How much does it cost to import a car from Japan?

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Japanese cars have a good reputation all over the world and many countries including the USA, Germany, Australia, UK, and South-East Asian countries are the major buyers.

The least amount of cost for importing a car from Japan is around $2000.

The import cost is not fixed for all over the world. That varies from country to country. Fortunately, the import cost of America is comparatively lower than other countries. That depends on the import policy of a country. The rules and regulations will not match among the countries and this is normal.

In this article, we will mainly focus on the import cost and what obligatory things are related to this.

cost to import a car from Japan

Cost of import car from Japan

In one word the cost of import is not fixed, many factors influence the overall cost crucially. Apart from the separate import law of many countries, there have more to discuss. Humans always have the intention of shipping their car from Japan at a low import cost.

First of all, the price of the car has a great impact on the total import fee. Usually, for bringing an expensive car from Japan need to pay more import fees and inexpensive cars. Some of the payments of import are directly related to the price of the car.

What fees are included in the import cost?

Generally, the segments of import cost are almost the same for the countries. The major cost from them is the shipping cost. That will be increased significantly if the distance is huge. There are some other costs like; import duty, value-added tax, custom, and tax that are also linked with the price of the imported car.

Besides, other fees are not directly related to the price of a car. These costs have minors effect on the total cost such as; procedure cost, agent fee, quarantine charge, and cleaning fee.

Cost of import a car from America and other countries,

Cost segment






New Zeeland

Shipping, wharf, Customs and agent fees







Telegraphic Transfer







Import duty







The above costs of import are already defined by the mentioning country. This may change in the future according to the individual's country laws. Vat is an import factor of import cost and it varies.

Apart from these costs of import, the buyer of the car has to spend some money on the road to bring their car to the home or garage. The crucial thing is that the cost of imports will not be the same. Generally, it varies not only for cars but also for other additional things that are mentioned earlier.

What things to consider while importing a car from Japan?

People have many options to buy cars because Japan's automobile industry is so rich than other developed countries. People buy cars from Japan to get the best vehicle at a low cost. But every time that doesn't happen because of less analysis before buying the car.

One should inspect his or her car before buying. The sellers of Japan offers versatile condition of the car like showroom condition, better condition, accident condition, repair condition, and so on. Furthermore, there are also has some local inspection agencies of Japan that are introduced to render service. The foreign buyer trusts them because their reputation level is satisfactory.

 The accident and service history are also offered by the inspection company of Japan. That aid a lot to the importer and for that reason more people show their willingness to bring their desire car from Japan. The price is also a great factor for choosing Japan. Japan can sell the best cars in the world at a low cost

Reason to import a car from Japan

Some people are very loyal to Japanese cars and they are fond of driving them. The USA individuals also bring Japanese cars for other reasons. As we all know, Japan is famous for selling reconditioned cars at low prices. That is why people buy them not only for personal use but also for racing, displaying, and other activities.

Low price cars are also brought by the Americans or other countries people for enjoying repairing and modifying. Nowadays, it that become very popular among buyers to have an imported car from Japan to drive in their vacation. Apart from these facts, individuals also buy a car from Japan for exhibitions and events.

Is it worth importing the car from Japan?

This is not a question for luxury car buyers like; BMW, Mercedes and other rich brands. The economic situation of middle-class people is not able to support buying a brand new car without a loan. However, the imported car of Japan can solve this problem too easily.

Firstly, it is worthy to have an imported but the buyers must check the condition of the car. Car manufacturing companies of Japan built their products with good engineering and better raw materials. Besides, the lifetime of the Japanese car is great.

In terms of buying second-hand, Japanese cars can also add value to the users. The situation of roads and highways are excellent and there have fewer accident cases than other countries. Hence, the performance of the second-hand car is also satisfactory to the users. Customers must check the buyer's review to select their car. That will give them good support in terms of choosing the best car.

Cost Analysis

In this article, we mention the cost of imported a car from Japan for the USA along with five other countries. The cars of Japan are not bad and their brands are so famous all over the world. People of developing and developing countries always have the goal of owning a Japanese brand car. But their opportunity is less because of high tariff and import duty costs.

On the contrary, the USA and other developed countries have the chance to bring a Japanese brand car with low import cost. They also buy imported Japanese cars for various purposes that are also discussed in this article.

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