Collinite vs. Meguiars vs. Chemical guys: which brand will deliver the most optimum cleaning solution?

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Collinite, Meguiar's, and Chemical guys are the three most renowned cleaning solution manufacturers that have been bringing quality support to the automotive and marine industry for a long long time.

If you are someone who works with different automotive parts and equipment, you probably have used one cleaning solution from these three. Some of you might be familiar with all these three.

Some of our users have requested to make a comparison article among these three brands so that they can choose with more precision.

We will try to compare different products from all these three manufacturers so that you can choose with more precision and accuracy at the end of the day.

If that is why you are here, let’s get started-

Collinite vs. Meguiars vs. Chemical guys

Collinite vs. Meguiars vs. Chemical guys

If you would love to learn about the contents we will be bringing throughout this whole article, this comparison chart should suffice everything in one place. Give a quick look at the table to decide whether you will move forward or not-



Chemical Guys

Least number of products.

A moderate number of products.

A large number of products.

Mostly brings wax solutions.

Meguiar brings almost all types of cleaning solutions.

Chemical Guys bring all types of cleaning solutions as well.

Collinite is moderate in terms of price

Meguiar solvents are expensive.

Chemical Guy's solvents are moderate in price.




Mild chemical harshness.

Mid chemical harshness

Mild chemical harshness.

Good for shine

Good for protection

Good for longevity.

Safe to use

Safe to use

Safe to use.


Collinite brings products in three different categories. Most of their products are waxing solutions. The three categories of cleaning solutions that Collinite brings are:

  1. Automotive
  2. Marine
  3. Industrial


We have also added a comparison article between the Collinite 476 vs. Collinite 845. If you want to choose one from super dual coat and insulator wax, this article should give you some insights to make an ideal choice.


Meguiar brings products in three different categories as well. While Collinite includes most waxing solutions, Meguiar is popular for bringing all cleaning-related solutions. The three categories of cleaning solutions that Meguiar brings are:

  1. Automotive
  2. Professional
  3. Marine

Chemical Guys

Chemical guys

In terms of product variety, Chemical guys will be the real number. The number of products that Chemical Guys releases every year on the market will outperform its two counterparts with ease. Different categories of products you would notice from Chemical Guys are:

  1. Solution kits.
  2. Microfiber and accessories.
  3. Wash and dry.
  4. Wheels and tires.            
  5. Exterior and paint.
  6. Interior and trim.
  7. Beyond cars.
  8. Marine.

We know that some of the section falls in the category of automotive. But the availability of a huge number of products allowed the manufacturer to classify their products in whole new different categories.

Let's make some cleaning solution comparisons.

Now that we have got a little glimpse of the products that each of the brands brings to the market, it's time to move into the real comparison section. In this particular section, we will try to compare some of the products from each of the brands to give every one of you a relative understanding of the efficiency rate and solvent construction. Let's get started-

Wax comparison

Collinite Super Double Coat Auto Wax

Meguiar's G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax

Chemical Guys HOL 101 JetSeal 109 and 5050 Paste Wax

Around 21 dollars.

Around 37 dollars.

Around 89 dollars.

Double coat finishing.

Synthetic Polymer.

5050 concours formula

Includes the wax only

Includes wax, scrubber, and microfiber cloth.

Wax, paint protectant, Dura-foam applicators, Microfiber towels.

Shiny protection.

Shiny protection.

Deep and long-lasting.

One-year protection.

One-year protection.

One-year protection.

Cleaner comparison

Collinite 520 Post Haste Quick Detailer

Meguiar's G13616 Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner

Chemical Guys SPI_663_16 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant

Around 14 dollars.

Around 23 dollars.

Around 12 dollars.

14 oz.

16 oz.

16 oz.

High lubrications.

Better protection.

Cleaning and protection.

Brings high-end shine.

Good interior shine.

Makes a good lasting impression.

Collinite is good for bringing the shine.

One of the main reasons users prefer using a Collinite Polishing kit is that the high-end lubricators used in the products bring a good polishing experience. Cleaning or polishing a particular gear with a Collinite cleaning solution will bring the shiniest experience than the rest of its two counterparts. Whether it is about pain correcting or bringing the gloss impression, Collinite should bring the brightest smile to your face.

Meguiar's is good for protection.

While Collinite can bring the stock shine, Meguiar is popular for regaining the same health. By removing the sturdiest cleaning contaminants, Meguiar cleaning solvents will ensure high-end protection. The powerful but mild chemical used in these solvents helps greatly to deliver the most convenient protection for most related items.

Chemical Guys cleaning solutions are long-lasting.

When it comes to longevity, Chemical Guys is one of those manufacturers that bring long-lasting impressions. Using a Chemical Guys wax for polishing or paint correction will keep the same quality for a long time. Besides, Chemical Guy's detailers are popular for protecting surfaces from external and UV-ray influences. 

When it comes to price, Chemical Guys are the real winner

The price of any product depends on the quality, quantity, and user experience. When you judge all these three factors in one place, Chemical Guys should be the winner.

For an equivalent Chemical Guys, Meguiar, and Collinite cleaning solvent, Chemical Guys will charge you a little less compared to the other two. The price of Collinite is also quite similar to Chemical Guys, but Meguiar products tend to be a little expensive compared to the other two.

But do not consider the price until you are sure of the efficiency rate. 

The efficiency rates of all these three brands are almost identical.

It would not be an ideal consideration if we declare one brand as superior to the others because all these three brands are satisfying the users for a long time. In terms of user preference, all three brands have the potency to deliver performance. But when it comes to customer satisfaction, we believe Chemical Guys will remain a little ahead of the other two. But depending on the application, the efficiency rate can change as well.

For example, Meguiar is good for bringing efficient cleaning solvents for marine gears.

The efficiency rate of Collinite’s wax solvent is much higher than the other two.

On the other hand, the efficiency rate of Chemical Guys professional cleaning solvent is much higher than the other two.

Therefore you can't declare one single brand as the clear winner in terms of efficiency rate.

The product variety of Chemical Guys is much higher than its other two counterparts.

Chemical Guys cleaning solvents are everywhere when you are looking for a good quality cleaning solution. The least number of products you will notice in Collinite’s repertoire. On the other hand, Meguiar will remain a little behind of Chemical Guys. But you should not underestimate Meguiar because the brand possesses both quality and quantity to make any user happy with the performance.

The chemical harshness of these three brands’ products is almost the same

Staying in contact with chemicals can bring both external and internal defects.  Therefore, it is not ideal to use any harsh chemical substances in the cleaning solutions. When you measure the harshness of chemicals in each of the brands, you will notice that all of these three brands are almost similar in terms of chemical rigidity.

The mild chemical property should not bring any harm to you even if you use the item for a long long time.

Which one is the winner?

car clean

When it comes to efficiency rate, all of the three brands are almost equivalent. Therefore, pointing out the real winner is a little choice for us. We are making four clear points in the following parts so that you can choose the winner according to your preference-

  1. When you want a long-lasting shine and clear protection for your car, the double coat paste wax or liquid wax kit from Collinite should bring the most convenient experience.
  2. When your preference is to get an optimum cleaning experience, the Chemical Guys should be the most ideal option to give it a go.
  3. When your preference is to get both protection and longevity, Meguiar should make you more than happy.
  4. When you give more priority to price, either Collinite or Chemical Guys will be the most ideal choice for you.

Final summary

  1. Although there are a large number of cleaning solution brands available on the market, Collinite, Meguiar, and Chemical guys are the three most popular brands that make a good impression.
  2. All three brands bring safe products for your preferred applications.
  3. Choose wisely so that you can maximize the performance of your automotive, marine, or industrial tools.

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