Collinite 476 vs. 845 reviews: Super Dualcoat or Insulator Wax: which one should you pick?

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Don’t let rust, corrosion, or the weather fade the brightness of your car. One of the ideal ways you can follow to restore the old brightness and shine of your beloved car is by waxing it regularly.  Waxing a car helps to retain the same brightness by enhancing longevity.

When it comes to picking up reliable and good-quality wax for your car, Collinite 476 and 845 are the two most popular options available.

We have been getting a large number of questions regarding which one would be a better option over the other. Some of them even asked whether they should use both items combined or not.

If you are asking such questions, this article should suffice by answering all of your questions regarding the Collinite 476 vs. 845. 

Collinite 476 vs. 845

Collinite 476 vs. 845

Collinite  476

Collinite 845

Paste wax

Liquid wax.



9 and 18oz.




7-10 months of weather protection.

4-7 months of weather protection.

Easy to use.

Much easier than the 476.

Better for winter coating.

Better for a high-glossy look.

Now that we are familiar with some of the primary features of these two wax items from Collinite. It is high time moving into the exact discussion. Don't miss the following sections because these sections are what contain the most relevant information. If diligent reading is a hard job for you, scan through the headlines to grab all the insights possible.

Collinite 476 is a paste wax, whereas the 845 is liquid

Whether we mention it here or not, this is one of the more essential features that you will notice in most relevant writings regarding these two wax items.

The Collinite 476 is a paste wax. Therefore the longevity of 476 will be much higher.  Having a paste coat seems to bring both positives and negatives in different situations. We will be talking about all these in the following sections. Stay tuned until the last to find out the positives and negatives.

On the other hand, the Collinite 845 will come with a liquid property. Therefore, it will show less longevity compared to the 476.

How much does it cost for each unit?

Due to its better performance, the Collinite 476 is a little more expensive compared to its other counterpart.

A bottle of 18oz Collinite 476 will cost you around $36, whereas a bottle of 160z Collinite 845 will cost around $22.

The thicker property of the 476 wax is the primary reason behind this pricing. Despite having a high-end price range, the Collinite 476 wax item is always worth purchasing.

On the other hand, the lighter material with less longevity compared to the 476 allows the Collinite 845 to ask for a lesser price.

If you feel that the price makes the 845 less competitive, you maybe are not taking the other aspects of this essential item into consideration. Considering the specific purpose of the Collinite 845 will not let you think about the price range.

Collinite 476 ensures longevity, whereas the 845 ensures versatility

Collinite car wax

Getting better protection from winter or other barren weather influences becomes much easier with the Collinite 476 wax. Using this wax kit for coating should last for more than 10 months. The thicker material with its exact proportion will allow the coating to last for a long time. That means you can go with the 476 wax to have better longevity.

On the other hand, the 845 wax with its lighter and liquid material will deliver mid-range support. According to the manufacturer's specification, the Collinite 845 liquid wax can deliver up to 7 months of weather protection by keeping the same glossy look.

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The 845 insulator wax is much easier to use

Being a liquid wax, the Collinite 845 is much user friendly to use. Put the liquid in the exact place and breeze off with a microfiber cloth. It’s that simple. You will require no extra rubbing or scrubbing to restore the same glow.

On the other hand, the Collinite 476 with its paste material demands some extra pressure to gain optimum performance.  But once you complete two to three coating layers with the Collinite 476, you will surely be able to make the final distinctions. The 476 is more competent to ensure performance and efficiency.

While the 476 super double-coat is for better protection, the 845 insulator wax is for getting the high-glossy shine.

When it is about getting protection from rust, weather, or corrosion, the Super Double Coat wax from Collinite should bring the most optimum protection. Using the wax on your car will give a thicker coating, preventing all other external influences to fade the brightness of your car.

On the other hand, the Collinite 845 insulator wax will come in handy to keep the same brightness for a long time. This is a kind of last step wax. After polishing your car with new paint, you may require you to have a good quality wax to retain the shine. That is when the 845 insulator wax from Collinite can bring the most convenient result.

Can you use both Collinite 476 and 845 for coating?

Yes, you can always use both Collinite 476 and 845 to have a better shiny and glossy look. Many users are also recommending doing so.

But do using both wax items make any difference?

Well, the answer is a complete mix. While most of the users remain neutral about this question, we surely see some of the benefits behind this proposition.

Using both items for coating will do two things in one phase. First of all, it will protect the contaminants from letting in. On the other hand, it will enhance the brightness and retain it for a long time.

When you want to get protection for a whole year, using both units for coating may come in handy to deliver the most optimum support.

Which one is perfect for you?

Consider these three aspects before choosing the perfect item for you:

Ease of use

When the ease of use is your primary concern, the Collinite 845 super insulator with its liquid-based construction should bring the most convenient experience.


The second aspect that will help you to make a better decision is longevity. When you want high-end protection for a long time, the Super Dual-Coat 476 should bring the most convenient experience.

Glossy look or protection

If a glossy look is what you want, you can consider the Collinite 845 wax as your first preference.

On the other hand, when it is the long-term protection that you want, the Collinite 476 should bring the most wholesome experience.

Final summary

  1. Having a thicker paste material helps the 476 wax to last for a long time.
  2. The liquid substance with the essential proportion will come in handy to get a high-glossy polish finishing.
  3. You can also think about using both wax items to improvise the coating process.

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