expensive price range.  Even some of the racing go-karts can charge you more than 3000$ dollars.

What are the best Coleman go-karts?

The top four Coleman go-karts are:

  1. Coleman KT 196.
  2. Coleman RTK200.
  3. Coleman CK100
  4. Coleman SK 100.

Final summary

  1. Coleman is popular for bringing adventure power sport, including go-kart.
  2. One of the ideal specimens of Coleman’s quality is the RTK200 go-kart.
  3. RTK 200 is always a perfect go-kart for beginner and intermediate kids.
  4. A good price range with plenty of features makes this go-kart an ideal preference for most kids.
  5. The RTK200 is also popular for delivering essential suspension and support in all-terrain conditions.

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