David Freiburger Bio: Age, wife, net worth and more

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David Freiburger is an automotive expert and an American TV personality. Car enthusiasts people know a lot about him through modern-day communication tools. He is the Chief Editor in ‘Roadkill’ and ‘Hot Rod Garage'.

People are interested to know more about his private life, income, relationship status, and so on. However, he doesn't seem to be that active in sharing his info. Usually, he gets in the spotlight with his renowned TV programs and social media activity.

From a very early age, David knew that he was to get involved with cars. At the age of 15, he bought his first car when he didn’t even have a license. He learned to drive a lot ago than earning his driving license.

There’s a lot to know about David Freiburger’s life. Here’s our article all about him. This might give you a broad info and help you up to know a bit more about him.

David Freiburger Bio


What we are about to know of David Freiburger life:

1. Age and Date of Birth

2. Career

3. Net worth

4. Wife and Relationships

5. TV shows and Related search.

Age and Date of Birth

Some sources claim David was born in August 1946. This is leading on 8th decade of his life. But this info is fake.

As he spoke of his first car bought in 1983 when he was 15 years of old. This way we can say he is 52, and 1968 is his actual birth date.

But he is maintaining his life so properly that one can get deceived by his look and would say that he is just in his 40s!


David is an American by nationality. He is an author, a TV star, and an automotive expert. He had that passion for cars from an early age. He had some relative jobs from the beginning of his career and still doing them in a finer sense of creation. At first, he worked in a dealership selling Dodge cars. After that, he worked in a car-parts machining company.

After that, he got his job in an after-market car ignition manufacturing company. From here he got his talent good enough to make a spot in ‘Hot Rod Garage’ as an editor. This post made the journey of his success fluent.

He has presented us with programs like ‘Roadkills’. Besides hosting these two, David Freiburger is an editor, producer, and writer of these shows. He also works in the production of 'Engine Master,' 'Put up or shut up' and many more. He has 11 of these shows in his career and hoping for more from him as he has an active and determined personality to do his works nicely.

Net Worth

So, how much he earned in his life career? He never talks about his properties like houses, spots, or restaurants, etc. that much. But from his shows and other earning sources approximately $800’000 worth of money he earned by the end of the year 2019. 

However, he mentioned his interest in cars a lot of times. He has a YouTube channel with a subscriber of 60,000 people. He often uploads the videos from his show and they make a good amount of money for him.

The first video he uploaded on his channel 'Hot Road Magazine 1966 Buick Rescue part one: It runs after 30 years and was almost 10 years ago. Like this one he kept uploading Hot Rod Garage episodes or Roadkills, they become trendy in a short period.

He does the merchandising too. David designs hats, t-shirts, and hoodies and runs his online shop for money-making.

Wife and Relationships

Despite being a public figure, David likes to keep some private things just behind the doors. This is the reason why people don’t know a lot about his private life.

He hasn’t mentioned his marriage anywhere till now. And there’s no authentic information about his children. Now all that matters is that he is having a joyous life and enjoying it happily. But we can’t be so sure that he is single or not having a relationship.

TV shows

 In 2012, David Freiburger was introduced with his super-hit ‘Roadkill’ as a host of the program for the first time. He's the producer and writer of this show. He works with the production of another couple of hit shows, 'Engine Masters’ and ‘Put up or Shut up. He is involved with 11 shows and programs on TV in total.

Social Media Activity

David Freiburger is a social icon and he is reportedly discussed on social media. On Instagram, he has a good amount of followers. About 480,000 followers are on his Instagram account. And there are more than 32,000 people following him on Twitter.

His Twitter posts are often trendy on the line. On Instagram he posted the last Roadkill episodes work with his co-operator. People seem to have loved that so much. One even wrote, ''Two make a good team".

David Freiburger is a lovely, good-looking Caucasian hunk with blue eyes those show his complexion. Who is widely known among the people of the United States of America. From the pictures found on the internet, we can say he is living his life happily and healthily. There’re people out there trying to feel us lively, to give us the pleasure of life. David Freiburger is one of them.

 For this generation of youth, he is surely an inspiration for automotive and craftsmanship. His presence undoubtedly has an impact on growing automotive persons.


1. Where is David Freiburger from?

Ans. David Freiburger is from the USA and is a Caucasian.

2. What does he do for a living?

Ans. He is a TV host and a producer, and writer of Roadkills. He does the production of the Hot Rod Garage and some other shows.

3. What is the exact date of birth of David Freiburger?

Ans. Though there’s enough confusion with his birth date, we can say it is 1968 as he was 15 years old in 1983, when he first bought his car.

4. What is he famous for?

ANS. David is famous for his well-known TV show project ‘Roadkill’. He banged with some more projects like ‘Engine Masters’, ‘Put up or Shut up’ etc.

5. Is David Freiburger married?

Ans. Freiburger didn’t mention anything like that. Or about his children. But, we can’t be so sure that he is still not engaged.

6. Does David Freiburger run a sports garage?

Ans. David is a sports enthusiast person. But he doesn’t run a sports garage.

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