How much are dirt bike helmets cost?

A dirt bike helmet is available with a price range of 50$ dollars to as much as 700$ dollars. On average, a good quality dirt bike helmet should cost you around 150$ dollars to as much as 250$ dollars.

Riding any vehicle on and off the road requires you to wear essential safety equipment. When we are talking about dirt bikes, the first safety equipment that comes in our mind is the helmet. Motorcycle helmets are available in full-face, modular, off-road, half, open-face, and dual-sport categories. This article will cover the off-road helmet section because that is what a dirt bike rider will go with.

How much are dirt bike helmets

Why are off-road helmets different?

If you have a collection of both on-road and off-road helmets, you will notice that the off-road helmets' construction is way more different than street helmets. Can you guess why so? Let us find out-

  • Off-road helmets tend to have a goggle that a street helmet will not have. The reason behind this inclusion is that when you ride on the dirt, the ambiance tends to become darker, making it hard to look around. To avoid this kind of situation, an off-road helmet will have a goggle attached to the eye-side. The street helmet does not require any goggles because the street tends to remain transparent.
  • The heavy riding experience with a dirt bike can make you exasperated and tired. That is why an off-road bike will have more air-flow than a street helmet.
  • A dirt bike helmet will not have a visor, allowing the helmet to be more lightweight than a street helmet. On the other hand, a street bike will have a visor to make it suitable for on-road riding.

If you are asking whether you should use an off-road helmet on the street or not, the ideal answer is no. Using an off-road helmet on the street can provide a suffocating experience, enhancing the chances of accidents. In some special cases, using an off-road helmet on the street may turn out to be okay.

Dirt bike helmets price range

dirt bike helmets

You don’t need to be a professional to ride a dirt bike. Dirt bikes are for everyone. From kids to the adult, everyone loves the adventure of riding a dirt bike. That is why I have categorized the dirt bike helmet section into six different categories. These are-

  • Toddlers dirt bike helmets.
  • kids dirt bike helmet
  • youth dirt bike helmet
  • women's dirt bike helmet
  • adult dirt bike helmet
  • custom dirt bike helmets

Now that we have the list of the category let us find out the characteristics and price range of each of the categories-

Toddlers dirt bike helmets cost

Toddlers' dirt bikes are available with a price range of 30$ dollars to 100$ dollars. On average, a goof quality toddler dirt bike helmet should cost around 45$ dollars to 60$ dollars.

Truly speaking, toddlers do not require a highly modified helmet. Most of the bike helmets would do the task for them. Toddlers, most of the time, use a 50cc dirt bike which is very easy to maneuver.  If you are looking for a  quality toddlers bike helmet, this XFMT DOT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet ought to be an excellent choice.

Kids dirt bike helmet cost

Kids' dirt bikes are available with a price range of 45$ dollars to as much as 150$. On average, if you are looking for good quality dirt bike helmets that would give optimum protection to your child, choosing between 65$ dollars to 80$ dollars should be ideal.

Kids aged from 8 to 12 years require a decent quality off-road helmet to have optimum protection. Kids' helmets require special modification because kids are very much prone to injury due to the shortage of experience. Many renowned manufacturers are producing quality off-road helmets for kids. The two most popular kids' off-road helmets that your kid would love to have are WOW Youth & Kids Dirt Bike Helmet and GLX Child, Kids, Youth Dirt Bike Helmet.

Youth dirt bike helmet cost

The price range for a Youth’s dirt bike helmet would cost around 50$ dollars to 200$ dollars.  For a decent quality youth’s dirt bike helmet, the cost would be around 75$ dollars to 100$ dollars.

The age between 12 to 17 is for the young rider who loves to go with great speed. That is why they require a heavy-duty helmet. Youth’s dirt bike helmets are all over the market. The two most popular youths' dirt bike helmets on the market are Fox Racing 2020 Youth V1 Matte Black Helmet and ILM Youth, Kids Dirt Bike Helmet.

Women’s dirt bike helmets cost

The price range for a women's dirt bike helmet would be from 50$ dollars to 200$ dollars. If you are looking for a high-end dirt bike helmet for women, it would cost between 70$ dollars to 80$ dollars.

Women are giving a tough time in every category. They are now riding dirt bikes as well. Even many professional women's dirt biking races are happening across the whole world. One of the most popular dirt bike helmets for the category of women is Typhoon Adult Women's Dirt Bike Helmet.

Adult dirt bike helmets cost

An adult dirt bike helmet can have a price range between 50$ dollars to as much as 700$ dollars. To have the best experience out of the helmet, you should not choose anything less than 120$ dollars.

You can always think about choosing a cheap helmet over an expensive one. But you will end up having the worst experience ever. Choose the helmet with a moderate price range to get the optimum experience you are looking for. The two most adult dirt bikes on the market are Alpinestars Unisex-Adult S-M10 San Diego 2020 Le Helmet and 6D Helmets ATR-2 Helmet.

Custom dirt bike helmet cost

You can always think about customizing the variations of the helmet. Customizing a helmet would cost you around 40$ dollars to 60$ dollars.

Customization includes adding new colors, attaching new goggles or so on. Customization is an excellent way to give your helmet a decent like. You can think about customizing the helmet on your own. Besides, many professional organizations are there that would do the task for you with payment. Now if you have atv and dirt bike, how to chose for atv helmet also use dirt bike see this link to find the solutions. 

Final words

Helmets are an excellent savior when you are riding both on and off the road. When you are thinking about purchasing a new dirt bike helmet, the price is the most important element to consider. If you are looking for a proper guideline to purchase the best dirt bike helmet, all this information should be enough to have a purchasing experience.

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