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Before you go for filling out all the necessary forms and documents, you will need to equip your dirt bike with all necessary parts and instruments to make it a dual-sport or street legal bike.

Before you start the process, we want to mention that not all states share the same rules and regulations you will need to follow to make a dirt bike street legal, but the parts required to apply for the registration are kind of the same for almost all the states.

Therefore, our primary focus on this article will be on the parts you will require to make your dirt bike street legal, whereas our secondary focus will be on the processes you will need to follow to turn your bike into a dual sport edition.

If you are started, let’s get started-

Dirt bike street legal kit

What are the parts you will require to make your dirt bike street legal?

We will categorize the whole article into three different categories to include all the parts and kits you will require to make your dirt bike street legal.

Primary instruments

  1. Saddle
  2. Turn signals kit
  3. Taillights
  4. Headlight
  5. Horn
  6. Mirror

Charging system

  1. Stator
  2. Regulator
  3. Battery

Optional parts and kits

  1. Muffler
  2. Tires
  3. Odometer

Let’s begin with the primary instruments


One of the most common features you need to upgrade to run your dirt bike on the street is a convenient saddle or seat height.

The design of a dirt bike seat and a street-legal motorbike seat is somehow different. While the primary purpose of a dirt bike seat is to keep the dynamics of your body movement in check, a street-legal motorcycle seat will have more importance on comfort and stability.

Therefore, the first thing you will need to change to make your dirt bike street legal is a good quality street-legal saddle.

Turn signal

Having a turn signal is mandatory for all types of vehicles running on the street. It does not matter whether you ride your dirt bike on the highway or just on a busy street, a turn signal notifies all the drivers behind you about your next possible movement. Having a turn signal kit reduces contradictory movement for every driver driving on the road.

Therefore, avoiding any wrong movement becomes much easier, which brings safety for all types of vehicles on the road.

Being an off-road vehicle, a turn signal is not always present in a dirt bike. Unless you are thinking about transforming your dirt bike into a dual sport edition, a dirt bike turn signal is not that necessary either.

But if it is about turning your dirt bike into a dual-sport version, you surely need to install a turn signal.


As a turn signal,  installing a  tail light on the back of your dirt bike is another essential modification you need to do to make your dirt bike road-conforming.

Dirt bike tail lights are not that costly. At max, a quality dirt bike tail light kit will cost you $10 to $15 dollars.

Like the turn signal kit, a tail light also notifies the drivers on the street about your movement. Therefore, they also can make their movement by making a balance with your approach.

As a result, riding or driving on the street becomes much safer and convenient.

A stock dirt bike may or may not come with a pre-installed tail light. If your bike has one, you may get away with it without thinking about installing another one. But if the tail light is absent in your bike, you must have to install one by maintaining a proper wiring diagram to run on the street.


One of the most essential and necessary motorcycle tools that are mandatory for both on and off-road riding is a convenient headlight kit.

A headlight may be somehow popular in the off-road category, but when it comes to riding your motorcycle or dirt bike on the street, having a decent headlight kit is always a must.

A headlight not only helps to ride better at night but also can bring forth safety for the rider riding the bike.

No matter whether you are driving a car or a motorcycle, having a quality LED headlight is always a lifesaving part.

If you are modifying your dirt bike to make it street legal, ensure that you are installing a convenient headlight kit to your vehicle as well.


How can you think about making your dirt bike street legal without having a Horn kit installed on the bike? When it is about driving a vehicle on the road, all the instruments we use are mostly necessary to bring essential safety for the people on the street in different vehicles.

The primary purpose of a horn is to let the driver in front of you know about your presence. You might be trying to get ahead of your front-line vehicle. A horn kit at that moment can come in handy to notify the other driver about your intention.

Like all other equipment mentioned previously, installing a horn will not be that costly as well. And in most occasions, you will be able to do the installation on your own.


In general, a stock dirt bike will not come with a mirror pre-installed. When you love to take an exciting riding experience on an aggressive sand dune with your dirt bike, the presence of a mirror kit is completely unnecessary.

But the scenario changes when you are thinking about riding the bike on the street. While taking a turn or moving from one direction to another, checking out the presence of other vehicles on the street is more than necessary.

That is when a conveniently installed mirror kit brings forth the most relevant support.

Ensure that you have a mirror kit installed on your dirt bike before going for filling out the necessary forms and documents.

Charging system

The internal properties of a dirt bike and a street-legal motorcycle are never the same. Therefore, a dirt bike may perform better off the road but would drastically fail on the road without the right equipment. Therefore, to make your dirt bike street legal, you may need to think about changing some of the internal parts as well. Here are some of the many-


By generating the essential electricity, a motorcycle stator helps to keep the battery running. Installing headlights, tail lights on your dirt bike may require the battery to generate more power.

At that particular moment, installing a better stator that will meet the battery standard can bring forth essential performance gain.

Consider changing or replacing the stator of your dirt bike as well to make it better performing on the street.


As the name suggests, a regulator will rectify or adjust the current generated by the stator. Therefore, the battery power will always remain in a constant state so that all the moving parts of the vehicle can remain safe from damages.

If you are thinking about replacing the stator, replacing the regulator seems a better option as well.


Another internal part that is worth considering to make your dirt bike street legal and better performing is the battery.

While a motorcycle runs both on and off the road, it demands better energy sources. At that particular moment, changing the battery of your dirt bike with a better one will surely make the bike more performing and capable on and off the road.

Although it is not a mandatory replacement, you can always give it a good thought to enhance the overall performance of your bike.

Optional parts and kits

Not all the states of the USA are the same. Some states will give you the authenticity to ride your dirt bike on the street with some little modifications, whereas some others will require your bike to have some more possessions to run on the street. Therefore, here are some of the optional modifications you may require to turn your dirt bike into a dual sport edition-


Well, a dirt bike tends to be very louder and aggressive compared to a street-legal motorcycle. Some of the states of the USA may put restrictions on excessive noise levels.

Therefore, installing a muffler on your dirt bike in that particular situation will come in handy to control the overall sound output.

If your dirt bike tends to deliver excessive noise while riding, a muffler might be the solution you are looking for.


There is a   huge difference between an off-road motorcycle tire and an on-road motorcycle tire. 

Every state may not look at the tire you are using on your dirt bike, but some states surely will look for a road-conforming tire.

Besides, a better-gripped tire on the street can really bring forth essential convenience while riding.


It may look odd with an odometer installed on your dirt bike unless you have a plan to make your dirt bike road-conforming.

Getting certain information about the speed, mileage, and rpm always helps to learn about your performance on and off the road.

Even if an Odometer is not necessary, consider having one to make your dirt bike pop on the street.

What other procedures do you need to go through to make your dirt bike street legal?

Only equipping your dirt bike with all the necessary gears and instruments does not necessarily make your dirt bike street legal unless you have the right permission from your state's Department of Transportation (DOT). To avail of the confirmation letter, here are the procedures you need to go through-

  1. The first thing you will need to have is an inspection certificate. An inspection certificate confirms that your bike is equipped with the right parts and gears to run on the street.
  2. Once you have the inspection certificate, you will need your state's DOT approval. Great thing is that nowadays filling out these forms is totally possible online.
  3. Finally, do the registration and attach the number plate to your dirt bike to take your dirt bike on the street.

It may require you to spend around $50 dollars to complete the whole process. Some additional information like the VIN, build year, Model, Year and cc will also be necessary to have the registration number.

Why is a street-legal dirt bike called a dual sport?

You will notice most often that a street-legal dirt bike is referred to as a dual-sport motorbike. It is because a street-legal dirt bike has the permission to ride both on and off the road.

As a result, these bikes are called dual sport motorbikes.

Final summary

One of the primary reasons why your dirt bike needs to be equipped with all these essential tools and instruments is that all these features help to make your riding safer and bring safety for all the other drivers on the road as well. Therefore, one should never go on the street without having these safety gears installed on the bike. At the same time, equipping your dirt bike with these entire tools make your bike looks good as well.

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